Top 10 Best Bananas Organic Deals In 2022 [Expert Vetted]

Bananas are a type of fruit that is often eaten as a snack or in place of other fruits and vegetables. Bananas are high in potassium and vitamin C, making them a good source of these nutrients. They are also low in sugar and calories.

Bananas Organic Price Comparison Table

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10 Best Bananas Organics Available For Purchase

Bestseller No. 2
NATIERRA Nature's All Foods Organic Freeze-Dried Bananas | Non-GMO & Vegan | 2.5 Ounce
  • USDA Organic, Kosher, Vegan, Non-GMO Verified and fat free with no preservatives or added sugar*. *Not a low-calorie food; see nutrition information for calorie and sugar content.
  • We source Organic fruit from around the world to bring you farm to pantry crunchy snacks! Treat your family with a plant-based, wholesome and delicious snack that will awake your taste buds without guilt!
  • No sugar added – Why add sugar when fruit is already delicious on its own? We never add any unnecessary sweeteners or colorants to our fruits.
  • Great snack – in today’s busy world, it’s important to be prepared with sensible snacks to help us get though the day. Perfect for your desk drawer, your kid’s lunch box and road trips. A great snack is just a crunch away!
  • Excellent for snacking on its own, baking, adding color to frosting, topping recipes, adding crunch to salads, smoothies.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Barnana Organic Peanut Butter Dipped Chewy Banana Bites, 3.5 Ounce Bag
  • Peanut Butter and Banana: These dipped bites are just like an American favorite, the Elvis - a delicious combination of peanut butter and bananas, now in a chewy, organic snack
  • For Home or Travel: These bite sized snacks are perfect for camping, hiking, solo snacking, sharing and as an office or travel snack; Also great for priming up the pantry for children to snack on
  • Simple and Delicious: All our crisps, chips, and snacks are lovingly prepared with the finest simple ingredients; Our delicious crispy tostones turn an authentic tradition into a plantain sensation
  • Go Bananas: USDA certified Organic plantain chips and bites; Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-, grain-and dairy- free, paleo, vegan and Kosher chips
  • Barnana: We use upcycled bananas and plantains for our sweet and salty banana based snacks; We let nature shine by creating simple, tasty recipes fueled by clean, wholesome ingredients found in nature
Bestseller No. 4
Mavuno Harvest Dried Banana Chips Fruit Snacks | Organic Dried Banana | Healthy Snacks for Kids & Adults | Unsweetened Banana Chips | Gluten Free Snack | Vegan, Non GMO, Direct Trade | 1 Pound Bag
  • ORGANIC BANANA CHIPS - Discover the sweet, satisfying taste of all natural, organic banana chips. Enjoy your favorite fruit in a whole new way! Bursting with tropical flavor, these chips are a delicious, healthy way to get snacking.
  • DRIED BANANA GOODNESS - Bananas are one of nature's most perfect foods, each bite chock-full of vitamins, potassium, antioxidants, and the yummiest flavor under the sun. Fuel your body with nutrient-packed snacks that’ll keep you going.
  • BULK PACK - Resealable bulk pack keeps your dried fruit fresh and delicious, perfect for keeping in the car, taking to work, or giving the kids as the best school snack ever! When you want a grab ‘n go snack but don’t want the junk, Mavuno Harvest is the perfect choice.
  • ALL NATURAL - Mavuno Harvest Dried Banana Chips are USDA Organic, and completely natural, with no funky additives you can’t pronounce! Vegan, Gluten free, Non GMO Project Verified, and with no added sugar or preservatives, these Organic Banana Chips are a natural snack that will leave you feeling full, refreshed and happy.
  • MAVUNO HARVEST - Ethically sourced. Naturally delicious. Making a difference with every bite. Mavuno Harvest partners directly with rural farmers in Ghana to avoid waste and sell their full harvest. Grown with care and love by rural African farming communities, Direct Trade practices help African farmers build sustainable businesses that positively impact their communities.
Bestseller No. 5
SaleBestseller No. 6
Barnana Organic Coconut Banana Bites, 3.5 OZ
  • USDA ORGANIC - Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Natural Gluten Free, Vegan and Kosher. Made from sustainably upcycled bananas, these will be the tastiest snacks you will ever eat.
  • CHEWY COCONUT BANANA BITES - Unlike those unsavory banana chips, these bites are moist and delicious just like grandma's old banana bread. Now you don't have to eat dried dates, go bananas!
  • HEALTHY FRUIT SNACKS - Unlike those artificial fruit snacks out there, our Chewy Coconut Banana Bites only have two healthy ingredients: organic bananas and organic coconuts. Whether you need a post workout bites or a kids snack to go, this is the healthy snack you've been looking for.
  • UPCYCLED GOODNESS - Barnana's delicious bites are made from bananas that we save from going to waste. We dehydrate them perfectly & then coat them with premium ingredients to make delicious snacks.
  • FOR YOU OR TO SHARE - Barnana is perfect for solo snackers and sharers. We won't tell if you save the goodness to enjoy yourself. We do it all the time ourselves!
Bestseller No. 7
Yupik Organic Sweetened Dried Crunchy Banana Chips, 14.1 Oz, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free
  • A wholesome snack that can also be added to baking for texture and flavor
  • Keep cool and dry
  • Non-gmo, sulfite-free, unsweetened, Vegetarian, Vegan and all-natural
  • Certified Organic

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Bananas Organic New Releases

Congo Since 1979 Green Plantain (Barraganete) (Shipping Included) (8 lbs), 8 Pound
  • Congo Green Plantain (Barraganete) is a Fresh green plantain from Ecuador for cooking. Plantain is a sugar-free vegetable and it is grown in the same way as a banana. It is nutritionally high in fiber, potassium, energy, and low in cholesterol. Banana is eaten raw, while plantain is always cooked before eating. Grown in Ecuador. 
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  • Here are details about the weight and the quantity of the product in each of the box sizes (weight is net and amount of pieces depends on the size of the fruit):
  • Small 4.5 - 5 lbs, 4-5 pieces Medium 8 lbs, 8-10 pieces Large 13.5 lbs, 12-19 pieces
Fresh Whole Ripe Plantains Plátano Maduro (5 LB)
  • Plantains are rich sources of complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, and are easily digestible. As a staple food, plantains have been the main fare of millions of people for centuries.
  • Unlike dessert bananas, plantains are almost always cooked before eating. In fact, they taste pretty awful raw, so don’t be tricked by their banana-like features.
Baby Bananas, Fresh Baby Bananas_ 2.5 LBS
  • 2.5 LB of fresh baby bananas
  • Also known as lady finger bananas
  • Sweeter and smaller than Cavendish bananas
  • Usually around three inches in length
  • Creamy texture and sweet flavor with notes of honey

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More information on the bananas organic

Bananas are a fruit that is found in many different shapes and sizes. They come in many different colors and flavors, and they are a great source of healthy nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C, and fiber. They are also a great source of antioxidants, which can help protect our cells from damage.

The first thing that you need to know about bananas is that they are a tropical fruit. They are found in many different parts of the world, and they are a great choice for people who are looking for a fruit that can be eaten in many different ways. They can be eaten as a snack, or they can be used in many different recipes.

When it comes to taste, bananas are pretty sweet. They are also a good source of dietary fiber, which can help us feel fuller longer. They are also a good source of vitamin C, which can help us fight off diseases.

When it comes to health, bananas are a great choice. They are a healthy fruit that is full of nutrients that can help us stay healthy. They are also a great choice for people who are looking for a fruit that can be eaten in many different ways.

Buying Guide For Bananas Organic

When it comes to buying bananas, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. The first is that bananas are a fruit, and so they will likely have a lot of skin. This means that there is a lot of flesh that you can eat, as well as the skin. However, if you are concerned about the safety of bananas, then you should be very careful.

Another thing that you should consider is the variety of bananas. Some bananas are more healthy than others. For example, the yellow bananas are a good choice if you are looking for a healthy snack. However, other bananas are not as healthy, and so you should be very careful before you buy them.

Finally, you should also be careful about the weight of the bananas. This is because the more weight they have, the more likely they are to be damaged. So, if you are looking for a very light or very heavy banana, then you should be careful.


Bananas are a healthy fruit that can provide you with a pile of nutrients that your body needs. They are also a fruit that is easy to grow. All you need is some soil, some water, and some sun. Once you have those things, you can start planting your bananas.

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