Best Chef’s Knife under $50

10 Best Chef Knives Under $50 – Reviews & Selection Guide

Before tossing the knives into your shopping cart, checking out the budget and selecting the right item for you can be a lot more difficult than we think it is.  The answer is very simple: the best Chef's knives can be used for multi purposes, from mincing to the chopping of food nice and easy.

That said, the best chef knife under 50 will be a perfect option for you. But the thing is, we also want to have a sharp-edged blade with a well-balanced bolster and a handle that is perfect for your grip.

Now you might wonder, these qualities come with a great price. But we have made it easier for you, as we have handpicked some of the highest rated chef’s knife under $50. These are high-quality knives with a lot more versatility for your multipurpose use.

You don't need to have an extra pair for every single purpose, and you can buy any of these, which will serve you with many functions. They are designed for chopping, mincing, boning meat, and having beautiful carving and serrated knives.

While shopping for a knife, the things to consider are an ergonomic design that helps handle the blade, the razor-edged blade, which comes with the ergonomic handle design. These knives have been made from refined products, which you'll love when you get them.

To start afresh, clear your mind and get your hands on one of the perfect Chef knives under $50, which suits your purpose. You have got to trust that these knives could make your life easier.

Best Chef Knives under $50

We are listing here the top-notch knives that are both a popular knife in the market and also come in an affordable price. Along with the key specs we are also going to describe the blade material and our personal experience with the knives. Hopefully you will like them too.

1. Imarku 8-Inch Professional Chef Knife

Imarku 8-Inch Professional Chef Knife

This high-grade carbon stainless steel blade is a choice of professional chefs. Use in the kitchen for your various needs, and you will not need any other knife. The forged blade is made of stainless steel to provide rigidity, one swipe clean will do the trick. The sharpness of this blade is unparallel to any other blade.

The blade will move through tough products and with little to no effort. Thus giving you a blade to cut the meat off bones and slicing those vegetables. Recommended by most people, the handle sits in the hands easily.  

Pakkawood is used to make the handle of this beauty, making the blade spine sit in perfectly. The 3mm thickness of the blade makes it a well-balanced knife. Feels like an extension of your arm. Such elegance is useful in the kitchen as it is a multipurpose knife used to cut different kinds of items. This is certainly one of the best kitchen knives under 50.


  • Perfect weight balance gives smooth handling. Thus making precise cuts to your product.
  • Pakkawood provides a strong, sturdy grip infused with a tang spine. Long-lasting handle..


  • Reports of food coming along when the blade is taken out of food cause discomfort.

2. Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Professional Chef Knife

Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Professional Chef Knife

Known for its razor sharp blade marveling Swiss engineering, the Victorinox Fibrox is a blade for professionals and beginners alike. The blade is meant for small or bigger tasks altogether. Cutting with ease is the specialty while maintaining effortless chop and slice actions.

 The handling makes it usable for hours without the user even sweating. How? The science is the gripping thermoplastic elastomer material used in manufacturing the handle, which shapes itself firmly in the user's hand.

The wide stance of the blade makes it slice and dice faster and easier. In comparison, the sharpness can make it look like cutting through tough objects like paper. It is known as the best Chef's knife under $50 because most magazines suggest it for professional chefs and kitchen cooks alike for more than 15 years.


  • Replacing the need for cleaver due to a wider stance and longer spine.
  • The groove marking on the blade makes it easier for any beginner to handle the blade steady and tension-free.


  • After getting scratches, they might not remove completely from the blade. Thus fear of dull blade overtime may be induced in some users.

3. Paudin Pro 8-Inch Chef Knife

Paudin Pro 8-Inch Chef Knife

If you are a professional chef looking for a sleek and fast knife or a kitchen cook to meet daily needs, then look no further because Paudin is solving both of your needs. You are getting a bang for your buck. Hoarding away an ultra-sharp blade in its repository for those to make serrated sushi cuts.

You can cut simple food items or hard ones with one single cut due to its raw power. The carbon-infused blade makes it lightweight and ideal for multipurpose use in your kitchen. Such a blade requires a solid handle that can withstand such agility. This provides the user with the ultimate grip over the 8-inch slider dicer.

The wave-like pattern on the tang is not only esthetically beautiful-looking but provides great agility to the user when chopping in deep cuts so that the food item does not retract along with the knife. This goes along with a 2mm thin bezel, which does a near-perfect job for handling and cutting power.


  • Weight balance provides effortless cutting power needed from the user.
  • Long-lasting sharpness makes sure you don't need to sharpen every time.


  • The thin blade makes it vulnerable to breaking and chipping of the blade.

4. MOSFIATA Professional Chef Knife

MOSFIATA Professional Chef Knife

This 8-inch chef choice is relentless with its sharp blade. It is attained through a stainless steel blade with perfect weight balancing. Allowing the knife to fall in the direction of the food item. With no discoloration and stain-resistant blade, you can clean it with a piece of cloth with ease.

This knife comes packed with a finger guard bundle providing you with their utmost sense of security. You can wear this to protect your fingers from nicking yourself because of its ultra-sharp blade while cutting. The groove design on the blade provides a sense of readability to the user on how much force is required to make deep meat cuts.

Another gift is a knife sharpener. Designed specifically for keeping this blade’s rank as best Chef's knife under $50. This bundle will make sure to keep your knife in pristine condition at all times. With guiding slots on the sharpener, you can hone your blade to better-curated cuts of meats. This is made for a complete package for any beginner or a professional to keep at bay whenever needed.


  • A sharpener and finger guard bundle makes this the best knife for the price.
  • A secure handle makes this wide blade easy to use.


  • The finger guard may be uncomfortable for some due to the size variation of fingers.

5. Cutlexe Professional Chef Knife

Cutlexe Professional Chef Knife

A premium quality blade from tip to toe, giving its users a sharp cutting edge blade to cut through most tough objects. If you are looking for the best kitchen knives under 50, then you have to have a look at this model.

This professional chef knife includes a razor-sharp stainless steel blade for easy slicing and dicing operations. You can rest assured, as you will be getting a blade that will cut through all your kitchen problems.

The pakkawood black handle provides stability and rigidness while making bigger slices. This ergonomic design goes a long way with the beauty of this blade. Fits perfectly in most hands with air-like weight. The tip is great at tearing and plunging through food items.

The tang and handle meet up in such a way it provides the user with a finger-safe mechanism. With a firm grip of the handle and a 2.5mm thick blade, you can cut like a professional with a simple cleaning process. Along with regular intervals of sharpening can last you this blade a lot longer.


  • Triple coating hardened material to provide un-paralleled cutting power.
  • Light and balanced make it one of the best chef knives under $50, as recommended by other users.
  • Great wooden handle


  • The lightweight also makes it prone to breaking easily, even by dropping on the floor.

6. Mercer Culinary Millennia Chef's Knife

Mercer Culinary Millennia Chef's Knife

This Japanese-style knife is made of stainless steel with the Santoprene handle. It has been perfectly designed according to your comfort and durability.

The handle is made of Santoprene alloy, which is user friendly and for the comfort of holding a knife. Polypropylene is used to increase the durability of the knife.

Its finger points on the ergonomic handle make it slip-resistant and allow us to have a firm grip. It has a protective pattern for perfect handling. It has superior quality Japanese knife steel that resists rust corrosion and which makes chopping and cutting very easy.

Above all, this Japanese style knife is the ideal choice for multipurpose use as it is budgeted. This multipurpose knife is very different from western knives. Western knives are made of softer steel which can easily be put in the pool of cheaper knives.

But the Mercer is an exception among the knives from Japan. You can get it ever on the internet. You will find this one as the best Chef's knife under $50.


  • User friendly and have high-quality stainless steel.
  • The blade has a razor-sharp edge.
  • Great for pre-boning meat, slicing or chopping food items. 


  • It can cut through anything, so you need to be extra vigilant with your fingers.

7. Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-Inch Short Bolster Chef's Knife

Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-Inch Short Bolster Chef's Knife

A high carbon steel alloy with stain-resistant technology. A well-balanced knife that smoothly cut down any ingredient placed in front of it. Its razor-sharp blade allows more stability and, with perfect honing, long-lasting sharpness of the blade.

Its blade is made from the precision of forged German steel. High carbon German knives are known for their quality knife blades. The bolster is very hard and provides a strong out front for the blade attached with the handle. It has a perfect taper around the edge of its blade that cuts through anything which comes in contact with it.

The fit and finish are extraordinary from that of other knives, which makes them more valuable. This knife has a balanced handle with the blade, which maintains the balance, and the blade can be sharpened on the whetstone, which increases the durability of the sharp razor-edged blade.

The short bolster gives it more space to have a fine cut and mince the ingredients giving extra space on the cutting board.


  • Short bolster, which makes it more professional and easier to use.
  • The razor-sharp blade cuts through anything.
  • Wusthof keeps its edge sharp for a longer period.
  • High carbon content


  • When you leave the watermark for long, it will start rusting on the blade.

8. Chef Knife - MAD SHARK Pro Kitchen Knife

Chef Knife - MAD SHARK Pro Kitchen Knife

A multipurpose chef knife under 50 made from a high-carbon steel alloy with an exquisite edge cutting craftsmanship technology. This knife is perfect for chopping, gliding through the meat with a neat finishing touch because of its razor-sharp blade.

A military-grade high-quality stainless steel alloy with an ergonomic handle enhancing the durability and reliability of kitchen knife. It has a triple rivet design that keeps the handle's secure and firm attachment with the blade.

Whether you're a pro chef or a hobbyist, this knife is suitable for your purpose and gives you immense pleasure after every use. And if you are in search for a budget knife, this can certainly be called the best chef knife under $50.

Its blade edge is corrosion free, and the oval-shaped hollow allows it to minimize the suction of food that sticks with the knife blade. The blade guard of this budget chef knife is also good with acidic foods.

The blade is nitrogen cooled for much-enhanced hardness and corrosion-free, rust-resistant, assuring a nice and clean cut.


  • The ergonomic design keeps the balance between the handle and the blade smooth and comfortable.
  • Comes in beautiful and classy packaging, which makes it a perfect gift for any occasion.
  • Suitable to cut down fish, sushi, or beef.
  • Good for the money


  • It rusts over time.
  • It would be better if you sharpened it after a couple of uses.

9. HENCKELS Statement Chef Knife:

HENCKELS Statement Chef's Knife

J.A. Henckels is one of the most popular Budget knife in the world. It has been designed from high-quality stainless steel, which is incredible in this price range. Its single steel stamped blade provides the user with comfort and durability that lasts longer than any other knife.

Its edge cutting is razor-sharp, which gives the finishing a neat and smart look. It has fine designed and honed for long-lasting sharpness. It is very light in weight and is user friendly. It has been highly recommended by the customers and rated for its performance in the kitchen.

This is the perfect chef knife under this economically budgeted package, making your life much easier with little or no effort. You'll enjoy fatigue-free chopping, mincing and grinding of vegetables or pre-boning of the meat.

The fine making of its comfortable handle gives a pleasant mind-blowing aura which you will find astonishing, and you'll love it. The curved edge of handles are made according to your need, and the addition of the stainless steel blade will make you reach for it.


  • No need to buy a bundle. It also comes in a single packaging.
  • Sturdy and next level razor-sharp curved blade.
  • Made with quality materials


  • It has a thin blade, and it can cut through your fingers, so you have to be extra careful with it.

10. Messermeister Four Seasons Chef Knife:

Messermeister Four Seasons Chef Knife

This is the last one in our list of the best chef's knife under 50. It is a fine sharp knife that is made from polypropylene material and a high carbon stainless steel alloy. This alloy property resists corrosion and rusting of the knife but exhibits the strong hard razor edge and sharply honed blade.

A knife that could go hand in hand with the domestic and commercial use with the economical budget. You can find this knife extremely useful and comfortable in a package below $50.b Knife makers generally don't make affordable knives like this.

This affordable chef knife can hold up to the daily challenges with the ingredients, whether used commercially or in kitchenware. It has highly hygienic property due to the presence of polypropylene which will drive you crazy.  

This knife has specifically designed oxidation to eliminate repetitive exposure to moisture and be easily honed like a razor edge.


  • Razor-sharp blade.
  • Propylene makes it highly hygienic.
  • Economical as well as well-balanced knife one could wish for.
  • Goes smoothly in any knife block


  • The blade is a bit thick for some users.

Is $50 Enough For A Chef Knife?

Before getting a knife, one should estimate the budget he/she can spend on a professional chef knife. Some believe that an expensive knife the best quality knife, which is true, to some extent but not always.

You see, companies target all type of audience, so they make knives for all price range from normal to high. That is why you can get a knife that falls below the $50 limit with ease. The knives mentioned above provide you with a sense that these quality brands also make knives that are as reliable as their expensive counterparts.

Chef Knives Under $50

Some might act to give cheap blades but do not buy one from those as they break easily. Getting one from a reputable brand is so much easier now as these professional knives' prices are well below the $50 budget.

You can get a bundle knife too at this price from a good quality brand. So always try to look out for reputable brands before buying a professional chef knife. You will require less effort and do much work with these $50 knives. They do more than you paid for; you will know that once you get one.


1. What knives does Gordon Ramsey use?

One of Gordon's favorites is the Victorinox Fibrox in his arsenal of professional chef knives because he likes to keep his blade in tip-top condition at all times. Mainly, making serrated cuts of raw fish is difficult; only Victorinox can handle such precision.

Other times he prefers the Wusthof, which acts as a meat cleaver too. This is a big blade as it makes chopping raw meat easy. Such knives are just a sneak peek in Gordon Ramsey’s pocket of professional chef knives.

2. What length knife should I get? 

Getting an 8-inch blade is perfect for a beginner as it fits right in the hands too. You will get the feel of using this professional blade with careful cuts to the meat and vegetables. Less than 8-inch is also good, but the standard size for the beginning is am 8-inch knife and more.

Chef Knives Under $50

3. What knives do chefs recommend?

Most chefs recommend the Imarku 8-inch chef's knife mainly because of its professional feel and look. The blade makes sure it familiarizes itself with the beginner and sits perfectly like everyday use in professionals' hands. Most professionals in the chef industry also recommend Cutlexe.

4. How much should you spend on a chef knife?

Depends on you personal preference. If you are a newbie to this knife collection, you should start with $50 as this the lowest budget anyone can buy. You will a little risk of losing your money, too, as people get ripped off while buying these knives. So start small and learn from each knife. Most of the times the first knife will be your favorite knife.

5. How often do these $50 chef knives need sharpening?

Sometimes they do not need much for a long time. That is, of course, if you bought one that is a quality blade like German-style knives. On some occasions, you might sharpen the blade just like you do the other blades to increase sharpness and a long-lasting blade.

Final Verdict:

Whenever we lookout for something that might come in handy and with a low budget as possible, we have to go through a lot of stuff on the internet, some might seem useful, and the other confuses us. 

The best Chef knives for domestic use and daily tasks should be the all-rounder, so we don't have to buy a knife for different ingredients every time. These knives are the best preferable knives over expensive ones, and they offer you the same functions with longevity and durability.

Each one of the above knives is perfectly designed with a stainless steel alloy, which gives you immense pleasure while using it. You'll develop an addiction to these knives.

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