Best Desk Lamp for College Dorm

5 Best Desk Lamp for College Dorm That are Good For Eyes

Picture this — it's finals season, the syllabus is massive. You must pull an all-nighter to secure a good grade. However, the power is out, or your roommate won't allow you to turn on the lights. So, how can you study in the dark?

That's why you need the best desk lamp for college. Many might think just about any lamp will do. However, that's simply not true. There's a lot that goes into a good desk lamp. So, we'll be recommending 5 of our top picks in the market. We'll also go over the things you need to watch out for before you choose one.

So, get your notes ready, and let's shine a light on some recommendations.

4 Best Desk Lamp For College

You'll find countless desk lamps on the market. However, it's not that easy to find the best ones. So, we took the time and effort to review many models to settle on the top 5 lamps. Read the reviews to see why they're must-haves.

1. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

If you've ever stayed up late studying, your eyes and head will begin to ache. A big contributor to this pain is your lights. If they're too soft, you won't be able to see texts without straining your eyes. On the other hand, if they're too bright, it'll hurt them.

TaoTronics introduces a superb LED lamp that generates a warm but bright light to keep your eyes safe while still giving you all the light you need to see. The manufacturers ensured a flicker-free build to be both safe and comfortable to use.

This desk lamp isn't just limited to color. Instead, you can switch between 5 different color modes based on what you want. They're not just for studying; they can set moods and open up lots of unique lighting opportunities. Even brightness can be adjusted to 7 different levels.

Is your phone running out of charge but the outlet is too far away from your desk? Just plug it into the lamp. It has a USB socket that allows you to charge your phone, earphones, and other USB-based devices. This way, they stay within reach while staying charged.

Lastly, you can easily concentrate light at a specific point by tilting the base and the head. They lock into place once you finish adjusting the positioning. So, you can study in peace without waking up your roommate.


  • Highly energy efficient
  • Head and base light are tiltable to position the light
  • Very slender design takes up little space
  • USB port helps keep charges your devices
  • Multiple colors and brightness options


  • Needs a needlessly long press to turn off

2. AUKEY Table Lamp Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp

AUKEY Table Lamp Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp

Lamps have come a long way from Edison. They don't only light up anymore; instead, they can do a lot more. AUKEY's lamp is a testament to how far lamps have come because of its outstanding touch control.

Yes, you control this lamp through touch. This becomes vital due to the many functions the Aukey table lamp actually has. Whether you want to control brightness or color options, the AUKEY table lamp has you covered.

Moreover, you can adjust the lighting to make it viable for general use, bedtime use, and reading.

It can practically change to any color because of its RGB color display. Simply touch and hold as the lamp circles through multiple colors on the RGB range and let go when you get your color of choice. As such, you can make a very interesting light set-ups in your room while also helping you study.

What we love about AUKEY's table lamp is its customizability. It's not just a study light anymore; it can set moods and create atmospheres in the dorm. Don't be surprised if you feel compelled to buy multiple lamps. You'll find yourself exploring the many lighting options to personalize your dorm room.

It's made better by the 360-degree touch control base. So, you can adjust the setting from any positing. Overall, it's fantastic, easy-to-use, and customizable. So, it had to be our second entry on our list.


  • Great touch controls
  • Huge range of color options
  • Brightness is fully adjustable
  • Versatile use
  • 360-degrees touch base lets you customize the light from any direction


  • Lights emit from all directions, so it can't focus the light on your textbooks

3. Lampat LED Desk Lamp

Lampat LED Desk Lamp

For our third entry, we're going for a lamp that's fully geared towards helping you study. It's an advanced lamp, of course. However, it focuses all of those advancements to help you study more than anything else.

Starting off is the natural light. We've already gone over how intense and artificial lights can hurt your eyes while studying. So, Lampat offers a much smoother and more comfortable light to make sure you can put all of your focus on studying.

Next up is the auto-off feature. We've all fallen asleep while studying at some point. Leaving the lamp on is just a waste of power. That's why there's a 1-hour auto-off feature. Simply turn it on when you're starting to feel sleepy so that it can automatically turn off as you sleep.

Like the first entry, you get a USB port with the lamp. It will help you charge any of your USB chargeable devices while keeping them close at hand for whenever you need them. There are even multiple lighting modes and brightness settings to adjust the light based on what you need.

Finally, we must praise its outstanding portability. The head can be folded to take very little space and keep your desk clutter-free. This also lets you focus the light on top of your notebooks to read them better.


  • USB port for charging your devices
  • Easy to adjust lighting modes
  • Simply click the "+" or "-" button to adjust the brightness
  • Has automated turn of features
  • Generates warm and comfortable light


  • Cannot adjust the light sideways

4. LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp

LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp

We're sure you're familiar with this iconic desk lamp design. There's a very good reason why it managed to last the test of time and became so iconic. It's astronomically more flexible than anything else we've reviewed so far, and here's why.

The metal neck allows this lamp to have an omnidirectional movement. You can precisely pinpoint the area you want to illuminate. It's great if you're rafting as you can bring the light right above your project to get a much brighter and detailed view.

There's a classic manual on/off switch that is highly responsive. You won't deal with any delay; it reacts instantly. There aren't any complicated light features that adjust brightness or change colors. But that's because it doesn't need them. Instead, it focuses solely on delivering light at your desired point better than anything else.

Let's not forget its price point. It might just be one of the most affordable lamps we have here yet. At the same time, its durability and design offer a long lifespan. However, you'll have to buy a lightbulb separately.

Overall, it's a fantastic desk lamp that's hard to overlook. It's hard to beat the classics. When it comes to such a reliable and affordable package, it deserves your consideration. Whether it's the flexibility you want or illumination, the Lepower desk lamp has your back.


  • Utilizes amazing dissipation
  • Can tilt at any angle for better lighting
  • Long-lasting build
  • Bulb is easy to attach
  • Usage is simple


  • Lightbulbs must be purchased separately

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What to Look for Before Buying?

We've gone over 5 of our favorite desk lamps. But, which one should you get? What will be the best college desk lamp for you? Well, here are a few of the features you need to keep an eye out for before you buy.

The Light

It's no surprise that the light is why you buy a lamp, to begin with. However, all lamps don't offer light the same way. Most generic lamps will just bast light at you. However, more advanced models will adjust the light to make it easy on the eyes.

Desk Lamp for College Dorm

Exposure to too much-unfiltered light is bound to be harmful to just about anyone. That's why you'll want lamps that offer natural and warmer lights. So, keep this feature in mind before you head off to buy a lamp. We recommend you give this priority if you plan to study under this light frequently.


We don't always want the same brightness at all times. So, a little flexibility goes a long way to improve your user experience. For example, let's say you want to light up your room. Then, you'll want a very bright lamp.

On the other hand, if you want to study quietly and subtly, you'll want lower brightness. Lamps that allow you to switch between illumination is a very useful feature to have. If that interests you, check out models where you can change brightness.


Some lamps allow you to change colors. Most lamps just offer the standard white. However, if you want more customizability, you'll want a lamp that can change colors. Some have limited color options, while others have the full RGB color display for you to choose from.

Of course, colors aren't going to help you ace that test. If a lamp can help you see in the dark, the color doesn't really matter. However, if you want to spice up your room or set a mood, then you'll want colors. It also makes your lamps more than just a desk lamp. They can function as nightlights as well.

Light Positioning

Sometimes you'll want the light to focus on certain points. To do that, you'll want a lamp that allows you to move the light towards points of interest. Many lamps utilize goosenecks to turn to any angle you need. However, others are more static and can only move in specific dimensions.

Desk Lamp for College Dorm

Make sure you gauge just how important it is for you to position the light. If you can manage without it, more static models aren't an issue. However, if it's absolutely vital, get a goosenecked lamp for more flexibility.


The best dorm lamps aren't just going to last one semester and break. They need to last at least a year or more. That's why it's important to check the durability of a lamp before you get one.

They must never flicker and provide uninterrupted light throughout your late-night study sessions. It's better to spend a bit more money on a long-lasting lamp than to repeatedly buy cheaper lamps.


This includes how the lamp focuses the light. For example, let's say you share a dorm room with a friend. If your lamp spreads like 360 degrees, your friend will be irritated. Instead, it's better to get a lamp that keeps light on your desk and nowhere else.

Cheaper lamps might start causing buzzing sounds after a while. This is a complete dealbreaker for any student living in a dorm because of the sound and annoyance it can cause. Remember, while in a dorm, you have to think about your dormmates as well. So make sure whatever you get doesn't hamper them.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Do you need a desk lamp for college?

It depends on your living circumstances. If you live in a dorm room alone, you can just use your standard light to study. However, these lamps can help save power and put you in a mood to study. It's also good to have if you share a room with someone so you can study without distracting your dormmate.

  • Is it better to study in white or yellow light?

While white light is brighter for reading, while yellow light helps you be more relaxed. So, it really depends on your own preferences. Do you want to read texts clearer, or do you want to study in a more relaxed atmosphere? Whatever your answer is will determine whether white or yellow light is better.

Yes. Many studies have shown that students perform better when they study with LED lights. It bolsters their concentration and reading abilities.

  • Are desk lamps bad for your eyes?

Excessive exposure to light will always be harmful to your eyes. However, compared to other light sources, desk lamps aren't as harmful. In fact, they can mitigate stressed eyes.

Final Words

Essentially, the best desk lamp for college boils down to your personal preferences. With our reviews and guide, you'll be able to find the perfect companion for your late-night study sessions.

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