Alpine ILX-207 Review

Alpine ILX-207 Review – Should You Really Buy It Or Not?

If you still have that old, stock head unit in your car, you might be missing a lot in terms of advanced features that come with the modern head units.

It’s not too late, though. You can still get a sleek-looking digital radio receiver today, which comes packed with modern features, plus a user-friendlier interface, to take your car audio experience notches higher.

The alpine ilx-207 is one such head unit. But before you can invest your hard-earned cash on it, you’d want to read our alpine ilx-207 reviews below to help you know more intimate details about it to help you decide if it’ll meet your expectations.

Alpine ilx- 207: A quick background

Alpine ILX-207

To fully appreciate this digital media receiver, you’ll need to know some background info about it.

Firstly, it’s worth noting that this unit came as an upgrade to Alpine ilx-107.

When released, this ilx-107 took the car stereo world by storm since it was the FIRST ever in-dash car stereo system world to provide you with wireless CarPlay—a handy infotainment experience that Apple developed exclusively for their iOS-powered phones.

Unfortunately, the ilx-107 was only made with the Apple users in mind, which is easy to see by just looking at its interface. Apple users regarded this as an advantage in that it eliminated disparity between alpine’s GUI and the CarPlay interface.

The predecessor had a few drawbacks, such as the inability to support HD radio and SiriusXM.

Car owners reported the shortfalls with the ilx-107, and it was time for Alpine to come up with an upgrade that addressed all those problems—and they did it really well, as you’ll see in our ilx-07 review below.

Let’s look at the key benefits you’ll enjoy when you install this digital media receiver in your car, shall we?

Features and Benefits:

A beautiful, massive touch display

The screen defines your car’s stereo system, no doubt!

Luckily, this unit comes with a beautiful 7-inch capacitive touch screen that won’t let you down.

And unlike its predecessor, which had touch only controls, this upgraded version comes with clickable buttons right below the display. So, if you loved clicking buttons, you’re well sorted here.

This superb screen is something you won’t get in most of the other models hanging in the same price range as this alpine unit.

Incredibly versatile digital receiver

The sleek-looking, user-friendly digital receiver also packs an incredible amount of functionality.

It will work with both the Android’s Auto and CarPlay platforms, which simply means it’ll work with just any smartphone of your choice (whether you use an iPhone or an Android mobile device).

Still at it, it comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth, HDMI input, HD radio tuner, SiriusXM connectivity, and more—all of which were not found in the ilx-107 model.

A safer way to use your smartphone while driving

“DON’T use your smartphone when driving.”

Aren’t we all familiar with this warning?

And we all know it’s for a good reason…it helps ensure we fully focus on the road ahead and our surroundings, so we don’t go causing accidents.

What if I told you alpine ilx-207 offers you a smarter and safer way to use your smartphone while you drive?

Alpine ILX-207

The fact that this receiver seamlessly integrated with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay makes it possible for you to access your phone apps on the receiver without getting distracted from the wheel.

What’s more, it offers you fingertip voice control of all your Apps, so you won’t even need to get your hands off the wheel to operate your smartphone!

Keep entertained, all-journey long

Spending long hours behind the wheel without some entrainment to spice up your ride is a sure way to make the trip boring.

But with alpine ilx 207, you’ll stay entertained all through your journey.

As we have just mentioned above, you can connect with your phone and play your favorite tracks along the way.

Moreover, it comes armed with even more entertainment options, including the built-in HD radio tuner, rear USB and AUX inputs, and Bluetooth connectivity to let you connect with your mp3 player.

Because the ilx 207 is also Sirius XM ready, you can hassle-freely add tuner and enjoy your favorite tracks, entrainment, sports, and more with the satellite radio.

With all these music streaming options, you have no excuse as to why your trips will become boring.

Never lose your way!

It gets even better when you discover than you can’t get lost with this digital media receiver.

We came across multiple alpine ilx-207 reviews of previous users of this alpine confessing how they have conveniently used the app to get directions when riding in a place they’ve never been before.

The trick involves launching the maps app to help you find direction to the coolest spot in the town. You simply touch the voice button and ask.

Your smartphone will handle all the turn by turn directions as the large screen lets you easily pinch-to-zoom these maps.

This way, you can pinpoint exactly where to go.

Stay connected with your vehicle

Because this modern head unit is compatible with the i-Datalink Maestro (not included), it’ll let you stay up to date with what’s going on around your car.

You just need to use it with a iDatalink Maestro interface module to help you view your vehicle info, customizable gauges, climate control, parking sensor geographic—all of which you get to access them on the brilliant, large 7-inch screen.

Keep your factory extras

Another benefit that comes as a direct result of the compatibility of this radio with the iDatalink Maestro module!

The module will let you keep the factory features in your vehicle—whether it’s a Ford, Toyota, VW, Chrysler, Fiat, GM—that you’d otherwise lose when you install a new radio.

You’ll get to check out expanded functionality on the ilx 207’s screen, including the gauge, distance sensor, climate controls, temperature monitors, and tire pressure.

You’ll also get to plug in your rear-view camera and enjoy parking guidelines in a crowded parking.

A whole bunch of accessories for added functionality

Though we have already seen multiple functions that come with this Alpine, you’ll be able to extend the functionality spectrum of this digital receiver even further by using various alpine accessories (sold separately).

Alpine ILX-207

These accessories will let you do things like:

  • Add an extra HDMI input
  • Add a disc player
  • Add cameras
  • Customize your truck using an external accessory controller for aftermarket winch, air compressor, light bar, and other electrical accessories.

Which of these functions would you like to add to your alpine ilx-207 head unit?


  • Beautiful 7” capacitive display
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Text messages access
  • Built-in HD radio
  • MP3/WMA compatible
  • Easy, fast installation
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Features hands-free mic
  • HDMI input function
  • 6 channel RCA outputs
  • Maestro iDataLink compatible
  • Supports satellite radio
  • Built-in 18W RMS x 4 amplifier


  • No DVD player
  • No SD card slot
  • No rotary volume controls
  • Lacks front USB drive port
  • Requires e-brake signal to enter settings

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Frequently asked questions

1. Is the ilx 207 marine-rated?

No. the head unit isn’t marine rated. This means it isn’t waterproof. With that said, you should avoid using it in rainy weather conditions or marine environments as these can affect its functionality and damage it.

2. Does it come with RCA hookups?

Yes, the digital medial receiver comes with a total of 6 RCA outputs distributed in this manner: 2 front speaker, 2 for rear speaker, and 2 for a subwoofer.

3. Does the Apple CarPlay work via Bluetooth?

It’s not possible to connect your smartphone to the CarPlay via Bluetooth. You’ll need to connect your smartphone via USB cable for you to use.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a modern in-dash digital media receiver that comes packed with modern, advanced features, this Alpine ilx 207 is hard to beat.

The head unit offers you an exceptional amount of functionality and versatility, and it’s sure to transform your car audio listening experience.

As an upgraded version of its predecessor, this model has most of the shortfalls addressed, meaning you’ll not experience any problems that were prevalent in alpine ilx-107.

From the alpine ilx-207 reviews, previous users feel that Alpine should have included a DVD player in this receiver. But this has been compensated with many, many media streaming options.

All in all, this is a great in-dash car stereo system, and we highly recommend it to any car owner looking for a modern head unit!

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