10 Best Car Door Edge Guards To Avoid Door Dings – Reviews

If you have ever parked your car in a packed parking lot, then you probably know how much of a pain it is to get out and get inside. You have to be extra careful about the neighboring vehicles. One hit can scrape off the paint of the car that is around you. You can even put a dent in your door as well, which would be a costly expense.

But did you know that by getting the best car door edge guard, you can make things a bit easier? Yes, these can make parking in a packed lot a hassle-free process. These will not only protect the neighboring cars from getting scratches and dents but also will protect the door of your vehicle from getting damaged.

10 Best Car Door Edge Guard Reviews

There is a high chance that you are going to end up getting one of the edge guards that do not offer that much amount of protection in the market. For ensuring that you do not end up with one of them, we have selected the ones that we believe are worth getting. They are:

1. Winunite Universal Fit

Winunite Universal Fit

Not all of the units you will stumble upon will be the best car door edge guards you can get. There would be many that will drop down pretty easily. However, this one that Winunite is offering is not one of them.

First of all, it implements a clipping design. Because of that design, you will not have to apply any glue on the edges for placing. The built-in metal clips will tightly hold onto the corners. And as the clips are under the rubber, you will not have to worry about damaging the paint either.

Aside from that, the design is universal as well. The metal clips will hold on to the corners of most of the vehicles. You can even use it with an RV. Also, the installation process is pretty simple and straightforward. It takes about 15 minutes, and all you have to do is to connect the clips on the corners. And you can easily take it off using scissors as well.

Other than that, the material that it utilizes is a high-quality rubber. It is exceptionally flexible. And the exterior color of the material will easily blend and contour the corners.

Also, the color of the exterior will not fade off over time, which means the overall looks of your four-wheeler will not get ruined after you use it for a prolonged time.


  • Does not require any glue
  • Installation process is pretty easy
  • Features a universal design
  • Blends exceptionally well with the overall outlook of the vehicle
  • Metal clips do not scrape the paint


  • Not that easy to cut and reshape
  • Might be too thick for some vehicles

2. MATCC U Shape Trim Rubber

MATCC U Shape Trim Rubber

Even though there are plenty of rubber guards out there, there are only a few that will come in any color other than black. And this one that MATCC is offering is one of those few.

To start with, it also features the U shape design that enables it to clip onto the corners. That means you are not going to need any glue, which will lower the chances of you making a mess while trying to install these. And as the metal clips are inside the rubber, it will not mess with the paint coating as well.

As we have mentioned, it comes in two different colors. By considering the paint of your vehicle, you can get the white or the conventional black one. It comes in two different sizes as well.

Depending on how much you are going to need, you can get the 4 meter one or the 10 meter one. The 10 meters unit would be ideal for the vehicles with extra-large sized doors.

Apart from the sizes, the material that MATCC implemented for the overall construction is high-quality rubber. Because of that material, it will last for a long amount of time without showing any signs of wearing off. And the installation process is pretty much hassle-free as well.


  • Comes in two different colors
  • Two different size variations available
  • Easy to install
  • Construction is of high-quality rubber
  • Does not wear off that easily


  • Some of the units will have exposed metal clips
  • Might create a tight gap for some vehicles

3. CloudBuyer U Shape Edge Trim

CloudBuyer U Shape Edge Trim

The best car door bumper guard would be the one that is durable and is easy to install. And this one from CloudBuyers checks both of the factors.

To begin with, the material that the unit is of is a high-quality rubber. Because of being high in quality, it will be able to withstand a lot of bumps without showing any signs of damage to the car. The protection you are going to get will be superior to what the average quality ones can provide.

Apart from the material, it implements a U-shaped design and has metal clips. The clips are inside the rubber, which will lower the chances of the paint of your vehicle being scraped off during the installation process. The design is almost like a garage door seal.

And you are not going to need any sort of adhesive for setting this up as well. The clips are going to hold onto the corners tightly without falling off.

Other than that, it is exceptionally flexible. As a result, it will be pretty easy for you to make it contour with the edges. You can get a minimalistic and seamless look. There are two different sizes available. One is 16 feet, and the other one is 33 feet. You can cut the length and make it shorter using scissors if you want to as well.


  • Comes in 16 feet and 33 feet
  • Can be shortened using scissors
  • Implements a U-shaped design
  • Flexible and easy to work with
  • Made of high-quality rubber


  • Some of the clips poke out a bit
  • The clips tend to catch rust pretty easily

4. TRUE LINE Automotive L Shape Molding Kit

TRUE LINE Automotive L Shape Molding Kit

While you are looking for the best door edge guard, you might want to opt for something that will not create a tight gap between your doors. Well, that is where this L-shaped kit comes into play.

Unlike some of the other units, this one implements an L-shaped design instead of the traditional U-shaped design. For that reason, you will only have to set it up on the exterior, which will not create a tight gap that the U-shaped ones tend to create. So, you will not have to use too much force to shut your door after installing this.

Apart from that, it comes in seven different sizes. By factoring in how many doors you want to install this one, you can choose the 6 feet, 12 feet, 18 feet, 24 feet, 30 feet, and 50 feet one.

Also, you can reshape them and make them short by using scissors as well. As there are no metal clips inside, it will be pretty easy for you to cut it.

Other than that, the underside of the strip comes with a 3M tape. All you have to do is remove the protective paper before installing this on the surface. That tape is pretty strong and has a strong adhesive. As a result, it will be able to hold onto your doors without falling off that easily. Some auto trim removal tools might help you for the process.


  • Features a unique L-shaped design
  • Does not tighten the gap inside
  • Backed up with a strong 3M tape
  • The tape has a strong adhesive
  • Easy to reshape and shorten


  • Not that easy to work on the angled corners
  • Glue leaves a sticky residue once removed

5. Status High Glossy Slim Guards

Status High Glossy Slim Guards

Want to get the complete protection of an edge guard but do not want to install a strip going across the corners of your door? Well, Status has the right thing for you then.

First of all, this unit features a bumper style body. As a result, you will not have to install it across all of the corners of your doors. Instead, you can just set it up in the middle of them. Even though it does not function like the strip ones, the protection level you are going to get will be up to par with those.

The design that these boast is quite modern as well. It features a stylish chrome body that will complement most of the cars. There are four different color options too. It comes in black, silver, white, and finally, metallic silver.

All of them look elegant and will definitely be able to boost the overall outlook of your car. And they come in a pack of four.

Alongside that, the installation process is reasonably straightforward. You will not need any lubricants for it. The underside has 3M tape that has a strong adhesive to them. You will have to take the protective cover off the tape and install it in the middle of the doors. And as the material is durable ABS, it will be able to last for a long amount of time.


  • Features a modern and elegant design
  • Easy to set up
  • Offers strong 3M tape
  • Comes in four different colors
  • Constructed of durable ABS


  • Not flexible
  • The 3M tape is only at one corner of the units

6. Cowles T5602

Cowles T5602

Though most of the strips that are out there will feature durable overall construction, not many of them have the capability to resist UV damage. However, this one that is from Cowles is one of them.

First of all, the pack contains an 18 feet long strip. That amount is more than enough for covering all of the corners for most of the vehicles. You might not need anything more than that amount. Cutting it in your desired length will not be an issue as well. You can easily shorten it using simple scissors.

Other than that, this one also utilizes strong 3M tape for the installation process. You will have to take off the protective paper and apply it on the corners.

The tape implements a strong adhesive that will enable the strip to stay in place without showing any signs of drooping or falling off. You can expect it to remain stuck with the surface for a long amount of time.

Apart from that, the overall construction is of durable rubber. The rubber can resist UV rays as well. As a result, the color is not going to fade off that easily. That UV resisting capability will also contribute to enhancing the overall lifespan. And as it is flexible, you can easily work your way through the angled corners.


  • The strip is 18 feet long
  • Made of sturdy rubber
  • Can resist UV damages
  • Flexible and easy to work with
  • Easy to cut and shorten


  • Might not stick that well on some of the glossy paints
  • Tends to leave a sticky residue once removed

7. Hzrfun Car Edge Guards

Hzrfun Car Edge Guards

Noise isolation and waterproofing are two of the factors that most of the edge guards can not offer. Well, that is where this one from Hzrfun stands out.

To start with, it comes in two different sizes. One of them is 16 feet long, and the other one is 32 feet long. And as these are easy to cut and shorten, it will be pretty easy for you to shape them to the size that you require.

The thickness of both of the versions is 2 millimeters, which makes it compatible with most of the vehicles. Also, both of them utilizes a U-shaped design.

Other than that size, the overall construction is of high-quality rubber. That material makes these achieve a superior level of durability. Along with that, these can resist UV rays, temperature and are highly resistant to wear and tears. For that reason, you can expect these to withstand most of the extreme conditions pretty easily.

Apart from that, these do a great job in making the inside noise-proof. And as these are capable of repelling water, you would not have to worry about the water splashing inside your car when you are driving in heavy rain.

Also, because of how flexible these are, installing it would not be an issue either. You can easily work your way through the tight and angled corners.


  • Can isolate the inside from noise
  • Capable of repelling water
  • Features a construction of high-quality rubber
  • UV, temperature, wear, and tear-resistant
  • Exceptionally flexible and sports a U-shaped design


  • Has some exposed metal that catches rust pretty easily
  • Some of the units might ship with scratches on the strip

8. Dawn Enterprises DGAR16-HG

Dawn Enterprises DGAR16-HG

Tired of the shiny looks that most of the edge guards have? Then, you should definitely check out what Dawn Enterprises has to offer here.

Unlike some of the other units, this one comes in a plethora of colors. In fact, there are 28 different color options that you can choose from. You can choose the one that goes the most with the paint that you have on your four-wheeler.

And in them, there are matte colors and frosted colors. As it is flexible, you can easily work your way through the angled corners when you are applying this on the surface.

Alongside that, Dawn Enterprises has utilized high-quality rubber for constructing these. It is 3/8 inches thick, which makes it exceptionally durable. For that reason, it will be able to withstand most of the collisions and impacts without any issues at all. Also, these will last for an extended amount of time for being of that material.

Other than that, you are going to receive a pack that will have a strip roll, which would be 16 inches long. That amount of strip is more than enough to cover all of the corners of your side and trunk doors. And it is quite easy to cut as well. You can easily shorten it and cut it according to the length you want using a regular scissor.


  • Available in 28 different colors
  • Matte and frosted colors are available
  • Flexible and easy to maneuver
  • The strip roll is 16 inches long
  • Made of durable and high-quality rubber


  • Adhesive of the tape is not that strong
  • Tends to fall off after a prolonged use

9. uxcell A15061600ux0614

uxcell A15061600ux0614

If you were on the lookout for something that does not create a tight gap inside your door but will offer you a high level of protection from dings and scratches, you should definitely consider this one that is offered by uxcell.

Unlike the other strips that utilize L or U style design, this one implements a P-style design. That enables it to tightly grab on the corners of the doors.

However, it will not create a tight gap between the door. That means you will not have to exert extra force for closing it, which is pretty common for the other strips that implement U and L style.

Apart from that, as these have metal clips inside the rubber, you will not have to work with any glue. Instead, you will have to clip those clips on the corner.

And as it is not utilizing any glue, there would not be any sticky residue once you remove it as well. Also, the metal clips are on the inside, which means it will not scratch the paint of the surface when you are setting it up.

Other than that, the rubber that uxcell utilized is of high quality. For that reason, it will be able to withstand impacts reasonably well. Worrying about it wearing off would not be something that you would have to do.


  • Features a P-style design
  • Utilizes metal clips
  • The clips are inside the rubber
  • Implements high-quality rubber for the overall construction
  • Does not tighten the gap between the doors


  • Can not withstand UV rays that well
  • Exposed metal on the ends rusts pretty easily

10. Eytool Car Door Protectors

Eytool Car Door Protectors

Most of the edge guards that are out there will have a colored exterior. But if you were looking for something clear and transparent, you should consider this one that Eytool is providing.

First of all, it comes in three different colors. You can select one from the conventional black, bright white, and finally, the clear and transparent one.

The transparent version will not hinder the overall outlook of your vehicle. It will create an invisible look, which will look like you have nothing installed on the corners of your door.

Other than that, the design that the unit sports is universal. You will have no trouble at all in the case of installing this one on your vehicle. The installation process is hassle-free too. It does not have any clips, nor does it have any adhesive under it. The U-shaped design that it has will allow you to tuck it in the corners pretty easily.

Besides that, the material that Eytool implemented is TPO rubber. That material is waterproof and can resist UV rays pretty well. As a result, the looks are not going to fade away that easily.

Also, as it can resist abrasion, it will last for a long time without wearing off too. And you can fit it on the angled corners pretty easily because of the rubber's flexible nature.


  • Available in a transparent version
  • Can resist abrasion and UV rays
  • Installation process is easy and straightforward
  • Easy to cut and reshape
  • Features a universal design


  • Shrinks in cold weather
  • Can lose its shape in extremely hot weather

What to Look for Before buying?

Now that you have gone through the car door edge guard reviews, you must be pretty excited to get one of them installed on your car, right? But before you make a purchase decision, there are some things that you should keep in mind. They are as stated:


Before anything else, you need to consider the material that the unit is constructed of. Most of the brands will utilize rubber, but the quality of the rubber is what really matters.

The higher the quality, the higher the lifespan is going to be. So, if you want to get something that is durable and will last for a prolonged amount of time, you should shoot for the ones that utilize high-quality rubber material.

Car Door Edge Guard

Alongside that, the quality of the material will also dictate the amount of protection it can provide. The ones that utilize high-quality material and have enough cushions will be able to withstand most of the impacts and collisions.

With one of those installed, you will not have to worry about dents, scratches, and dings occurring on your doors.


Apart from the quality of the material, you should also consider whether the strip is flexible or not. Without being flexible, you are going to have a hard time trying to get it tucked on the angled corners.

Car Door Edge Guards

Alongside that, some of it might stick out as well, which will not provide an adequate amount of protection. For that reason, you should opt for the ones that are flexible.

Installation Process

The installation process is going to depend on the style of the strip. There are three different types. And for those, there would be two different installation methods.

Firstly, the U-shaped and P-shaped ones will utilize metal clips. Those will not require any adhesive. You need to tuck them on the corners and make the clips tight. For these, you will not have to worry about sticky residues.

Car Door Edge Guard

On the other hand, the L-shaped ones will utilize adhesive. Most of them will implement the 3M tape. For these, you need to make sure that the tape has a strong adhesive, or else the strip might fall off pretty easily.

Nevertheless, you need to take off the protective cover from the strip first to install these. These are the ones that you would not have to worry about creating a tight gap between the doors.

UV Resistance

Lastly, you need to factor in whether the one that you are purchasing can resist UV damages or not. The ones that can resist UV rays will not fade their exterior color that easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are door edge guards worth it?

Consider that they can offer a high amount of protection from dings, dents, and scratches, we would say that they are definitely worth it. You can also park in peace in a packed parking lot with these installed on your doors.

2. How do I protect my car door from scratches?

To protect your car door from scratches, you need to install an edge guard on the corners. Those will create a cushion, which is going to protect the surface from direct impacts. As a result, there would be no damage to the exterior paint that is on the surface.

3. What is the use of a car door guard?

Just like the name suggests, it guards your car door against damages. With one of these installed, you will not have to worry about the occasional dents, scratches, and dings that occur from impacts.

These are going to create a cushion that will eliminate the chances of direct collision, which will eventually protect the doors from getting damaged.

4. How can I protect my dog from my car door?

Car door edge guards can protect your dog from your car doors. As they are going to create a rubbery cushion, the impact will not be that severe. For that reason, even if you do hit your dog when opening the door, the chances of your dog getting injured would be pretty low.

Final Words

If you want your car door to look pristine and avoid it from getting scratched and dented, there is really no alternative than to get the best door edge guard. And hopefully, the one that you get lasts long and offers superior protection from scratches, dents, and dings.

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