Best 4 Channel Amp Reviews

10 Best 4 Channel Amp Reviews 2022 – Expert Buying Guide

Want to make your car the noisiest machine out there? Then you’ll need something that elevates the volume enormously. And for that, there’s nothing better than the best 4 channel amp.

As the name says, an amplifier has the primary purpose of increasing the electric capacity of speakers. This will make them sound louder and sometimes much clearer.

If you are a fan of loud sounds and noisy vehicles, then you surely need an amplifier. But you need to be careful, as not all of the options out there are worth considering.

That’s what we’re teaching you today: how to pick the right model. You’ll learn everything about 4-channel amps and a little more.

Are you interested in what we have to teach you? Then keep reading!

How to Hook Up a 4 Channel Amplifier to Front and Rear Speakers?

Hooking up a 4-channel amplifier to any car won’t be an easy job – especially when you have to pair both rear and front speakers. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be that hard either.

Follow these next steps, and you’ll make it happen quickly:

  1. Start by removing the radio or stereo system in the dashboard. Disconnect the wiring plugs or wiring harness.
  2. Now cut the speaker wires (just a little) so there’s enough to connect the speakers to the amplifier when needed.
  3. Strip the cable on the speakers and the amplifier. Connect the speaker wires to the output side of the amp. Then connect the amp wires to the speaker wiring or harness.
  4. We recommend connecting the stripped wires using a crimp tool. You may also twist them up, glue them with silicone, and then wrap them up with heat-shrink tubing or electrical tape.
  5. Then connect the amp wires to the output of the stereo. Make sure it fits well depending on the connection type. The amplifier should be close to the stereo, using the cable system (a small wire) that connects directly to the sound input.
  6. Remember to hook up everything and check. Every wire should be sturdily connected. Now, you can test the system to see how it sounds.

10 Best 4 Channel Amp Reviews

There’s no sense in learning how to connect an amplifier if you do not own one. That’s why we have presented the following section containing 10 reviews of the highest-quality models out there. Check them out!

1. Rockford Fosgate Punch PBR300X4 Amplifier

Rockford Fosgate Punch PBR300X4 Amplifier

Our first review is for the Punch PBR300X4 amplifier from Rockford Fosgate. This is an exceptional brand that leaves no space for mediocrity. It is a 300-watt model that delivers 4-Ohms in total power. You will get a loud sound that makes sure your vehicle doesn’t stay behind.

But it is not the power delivery that makes it so exciting. It is the super small design of the product that fits practically anywhere. You can even use this high-quality amplifier in vehicles like motorcycles and ATVs without any problem.

The amp also comes with a Boosted Rail Technology, an excellent system that creates extra volume and power without needing too much energy. It offers the same kind of power as bigger models using half of the energy.

Moreover, it works with a wide array of systems as well, as you can hook it up with speaker level signals or RCA-types if needed. So, if you are looking for a versatile model that does its best to deliver smooth and convenient installation, this is the model to go for.

Apart from that, it boasts high and low inputs that work at 4 and 6 volts accordingly. You can make this amp work at however input you prefer according to your needs.

Furthermore, it is totally made of stainless steel and promotes a weather-resistant construction. You can install this machine in any motor vehicle, and it will work wonders with the right setup.


  • Superb 300-watt capacity for loud sounds
  • Efficiency-driven features for better sound at low energy usage
  • Compatible with most speakers & sound systems
  • Highly durable & resilient construction


  • Awkward positioning of connection & switches
  • Tends to get warm over time

2. Planet Audio AC800.4 4-Channel Mosfet Power Amplifier

Planet Audio AC800.4 4-Channel Mosfet Power Amplifier

If you are going for nothing less than the best 4 channel amp for door speakers, then the AC800.4 from Planet Audio has to be your pick. This is a Mosfet 4-channel system that will produce up to 100 watts per speaker – for an overall 400 watts of maximum capacity. You’ll have the chance to make your car a powerful machine.

Offering 4 Ohms of resistance, you can make sure it won’t disappoint in terms of consistent sound quality either. And when you add the Class A/B design, you can be sure it will help you produce extra efficient connections that last.

These are excellent for full-range speakers, especially those that go on the doors. You can also hook it up with subwoofers for even better results.

The amplifier also comes with a gain control system that adjusts how much electricity comes out of the receiver. This will improve the overall capacity of the whole sound system. And with a Variable Bass Boost, you can let the amplifier settle the perfect Bass performance from your subwoofer.

It is a small amplifier with a bridgeable design that increases power and enables easy installation without issues. You will make it work with any kind of speaker as well, and it will deliver extra durability with its sturdy construction.

If you want exceptional power at a fantastic cost and with superb practicality, few models will convince you like this one. This is a model you shouldn’t overlook.


  • Excellent 400-watt MAX power output
  • Efficient & reliable Class A/B design
  • Superb Variable Bass Boost function
  • Easy installation with a straightforward design


  • Overheats consistently
  • Produces a little distortion in high volumes

3. Alpine KTP-445U Head Unit Power Pack Amplifier

Alpine KTP-445U Head Unit Power Pack Amplifier

Alpine is one of those brands that everyone knows is worth having for the quality of sound, construction, and ease of installation. If you want all that in a single amplifier, then the KT-445U is an excellent choice.

It is a Class D amplifier, offering outstanding efficiency that uses little electricity to provide outstandingly loud sound. You won’t have to drain your car power to make this amplifier work.

The model also works with all kinds of connectors, boasting a universal plug that connects with all types of signal senders, including RCA outputs or standard speaker wires. This will make the installation a piece of cake; it doesn’t matter what type of speakers you have.

Along with all that, you get superb wattage output at 45 watts per speaker and 4 Ohms. This will be enough to get up to 180 watts in its entirety – which is not too much but decent for exceptional sound quality.

This amplifier stands out for its clear sound and low power usage. You can make it work on almost any car, and it will sound wonderful without emitting hardly any noise. And with its simple and straightforward installation, there won’t be many options that can compete with it.

Moreover, it is extra small, which not only makes the setup process easy but also increases the space in your car. You can make it work without having to spend hours installing it.


  • Effortless installation with a versatile design
  • Small and convenient in its entirety
  • Efficient Class D design for less power usage
  • Compatible with all kinds of speakers & connectors


  • Not as loud as its competitors
  • Volume flattens at high levels

4. Rockford Fosgate Prime R300X4 Amplifier

Rockford Fosgate Prime R300X4 Amplifier

Amplifying your speaker sound with a Rockford Fosgate system is never a bad option. And with the R300X4 amplifier, you get all the quality you could hope for. It is a 300-watt model that delivers 4 Ohms of resistance per speaker. This is ideal for those who want decent sound quality without leaving behind loudness.

It comes with an A/B circuit system which increases efficiency and sound quality. You won’t have any problem making them work in any car. And with the high-level connections along with RCA input, you can make this machine work in all kinds of vehicles.

Moreover, it also comes with a Mosfet power supply which increases durability and consistency. Along with a cast-aluminum heatsink, you can expect an efficient but also extra durable design in its entirety. You will also enjoy an over-current and a short-circuit protection which keeps it safe for long.

Apart from all that, it is super easy to install and demands little work. Every connector comes with a 4-gauge system which ensures reliability and versatility.

The best of all is the EQ control, an On-Board Punch system that helps you adjust the sound system according to your needs. Whatever you may be looking for in an amplifier, the Primer from Rockford Fosgate is not an option to dismiss. And all of that comes at a pretty decent cost.


  • High-quality cast-aluminum heat sink to prevent overheating
  • Superb Class A/B design for extra reliability
  • Built-in EQ control makes it easy to adjust the sound
  • Straightforward installation with high-level inputs


  • Large design can be challenging to mount
  • Overheats a lot

5. Pioneer Champion Series GM-D8604 Amplifier

Pioneer Champion Series GM-D8604 Amplifier

Pioneer will never let you down as a brand. And with the GM-D8604, you can be totally assured that you will get not less than a fantastic experience. For many, this is the best 4 channel amp for sound quality as it comes with a Class FD design offering up to 1200 watts of power output.

You can make any vehicle the most resounding machine, and without having to make much of an effort. With its small design, you can install this piece anywhere effortlessly. And with RCA connections and straightforward design, it will save you time and effort when setting up.

It is totally safe to use as well, with a sturdy construction along with a Protection Control System that prevents short-circuits and other issues. And surely, it also ensures extra capacity, so you can connect several speakers or subwoofers without having problems afterward. You could also say that this is a small model.

This helps to make the installation easy. But the real advantage comes from how well it sounds despite its small design. It will make it possible to enjoy the loudest sounds without any additional device.

For anyone who wants high-quality sound in a small amplifier and still get a superb installation process, no other machine will match their needs like the GM-D8604. You will fall in love with this amplifier at first use – we can assure you that.

If a well-made, performance-oriented, and ultra-practical design is what you’re looking for – then look no further. This model won’t disappoint you in any way.


  • Exceptional Class FD design for extra quality
  • Small but hugely powerful at 1200 watts
  • Protection Control System keeps it safe & handy
  • Sounds outstandingly clear and loud


  • Hefty price tag
  • Gets hotter than expected

6. BOSS Audio Systems Phantom PF1800 Power Amplifier

BOSS Audio Systems Phantom PF1800 Power Amplifier

Those who appreciate loud sound will not fail to start loving the PF1800 from Boss Audio Systems. Coming from one of the highest-quality brands out there, this model surpasses expectations in its entirety.

You will get 450 watts of power with 2 Ohms on 4 channels, or 225 watts with 4 Ohms in 4 channels. And if you want it bridged, it can also provide 900 watts of power in two channels at 4 Ohms. Regardless of how you use it, this superb amplifier will never disappoint you.

The full-range design with Class A/B topology will help you achieve the top-notch sound. It even comes with a Mosfet power supply that ensures extra durability and more consistency.

Moreover, it is decently small, which makes installation easy. But the real advantage comes from the low and high-level inputs that make it compatible with all kinds of speakers. Along with that, you get a Variable Bass Boost that increases the sound & effectiveness of the bass.

It still manages to look attractive with a LED-backlit illumination system in red. And for practicality, you get a Remote Subwoofer Control, so it becomes extra convenient.

Whatever you may be looking for in an amplifier, we are confident this model offers it all. From a super loud 1800-watt sound capacity to a stylish design that makes your tuned vehicle look fantastic, up to an effortless installation and practical design – this model is a perfect choice for anyone.


  • Outstanding 1800-watt of power output
  • Reliable Class A/B design with Mosfet power supply
  • Variable Bass Boost allows extra quality sound
  • Unique design with LED-backlit for style


  • Bulky design can be tricky to install
  • Not the most durable construction

7. Kenwood KAC-M1804 Maximum Power Amplifier

Kenwood KAC-M1804 Maximum Power Amplifier

Want to enjoy superb sound quality in your small car? Then don’t hesitate and get the best compact 4 channel car amplifier. That’s what you’ll get with the KAC-M1804 Kenwood, which is a super reliable and well-made product in its entirety.

Its small design allows a straightforward installation. But that matches well with the RCA connectors that increase its overall simplicity. You can make it work anywhere you want, including cars, boats, other marine vehicles, and even ATVs.

Moreover, it is an extra durable product in its entirety, offering an aluminum heat sink that prevents overheating but also prevents damage from exterior factors. You just need to install it anywhere safe from dust and water splashing to get a long-lasting and very reliable product.

The real advantage comes from its 400-watt capacity. It will make your speakers louder but also increase overall clarity. If you appreciate listening to the clearest sounds without distortion – then this model will work wonders for you.

Furthermore, it is a Class D model as well, which ensures more efficient and quality sound. Along with a Mosfet power supply, it will provide continuous power output for years. You won’t have to spend a fortune in high-end models when the Kenwood KAC-M1804 does it all at a pretty decent cost.

If you are a demanding user who wants nothing less than quality at a reasonable price, then this amplifier is the one to go for. We recommend it in its entirety, especially if you want something small and practical – you won’t regret having it.


  • Super small design allows straightforward setup
  • Class D design increases efficiency & quality
  • Offers up to 400 watts of power output
  • Well-made and durable with aluminum heatsink


  • Not the loudest option
  • May produce a hiss/white noise

8. Hifonics Zeus ZRX616.4 Amplifier

Hifonics Zeus ZRX616.4 Amplifier

One of the most popular brands in the high-end market, Hifonics always delivers what it should without setbacks. And the ZRX616.4 is a top-notch amplifier for demanding users – a real example of what Hifonics can offer.

It offers a total of 600 watts of power in 4 channels so you can make your car vibrate in loudness. The bass is decent if you appreciate quality, but the real advantage comes from its electronic crossover. You’ll have the chance to achieve the desired result without having to make much of an effort.

The amplifier is totally bridgeable, which offers the chance to improve sound quality in only two speakers if needed. This pairs up really well with a Mosfet power supply that ensures a consistent and reliable performance at all times.

Along with all that, you get a durable construction with military-grade PCB. That goes well with the aluminum Old School heatsink that keeps heat away from the product.

You can make this system work anywhere you want as well, as it comes with low-level RCA inputs and outputs for extra compatibility. And with a diagnostic indicator along with short-circuiting, thermal, and overload protection – it will stay safe and last a lifetime.

On top of that, it is a piece of cake to install with extra screw ports that allow easy setup, despite its massive design. If you love practicality with high power, this is the amplifier to go for.


  • High power output at 600 watts
  • Top-notch construction with aluminum heatsink
  • Ideal compatibility & electric protections
  • Delivers clear & decently loud sound


  • Tends to overheat at high volumes
  • Installation can be a bit difficult

9. BOSS Audio Systems Phantom PH4.600 Amplifier

BOSS Audio Systems Phantom PH4.600 Amplifier

Everyone loves Boss Audio Systems, especially when it comes to speakers or amplifiers. And with the PH4.600, they make it easy for anyone to love them.

This is a Class A/B amplifier that makes sure you never get poor sound quality. You won’t experience much overheating either and will receive up to 2400 watts of overall power output without issues.

For anyone who appreciates loudness at its best, this is the ideal model to go for. Boasting a Mosfet power supply, it makes sure you can achieve what it says it offers effortlessly.

You also get crossovers in low and high frequencies, along with a bass boost that increases the clearness and loudness of the amplifier. Along with a remote subwoofer level control, you can make your speakers sound however you prefer with this product.

It also offers the chance to bridge and get 1200 watts of power in two speakers. This will increase the quality and loudness exponentially. That pairs up well with the variable gain control with line & speaker levels. You won’t have any problem handling the sound of your car with this model.

Moreover, it handles heat well despite its exceptional power output. Worrying about overheats will be a thing of the past. And surely, it doesn’t demand as much energy as you may expect, which keeps it safe and long-lasting.

Overall, this is an excellent choice for those who love loud cars and reliable constructions. If that matches your demands, then this one won’t be a bad option.


  • Exceptional power output at 2400 watts
  • Practical subwoofer & variable gains controls
  • Reliable build with extra energy protection
  • Decent sound quality & efficiency with Class A/B design


  • Overheats in unventilated places
  • May produce a little distortion

10. MTX Audio Thunder Series THUNDER75.4 Amplifier

MTX Audio Thunder Series THUNDER75.4 Amplifier

To finish this list, we wanted to go over one of the most overlooked yet incredibly well-made models out there: the MTX Audio Thunder75.4.

This amplifier delivers a Class A/B design with variable crossovers, an aluminum heatsink, and a screw-type set of connectors. In short, you’ll get everything you need for superb sound quality, durability, and easy setup. It delivers quality sound at all times.

With its 400-watt output, you can be sure no sound will go unnoticed. Even if you’re playing at the loudest volume or with the highest bass – it will make them all clear and enjoyable to listen.

All of this pairs up with screw-type connectors in the wiring, which ensures a secure but also easy set-up process. And with the RCA inputs, you will never fail to connect this model sturdily on your car or any other vehicle.

Above everything else, this is a small model that focuses on making it easy to install without taking much space. You can make it work in small vehicles or the most difficult ones like ATVs and boats. Wherever you want to make it work, it won’t let you down.

If you are a fan of clear-sounding machines that improve how your vehicles feel – then this model is what you should go for. With its durability, high compatibility, ease of installation, and high power output – this amplifier will ultimately surpass your expectations.


  • Ultra-clear sound and bass quality
  • Decent power output for loudness
  • Small design fits in any kind of vehicle
  • Durable build with a versatile design


  • A little pricier than expected
  • Not the best power supply out there

What to Look for before Getting a 4-Channel Amplifier?

For anyone who wants a decent amplifier of 4 channels in their car, knowing what to go for is essential. That’s what we’re showing you here: all the different factors to think about when buying. Read up and learn!

Power Output in Watts

The first thing to consider when looking for the best 4 channel amp for sound quality, is the power output.

This is measured in watts. The more watts the amplifier offers, the louder it will be, and the better the sound it will offer. But of course, with more power, you will also need more battery power in your car. This means the installation will be more laborious or the product will be overall expensive.

4 Channel Amp

We recommend models with 100 to 500 watts of power if you want decent sound volume and excellent quality without many requirements.

But if you’re going for the loudest amplifier out there, at least 1000 watts of power will be ideal. Some models can reach 2000 watts of output, which can be extra loud but not energy efficient at all.

Ohms or Resistance

This is a slightly confusing thing to consider when buying an amplifier. The resistance refers to how well the speakers work with the amp. For that, you need to make sure that your speakers match the amount of Ohms or resistance level of your amp, or vice-versa.

For example, if your speakers are 4 Ohms, you want your amplifier to be compatible with those.

But if your speakers are 2 Ohms and your amplifier demands a minimum of 4 Ohms, then you will probably get a mismatching system. The sound won’t be the same, and you may experience volume disparities or even the whole sound disappearing from time to time.

So, when choosing an amplifier’s impedance capacity, make sure it matches that of your speakers to prevent issues in the long term.


Amplifiers have the primary purpose of increasing your speakers’ sound quality and volume. But that doesn’t mean they need to be huge to provide decent performance. That’s why the right size will always make a huge difference. Whether you want a small or large model, you can always get the one you prefer.

Some models are small enough to fit inside a small car, ATV, or even motorcycles and boats. Others, however, will only fit in the trunk of a car, inside an SUV or a large truck.

4 Channel Amp

If you have a small car and want space efficiency, go for a small amplifier. Be aware that small also means less power.

But if you have a large truck or SUV or don’t have any issue with installing a large amplifier, then go for it. A powerful amp will improve your sound exponentially, but it will demand much more space and battery power.

Terminals & Connectors

Apart from its size, you want to make sure that the amplifier matches your car sound system. For that, go for terminals that are easy to connect. If you can go for an amplifier with several types of connectors like standards and RCA, then you’re going for a much more compatible product.

Also, it is essential for the wiring system and its connections to be reliable. You’ll want them to resist wear over time and also stay connected even in the harshest of applications.

Models which come with reliable connectors are always better than the ones that do not come with any. So choose wisely here, it can be a game-changer.

Construction & Durability

Compatibility and size are important factors, but nothing compares to durability when it comes to quality. And that’s what you get with a well-made product.

Here, we recommend going for stainless steel and aluminum builds if possible. They often come directly with a heatsink, which ensures extra heat distribution to prevent overheating.

The best models out there will also prevent exterior factors like moisture and dust affect the product. And that’s what you should strive for. If the construction is durable, the product will also be – so try to get something long-lasting if possible.

Crossovers & Bass Features

The crossovers or high and low inputs are wonderful things to have in your amplifier. They will help you adjust the sound of your system without having to make much of an effort. This also improves the overall installation and enables you to receive the performance you want.

Also, the same thing can happen with the bass features that increase the quality of the bass according to your needs. You can decide whether you want high bass volume, more adjustability, or the clearest bass accordingly. If you can pick the bass decibels, we recommend going for anything between 10 dB and 20 dB if possible.

Type of Class

Lastly, there’s the type or class of amplifier. This is sort of a tricky thing to consider, but it is almost always a reliable way to know how well-made your amp is.

First, you’ll find Class A, which is not the most efficient out there but ensures superb sound quality and loudness. The problem also comes in terms of heat, which is common to experience with Class A amplifiers.

Class B models are a little more efficient than Class A but also a little less audio-effective. They will provide decent efficiency but may leave some quality behind.

Class A/B models are outstanding in every way. They combine both A and B classes to deliver an almost flawless model. You will experience the decent quality and superb efficiency. They may still overheat a little more than other models.

For the best efficiency, we recommend Class D models. They use little to no energy but also provide decent sound quality. The only problem is that they may not provide a loud volume as effectively as Class A, B, or A/B.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading all our reviews and buying guide, you may be sure of what to go for. But be careful and don’t rush, especially if you still have some doubts. In this section we’re clearing some of them up:

1. What do I need to install an amplifier in my car?

Apart from a sound system including speakers, radio, and media player – you may only need a fuse or short-circuit protector in the battery. Some large, powerful models may require an extra power supply.

2. Is it necessary to get extra wires to install an amplifier?

No, most amps come with their own wiring kits. For models that don’t, you may need to buy them separately (but that’s pretty uncommon).

3. Do I need to get fans to prevent my amplifier from overheating?

It is not necessary, but it can be helpful. Usually, we only recommend installing the amp with a few inches of space around to work as ventilation.

4. What does it mean for an amplifier to be “bridgeable”?

An amplifier with bridge feature or that allows “bridging,” means that it can make a 4-channel input into only one or two. This is ideal for increasing overall power out of speakers or subwoofers in small systems.

5. Should I do any type of maintenance to my amplifiers?

No, they don’t need any type of maintenance to keep them working. However, it is recommended to keep them from overheating, free of dust, and all kinds of moisture if possible.

Final Words

With all our reviews and small buying guide, choosing the right amp for your car shouldn’t be an issue. Still, we always recommend taking it slowly and with care, as you won’t like a product that eventually doesn’t meet your standards.

That’s why choosing the best 4 channel car amplifier is all about getting quality over anything else. Focus on something that matches your needs, and you’ll be doing yourself a great favor. So, what are waiting for? Pick one now! 

In case, you want to look at the best 5 channel amps, we have an article on it too.

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