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10 Best Chainsaw Chains Review and Newbie Guide 2022

Have you ever wondered how difficult it must have been for the people who were logging before the chainsaw was invented? Fortunately, you are not in that era. When it comes to wood-cutting, chainsaws are the real deal. However, if you want your tool to deliver maximum performance, you must insert the best chainsaw chains.

You might be thinking right now, why purchase a high-quality blade? When a standard chain can get the job done. Well, that’s where you are wrong. Not only will the ideal chainsaw chain save you from the frustration, but it will also save you a ton of time.

However, the catch is that there are a wide variety of models available. Moreover, not all low-profiled blades work poorly, and not all high-end chains show excellent efficiency.

Hence, this article will show you all the insights about all the best models available and provide you with the necessary factors so that you don’t face any issues during decision making.

Different Types of Chainsaw Chains

Before you make the final purchase, you must have to give a thought process on which type of chains will be compatible with your chainsaw. There are mainly four categories of blades available in the market with dozens of features and sizes.

1. Square Chisel Cutters

These are the type of chains which are mostly used by professionals. For amateurs, this will be a pretty tricky thing to use because they cut quite swiftly. But they will also dull very quickly, so you’ll need to sharpen the blade faster than regular ones.

2. Full Chisel Cutters

For general usage, these are the best cutters you can find on the horizon. They came along with squared radius edges and circled grind profiles, which makes the fastest chains among all the categories out there. However, it is necessary to sharpen these blades regularly.

3. Semi Chisel Cutters

Even though semi-chisel blades operate at a slightly slower speed when it comes to comparison with a full chisel, they make it up with the reliability they have to offer. As a result, they do exceptionally well with surfaces like softwoods. Moreover, chances of kickback are meager with a semi-chisel cutter.

4. Low Profile Cutters

These are the most common and popular types of chains. It is because they fit perfectly with a wide variety of saws. Low-profiled cutters are very lenient when it comes to usage. Even though they cut very slowly, they do tend to stay sharp for an extended period.

Top 10 Best Chainsaw Chains Review

As mentioned above, there are several brands along with a broad category of models available which will give you a tough time in decision making. Hence, we have gone through a critical amount of research and narrowed it down to the Top 10 products that will surely make your life much more comfortable:

1. Husqvarna 531300439

If you own a Husqvarna chainsaw, then this model is the best choice to make. You’ll still be able to use this blade if you use another brand, but there will just a risk of the chain being slightly less efficient. For your 18-inch chainsaws, the cutters will be delivering impressive durability and performance.

Moreover, the model contains approximately 72 drive links, which means when it comes to replacement, the right number will be just by your side.

The design structure of this tool is made with a 0.050-inch gauge and 0.325-inch pitch. This means that you’ll be able to make those perfect cuts and slides through the hardest of projects with leniency.

Even if you use this blade for hours, the chain won’t wear out. It is because the model is designed in such a way that the tool will retain its edge well.

Using a chainsaw is a tough thing. There are always risks of devastating accidents. They mostly occur due to kickbacks. With Husqvarna, the issue is minimalized to its absolute core.

Since the tool doesn’t stretch much during operations and cuts smoothly; you won’t have to worry about facing any kickbacks. Moreover, the tool even consists of fewer vibrations, which will allow you to work a more extended period without having any strains.

You will be able to fit this cutter in a variety of top chainsaws from multiple brands. Husqvarna’s include 450e, 445, 440, 435, 353, 351, 350, 346 XP, 345, 340, 339 XP, 336, 55, 51, 49, 45 and 41. Hence, you’ll be making a valued purchase if you go for this brand.

The 95VP Pixel chain will make cutting trees and branches look like carving a cake. As long as you put oil on this tool daily, the blade will stay sharp even after going through hours of rough usage. To top it all off, this remarkable model from Husqvarna comes at a very reasonable price.


  • Durable and delivers great performance
  • You’ll be able to fit it on multiple chainsaws
  • Extremely low on vibrations and kickbacks
  • Very easy to maintain and requires minimal sharpening
  • Holds the cutting edge well


  • It is considered a bit lightweight

2. Oregon D70

We all know about fame that comes with the brand value of Oregon, and this model is no less. It is one of the best Oregon chainsaw chains. The tool is designed with a 0.050-inch gauge and a 3/8-inch pitch along with a drive link count of 70.

This will allow you to make those impeccable cuts even through the hardest of surfaces. Heavy-duty projects such as yard work will now be simple.

The 20-inch chain has a unique LubriTec feature, which keeps the blade oiled. This technology lubricates the blades in the best possible way so that you don’t have to sharpen the full-chisel cutters regularly. Hence, the attribute will make sure that the chains, along with the guide bar, last for a very long period and work intelligently.

For superior durability, the model is formulated in OCS-01 steel. This will ensure the chains with a sturdy skin that will be able to take on the highest of impacts. So, you’ll be getting performance at its finest form with Oregon, which will allow you to abuse any hard surface you want.

Moreover, with performance comes reliability, there is nothing more crucial than having a reliable chainsaw with the right chains.

This anti-vibration feature will make sure you face less friction which will provide you more comfort when it comes to work, ensuring you with no strains.

Since there will be less vibration, it will enhance your precision and also reduce kickback to its optimum level. Hence, you won’t have to worry about going through any severe accidents.

These chains are coated in layers of chrome electroplates. The materials applied here will ensure cutters with a substantial amount of sharpness. Moreover, it also makes sure that the blades are wear-resistant. Hence, from now, you’ll busy spending more time cutting rather than wasting those precious times on grinding the chains.


  • Comes at a highly affordable range
  • Best chainsaw chain for hardwood
  • Chrome-hardened cutters are inserted
  • LubriTec Oiling system applied
  • Reduction in kickbacks and vibrations


  • There are a few complaints on the blades being dull


Just like the name suggests, this model is one of the best steel saw chains out there in the market. The chain is famously known for delivering superior durability and performance. As it can withstand extensive power, you’ll be able to use these cutters on the toughest of conditions.

This model comes along with a 0.063-inch gauge and .325 pitch. The measurements will allow you to achieve precision with quite an ease. Hence, intensive, and tough applications can be finished with ease from now on. Moreover, you will also be getting a seamless and smooth woodcutting experience that everyone desires.

You will rarely face kickbacks with this 20-inch chain. We all know how dangerous facing such issues are. Hence, STIHL has designed the cutters in such a way so that you concede very minimal kickbacks.

Moreover, the design also reduces vibrations, which means from now on, you won’t conceding any fatigue. Also, fewer vibrations mean that you’ll also be able to make smoother cuts.

A great part about this model is that you’ll be able to fit these chains with some highly popular STIHL chainsaws. Those saws include MS291, MS290, MS271, MS270, MS261, MS260, MS241, 036, 034, 028, 026, 024.

This product is therefore highly versatile. Hence, you are not only getting several options to choose from, but these chains will also offer you a firm and perfect fit.

Ease of use is probably one of the most highlighted parts of this chain. One of the significant issues we all tend to face is sharpening the cutters. It can get frustrating at one point having to grind over and over again.

A ton of time is wasted on just sharpening. Hence, with the diplomatic technology applied, you’ll easily be able to sharpen these chains and head right back to work.


  • A versatile chain
  • Can function under heavy pressurized applications
  • Perfect and firm fitting on STIHL chainsaws
  • Kickback and vibration are rarely seen with this model
  • Can be used in demanding conditions


  • These chains can only be inserted on STIHL chainsaws

4. Husqvarna 20 Inch Chainsaw Chain H80-72 531300441

Another product from Husqvarna, which is almost similar to the one reviewed above. If you are going for a tool from this brand, you are surely in for a treat. This model makes no exception, as it is considered the best chainsaw blade that’s booming in the marketplace at the moment.

The chain consists of over 72 drive links, featuring a .375-inch pitch and a .050-inch gauge. This will ensure you with cuts that are unparalleled to any other products available on the horizon. No matter how tough or hard the surface is, you’ll be able to slice through quite smoothly and easily.

This product is engineered for all the 20-inch chainsaws, but it would be plus point for you if you happen to own one from Husqvarna’s.

Some of the saws that go well with this chain include 460, 450 or 55 Rancher, 455, 359, 262 XP, 261, 257.  Hence, you are purchasing cutters that ensure versatility and make your tool perform to its optimum level.

Another significant part about this chain is the fact that it is designed in such a way, which will ensure you face a minimal amount of kickbacks and fewer vibrations.

Hence, from now on, there will be a significant amount of reduction in your safety concerns. Moreover, you will be able to work for a very long time without facing numbness along the way.

Lastly, the blades are incredibly lightweight, as well as durable. The retention in sharpness from these chains merely is astonishing. This will make sure that you get high-end performance from these cutters for a very long period.

Since you won’t be facing any vibrations during project works, you’ll be able to focus more on bringing precision. You should see our Husqvarna 460 Rancher review. This saw works great with the chain.


  • Very easy to sharpen
  • Built to deliver high-level performance
  • User-friendly chain for inexperienced users
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • The installation process is relatively flexible


  • Sensitive towards dirt

5. Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain H4684 531300624

It seems like Husqvarna is reigning supreme as the third model makes it to the list from this well-known brand. There is no denying the quality that Husqvarna brings to the table, and this product right here is probably the best cutting chainsaw chain on the horizon.

This particular chain goes well with 24-inch chainsaws, especially if you get yourself a Husqvarna chainsaw. Furthermore, it fits great with the brand’s models such as 3120 XP, 2101, 2100, 575 XP, 570, 455 Rancher, 395 XP, 394 XP, 385 XP, 380, 372 XP, 371, 365, 362 XP, 359, 357 XP, 298, 288 XP and so much more.

The model includes 84 number of drive links and also features a 0.050-inch gauge and 0.375-inch. It is built for you to finish the project works as quickly as possible. You won’t be able to find another product which cuts as cleanly as this 24-inch model from Husqvarna.

Moreover, you’ll be able to make smooth operations through the usage of these chains are almost vibration-free. Conceiving fatigue and an increase in safety concerns will be a thing of the past from now on.

Speaking protection, you’ll also find minimal kickbacks with these cutters. Hence, the chances of injuries will also be significantly low.

You won’t be facing any issues with sharpening the blades, because that can be time-consuming. The way these chains retain their sharpness is unrivaled. This will ensure a long last cutting-edge finish, which we all aspire to achieve.

Hence, harsh surfaces like hardwood will be elementary to slice through, and the best part is that you won’t be losing the sharpness of these chains.


  • Clean and clear cuts every time
  • Will retain its cutting edge even after long hours of usage
  • Great for hard surfaces
  • You will be able to fit it on multiple chainsaws
  • Safety levels are high with this model


  • Highly expensive

6. 2 PACK 18″ 71-3619 S62

Oregon, as you may know, produces top-quality chains in the industry. These semi-chisel blades are chrome-hardened and formulated in advanced technology which brings a whole new experience for you in the table. It also consists of an exceptional design that will ensure accuracy at its level best.

The best part about this model is that you are getting two 18-inches chain in one package. Hence, you’ll be getting double the value in one purchase. Moreover, since the chains are hard-chromed, they’ll remain productive regardless of the amount of abuse you put it through.

If you are looking for high-end precision cutting, this product is the one to go for. Because a substantial amount of heat has been applied to these chains, which brings an exclusive design, this evidence will allow you to make accurate cuts and the very best results when it comes to finishing.

Moreover, it includes a count of 62 in drive links, a pitch size of 3/8-inches and a gauge that is 0.050-inches. Hence, you will be getting convenience right at your doorstep. And, with such built-in design, you won’t be facing any kickbacks while at work and we all know how dangerous that can be.

Also, the chains weigh around approximately 5.6 ounces. This will provide tons of efficiency because we all look for something easy to control. Then you also have the advantage of facing little vibrations from these cutters, which will bring a lot more ease to the table.


  • They are pretty easy to maintain and sharpen
  • Thanks to the accurate cutting feature, these chains are quite convenient
  • High safety measures and energy efficiency are taken place
  • Has the compatibility to withstand high-level powers
  • Hard-chromed plates


  • Not so fast like the other models

7. Wen/Wagner 10″ Oregon Chain Saw

Here’s a unique model from Wen/Wagner, which would be the perfect option if you are looking for a replacement. The chain packs a solid punch with a budget-friendly price. Hence, getting this product will not only provide you with great value for the price, but it will also ensure leniency in usage. And we are ready to vouch for this brand because we previously did many reviews of this brand like the Wen 4212 review.

This 41 Drive Link cutter is formulated with a 1/20-inch gauge bar and a 3/8-inches pitch. This means it will deliver flawless precision whenever you put these blades through any objects. You won’t have to worry about getting accurate results, because the chain is sharp enough to bring precision.

Due to the quality built-in design of this model, vibrations and kickbacks will be brought down to a minimal level. Effects of vibrations can be very lethal when it comes to long term work.

Because developing fatigue could lead to severe body ache. Moreover, kickbacks are extremely dangerous as they have the potential to cause catastrophic accidents.

If you happen to own an Oregon chainsaw like the 5016, 5014, 5010, 5008, 2700, 2600, 2400, 2000, 1400, 1200, then you are sure to experience the top-level performance from these blades.

Since the chain can be used on so many models, it makes the product very versatile, which will provide you with a lot of options to choose from.

The model is light in weight but quite durable when it comes to utilizing. Plus, with the added factor of the anti-vibration technology, you will be able to get this done in record time. It is an overall packaged product that brings complete smoothness and precision to the table.


  • Fits in perfectly with tons of Oregon models
  • Installation is quite easy
  • Less maintenance is required
  • An excellent option for home use
  • Low on vibrations for smooth control


  • Bar length is low in comparison

8. Husqvarna 24″ Professional Chain H47 5018426-84 460

There is no reason to celebrate this model’s brand value as it has been mentioned numerous times in this article. And, just like all the other products, it consists of all the features and more which is expected from Husqvarna.

The highlighted scenario of this package would be that it comes in 3 sets of heavy-duty 24-inch chains, which will bring tremendous value in a single purchase.

Each of these chains consists of 84 drive links, a pitch of .375-inch and a gauge bar of .050-inch. This will allow you to attain absolute precision regardless of the surface you are going to be working on. Hence, if you go on to purchase this package, you will surely experience the best results in recent memory.

Great value is something that you are undoubtedly achieving through the usage of this model. Since all of these chains are 24-inches and consists of the same features, you won’t have to purchase any extra chains for a very long period. That inevitably saves you a lot of time and money.

When it comes to inserting these blades, the best option would be to go for the brand’s models. For example, 576 XP, 575 XP, 565 XP, 570, 560 XP, 460 Rancher, 380, 394 XP, 288 XP, 298 and so on. If you choose any one of these models, then it will surely be the best purchase you will be making in the market.

Since you will be facing minimal vibrations while using these blades, strains and fatigue would become something that you’ll never achieve. Moreover, this will allow you to gain optimum performance whenever these chains are put into action. Also, you won’t have to grind much to make it stay sharp.


  • Can slice through any wood very quickly
  • Sharpening can be done pretty easily
  • Smooth performance is achieved through low vibrations
  • An ideal choice while using in severe conditions
  • Retention in sharp edges


  • Frequent adjustments will be required if you don’t buy a compatible chainsaw

9. Oregon Chainsaw Reply. Chain Kobalt 506891

Here’s a product that is specialized for all the popular pole saws out there. From 91 to 33, if you purchase any of these saws from Oregon, it is a guarantee from the company itself that you’ll be a cutting-edge experience. The sharpness retention system with this model is highly effective.

The model comes along with unique LubriWell and LubriLink features which assists the blades out in many ways. The linking technology that the crucial segments of the chain is oiled for smooth usage. On the other hand, LubriWell ensures oil holes that carry around oil in every part of the bar’s groove.

It also consists of a basic vibe structure which lowers the vibration numbers by 25%. That is massive if you are someone who works for long hours. Because, from now on, you won’t be a victim of numbness. Hence, with complete freedom and comfort, you will be able to do your job.

Kickbacks are dangerous; there is no doubt in that. The worst part about a kickback is that it will occur all of a sudden, causing a devastating, life-threatening injury. Hence, the company has inserted a ramp shaped gauge which will offer a reduction in kickbacks without hampering the performance of your product.

Lastly, the measurements of this model include a 3/8-inch pitch size, a 1/20-inch in gauge, and 33 dl. This will allow you to gain the necessary speed required to cut through any wood that is put in its way. Not only that, but you will also be able to finish your work with complete smoothness.


  • Unique LubriWell and LubriLink technology inserted
  • Considerable reduction in the percentage of vibrations
  • Reduction in kickbacks too
  • Will retain its cutting-edge sharpness for a long-lasting period
  • Little maintenance required


  • Works well with only Oregon models

Things to Consider Before Buying

Reviews will ensure you with a clear idea on the features & attributes a great chainsaw chain possesses. However, several factors need to be considered to make sure that you end up with the right chain.


Let’s start with a crucial segment. We all know about the dangers and risks involved in using a chainsaw. No matter which brand you choose to go for, there will always be a potential for a life-threatening injury. But you do have the power to minimalize the hazards involved while using a saw.

Firstly, don’t get yourself a low-quality chain; you’re writing your death sentence by doing that. A premium blade isn’t all that pricey; you need to look for it thoroughly.

Secondly, safety concerns are mainly divided into two major sectors. These two are the most common and talked about problems that cause a lot of issues for a user.


An undesired complication in a chainsaw which creates difficulties at the utmost level. Both efficiency and effectiveness are profoundly disrupted. You won’t be able to make those precise slices with the machine while you are being affected by rigorous vibrations.

Moreover, while you are holding the chainsaw, these vibrations will also hamper your steadiness. Most importantly, you are going to face a serious amount of fatigue.

Hence, it is essential to make sure you get yourself a chain that is designed to provide little to zero amount of vibrations. That won’t only enhance your precision work, but it will increase your speed. The first step towards avoiding vibrations would be to purchase a chain that fits well.


A well-known phenomenon among all the chainsaw users. Kickback occurs when the blades are stuck on the surface of the wood while the chain is running at full motion. The reaction which comes after that tends to be the kickback force. It can be extremely lethal for the consumer.

So, you must make sure that the chain you purchase comes along with an anti-kickback attribute. This feature will solemnly act as the protection which is necessary while facing such unfortunate events.


It is mentioned in the factor above; the importance of size is extremely vital. For example, if you own a chainsaw that’s bar length is around 20-inches, then you must buy a chain that is 20-inches.

The wrong size will cause several difficulties. Chains won’t fit your chainsaw properly; numerous adjustments will take place, which might result in damaging the chain or it could be a little too loose to cut.

Always give a thorough check on the size before you purchase the product. It will always be mentioned in the package, and you are also allowed to take measurements of the chain.


Chain maintenance is the biggest chainsaw maintenance tip you can get. A chain that is difficult to maintain will give you more pain than kickbacks and vibrations. There are some blades in the market which are so hardened to the core, that it is almost impossible to sharpen.

Some industries tend to do that to make their chains more durable. Hence, life will be a lot lenient for you if you have a chain that can be easily sharpened.

Gauge and Pitch

These two are the most critical aspects of a chainsaw chain. They determine and inform the vibration and tension levels. The pitch is the distance between the rivets. On the other hand, the size of the holes, which consists of the drive links is referred to being the gauge.

There are always recommendations flying around that certain blades will fit, but they sometimes seem to be wrong, because not all brands deliver the same. Hence, through the usage of the pitch and gauge, you will be able to see the clear distinction between the chainsaw chains.


Several cutter designs are available in the marketplace. Some tend to be full chiseled. semi-chiseled and others have different shapes. When it comes to doing the actual cutting work, these cutters are the ones who come first.

Don’t go for the cutters which are too hardened. They tend to be tough but will give you a lot of difficulties. Try to find a balanced product like a chrome-plated cutter; they will enable you to carve through any surfaces with ease.

When to Change Your Chainsaw Chains?

A blade is good only for a specified period. For you to maintain your chainsaw for a longer period, you need to know when to replace a chain. Take a look at some of the signs of when a replacement is required:

Regular Sharpening

Grinding is a necessary thing to do when it comes to having a smooth result. But, if it is needed daily or after every usage, it generally means that the teeth are starting to wear out. Which leads to the cutters shrinking. So, when they have shrunk a little too much, the only solution would be to replace them.

Regular Usage

The more you put the cutters into action, the quicker it will wear out and shrink. If you are someone who’s a regular user, it is crucial to focus on when the blades are starting to become smaller. Hence, when it turns too small, it is time for you to change.

Extra Effort

In its prime condition, a chainsaw will be able to carve through any surface. But, in time, you’ll notice that you have to push the machine into the object you desire to cut. They might even bounce every once in a while. The only way to neutralize this issue is to purchase another chain.

Loss of Teeth

Due to the machine going through heavy abuse every day, it is almost inevitable that some teeth will fall off. Fewer teeth mean that the blades won’t be as efficient or effective as it used to be. That would be your ultimate signal to make the replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have reached here, you must be dealing with several questions in your mind. Have a look at some of the most talked-about ones:

1. How long will a cutter last?

Several factors affect this category. This mostly comes down to how much you use it. Regular utilization means less lifetime.

2. What would be the best angle to sharpen?

The service mark, which is the same distance as the filling angle, would be the best place to sharpen.

3. Why does a chain dull quickly at times?

It mainly tends to be an infection of dirt or debris.

4. How often do you need to sharpen a chainsaw chain?

Firstly, if you need to sharpen it often, then that is a bad sign. An ideal chain is the one that retains its cutting edge.

5. Which company is the leading chainsaw chain maker at the moment?

Husqvarna and Oregon would be a close competition.

Final Words

Well, that’s about it. This article consists of all the information and details that are necessary for you to know. The product review section will let you in about the best chainsaw chains in the market. On the other hand, the buying guide will lend a helping hand in ensuring which model will be best suited for you.

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