Best College Dorm Room Safe

10 Best College Dorm Room Safe to Protect Your Valuables

When you're surrounded by countless young adults with various backgrounds, you're bound to have some unsavory types in the mix. Not everyone in a dorm is honest. So, you'll need to be prepared just in case.

Whether it's money or valuables, a safe is always a smart investment to make in a dorm. Though random safes are easy to bypass. Instead, you'll want something that both provides advanced security and considers your dorm lifestyle. That's why we've decided to find the best college dorm safe there is.

We put together reviews on 10 of the best safes we've found and also put up a buying guide to help you choose what'll suit you the most. Finally, there's a short FAQ section to solve some of your burning questions.

Either way, lock your doors, and let's get this guide started.

10 Best Dorm Safe Reviews

There are a lot of lockboxes out there. However, these 10 stands above the rest. Read their reviews and find out what defines a great dorm vault.

1. AmazonBasics Steel, Security Safe Lock Box, Black - 0.7 Cubic Feet

AmazonBasics Steel, Security Safe Lock Box, Black - 0.7 Cubic Feet

This is a basic choice, but Amazon clearly knew what they were doing when they built this safe. It's affordable, yet it built extremely well, able to resist all manners of force. Not just that, it's also sized just right to fit in a dorm. However, these are just a generalization. Let's get more into detail.

We'll be keeping our precious goods in the safe. So, we don't want them to get scratched while we're supposed to be protected them. An uncarpeted safe means that you'll have to be very careful about how you move the safe. So, AmazonBasics involves carpets to ensure damage-free storage.

Next up is the setup. You can get a safe, but what's the point if a thief just grabs it and runs. Instead, the AmazonBasics steel safe can easily be mounted on a wall with its included 4 bolts. In a matter of moments, you can attach it to a wall or a shelf. There's no way a thief can take that away.

The safe itself is very high quality. This has a powerful 2 live-door bolt system to ensure a nearly pry-proof build. You can spend all day trying to break this open, but it can fend off any pressure you throw at it.


  • Electronic lock provides outstanding security
  • Can be mounted to walls or shelves
  • Pry-resistant build
  • Has 2 override keys for faster unlocks
  • Interior is carpeted


  • Not water or fireproof

2. SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad 1.23 Cubic Feet, Gun Metal Grey

SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad

For our next entry, we've got something much bigger. If you've got a lot to protect, then this highly resistant and nearly impossible to break safe is for you. Want a demonstration of its power? Okay, did you know this can withstand 1700 degrees Fahrenheit fire for one hour while still protecting everything inside?

It's waterproof too. So, it can handle getting pretty wet. Everything inside will stay completely dry. As such, it can handle both fire or a floor and keep your goods dry and undamaged. Even if an earthquake occurred, the powerful build means that it can take that pressure and still survive.

Like any top quality safe, it employs a secure electronic lock to keep all your things locked in unless you enter the right code. You can use your key to skip that process for speed.

In the rare chance that someone might break through the original door, there's a second door to keep your ultra-valuable things. The interior has shelves and holders to keep your things well-organized. Overall, it's can easily be called the best dorm safe by many.


  • Extremely powerful gun metal build
  • Water and fireproof
  • Has a backup locked cabinet in the interior
  • Powerful lock keeps your items safe
  • Interior is well designed to help keep your stuff organized


  • Electronic lock can feel slow to use

3. Master Lock 5900D Set Your Own Combination Portable Safe, 9-17/32 in. Wide, Gunmetal Grey

Master Lock 5900D Set Your Own Combination Portable Safe

So far, we went over a few big locks. However, some of us just need a small safe to keep a few things safe. These can be phones, cameras, watches, and so on. That's why the Master Lock 5900D is an excellent model for anyone who wants a secure and handy safe for their smaller accessories.

Because of its smaller size, it's quite cheap. But let's not underestimate its defensive prowess. The interior is laced with shock-absorbent form. This ensures that you don't have to deal with a broken camera in case you drop it.

You can easily tell that the safe was meant for travel. There's even a little hole that lets you keep your phone or music player plugged in a while inside the safe as you listen to your favorite music.

It's also cheap and easy to carry. Phone theft is pretty common. Such protection will go a long way to keeping your smaller devices safe and secure from unwanted hands.


  • Compact, easy to store, and carry
  • Great for sake-keeping smaller items
  • Water-resistant build protects stored items from getting drenched
  • Cable access port allows you to use devices while they're in the safe
  • Can easily be fixed with an object through cables


  • Easier to break open than the bigger models

4. KYODOLED Book Safe with Key Lock

KYODOLED Book Safe with Key Lock

When a thief breaks in, the last place they'll look is in a book. They're much less likely to go near a thick dictionary. Unfortunately for them, you can keep all your valuables in a seemingly innocent dictionary. Yes, the Kyodoled safe camouflages itself as a book to hide its presence from any threats.

As a student, you'll be surrounded by books already. So, this camouflaging method means you won't have to worry about locking the safe down to anything. Nobody will want to approach a random dictionary on your shelf.

Though it looks like a book, it's as tough as steel. It's really strong and can easily hand all manners of pressure. Sure, it's not as strong as the bigger models, but it doesn't need to be. It uses deception to protect you instead, with defense as a backup measure.

You won't be fitting laptops in this 7-inch safe. Still, you'll be able to place phones, money, and other valuables with a great deal of security. If you have the key, it's easy to open. For those who don't, they'll have a bad time trying to pry this book open.


  • Masterfully utilizes camouflage
  • Easy to open with a key, hard to open without
  • Doesn't require mounting
  • Protects smaller items excellently
  • Thieves will most likely overlook it entirely


  • No mounting means that if a thief catches on, they can easily take it away

5. Best College Dorm Safe V5.0

Best College Dorm Safe V5.0

The fact that you're seeing this entry on the list means that it lives up to its name. This is a much larger safe than the two we reviewed earlier. It's big enough to be a laptop lockbox for college dorms.

It's about the size of a desktop CPU. This gives it plenty of space to fill up with tons of items. The most notable of all are laptops. Its size lets it carry up to 18-inch laptops. Worried its charge will run out while it's stored?

Thankfully, this is one of the best dorm safes with cables. You get just enough leeway to keep your laptop or phone charged while you're away or asleep. The padded interior also means that your valuables are safe even after a rough shaking.

This safe utilizes a highly secure electronic lock that's hard to breach. The internal space has shelves to keep your things organized. Suppose you're always on edge about how organized you keep your things. In that case, you'll immediately appreciate the shelf layout that gives plenty of space to keep your laptops.


  • Ideal size for a laptop lockbox for college
  • Let's you charge your devices while they're in the safe
  • Shelved interior allows better organization
  • Intuitive handle opens safe faster
  • Padded design keeps your valuable safe from harm


  • Buttons feel a bit cheap

6. Vaultz Locking Storage Chest/Dorm Storage with Combination Locks

Vaultz Locking Storage Chest

We're not done talking about dorm safes with cables just yet. Our newest entry is a classic chest/vault style safe. At first glance, you might think it's your random old music instrument box. Though if you try to open up, you'll learn that it's a lot more.

Starting off, we have to praise the space. Sure, it doesn't have shelves or anything like that. But instead, it offers plenty of uninterrupted areas to put your things. The storage space is about 5.5 inches high, 17.5 inches wide, and 12.5 inches deep.

It's so spacious, it can even double as a luggage bag. The design also makes it fit right into the dorm room aesthetic. You can store a pretty decent sized laptop with a lot of ease. No wonder people consider it one of the best dorm room safes for laptops.

Though we said that most of the interior was empty, that wasn't the whole truth. There is a mesh that lets you separate more of your valuable goods. It even comes with a rope to lock it to someplace safe and immovable.


  • Very low-key design keeps it hidden
  • Mesh netting helps add a ton of space efficiency
  • Can easily become luggage bag
  • Fits laptops safely and easily
  • Tether cable always keeps me on their track


  • Not as durable as other units

7. Viking Security Safe VS-20BLX Mini Biometric Safe Fingerprint Safe

Viking Security Safe VS-20BLX Mini Biometric Safe Fingerprint Safe

To ensure security, you'll want to have all the technology available that'll keep your valuable safe. Override keys can be convenient, but they can be stolen. However, your own biometric signature is your alone.

This Viking dorm lockbox is a powerhouse in durability and security. It's made from top-tier metals to withstand hard impacts. However, it excels because of its design, not the material. The 2 pry-resistant insertion wholes to make sure no criminal can just pry it open with a crowbar.

This safe has highly advanced 500 DPI optical sensors to scan and accurately match your fingerprint and open accordingly. You can even set 32 different biometric signatures so that your family and friends have access to the safe as well.

It's not just a personal safe, but something for the whole family. In dorms, they offer unparalleled safety just because of its unbeatable fingerprint scanning system. No one can take your things ever again. Trust the Viking safes for a safe college dorm room.


  • Fingerprint removes the need for keys
  • Has a removable shelf to help you organize your things
  • If left unlocked for too long, it beeps to remind you
  • Highly pry-resistant build
  • Much more convenient to use and manage


  • Far from budget-friendly for many

8. The Club LB200 Personal Vault Security Lock Box

The Club LB200 Personal Vault Security Lock Box

Let's head back to more normal safes, shall we? Other models could we introduce other than what many consider the best dorm safe with cable. It is what it sounds like, a personal vault. This will act as a high-security drawer to keep your most valuable items.

Our favorite part about this dorm lockbox is its easy mounting system. You can even put it on as a seat mount in your car. While in the dorm, its design makes it feels more like an ultra-security drawer. With your key, you protect necessities like money, watches, and phones.

This kind of design also makes it much easier to access than others. You'll find yourself using it frequently to store and secure your things rather than setting and forgetting them.

The attached cable is pretty strong and hardly ever breaks. It's affordable and compact as well. Overall, it's a wonderful dorm room safe with tether that's both accessible and easy to use.


  • Strong built-in tether
  • Easy use and accessibility
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Compact and fits places easily
  • Can be put inside larger safes for double security


  • Lacks a lot of unique features

9. Paragon Lock & Safe - 7875 Depository Safe

Paragon Lock & Safe

For our semifinal entry, we're introducing a dorm lockbox that's very traditional. However, it adds some interesting design choices that make it more convenient and easier to use.

This mainly stems from the slot above the keypad. It lets you put in money, passports, and other slim items into the safe without the need to open it. Nobody is fishing out dollar bills from a slot that small.

Aside from that, it comes with all the features you could possibly want from a vault of this caliber. For one, this dorm lockbox is undeniably sturdy. No number of tools will be able to penetrate the solid steel exterior. Each hinge is masterfully concealed so that thieves can't take advantage of it.

On the inside, there are tamper-proof hinges to add an extra layer of safety on top of your safe. It's comfortably carpeted so that everything inside stays in its best condition. The lock even has a buzzer for added security if any unwanted people try and guess your pin.


  • A convenient slot allows you to put things in without opening the safe
  • Carpeted interior keeps your things safe
  • Buzzer keeps you alert in case other people try entering a pin
  • Buttons are very well made
  • Powder-coated finish maintains quality over time


  • Buzzer causes the door to rattle when you type the code

10. SentrySafe PL048E Electronic Security Box

SentrySafe PL048E Electronic Security Box

We've finally reached our last dorm lockbox. Disguised as a suitcase, SentrySafe offers what might be their best safe for college dorm. It's spacious, durable, and stable. The inconspicuous design makes it easy for thieves to simply overlook it.

It comes with a tethering cable that'll allow you to secure it to a stationary object. The cable can't be cut easily. Of course, seeing a cable stick out of a suitcase might make some people suspicious. That's why you have the option to take out the cable entirely and hide the hole.

This way, you can choose which method of concealment is more up your alley. Another great aspect is the spacious interior. It's about 16. 4 inches wide, 11. 3 inches deep and 3. 6 inches high. That's plenty of space to keep a vast array of items, including laptops.

Now you probably understand why we said it was SentrySafe's best college dorm room safe. Suitcases are common in dorms. People won't suspect them at all. That's why this unit's design works so well in a college environment.


  • Concealable tethering cable
  • Carpeted to ensure item-safety
  • Easy to conceal in a dorm
  • Plenty of space inside
  • Steel constructed build keeps it durable


  • Cable sometimes feels hard to use

How Can I Keep My Laptop Safe in a Dorm Room?

Laptops are usually the most expensive item a student brings into a dorm. That's also what makes it the target of many thieves out there.

So, an alert college student must take the necessary precautions. Go get your hands on the best dorm room safes for laptops. Here's a guide on how to choose which vault will keep your laptop safe in your dorm.

Choose Something Big Enough to Fit Your Laptop

Laptops are some of the bigger devices you'll probably keep in a safe. So, you need to get a unit that's spacious enough to fit a device that big comfortably.

Carpeted Interior is a Must-Have

We all know that laptops are delicate electronics. As such, if you keep it in a hard safe, it might get damaged while you try to take it out. A good laptop lockbox for college must be padded to protect the device at all times.

College Dorm Room Safe to Protect Your Valuables

A Good Lock

This one's a no-brainer. If people can break through a lock, they won't hesitate to take whatever they can find. A good lock will prevent them from seeing the laptop in the first place.

Once you have these set, keep your safe in a concealed area. If your vault allows it, you can even hide it in plain sight. Try to keep it tethered to a fixed spot so that people can't take the whole safe with them.

Never keep your laptop lying around in the open. Always put them in a safe before you leave your dorm room to keep it safe. If you get these rights, you'll make your laptop safe for college dorm room.

Things to Check Before Getting One

You're fairly familiar with what you need to look for to find the best safe for dorm room. Read this guide to get a  grasp on the things you need.


The best safes in the modern age are electronic locks. This could be through means such as PIN codes or biometrics. They simply do the best job in keeping your safe locked tight if some stranger gets hold of it.

College Dorm Room Safe to Protect Your Valuables

Most locks on our list are electronic. They're a lot easier to use and utilize the lock mechanism better. Manual models can be great too, but they can be bypassed more easily. Of course, electronic locks cost more too. Take these into account before you choose.


If a thief can't unlock a safe, you can bet that they'll try to break it. This is why durability is so important for safes. Make sure your ideal vault is made with the best materials and can handle tons of pressure.


Not all safes can offer this. Those that can, deserve immense respect. This feature is more about protecting your valuables from natural disasters than thieves. Nevertheless, if you think it's important, go for it.

Tethering Cable

Many of the smaller vaults can be carried off by a thief in cases of a robbery. A tethering cable helps the safe attach itself to something much heavier. Although, a thief might carry off a 15-pound safe, they won't be able to take it when it's attached to a 180-pound bed.

College Dorm Room Safe to Protect Your Valuables

So, if you're going for smaller models, make sure you pick up the best dorm safe with cable. The tethering cable must be strong so that it can't be cut.

Interior Padding

You might've planned to keep fragile valuables in your safe. If so, you need to make sure the interior is properly padded so that your items don't get harmed or scratched when stored.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I get a safe for my dorm?

Absolutely. It's one of the primary methods of keeping your items safe in a very public setting.

  • How do you keep valuables in a dorm room?

As stated before, the best way to keep valuables in a dorm room is to store them in some sort of safe.

  • Do things get stolen in dorms?

Unfortunately, yes, they do. Many people come to dorms to take advantage of impressionable young adults and low security to steam their valuables.

  • Does homeowners insurance cover college dorm?

This depends on the insurance company, but most of them do cover college dorms.

Final Words

Although college is wonderous and exciting, it can be dangerous. Nevertheless, if you take the necessary precautions, you can mitigate it. We hope you'll find the best college dorm safe to keep your things secure. Lead a happy and worry-free college life!

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