Best 2×72 belt grinder for knife making

Best 2×72 Belt Grinder for Knife Making – Reviews 2022

Are you wondering what is the best 2 x 72 belt grinder for your knife making needs? If yes, this guide is for you. The 2x72 belt grinding machines are considered ideal for professional knife makers. But they also serve entry-level knife makers reliably well.

That said, buying a grinder is a sizeable investment and you need to ensure you get a good quality model that fits your needs and preferences. We have searched the market for best-performing grinders and found the following top-rated models for you.

Best 2×72 belt grinder for knife making:

1. Grizzly G1015 Knife Belt Sander/Buffer

Grizzly G1015 Knife Belt Sander/Buffer

Grizzly G1015 represents the best value 2x72 belt grinder you can find on the market today. It’s a great product that comes at a great price point while offering your high-end features and great functionality. The belt sander is ideal for amateur knife makers or anyone looking to upgrade from a 1x30 knife belt sander.

One of the key benefits of using Grizzly G1015 is that it offers you a full 1 HP motor and runs at a belt speed of 3600 FPM. This is plenty of power for grinding your knives into existence.

The quiet-running knife belt grinder features an arm that tilts from 0-90 degrees and has a quick-release mechanism to enable you to change the belt in a matter of seconds. The belt tracking adjustment becomes easier with this grinder as you simply need to rotate the adjustment knob.

You don’t need any special experience to put together this grinder. It comes with an easy-to-read manual that gives you an easy time assembling and maintaining your machine.

Apart from grinding and sharpening knives, Grizzly G1015 is quite versatile and can also be used buffing wheels, sanding drums, or flapping wheels up to 10-inch diameter. For knife grinding, it offers you the versatility of using a wide selection of grits and belt types. The machine has a heavy-duty cast iron body construction and will last for years. It has a total weight of 110lbs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Accepts 2 x 72-inch sanding belts
  • Long-lasting cast iron construction
  • Easy tracking adjustments
  • Doubles as buffer and sander
  • Powerful 1 HP 110V single-phase motor
  • Belt arm can be fully tilted

2. INTBUYING 2X72 inch Belt Grinder

INTBUYING 2X72 inch Belt Grinder

This is a great belt grinder for you if you can’t live without variable speed. It is designed with professional knife makers and other cutting tools and machine makers in mind. featuring a slightly higher price tag than our previous model but is a multi-functional system that offers you grinding and sanding functions in a single machine.

The powerful grinder features a 2HP 220V motor which translates to an extremely high knife grinding and sanding power. But despite the high power, this machine is noise-free and operates quietly.

The knife belt grinder is also pretty versatile and easily accommodates both 2x72 inch and 2x48 inch belts. Changing the belt is easy and fast. Adjusting the tool rest/tracking is also an easy experience for you as there are no stick parts. With the quick-release tool arm and tool rest, changing the platen/wheel/accessories is a breeze and no tools are needed!

The high-end 2x72 inch knife belt grinder boasts an all-steel frame, welded at all joints, for extreme durability and long-lasting performance. This forms a solid foundation for this grinder’s high belt control precision.

Overall, this grinder comes engineered for maximum handling, performance, and precision. You can rely on the unit to accomplish a variety of tasks running from stock removal, handles, profiling, and finish work.

Highlighted Features:

  • Powerful 2 HP 220V motor
  • Grinder weight: 152 lbs./69KG
  • Uses 2x72" or 2x48" belts
  • All-steel frame welded at all joints
  • Offers easy, fast belt change

3. Shop Fox W1843 Knife Belt Sander/Buffer

Shop Fox W1843 Knife Belt Sander/Buffer

If you’re looking for the best 2 x 72 belt grinder for the money, this Shop Fox W1843 model is a great choice for you. The grinder is highly rated for running smoothly and offering powerful performance at a lower cost than other grinders on the market today.

You can adjust the grinder’s tool rest in a couple of ways. Though tracking might feel a bit fussy at first, it gets highly stable once you set it. You’ll like how easy and fast belt changes feel when using this 2x72 inch belt grinder.

Because this knife grinder comes in heavy-duty cast iron construction, it holds up well and will last for years to come with continued use. It’s also quite heavy (105 pounds heavy!) which greatly helps with its stability during use.

Assembly is super-easy and fast for this knife belt sander. The included manual is clear and takes you through simple step-by-step instructions for putting your unit together. Don’t forget that this manual also covers buffing compounds, wheel selection, and buffing techniques.

You won’t go wrong with this 2x72" knife belt grinder if you’re just getting started with knife making hobby and need something that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The machine offers you plenty of power, runs a fast, and easy-fast belt change experience—making it perfect for amateurs and professionals alike.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1HP 110V single-phase motor
  • Belt size: 2" x 72-76" range
  • Heavy-duty cast iron body
  • All ball-bearing construction
  • High 4500 FPM belt speed

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What to look for in 2x72 inch belt grinder?

When shopping for a 2x72 inch belt grinder, the following factors should come into play to help you settle on a unit that serves your requirements and expectations.

Fixed vs variable speed

Variable speed isn’t always a necessity for a belt grinder but it’s a nice feature to have. If you get a grinder with variable speed, you’d be able to vary the belt speed for various jobs. For instance, you’d be able to do heavy steel hogging at full speed and handle sanding at a lower speed. This ability to control the speed greatly improves your ease and precision in knife making.

2×72 belt grinder

Motor size

Motor size is another crucial consideration when looking for a 2x72 belt grinder. The motor size will directly influence the amount of power the grinder outputs for grinding your knives. As the belt size increases, so does the demand for motor power. Experts recommend 1HP for every inch of belt width at 72 inches in length. This means a 2x72" grinder will work optimally at around 2HP. You will also have to know about your knife steel type to get the correct motor size.

2×72 belt grinder for knife making

Belt speed

You’ll also need to check the speed at which the grinder drives the belt. The belt speed si expressed in surface feet per minute (FPM). Generally, working on steel will require high speed—between 4100 and 7000—depending on the type of metal you’re working on. if the grinder manufacturer doesn’t indicate the grinder belt speed, you can easily calculate it using this formula: FPM= (π * drive wheel diameter) x motor rpm.

Noise level

some grinders tend to produce quite a lot of noise during operation. This might prove not only comfortable to some people but also dangerous to your ears. However, some models operate in a quieter mode. By having a clear picture of where you plan to set up and use your grinder, you’ll be able to choose the ideal noise levels for you.


From our top knife belt grinders above, you might have noted that some of these models are made to do multiple functions like grinding, buffing, and sanding. However, some models only accomplish only one function. As you can easily guess, the multi-use models offer you high versatility as you’re able to handle various jobs using just one unit.

Benefits of 2x72-inch over 1x30-inch belt grinder

The 2x72 inch belt offers you a 1-inch width advantage over 1x30 belt grinders. This means the machine has a larger working space, enabling you to make knives more quickly than with the smaller 1x30 smaller belt grinder.

Don’t forget that a 2x72 inch grinder will enable you to use a wider selection of belt types and grits compared to the 1x30-inch belt grinder for knife making.

2x72 inch belt grinding machine will make your belts last longer than 1x30 inch grinders. This fact comes from the simple logic that 2x72 belts are longer in length and will suffer less heat buildup and wear.

You’d be surprised that you can use a 2x72 knife belt in all stages of your knife making, right from the initial stages all the way up to the sharpening and polishing part. This means you’ll be changing belts less often.

The only downside of the 2x72-inch belt compared to a 1x30 grinding machine is cost. These grinding machines are such sizeable investments and are great professionals knife makers. If you’re just starting out and don’t have a sizeable budget, you might want to start with the smaller 1x30 or 2x42 grinder.

Final Verdict

These are the top-rated belt grinders on the market today that work with 2x72 inch knife belts. All these units have a few things in common; they offer plenty of power, run smooth and fast, and offer amazing results. We hope that this guide has made it easy for you to choose the best 2 x 72 belt grinder that fits your knife making needs.

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