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How Good Is S90V Steel?

Super steels. This term gives true knife enthusiasts chills. Considered the crème de la crème, the holy grail, (name it!) of the blade steels world, these steels have a superpower—which is holding an edge for stupidly longer than all the other steels, even with regular, heavy-duty use. And CPM S90V is one such steel. It shares […]

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Is M390 A Good Knife Steel?

M390 is one of the hottest steel blades in the knife making industry today. M390 is also one of the super steels—a class of steels that hold their sharpness “forever” and are almost impossible to dull. For a novice who has never had the honor of using a super steel knife, or simply m390 steel knife, […]

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Is M2 Steel Good For Knives?

If you’re looking for more information about how practical M2 steel is for making knives, you’ve come to the right place. With no prior experience using m2 tool steel, you can find it challenging to decide whether to trust it to make you a good knife that fits your needs and requirements. The following post walks […]

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Is 420 stainless steel good for knives?

Buying a knife with blade steel you know nothing about is just the same as picking a knife blindfolded. You don’t know what your hand lands on and whether it will satisfy your personal standards and expectations. Before you buy that 420 stainless steel knife, be sure to read through our in-depth 420 steel review to […]

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What is CruWear steel?

The pain is real when you want to know about blade steel but can’t get any good information. You scan through steel forums, blogs for hours and get loads of opinions about the steel from knife users who don’t seem to agree on everything. The same case applies to Cruwear steel. It has countless opinions from […]

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