Emtek vs Baldwin

Emtek vs Baldwin: Which One To Choose and Why?

In your search for the most solid door products, you’re more likely to come across locks by Emtek and Baldwin than from any other company. And you know why? It's because both brands are known to provide premium door solutions that are safe, durable, and reliable.

However, knowing which one to choose between Emtek and Baldwin’s locks can be daunting. This is because of the many styles and finishes of door solutions that both brands offer.

But there is no need to stress yourself. In this article, we will be comparing Baldwin vs Emtek to help you decide which is better and why.

Comparison Table

Both Emtek and Baldwin products share some similarities. However, they are not built the same. So, here is a head-to-head comparison of some of the things that make them different.

Emtek vs Baldwin




Since 1981

Since 1946

Type of Locks

Up to 6

Up to 4


Up to 20

Up to 17

Styles of Locks




Solid forged brass, wrought steel, and sandcast bronze

Solid forged brass and brass handles



More expensive

Type of keyway

Schlage C

Type-C and SmartKey security


Pro & DIY

Pro & DIY


Can Emtek And Baldwin Be Keyed Alike?

Yes. However, not all Baldwin locks can be keyed alike with those of Emtek. As it turns out, Baldwin offers a range of locks that are grouped into three categories, including Baldwin Estates, Reserves, and Prestige series.

The Baldwin Estates and Reserves are the only locks that can be keyed alike with Emtek locks. This is because the locks utilize the C-keyway while Baldwin Prestige features a K-keyway system with SmartKey Re-key technology.

Can Emtek And Baldwin Be Keyed Alike

Emtek locks, on the other hand, utilize the SC1 keyway or simply Schlage C-keyway. All C-keyways boast a 5-pin key. This, therefore, makes it easy to key Emtek locks and Baldwin Reserves/Estates alike in minutes.

Emtek vs Baldwin: Which is Better

While these two companies do the same job of manufacturing high-quality locks and other door hardware, they are not the same. So, let’s look at their key differences to help you decide which is better between the two.

Type of locks

Both Emtek and Baldwin provide you with a range of locks and hardware to choose from. However, Baldwin only offers 4 types of locks, including Mortise, Tubular, Multipoint, and Electronic.

Baldwin Type of locks

Emtek, on the other hand, provides you with Electronic, Tubular, Mortise, Single, and two-point, Multipoint, and Sideplate locks. Therefore, if you want a variety of locks to choose from, Emtek is the better choice.


When it comes to style, this is yet another area where Emtek products outshine those from Baldwin. This is because you can find Emtek’s products in up to 8 different styles such as contemporary, rustic living, and Tuscany. Other styles include American classics, Art Nouveau, American designer, arts and crafts, plus crystal and porcelain.

Emtek Type of locks

As for Baldwin, their products are only available in 3 different styles, including rustic, traditional, and contemporary. However, their Prestige series locks are not available in contemporary style. Therefore, with Emtek’s products, you can easily find a style that complements your needs.

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Another feature that stands out about Emtek’s door accessories is its wide range of finishes. Basically, their products are available in up to 20 finishes that you can choose from.

Even better, Emtek allows you to do split finish options at no additional cost. Simply put, you can choose a single piece of hardware but with two different types of finishes for enhanced customization. However, you won’t find this feature on Baldwin products.

Baldwin door accessories

Meanwhile, the Baldwin Estate series comes in 17 finishes, 10 finishes for Baldwin Reserve, and 3 finishes for the Prestige series. Therefore, compared to Emtek, Baldwin offers a limited range of finishes.


Emtek offers a lifetime limited warranty on polished nickel and polished brass finishes. All other finishes are covered by a 5-year warranty. On the flip side, though, some finishes designed to wear over time are not covered by a warranty.

In addition, the company provides a lifetime limited warranty against material defects and poor workmanship on all of its products. A 2-year warranty on electronic components is also included.

Baldwin products are covered by different warranties, including a lifetime limited warranty on selected locks. Also, some of their finishes are backed by a 5-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship for interior use. 

Emtek’s door accessories

For exterior use, the finishes are covered by a one-year warranty. Just like Emtek, Baldwin does not provide you with any warranty for finishes designed to age over time. Baldwin Reserve finishes, on the other hand, are backed by a 25-year limited warranty against discoloring, flaking, and tarnishing.


Emtek was founded in 1981. Therefore, the company has about four decades of experience in making door hardware. However, the company was acquired by ASSA ABLOY in 1999, a global leader in door opening solutions.

Baldwin, on the other hand, was established in 1946 and has been in existence for over 70 years. But in 2003, the company was acquired by Stanley Black & Decker. So, overall, it’s clear that Baldwin has been in the lock and door industry longer than Emtek.

Type of keyway

Emtek locks is engineered with an “SC1” or Schlage C keyway, which boasts a 5-digit code. This type of keyway is quite easy to copy and can be keyed with any C-keyway.

Emtek Type of keyway

When it comes to Baldwin products, their Estate and Reserve lock series also feature the popular C-keyway. However, all of their Prestige series locks utilize SmartKey security keyway, a more advanced and secure technology.

Baldwin Type of keyway

Who makes Emtek?

Emtek's products are made by a Swedish company known as Assa Abloy, which acquired Emtek in 1999. Assa Abloy was founded in 1994 and is one of the leading manufacturers of locks in the world. However, it is popularly known for providing high-security, robust, and advanced key systems.

Who makes Emtek

Today, the company has a worldwide presence in more than 70 countries across the globe. However, while it has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, its Emtek products are assembled and shipped from its California facility.

Are Emtek locks safe?

Different Emtek locks feature various safety locking mechanisms that make them very secure. Some of the features that make Emtek’s locks secure include-

1. Double-locking mechanism

Emtek’s deadbolt locks are engineered with a double-locking mechanism along with a free-spinning bolt. As such, it will be hard for any thief to tamper with your locks using pliers. On the flip side, though, Emtek’s deadbolt locks come with just one master key. This means that you can use this key to open various locks, thereby making these locks less secure.

2. Construction

In addition, the locks are constructed from reinforced metal strike plates to provide you with better strength and dependable security. The locks are also made from solid forged brass for enhanced strength and durability. This, therefore, makes them more secure.

3. Certification

Even better, most of Emtek’s locks boast a Grade 1 BHMA rating. This means they meet the highest security standards against heavy usage and vandalism.

Even better, some of its locks are also UL certified, which means they have been rigorously tested for high safety standards.

4. Advanced technology

Additionally, Emtek offers locks featuring a keypad and touch keypad technology. These locks provide you with many security benefits. For instance, it helps prevent security risks associated with losing your keys. Also, it prevents burglary techniques such as lock picking and bumping.

What keyway does Emtek use?

As we have already mentioned, Emtek uses the popular Schlage C or simply SC1 keyway. This is one of the most commonly used keyways by various lock distributors, especially in North America.

The Schlage C keyway boasts an open design with a 5-pin code. Therefore, you can easily copy the keys for Emtek’s locks at most retail key cutting services. This type of keyway also allows you to rekey your locks without the need to hire a locksmith or take the lock off your door.

What keyway does Emtek use

More so, Emtek’s keyway enables you to use the keyed alike option. This means you can key all types of locks featuring the C keyway with your Emtek’s key.

Final verdict

Overall, both Emtek and Baldwin manufacture high-quality and solid door opening solutions. Their locks are not only safe but also long-lasting. And the best part is that most of their locks can be keyed alike since they have the same keyway.

Even so, these two brands have some differences in terms of the products they offer. For instance, Emtek offers more styles and finishes of locks than Baldwin. However, Baldwin has been in existence for a longer time. Therefore, the best one between Baldwin vs Emtek depends entirely on your personal preferences.

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