Best 5 Channel Amp Reviews

10 Best 5 Channel Amp Reviews 2022 – Beginner Friendly Guide

If you’re tired of the foggy, hissing sound coming out of your home theatre or car audio system, then you need the best 5 channel amp to clean up the sound signals.

Combining both A/B and D amp technologies into a single unit, the 5-channel amp delivers cleaner audio. It completely eliminates distortions and noise—for cleaner, more impressive sound quality.

Even better, this amp powers all your speakers plus subwoofer.

With that said, below is a compilation of our top picks for the best-performing 5 channel amps ready to re-define your listening experience.

What’s a 5 Channel Amplifier?

As we’ve just stated above, a 5 channel amplifier combines two amplifiers into one unit—namely the class AB and class D. The result is a more powerful amplifier that’s capable of powering up to 4 speakers plus a single subwoofer.

In simpler words, if you use a 5 channel sub in your car, it’ll power your 2 rear and 2 front speakers plus the sub. If you use it in your home audio system, it’ll power all the (4) speakers plus your sub.

Some of the key benefits you’ll get from using a good-quality 5 channel amplifier include:

  • Premium sound quality: doubtlessly, the greatest benefit of investing a 5 channel amp is that it serves you with excellent quality, clean sounds with minimal background noise and distortions. The secret to the amp’s top performance lies in fusing the two amplifier technologies (AB and D).
  • Save more space: since this amplifier combines up to 2 amps into one, it saves you the need to invest in 2 separate amplifiers. This way, it’ll save you a great deal of space in your home theatre room or car cabin/trunk.
  • Get value for money: if you do your maths, you’ll discover that investing in a single amp is more economical than juggling between two devices trying to achieve your desired audio output.
  • Enjoy a dedicated subwoofer channel: yes, a 5-channel amplifier also powers your sub in addition to your speakers. Remember, a subwoofer is more powerful than your regular speakers, which explains why it requires a dedicated single channel.

10 Best 5 Channel AMP Reviews:

1. BOSS Audio Systems PV3700 Phantom 5 Channel Amplifier

BOSS Audio Systems PV3700 Phantom 5 Channel Amplifier

If you’re looking for the best 5 channel amp with an excellent price to performance ratio, then this is the perfect model for you. At such a low cost, this well-designed amp provides you with the same great performance you’ll get from those top-end models that cost twice as much.

The amp delivers a steal performance. It adequately powers up to 4 of your system speakers plus a sub…with minimal cut-outs and clipping experience. It presents you with both Low and High Pass filters which let you customize the sound for better clarity and precision. The bass boost too enables you to customize the sound further.

With the included remote control for the sub, customizing and fine-tuning the bass becomes much easier than ever before.

Don’t forget that this amp uses a MOSFET power supply which significantly reduces the possibility of shorting or overloads.

Setting up and operating this amp is straightforward. All the necessary mounting equipment comes included in the box plus a manual for easy installation. Because this amp supports bridgeability, it lets you bridge channels for increased power plus flexibility. The eye-catching multi-LED illumination is sure to give the amp an amazing look in your house.

Highlighted Features:

  • Uses MOSFET Power Supply
  • 3700Watts Max power
  • High & low-level inputs
  • Remote subwoofer control
  • Eye-catch multi-LED illumination
  • Variable Low/High pass filters
  • Bridgeable technology

2. Rockford Fosgate R600X5 Prime 5-Channel Amplifier

Rockford Fosgate R600X5 Prime 5-Channel Amplifier

On the hunt for the best 5 channel car amplifier to pump up your entire car audio system? This is it! Rockford Fosgate RX600X5 also features a modest price while delivering excellent performance for clearer and more precise sounds. It powers all your car front and rear speakers plus the sub.

The amp produces up to 75 Watts into each of the 4 channels with the dedicated sub channel producing 300Watts. This totals to 600Watts, which is serious power for powering your entire car audio system.

And if you don’t want the juice to flow to your vehicle’s rear speakers, the bridgeable tech integrated into this amp comes in handy. It enables you to bridge the amp into 2 channels and deliver a high-performance to your front speakers plus the sub.

Keep in mind that this amp also presents you with the low and high pass filters (alongside the Rockford’s famous Punch boost) to help you adjust your system plus sub for maximum performance.

The speaker-level inputs make it easy for you to hook this amp to nearly any system, including the factory stereo.

Above all, the amp comes with a cast-aluminum heat sink to drive away damaging heat from its internal components. Most manufacturers forget this crucial step, but it goes a long way in increasing the reliability and longevity of the amp. Not to forget this amp uses a MOSFET power supply to drastically reduce short out and overload incidence.

Highlighted Features:

  • MOSFET power supply
  • Variable low & high pass filters
  • Bridgeable 5 channel amp
  • Selectable punch bass boost
  • Subwoofer remote control
  • Speaker-level & preamp inputs
  • Variable bass boost for sub
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

3. Alpine PDX-V9 5-Channel Digital Amplifier

Alpine PDX-V9 5-Channel Digital Amplifier

Alpine PDX-V9 is one of most powerful 5 channel amplifiers you can get for your home theater room audio system today. It channels a whopping 1000Watts RMS to each of your 4 speakers plus a blast of 500Watts to your subwoofer!

The amazingly compact amplifier utilizes beefy internal components plus smart engineering to help maintain a strong, steady power output while keeping the noise low. This translates to superb fidelity and control.

Because this amp comes with adjustable crossover (with an extended range of crossover points), you can hassle-freely pair it with component tweeters, mid-bass drivers, or midrange speakers.

Another thing that outs this amp on the map is its stackable design. That is, you can easily stack it with other PDX amps to create a single unit for enhanced performance without taking up all the available space.

You don’t have to worry about overheating in the stack as the different heat sinks will gang up to ensure the entire stacks run cool.

And yes, this amp has front-mounted controls which make post-installation adjustments a breeze…even in stack format. The clever removable speaker and power wire plugs make the installation even easier. All the power connections, RCA inputs, and outputs are gold-plated to resist signal degradation and corrosion.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100 watts RMS x 4; 500 watts RMS x 1
  • Stackable installation design
  • Front control panels
  • Quick-connect speaker connectors
  • Variable high pass filter on rear/front channels
  • Variable low pass filter for sub

4. Rockville RXH-F5 5 Channel Car Stereo Amp

Rockville RXH-F5 5 Channel Car Stereo Amp

Rockville is another best 5 channel car amplifier which comes with at an affordable price. The CEA compliant amp boasts of up to 3200Watts peak output. And will perfectly run your door front and rear speakers, and the sub, without any issues.

The amplifier fuses two amplifier technologies—class AB and class D—into one, enabling it to provide you with enough channels for powering up to 4 speakers and a dedicated sub channel. This dedicated sub channel has up to 700Watts power output, which will deliver the superior bass you’ve been craving in your car!

It features a smart power sensing auto turn-on for hassle-free operation. It features top-quality studio-grade transistors which stage an incredible performance.

You can fully adjust the bass to your liking. The high-level (speaker level) allows you to install this amp to your aftermarket or factory receiver.

Because Rockville is super-confident that this amp will meet/exceed your expectations, they even offer you up to the 90-day money-back guarantee. You’ll agree with me that this is more than enough time to figure out if the amp meets your unique needs and preferences.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3,200 Watts peak output
  • 1600 Watts RMS output
  • High-speed MOSFET power supply
  • Fully adjustable 12dB/Octave cross over
  • Autostart smart turn-on
  • High-level (speaker level) inputs
  • Crossover band-pass control

5. Polk Audio PA D5000.5 5-Channel Car Amplifier

Polk Audio PA D5000.5 5-Channel Car Amplifier

This amp may appear small, but it also has the ability to add color to your complete car audio system (rear and front speakers plus the sub). Using Polk’s Class D amp technology, the amp is capable of eliminating all the distortions and noise to give you clear, more defined audio signals.

The powerhouse can send up to 70 Watts to each of your 4 speakers, and a whopping 500 Watts to your subwoofer channel. Its bridgeability lets you switch it into a 3 channel mode and drive up to 200 Watts RMS to each speaker while still enjoying 500 Watts supply to the sub.

We like that this Pol features adjustable high and low pass filters to help you easily sculpt your system for cleaner, distortion-free sound. The high-pass filters will keep bass away from your full-range speakers while the low pass filter will keep high notes from your sub.

The subsonic filter will also come in handy when it comes to tuning your sub to produce some good-quality bass. With the included wired remote control, controlling your sub level from your front car seats becomes easier.

Above all, this powerhouse comes in a tough, elegant stainless steel case which won’t tarnish, even when used in humid areas. Its convenient size and shape allow you to fit it just anywhere in your vehicle.

Highlighted Features:

  • 70 Watts x 4 plus 200 Watts for sub channel
  • 200Watts x 2 plus 200 Watts (bridged mode)
  • Variable gain for front and rear channels
  • High- and low-pass filters for front, rear channels
  • Wired remote sub control
  • Bridgeable 5 channel amp
  • Preamp units

6. Skar Audio SK-M9005D 5 Channel Car Amplifier

Skar Audio SK-M9005D 5 Channel Car Amplifier

Skar Audio SK-M9005D is a reasonably priced full-range 5 channel amp that delivers high performance in an ultra-compact chassis. The amp takes up less power, consumes less power, and generates less heat than other models—making it the perfect choice for vehicles owners who want quality sound without sacrificing all the available space.

The amp boasts an impressive RMS power output of up to 900 Watts, granting you the versatility to power all your car speakers as well as the sub.

It also presents you with tone controls to help you fine-tune the sub and speakers to ensure they sound their best. Case in point, it comes with high pass filters which will help you remove extreme low bass from your full0-rang speakers for more efficient play.

You can also adjust the sub’s bass boost and low pass filter for the perfect bass tone.

Keep in mind that this amp features remote control bass knob and cable, letting you hassle-freely control the bass from the dash. It also features adapter harness for speaker outputs which makes the installation easier.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ultra-compact 5 channel amp
  • RMS power: 85 Watts x 4 + 450 Watts
  • Frequency response for channels 1-4: 10Hz-20kHz
  • Sub frequency response: 10Hz-500Hz
  • Integrated 4-way protection circuitry
  • Remote bass knob & cable
  • Crossover control: HPF/LPF/full-range

7. Kenwood Excelon X801-5 5-Channel Car Amplifier

Kenwood Excelon X801-5 5-Channel Car Amplifier

Kenwood is one of the most popular brands in the music equipment arena. Their amp made it to our 5 channel amp review list for the incredible amount of power it delivers in a truly compact, well-thought-out design. Not to forget a list of impressive features it carries with it.

The little monster pumps out 50 Watts to each of the 4 channels and up to 300Watts for the dedicated subwoofer channel. This is clear proof that the amp will let you boost your car audio system without compromising on the space.

We love that this amp offers you an extended frequency range of up to 50kHz, which translates to high-resolution feedback.

You can easily adjust the high pass filters on both front and rear channels to maximize the speakers’ performance. You can also adjust the low pass filter on the subwoofer channel to customize the bass quality. The bass boost knob allows you to dial in the right amount of thump you want in your home or vehicle.

The 5 channel amplifier has MOSFET power supply and three-way protection circuitry to protect help its components against thermal, overload, and speaker short problems.

Highlighted Features:

  • RMS power rating: 50Watts x 4
  • Total power output: 600 Watts
  • Variable bass boost
  • Preamp and speaker-level inputs
  • Front & rear high pass filters
  • Low pass filter for sub channel
  • MOSFET power supply

8. Hertz Audio HDP5 5-Channel Class D Amplifier

Hertz Audio HDP5 5-Channel Class D Amplifier

You can’t imagine a compact 5-channel amp with clean sound and bass (to the sub) and doesn’t overheat, without thinking about Hertz Audio HDP5 5 channel amp. This amp is capable of producing up to 900 Watts maximum power output, which means serious business.

At an impedance of 2ohms, this amp supplies you with 100Watts for the 4 channels and up to 550Wats for the sub channels alone.

It utilizes Hertz’s Single Cycle Control which significantly reduces current draws and heat generated—dramatically increasing its efficiency.

The amp also incorporates R.I.P.S (Regulated, Intelligent Power Supply). This unique tech helps monitor the output current to help optimize the output power over a given range of impedance. With the Advanced Rollback Protection onboard the small chassis as well, this amp will continue playing even in the most extreme conditions.

As you look closely at the chassis design, you’ll discover it features alloy fins which help channel away the heat produced from the internal components. This means increased efficiency of your amp and long-term use.

Highlighted Features:

  • 950W maximum power output
  • RMS power output @2ohm: 100W x 4 + 550W
  • RMS power output @4ohm: 75W x 4 + 380W
  • Size: 6.73” x 13.54” x 1.83”

9. Kicker CXA Series Class D 5 Channel Amplifier

Kicker CXA Series Class D 5 Channel Amplifier

The final spot on our list of the best 5 channel amps goes to the Kicker CXA Series 5 channel amp. This is another great model for those who want to send some serious power to their speaker/sub system. It delivers up to 40 Watts RMS to 4 speakers and up to 300Watts to your subwoofer.

If you only want to power 2 speakers, you can also configure this amp to deliver 150 Watts to each speaker and 300Watts to the sub.

Like most of the other top-rated amps above, this Kicker also presents you with separate front and rear high-pass filters. These allow you to customize the sound output for the ultimate speaker performance. What’s more, it features a low pass filter on the sub channel plus a fixed subsonic filter—both of which help you tune your sub bass.

Not to forget the variable bass boost which lets you add some serious low-end punch to your system.

Because this sub comes incorporated with Kicker’s exclusive technology—Fail-Safe Integration Technology (FIT™) —its input remains free from noise and interference. And this lets you easily tap into your speaker wires for an audio signal. The included hardware helps you mount this amp vertically so that it takes up less space.

Highlighted Features:

  • Top peak power: 600 Watts
  • 75 Watts RMS x 4; 300Watt sub channel
  • Variable high pass filters on front, rear channels
  • Variable low pass filter on sub channel
  • Fixed subsonic filter on sub channel
  • Variable bass boost
  • Preamp & speaker input levels
  • Frequency boost: 10-20,000 Hz

10. Soundstream TN5.950D Class D 5 Channel Amplifier

Soundstream TN5.950D Class D 5 Channel Amplifier

If you’re looking for the best 5 channel amp for the money, this Soundstream TN5.950D 5 amp is hard to beat. This amp comes in an incredibly compact, space-saving design but delivers a mighty performance. It’s packed with soo powerful features you’d think the manufacturer made a blunder in setting the price tag.

The reason why this amp is so popular lies in the great versatility it offers you. You can operate it as 5/4/3/2 or as a mono channel. In simpler words, you can configure it to power s single speaker, or any other number, up to a maximum of 5. Believe you me; this is something rare to find in a stereo amplifier.

Even more, this amp allows you to easily bridge it for even greater versatility.

Another cool thing about this amp is the has mounted gain (with remote control). This enables you to easily match your amp output voltage with that of your car audio voltage—resulting in 100% distortion-free audio signals. It also presents you with band-pass crossovers for even more precise audio signals.

Overall, this is the ideal stereo amp to mount in your vehicle. It’ll fill your car with clean, precise audio signals, with no distortions and hissings that have been giving you boring listening experience.

Highlighted Features:

  • RMS power rating: 85 Watts x 4
  • 130 Watts x 4 bridged channels
  • Maximum power output: 950Watts
  • Dash-mounted remote gain control
  • 5/4/3/2 or mono channel use
  • Delayed on/off circuit
  • Variable high pass filter
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

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What Makes The Right 5 Channel Amp?


Different channels come with different wattages. This rating is clearly indicated on the product, so it’s readily available and easy for you to read.

When looking for an ideal amp, you want to ensure that its maximum wattage matches the power needs of your audio system speakers plus the sub.

For instance, if your system has 4 speakers, with each requiring 300Watts of power, the total power requirements for your speakers is around 1200Watts.

5 Channel Amp

In this case, you should look for an amp with around this Wattage rating.

Calculate the total wattage of the speakers that make up your system plus the sub and let the value you get guide you into picking the perfect amplifier.

RMS power output

For starters, RMS is basically an abbreviation of Root Mean Square. Expressed in Watts, RMS refers to the continuous amount of power a given amp can produce.

You might not know this, but RMS will give you more light into the performance of amp than the peak power rating which most people tend to focus on.

Make sure you check the RMS of the amplifier you want to buy and ensure it matches your unique audio system speakers and sub powering needs.


The perfect 5 channel amplifier should also be bridgeable. This enables you to fuse several amplifiers into one.

For instance, you can configure your 5 channel amp into 3 channel amp plus subwoofer.

The overall benefit of bridging channels is increased versatility and power. It helps you add more speakers or even a larger sub to your audio system.

Low and High pass filters

The perfect amplifier should also come with the low and high pass filters functionality.

The low pass filters are usually helpful for the subwoofer channels as it blocks high frequencies from reaching the sub. This means only low frequencies go through, resulting in richer bass output.

5 Channel Amp

The high pass filters do the exact opposite. They filter low frequencies from passing reaching your full-range speakers. This enables you to enjoy cleaner and more precise audio signals from your system speakers.

Gain and bass boost

With the gain knob, you can hassle-freely match your system’s output voltage with that voltage output of your amplifier.

This is a crucial feature given that some audio systems have higher voltage output than others.

By matching the voltage outputs of both your system and amp, over-amplification is prevented—ensuring output of distortion-free sound signals only.

While still on it, the bass boost function is also as helpful as the gain. It prevents over-amplification for the sub channel, for quality bass output.


I’m assuming you have already witnessed in the out top-rated 5 channel amp review section how the price of these products can greatly vary from model to model.

With this in mind, coming up with a reasonable budget is crucial to help you narrow down your list.

If you’re working on a tight budget, then you should be able to find a good amp for less than $200. Most models in this cost bracket offer you the basic functionality and sometimes low sound output.

If you set a budget between $200-$800, then you should be ready to take home some of the best and highest rated amplifiers—bearing top-quality build, increased power output, higher efficiency, and extra features.

As with any other sound equipment, the higher you climb on the price ladder, the fancier the amplifier becomes.

Extra features:

  • Peak power: this indicates the highest power a given amp can output for a short period of time before getting a short out.
  • Amplifier inputs: amps that come with more input options are better in that they enable you to easily hook them to nearly any audio system, including the factory and aftermarket models.
  • Warranty: a good amp should also come with some guarantee. This is a good sign of the manufacturer’s level of confidence in their product performance.
  • Brand: an easy shortcut to getting a good-quality amp with an impressive performance is shopping from top brands like Kenwood, Planet Audio, Alpine Electronics, Rockville, to name but a few.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many speakers can a 5 channel amplifier power?

As its name suggests, 5 channel amps feature 5 channels. The first 4 channel can power up to 4 speakers. The last channel is a dedicated subwoofer channel for powering your sub.

Since most of these 5 channel amps come with bridgeable technology, it’s also possible to configure them into 3 channel, 2 channel, or mono channel modes to suit your specific needs.

2. How do I use my amp’s gain knob?

The gain knob helps you match your amp’s input level with your receiver’s output level, reducing distortions and background noise in your sound signals.

Follow these steps to use your amp’ gain function:

  • Disengage all the filters and bass boost on your amp. Turn the gain to low. As for the receiver, set all the EQ presets and tone controls to flat.
  • Play your favorite track (something you’re familiar with) and increase your receiver volume until the sound gets distorted, then turn down the volume a bit to clean the sound.(in case you don’t get any distortion, even at full volume, set your receiver to volume to ¾ full).
  • Now turn your gain knob until the sound starts distorting, then turn it down a bit to obtain a clean signal.
  • Adjust your receiver volume to your preferred loudness. Be sure to continue playing your favorite track as you fine-tune your system.
  • Now use the high pass filter to eliminate the low notes from your full-range speakers. And use the low pass filter to remove the high notes from your sub channel.

That’s it! You have successfully adjusted your amp’s gain function for clean audio signals!

3. Do I need a battery fuse when installing a new amp to my car?

Absolutely! We advise you to install an extra fuse when installing a 5 channel amp into your car audio system.

This is to ensure the fuse blows up in case anything goes wrong, safeguarding your vehicle’s components from damages.

Keep in mind that even if your new amp comes with a built-in fuse, it only protects the amp and NOT your vehicle.

So, you’ll still need that extra fuse to safeguard your car wiring and battery.

4. Where should I ground the amp in my car?

The correct way to ground your amp in a car is by connecting the ground wire It should make direct connect) with the metallic body of your car.

Consider looking for an existing screw or bolt which makes contact with your car chassis or frame near your amp location for easy painting.

Be sure to use a ground wire of the same gauge as your power wire and make sure it makes direct contact with your car’s metallic body—even if it means scrapping away any paint in the connection area.

Final Verdict

You’ll find countless options there when looking for the best 5 channel amp. We suggest that you take time to ensure you get the perfect model for your specific audio system needs.

The most important thing to remember is to pick a model which adequately powers all your system speakers plus the subwoofer. This is the secret to completely eliminating the distortion and background noise clouding your system.

For car amps, you’ll also want to ensure you choose a size that will easily fit in the available space.

We have outlined some of the most glorified 5-channel amps above which will give you a whole new listening experience in your audio system—whether at home or in your car.

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