Best Bathtub Doors Reviews

10 Best Bathtub Doors Reviews for 2022 – Buying Guide

Privacy is one of the most important things for the bathroom. Without that, you will not have that peace of mind when you are taking a shower after a long tiring day.

And the doors that you are going to install in your bathroom, especially the bathtub, will dictate how much privacy you are actually going to get when you are inside the bathroom.

Considering that, it is quite essential for you to install the best bathtub doors in your bathroom. With one of them installed, you will get the peace of mind that we mentioned earlier.

These will also act like a great room divider, which will keep your bathroom separated from the rest of the rooms. So, it is quite crucial for you to get one of these.

10 Best Bathtub Doors Reviews

Even though getting one of the proper doors for your bathtub might sound easy, in reality, you are going to struggle a lot because of the overabundance of options that the market has.

To make things easier for you, we have huddled a narrowed-down list by including the ones that we think are worth getting. Take a look:

1. DreamLine Aqua Uno

DreamLine Aqua Uno

Let us start off our bathtub door reviews with this unit that DreamLine is offering. If your bathtub doesn't have  curved edge, then you should definitely put this on your consideration list.

First of all, you will have two different options regarding the finish of the hinge. Depending on the looks that you are shooting for, you can choose the brushed nickel or the chrome finish. The chrome one has a shiny look to it, and the brushed nickel one has a matte-type of coating on the exterior.

Aside from that, the configuration of the package you will get will consist of a single swing door. This type of door is ideal for the bathrooms that are small in size and does not have that much amount of room for installing a sliding door.

And even if you do have a decent amount of room inside, you can save some space by installing this. 

And the glass of the panel is 6 millimeters thick tempered glass. As the glass panel is frameless, it will be able to enhance the overall looks of your bathtub. The installation procedure is also pretty much hassle-free, which you can complete in an hour.

It has a bar handle that will enable you to hang towels and other clothing. That will come in handy if the towel bar in your bathroom is not easily reachable from your showering spot.


  • Hinges come in two different finishes
  • Features a frameless modern design
  • Fits easily in small spaces
  • Glass panel is six millimeters thick
  • Sports a handlebar


  • The included mounts can damage certain type of bathroom tiles
  • It has a flimsy hinge



Even though most of the glass shower doors for tubs are going to look elegant, the main problem arises when cleaning them to retain the looks for an extended amount of time. Well, WOODBRIDGE understood that and came up with a unique solution for that.

Unlike the other units that are out there, the glass of this one has an Ultralux coating. That coating creates an easy-to-clean shield on the surface. As a result, keeping it clean and making it look good will not be that much of a hassle for you. Also, the coating can repel water and other contaminants too. A protective coating like the water-resistant coatings can be very useful when you don'[t have a warranty.

Apart from that, the glass that it utilizes is of high quality too. It is exceptionally resistant to shatter. There is film bonded on the panels that will extend the overall lifespan. The glass is reasonably thick as well. Also, the frameless contemporary design that the glass sports make it look elegant and sophisticated.

Other than that, you will have the option to choose the finish of the mounting hardware according to your preference. It comes in eight different finishes. And because of including an easy-to-follow instruction guide, the installation process should be a breeze for you. We would also suggest that you install a shower door sweep with it.

Lastly, even though the recommended height of the top edge is perfect in most cases, you will have the freedom to adjust the dimensions of the unit. You can trim the stainless steel top bar up to 4 inches. That will make it easier for you to get a perfect fit. Make sure you have an accurate width adjustment.


  • The top bar is adjustable
  • Features an Ultralux glass coating
  • Can repel water and other contaminants
  • Looks elegant and sophisticated
  • Includes an easy-to-follow installation guide


  • Some of the packages ship with broken panels
  • The hinges tend to make a squeaking noise over time

3. Delta Frameless Glass Bathtub Doors SD3927412

Delta Frameless Glass Bathtub Doors SD3927412

Even though most of the brands will offer you an option to choose the finish of the mounting hardware and handles, not all of them will let you choose the style of the handles. And Delta is one of the manufactures that are offering that option.

To start with, this semi-frameless shower door comes in three different handle styles. Alongside that, you will be able to choose the finish of the handle and the other mounts. It comes in three different finishes as well. You are basically going to have loads of customizability options for this.

Other than that, the glass that it comes with is six millimeters thick tempered glass. And you can choose any of the four patterns for the glass. It comes in clear, frosted, rain, and lastly, transition patterns. Among these variety of styles frosted glass is my favorite. The surface also has a Spot Guard that will enable you to easily keep the exterior clean from any water spots.

Alongside that, these shower doors for tubs come with a reversible aluminum top track that will allow you to install this the way you want. And the bottom track is reasonably slim and can be easily hidden. It slides relatively smooth as well, which will make it easier for you to handle it around.

On that note, the unit will have a good adjustment with openings from 50-1/8 inches to 59-3/8 inches. Also, all of the hardware and the metal parts feature zinc and aluminum construction with a metal finish, which makes them resistant to rust and corrosion.


  • Offers three different handle styles
  • Come in three finishes for the hardware
  • Glass is available in four different patterns
  • Easy to clean
  • The hardware is resistant to rust and corrosion


  • Some of the packages ship with missing hardware
  • Bottom bracket can not stop the water from flowing over

4. Mecor Shower Door 55"X31"

Mecor Shower Door 55"X31"

The best bathtub doors would be the ones that feature high-quality and thick glass. Thinner glass is not desirable here. And this one that Mecor is offering in one of them.

To start with, it comes with an ¼ inches thick glass that is transparent. Because the glass is ¼ inches in thickness, you will not have to worry about the durability that much. And even though the glass is transparent and clear, it will fog up once you start showering in it, which will provide you an adequate amount of privacy.

Alongside that, the surface of the glass features the Spot Guard coating. That coating will reduce the possibility of hard water spots accumulating on the exterior. As a result, you will not have to worry that much about it getting stained and losing the transparent looks that it has. It will be pretty easy for you to keep it clean as well.

Other than that, it has a built-in handle that will not only act like a door opener and closer but also as a towel hanger. So, if your bathroom does not have one of those, you can use the handle for hanging your clothes and towel when you shower.

The pivoting radius is 180 degrees, which will enable you to fit in both the left and the right sides of your tub. This is a great feature for many bathroom décor. Because a bathroom layout can be incompatible with left wall installation or vise versa. Also, you will receive all of the professional installation hardware and screening seal with the package.


  • Glass is of high quality and pretty thick
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Comes with a built-in handle
  • The pivoting range is 180 degrees
  • Features the Spot Guard coating


  • Some of the included hardware is a bit flimsy
  • Included sealer tends to leak

5. ELEGANT 58.5-60 in. W x 57 3/8 in

ELEGANT 58.5-60 in. W x 57 3/8 in

On the lookout for one of the best shower doors for tubs that has a sliding mechanism? Well, look no more because ELEGANT has got the thing that you were searching for all this time.

First of all, it implements a sliding mechanism that is ideal for the bathrooms that do not really have that much room for the ones that can pivot. And all of the installation hardware is of high-quality aluminum, which makes them exceptionally durable. Also, the built-in rollers are of copper that glides smoothly and quietly.

Other than the hardware, the glass that it sports is ¼ inches thick. And as the glass is tempered, you can expect it to last for an extended amount of time. The exterior also has an effective glass shield. That will enable it to pass the light through but also will provide you a superior amount of privacy because of being frosted.

Alongside that, depending on the looks that you are trying to get, you can choose the chrome or the brushed nickel finish for the included hardware. And the package will also include an installation guide that is quite easy to follow as well. You can set it up on straight tubs that are up to 60 inches without any issues at all.

Lastly, you will receive a sealing strip that will enable you to prevent leakage. That will make sure that your bathroom is dry and clean.


  • Features a sliding mechanism
  • Sports copper rollers
  • The glass is frosted
  • Rolls smoothly and quietly
  • Hardware comes in two finishes


  • The top rail is not that durable
  • Some of the hardware will require drilling for installation

6. Basco A0516-60OBOR

Basco A0516-60OBOR

The best shower doors for tubs do not only look good but also are exceptionally durable. And a perfect example of that would be this one that Basco is offering to the market.

To begin with, it sports a tempered safety glass. That glass passes all of the standard safety tests, which means it will offer you the peace-of-mind regarding lifespan and durability. Also, you can choose anyone from the four individual glass surface. It is available in clear, obscure, rain, and tinted. So, you wont have to spend extra on the shower curtain.

Alongside the glass, the hardware that it bundles with comes in different finishes as well. You can choose the oil-rubbed bronze, silver, and finally, the brushed nickel. And the hardware is of durable materials as well. Those will play a significant part in enhancing the lifespan of the overall package.

Other than that, the unit utilizes a sliding mechanism. And because of how smooth the rollers are on the bottom, you will be able to slide it like sliding a knife on soft butter. It will offer you seamless access to your tub. Also, the unit sits flush with the edges of the enclosures.

Alongside that, as the curb width is 1.56 inches, it will be able to repel water exceptionally well. The floors of your shower will be dry and clean. And you can install the unit on openings that are 25.44 to 28.44 inches wide.


  • Bundles with a tempered safety glass
  • Sits flush with the edges of the enclosure
  • Included hardware comes in three different finishes
  • Four different glass patterns available
  • Can repel water exceptionally well


  • The finishes on the hardware fade the color over time
  • Not that easy to install

7. AQUABATOS Frameless Hinged Tub Door

AQUABATOS Frameless Hinged Tub Door

Want something that will offer you a lot of adjustable room? Well, then you should definitely check out what AQUABATOS has to offer here.

To start with, it comes with a toughened glass that is ANSI Z91.7-2015 certified. That tempered glass has a unique coating on the exterior that will enable you to easily keep it clean. You will not need any particular solution, nor will you have to scrub the surface that much just to clear out the stains from the surface.

Alongside that, it bundles with an aluminum wall that will offer you up to 7/16 inches of adjustable room. And as the wall is of anodized aluminum, it will be able to provide a superior amount of stability and support.

Also, the stainless steel top bar that it bundles with is adjustable. You will be able to fit this in your bathroom without facing any issues at all.

Other than that, the glass seal strip and the base strip that it includes will ensure that your showering area is waterproof. Those can block off water from leaking outside, which is going to ensure that your bathroom remains clean and dry. And the built-in handle doubles as a tower bar, enabling you to keep clothes and towels.

Lastly, because of utilizing a frameless hinged mechanism, it will be pretty easy for you to install this as well.


  • Sports a toughened glass
  • Exterior of the glass has a unique coating on it
  • Includes a thick anodized aluminum wall
  • Both the wall and the top bar is adjustable
  • Seal of the wall and the base is pretty effective


  • Does not include a door stopper
  • The packaging of the unit is not that praiseworthy

8. KINGRAN 48 in. W x 58 in. H Frameless

KINGRAN 48 in. W x 58 in. H Frameless

Rust and corrosion can severely deteriorate the durability of the metal parts. And KINGRAN acknowledged that, and that is why they have taken proper steps for the hardware that they include with this unit.

First of all, all of the hardware you will receive with the package will be of high-quality aluminum. And all of them have a special coating that will allow them to resist rust and corrosion. That means you will not have to worry about the looks fading off over time.

Alongside that, you will have full control over the installation process. Because of utilizing a innovative design, it can be installed in both the normal way and in a reverse manner. And for offering the option of the reverse installation process, you can even carry out the installation process in small-sized showers with ease.

Other than that, the unit's wall profile will offer you up to 3/8 inches of adjustable room. That will make it easier for you to install it around the straight tubs.

And the two of the swing doors that it comes with are easy to open as well. They will not squeak like some of the other units that are out there, which makes it a decent pick for the best tub shower doors.

As the hardware has a chrome finish, it has the capability to enhance the overall looks of your bathroom. That means you can boost the aesthetics of the shower by installing this.


  • Hardware can resist rust and corrosion
  • All of the hardware is of durable aluminum
  • Can be installed in two ways
  • Wall profile provides up to 3/8 inches of adjustability
  • Sports smooth swing doors


  • Installation process is a bit tedious
  • Hinges tend to get stiffer over time

9. EMKE 36 in. W x 55 in. H ith Towel Bar

EMKE 36 in. W x 55 in. H ith Towel Bar

Having a built-in handle that doubles as a towel and clothes bar can make it easier for you to shower. And this one from EMKE has one of those handles.

To begin with, it implements a folding mechanism that will enable you to install these in small-sized bathrooms pretty easily. Unlike the ones that can pivot, you will not need that amount of room space for installing this one.

And the installation process is pretty straightforward as well. It includes an easy-to-follow guide in the package, making this one of the best tub shower doors.

Other than the installation process, it has a built-in handle that can work as a towel bar. So, even if you do not have a designated towel and clothes bar in your bathroom, you will not have to worry about not having it anymore if you install this in your shower.

Alongside that, the glass that it bundles with is ¼ inches thick. It is one of the tempered glass with a high level of sturdiness, which means you can expect it to last for an extended amount of time without worrying that much about the durability. The frameless design of the glass will also make the overall package look elegant.

It includes installation hardware that has a chrome finish on the exterior. That will make the overall package look even better.


  • Boasts a built-in handle that doubles as a cloth and towel bar
  • Glass is tough and sturdy
  • Features a frameless design
  • Hardware has a chrome coating on it
  • Easy to install


  • Does not offer any glass pattern options
  • Not that resistant to rust and corrosion

10. VIGO VG6041MBCL6066


We are going to finish off our bathtub door reviews with this package that VIGO is offering. If you were on the lookout for something that comes with a matte coating, then you should definitely put this one in your consideration.

First of all, it offers five different options regarding the coating of the hardware. Based on the looks that you are basically shooting for, you can choose matte black, matte brushed gold, matte gold, chrome, and stainless steel.

All of the coatings look exceptionally elegant and will definitely be able to boost your shower's overall aesthetics.

Other than the looks, VIGO put quite an amount of emphasis on the quality of the materials. The unit's glass is 3/8 inches thick, which is a thicker glass than what most of the other brands are offering in the market. Also, the glass is pre-drilled, which is going to make the installation process a bit more manageable for you.

Alongside the glass, the manufacturer included a generous amount of hardware as well. It will come with RollerDisks that is going to offer you a smooth sliding experience. And the top bar and the base of the unit are included as well. You are going to get a frustration-free installation experience with this.

Besides that, there is a water deflector that can redirect the water efficiently. Overall, this is a worthy pick if you were looking for the best shower doors for tubs.


  • Thickness of the glass is 3/8 inches
  • Features RollerDisks on the bottom
  • Glass is pre-drilled
  • Offers plenty of elegant coating options for the hardware
  • Installation process is easy and frustration-free


  • Sealing on the bottom is not that effective
  • Can not resist stains that well

What to Look for Before Buying?

Before you do end up making a purchase decision, there are several things that you need to consider. By keeping those in mind, you will be able to easily make the right purchase decision. The factors that we are talking about are as follows:

The Glass

First and foremost, you need to consider the quality of the glass. Make sure that the one that you are planning to purchase has tempered glass. If you happen to get something that is not hardened or tempered, it will not last for an extended amount.

Also, do make sure that it is reasonably thick, or else it will be pretty flimsy as well. There is a wide range of glass thickness with metal frame in the market.

If your choice is frameless doors, you can go for a laminated glass. This type of glass has a spot guard glass coating that can resist spots and soap scum.

Bathtub Doors

Alongside that, do make sure that the glass has some sort of coating on it. Without that, it will be pretty prone to stains and other marks, which will make it hard for you to keep it clean. After all, there isn't any doormat here. On the other hand, the ones that have a proper coating on the top will make it easier for you to clean the surface and make it look squeaky clean.

Included Hardware

Other than the glass, you need to consider the included hardware as well. Make sure that they are of durable material. The ones with low-quality material construction will not be able to offer an adequate amount of support and stability required to keep the glass in place. So, you need to put proper emphasis on this.

Bathtub Doors

Besides that, do make sure that all the hardware has rust and corrosion-resistant coating on it. Without that coating, they will not be able to resist rust and corrosion that well, which will deteriorate not only the looks but also the durability.

Installation Process

Apart from the glass and the hardware, you should make sure that the unit's installation process is easy. For this, you need to ensure that all of the necessary parts are included in the package.

Bathtub Doors

Also, make sure that it comes included with an installation guide. Without knowing the installation process thoroughly, it is not going to be that hassle-free and frustration-free.

Finish Options and Pattern Options

Most of the units will offer you plenty of finish options regarding the glass's hardware and pattern options. However, there are many that will offer none.

With those, you are basically stuck with the one that is being offered. But if you are shooting for a unique look, you should look for the ones that offer plenty of finish and pattern options.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I install shower doors on a tub?

It will depend on two factors. The first one will be if the door is compatible with the tub or not because most of the glass shower doors are only compatible with straight tubs. And the other factor would be if you have enough room or not.

2. Are frameless tub doors worth it?

According to me, they are definitely worth it. The frameless design makes it look elegant, which will be able to boost the overall outlook of the shower. Alongside that, they are easy to install as well.

3. Are doors with large-sized built-in handles worth it?

Yes, they definitely are. The handle of most of the doors doubles as a towel bar and cloth bar. For that reason, the ones with large-sized handles seem worthy to us.

4. Does the hardware of shower doors corrode and catch rust?

It depends on one factor. If the hardware does not have an appropriate coating on them, it will catch rust and corrode over time. For that reason, you should get the ones that include rust and corrosion-resistant hardware.

5. Is it hard to keep the shower doors clean?

If the door you purchased does not have any coating on the glass's surface, it will be hard for you to keep it clean. It will also be prone to stains and marks if it does not have any coating on the exterior.

6. What kind of shower doors are best?

It entirely depends on your requirements and bathroom designs. However, we think a hinged frame door with steam textured glass is the best.

 7. Can you put a door on any bathtub?

Most bathtubs can be used with a door. There are very few types of bathtubs where you can't mount a door.

8. How much does it cost to put glass doors in bathtub?

The installation cost can be from $500 to $1000. It depends on where you live and what kind of door are you installing.

9. Is a frameless bathtub door worth it?

We can understand the concern as it is generally higher in price. However, it is very easy to maintain and also has a better aesthetic appeal. So, definitely worth's the few extra bucks.

10. Can you put shower doors on a tub?

Yes, you can do that. But hire someone with experience to do the job.

11. Does shower glass need to be tempered?

It is required by law that shower glass must be tempered. Because if it breaks, the consequences can be deadly with regular glass.

12. Do frameless shower doors leak?

It depends on the quality of the door you are getting. Yes, there will always be a small gap for the lack of frame. But that shouldn't be a concern unless you are putting some kind of water pressure directly on the seam.

13. What is a bypass bathtub door?

This is a fancy name for a sliding shower door. It is a door with two or more tempered glass panels that slides side to side. One is a sliding panel and the other is a stationary panel. This type of shower door is the opposite of the swing-out door. Bypass doors are are the perfect glass shower door that take a minimal space.

Final Words

Hopefully, the narrowed-down list that we have offered was effective enough that it is now easier for you to choose one of the best bathtub doors for your bathroom. We hope that the one that you do decide to purchase lets you get an adequate amount of privacy and is easy to install.

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