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The Cherokee Observer obtained copies of these interview reports
These interviews are apparently with some of the  recipients of the "severance" pay.

INTERVIEWS 3 - Investigative Reports

Byrd Administration investigating Mankiller Administration?

            Report of Interview l0/25/95 at Tahlequah
            Gwen Grayson
            515 Shawnee, Tahlequah
                 Ms. Grayson's son, Eric, answered the door and asked why I
            wanted to speak with is[sic] other[sic].   He then said she wasn't home.
            while I was speaking with him his mother opened the door.  She said
            she has been harassed and her reputation had been ruined.  I toid
            her I would like to hear her side of the issue   After a short
            discussion with her she and Eric closed the door and I left.
                 Unfortunately Ms. Grayson displayed a hostile attitude but was
            not particularly rude.

             10/29/95 - Rhonda Clemmons
                 A message was left on the answering machine of  Ms. Clemmons,
             requesting that she contact Nathan Young's office if she wished to
             discuss the severance pay issue.

             10/25/95 - Lynn Howard
                 I telephoned Ms. Howard and told her I was calling from Nathan
             Young's office and we would like to talk with her regarding the
             Cberokee Nation severance pay issue.  She said there was no issue
             and she would get an attorney.
                 She further said that she doesn't want to talk with some Yehoo
             who stalks her friends neighborhood.  And if Nathan wants to talk
             with us he should have the balls to call her himself.  Don't call
             her again and don't show up on her doorstep.

            10/25/95   Allan Harder
                 Mike Norman, Attorney for Allan Harder, called and requested
             to know if Harder is the target of this investigation.  If not and
             if the Nation would provide immunity, Harder would come forward and
             provide information truthfully.
                 I told him I would pass this information to Nathan Young.

             10/29/95 - Pam Iron
                 I called Pam Iron and explained that I'm working with Nathan
             Young on the Severance Pay issue and wanted to know if she would
             like to discuss the matter.  I further explained that there is an
             ongoinq litigation and all parties would be witnesses.  She said
             she would like to talk with her attorney and she would get back in
             touch with Nathan at his office if appropriate.   I told her we
             would be happy to discuss it with her attorney.

            10/29/95 - Lee Fleming
                 I left a inessage on Mr. Fleming's answering machine that he
            could discuss the severance issue or ask any additional information
            by calling me at Nathan's office.

        -   10/31/95 - Neva White
                 A message was left on her answering machine at ###-###-####.
            The subcriber did not identify herself.
                 I recorded that we would like to speak with her regarding the
            severance pay issue.  We would also answer any questions and listen
            to her views.
            11/14/95 - Neva White
                 I spoke with Neva White by phone at ###-###-####.   I
            explained we would like to speak with her regarding the severance
            pay issue and explained that no law suit had been filed to recover
            severance pay from the recipients.  I also tpld her we would like
            to hear her views and speaking wibh us may preclude her being
            subpoenaed for a deposition.  She advised she has two attorney's
            but did not provide their names.  She indicated she would pass on
            the above information to her attorney.  I left our phone number
            with her.

            lO\31\95 - Cindy Bunn
                 Cindy Bunn contacted a Choctaw Bingo in Pacola l-8OO~59O-5825.
            I told her we would like to speak with her regarding the severance
            issue, answer any questions and listen to her views.  She said she
            received a letter from Cherokee Nation and contacted an attorney.
            She said she would contact him and one of then would get back to
                 I called her back and advised her that one question that we
            had for her was why did she resign.  She said she received a call
            and was told she was terminated which devastated her.  She did not
            reveal who called her    She said the others were receiving
            unemploymcnt and Cherokee Nation had been to unemployment hearings.

            lO\31\95 - Gregg Stice
                Greg Stice was contacted at ###-###-#### and I explained
            that I was working with Nathan on the Severance Pay issue.  I told
            him that we would like to discuss the matter with him, explain the
            issue, answer any questions and got his views.
                He was polite but declined.  I left him our number.