Top 10 Best Bird Water Feeder Outdoor Deals In 2022 [Expert Tested]

Bird water feeders are a great way to keep your birdsfed and hydrated outdoors. Not only do they provide a way for birds to drink from their own feeders, but they can also be used as perches or nesting areas for birds.

Bird Water Feeder Outdoor Price Comparison Table

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10 Best Bird Water Feeder Outdoors Available For Purchase

Bestseller No. 1
Perky-Pet 780 Outdoor Hanging Water Cooler Bird Waterer and Dispenser
  • Attract More Birds - By offering fresh water alongside bird feeders, you’ll attract a larger variety of birds, including birds that don’t eat seed
  • Unique Design - The unique water cooler shape allows your birds to have their own water cooler to gather around
  • Accommodate Multiple Birds - The circular tray with perch provides plenty of room for multiple birds to drink at the same time
  • Easy to Fill & Clean - The wide-mouth bottle allows for easy filling and cleaning, while the ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry even when filled
  • Large Capacity - The large reservoir holds up to 48 oz of water to keep birds' thirst quenched on hot days
Bestseller No. 2
SaleBestseller No. 3
Kingsyard Bird Water Feeder, 16 Oz Glass Bird Water Dispenser Bird Waterer with Metal Hanging for Garden Yard Outside Decoration, Blue
  • ATTACTIVE GARDEN DESIGN: High quality nectar glass container in nice shape, base in metal, Anti-UV coating ensures durability for years!
  • THE BIRDS WILL LOVE IT: Circular tray allows for bird easily perching.
  • EASY TO REFILL AND CLEAN: Holds up to 16 Oz water, super wide mouth bottle design is easy for filling and cleanning.
  • BEST GIFT CHOICE - A glass of watter, a necessity for life, attracts a large number of birds to your yard. This cutest bird feeder waterer also makes a great gift for bird lovers, gardeners and anyone who enjoys beautiful enjoyment, add fun to the life of people.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If there are any problems with the purchase, please feel free to contact us for full refund/replacement. Pls kindly search Kingsyard Bird Feeder/House to surf our entire catalog listing on amazon for additional great collections.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Perky-Pet 1 Mason Jar Wild Bird Waterer 783, Blue
  • 32 ounce water capacity
  • Blue antique Mason Jar style bottle
  • All metal base and feeding ports. Bird Feeder Type: Seed Feeder
  • Circular perch invites birds to sit and dine
  • Glass water container with embossed bird detail
SaleBestseller No. 5
Juegoal Glass Wild Bird Waterer, 37 oz Wild Bird Feeder for Outdoors, Diamond Shaped Water Cooler with Metal Handle Hanging for Garden Tree Yard Outside Decoration, Gray-Blue
  • Large Capacity Wild Bird Waterer: Gray-blue Water Cooler features 22 Ounce water/nectar glass container, durable ABS plastic base, wire hanger included.
  • Offering Water to Wild Bird: This waterer makes an excellent compliment to bird feeders. By offering water in addition to a food source, you will attract a larger variety of wild birds to your yard, including those that don't eat seed, like Bluebirds, Swallows, and Warblers.
  • Easy to Install: Rotate glass container into the base until it is fixed. With metal hanger, this Bird Waterer could be easily hung on the tree or hanger.
  • Easy to Refill & Clean: Simply screw the container off the base for cleaning or refilling. Then you are ready to feed the wild birds
  • Note: While the glass container can go in the dishwasher, we recommend cleaning it by hand.
Bestseller No. 6
Bird Bath Hanging Bird-Feeder - CARGEN Garden Bird Bat Bird Feeder Plate Hanging Tray Bird Bath Tray Hanging Bird Water or Bird Seed Hanging Bird Baths for Outdoors
  • Easy and Handy: Our handy hanging bird bath requires no installation tools, feel free to hang the bird feeder plate on a wrought iron hanger or tree branch while hanging bird water or bird seed to attract birds to your yard. You can sit in your yard with your family and relax as you watch the birds bathe, drink, feed and nest, and enjoy the sounds and sights of the beautiful bird.
  • Design of Bird Bath Tray: Stainless steel hanging chain surface is polished, de-oiled and electro-winged black with rust prevention. Wide and shallow bowl,large enough to hold multiple birds at the same time, ensuring that multiple birds can drink and bathe safely at the same time. Easy to fill with feed and water, and bird droppings hanging outside the metal can be removed and cleaned at any time.
  • Adequate size: The bird bath can accommodate multiple birds at the same time, making your yard come alive at once. The bath hanging is suitable for a wide variety of birds, such as finches, cedar birds, doves, woodpeckers, blue jays, wrens, warblers, sparrows, etc.
  • Durable Material: Our hanging bird feeder are made of PP material and covered with resin coating to withstand rain, water and other weather, strong sunlight and cold temperatures, and will not dent, crack or break. The stainless steel hanging chain surface is polished and degreased and electro-winged black to provide rust protection.
  • No Need to Install: Three chains ,a hook and a bird bath.three chains end with an S-shaped hook, easy to hang. Size is 12.05*2.29inch(30.6*5.8CM),inner diameter is about 9.45inch(24cm)
Bestseller No. 7
Bird Feeders for Outdoors Hanging, Bird Feeder Hanger Set of 2, Hanging Bird Bath, Humming Bird Feeder, Bird Baths for Outdoors , Bird Bath Bowl by Bathth
  • ✅ Set of 2 design: 1 pcs for bird feeder, 1 pcs for bird bath. Dimension: 9.8 x 9.8 x 14 Inch.
  • ✅Durable and Practical: Bird feeder made of PP material, rust-proof and easy to clean and fill.
  • ✅Large capacity:Bird baths for outdoors have a big size allows bird to walk and peck.
  • ✅Easy to install: Bird feeders for outdoors hanging just install within 3 minutes.
  • ✅Benefits: If the product has quality problems, it can be replaced for free.

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Bird Water Feeder Outdoor New Releases

Parrot Drinker, Pack of 2 Water Dispenser, Bird, Budgie Feeder, for Parrots, Budgies, Lovebirds
  • High quality: the bird water dispenser is made of high-quality PVB plastic material, it is durable and safe, this transparent material can help you easily take care of the birds, at the same time it will quickly accept the birds
  • Automatic design: bird water dispenser there is no leakage between the spout and the wall of the pipe, the irrigation water can automatically flow into the spout, this design ensures that the budgies drinking water continuously delivers water, saves effort and is practical, at the same time the bird food quickly fills the area in which the bird can eat
  • Versatile use: this budgie water dispenser is ideal for small birds and small furry animals such as Hamsters, budgies, squirrels, chinchillas, cockatoos, parrots, finches and many more
  • Easy to install: the budgie feeder has three elastic slots that are attached directly to the snap design on both sides of the cage and make it easy for birds to drink or get food
  • ?PACKAGE INCLUDES?:The parrot feeder measures 13*8.3cm, weighs 57g and has a capacity of 220ml, plenty of space and capacity to make your pet eating and drinking. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will solve them for you within 24 hours
Yardwe 4pcs Chick Feeder Waterer Plastic Automatic Chicken Feeder Poultry Waterer Container Poultry Fountain Drinker Water Dispenser Food Dish for Rabbit Quail Duck
  • A safe, clean, simple and convenient way to provide feed for poultry brings great convenience.
  • and wash, the poultry food feeder is very simple to fill and use, convenient and practical.
  • Practical and multi-functional, the food feeder can hold both dry and wet food.
  • Food feeder can be placed stably and easily, and will not occupy too much space, very simple and useful.
  • It has a simple design, but very practical in use, giving you a good using experience.

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More information on the bird water feeder outdoor

If you love the idea of having a bird water feeder outdoors, but don’t have the space to build one, there are a few options available. One option is to use a bird water dish that is designed to be placed outdoors. Another option is to use a bird water feeder that is designed to be placed inside a large container. Both of these options are great for providing water to your birds, but they have their own set of pros and cons.

One of the best things about using a bird water feeder that is designed to be placed outdoors is that it can be easily assembled. All you need is a few basic supplies, such as a piece of metal that can be bent into a hook, a screwdriver, and a hammer. Once you have these items, you are ready to start building your bird water feeder.

One of the biggest drawbacks to using a bird water feeder that is designed to be placed indoors is that it is a bit more difficult to assemble. You will need to be careful when taking it down and putting it back up, as it can be a bit of a challenge. Additionally, the bird water feeder can be a bit smaller in size, which may not be enough space for some of your birds.

Overall, both of the options available for building a bird water feeder are great, but they have their own set of pros and cons. If you are looking for a way to provide water to your birds, either using a bird water dish or a bird water feeder that is designed to be placed inside a large container, then either option is a great option.

Buying Guide For Bird Water Feeder Outdoor

Bird water feeders are a great way to keep your birds fed and healthy. However, before you buy one, it is important to do your research and find out what features are important to you. Here are a few things you should consider before making your purchase:

1. Size

A small bird water feeder can easily fit in a small backyard or patio. If you have large birds or a large garden, a large bird water feeder may not be enough. Choose a feeder that is appropriate for the size of your birds.

2. Type of Feed

Many bird feeders come with a variety of food types. Some birds prefer a specific type of food, while others may only eat a certain type of food. Make sure the feeder you choose has the variety you need to fit your birds.

3. Location

Make sure the bird water feeder is located in a quiet area so your birds can be heard. Some bird water feeders come with built-in speakers, so you don’t need to purchase any additional equipment.

4. Weight

The weight of the bird water feeder can be a deciding factor. Some birds may prefer a heavier feeder, while others may only eat a light food. Make sure the weight of the bird water feeder is appropriate for the birds you are feeding.

5. Size of Feeder

The size of the bird water feeder will also affect the size of your backyard or patio. A small bird water feeder can easily fit in a small backyard or patio. If you have large birds or a large garden, a large bird water feeder may not be enough. Choose a feeder that is appropriate for the size of your birds.


There are many bird feeders out there that provide an excellent opportunity for birds to feed. Some of the best bird feeders are made from plastic, but they are durable and often come with features that make them easier to use.

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