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6 Best Dog Boat Ladder Reviews 2022 – For Your Best Friend

Most dogs have a hard time getting back on boats/yachts regardless of their breed. Therefore, a dog boat ladder is a crucial thing to have when you are out in the water with your pup.

Having a boat ladder/ramp can help your dog get back onto the boat conveniently. Not just that, it also reduces the risks of physical injuries. Moreover, it helps you avoid all the flailing and scratching while trying to pull it out of the water.

To make your process of choosing a boat ladder simpler, we have come up with the six best boat ladders for your pet.

6 Best Dog Boat Ladder

It is hard to find the perfect boat ladder for your beloved pet without getting overwhelmed by the options. So let’s get into that right away.

1. PetSafe Happy Ride Extra Long Telescoping Dog Ramp

PetSafe Happy Ride Extra Long Telescoping Dog Ramp

A dog boat ramp needs to make sure of one thing, and that is traction. Without the right amount of traction, it’s difficult for your dog to walk on it. What makes it worse is that water makes it even more slippery.

As you can understand, lack of traction renders a boar ladder useless. The first ladder on this list has ensured that it doesn’t occur. Not only does it have a high traction surface, but it also has side railings to help pets even further.

Another great thing that this ramp has is a design that slides inwards. If you’ve ever used a ladder, you’ll know that storage can be a problem with these. This dog ladders for boats made storage easier with its design.

The inward-sliding mechanism also means that it’s resizable. Depending on your usage, you can get this boat ramp to be the size that you want. So, be it a boat or a smaller yacht, you can turn it into exactly what you want.

A small dog is no headache when it comes to weight, granted. Butlet’s say you have a golden retriever. Dogs belonging to those breeds can be heavy. In that case, you would want to see to it that your ladder has the strength to bear the burden.

This ladder ticks that box too. It can support pets up to 300 lb. Therefore, youdon’t need to worry whether the ladderyou’re buying will be able to handle your big boy walking around on it. In essence, this boat ladder is quite the all-rounder with its great features and convenience.


  • Surface provides superb traction
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Storing doesn’t take much space
  • Length is adjustable
  • Can handle up to 300 lb


  • There’s no locking mechanism for the slider
  • Hard to contain it in smaller cars

2. COZIWOW Heavy Duty Portable Folding Dog Ramps

COZIWOW Heavy Duty Portable Folding Dog Ramps

It is paramount that the ramp that you buy for your dog is lightweight. Because if that is not the case, it gets difficult to travel with it. Storage can turn into an issue as well.

We have got you covered. Because the next boat ramp on our list excels at that, it weighs only 9.3 lb, which is incredible, to say the least. Taking it to your boat and back should create no hassle at all.

A highlighting feature for this ramp is that it’s made of plastic. Now, some people might think that plastic immediately turns it into a cheap product. But it’s far from the reality in this case. The usage of plastic ensures that it stays lightweight.

However, the amount of weight it can handle takes a slight hit. But it’s not that big of a setback. This ladder can still impressively handle 200 lb without any problem. And the plastic used in it is high-quality plastic, so it’s not like it feels cheap either.

As always, traction is vital for any ladder/ramp. It has a non-slip surface to help your pet walk up and down easily. Even better, it has raised side rails to avoid slipping off. And feet made of rubber helps it keep steadier.

Being lightweight isn’t the only thing this boat ensures to improve portability. You can fold it into half. When unfolded, its length is 60”. And when you fold it to, say, put it in your car, its length is only 31”. Besides, assembling it back only takes a few seconds.


  • Light body
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Very easy to assemble
  • You can fold it into half
  • Rubber feet make it steadier


  • Not as strong as aluminum ladders
  • Bit narrow for large dogs

3. WaterDog Adventure Gear Dog Ladder for Hunting Boat

WaterDog Adventure Gear Dog Ladder for Hunting Boat

Dog ramps are very versatile, but there can be a better product that suits your needs more. That’s because some products are more suited for usage on water.

Our next pick floats; it does not rust, and it is lightweight. What better introduction could there be for a pet boat ladder? It has got all the necessary things for your next adventure with your dog.

Firstly, the floating part. It’s not impossible to drop the ladder in water — given that you will be using it on water. Even if you drop this one in the water, it will stay afloat for you to snatch it back up.

Another thing to worry about while buying a boat ladder for dogs is whether it’s corrosive. The manufacturers of this ladder kept that in mind. They have used completely non-corrosive materials for this product, making it invincible on water.

You probably don’t want your beloved boat or yacht to get scratched by the ladder, either. This ladder has no metal contact with the boat to avoid that. Therefore, your boat will stay all shiny and scratch-free.

We’ve already talked about how it stays afloat. As you can imagine, this ladder is extremely lightweight. You can travel around with it without any hassles. Even after being so light, it has a weight capacity of 130 lb.

To help your dog use this ladder regardless of its size, it has only 4” deep steps. So, you should be fine with this boat if you have any breed ranging from a chihuahua to a labrador.


  • Stays afloat in water
  • 4” deep steps for easy usage
  • Very light
  • Uses non-corrosive materials
  • Contact area doesn’t have any metal


  • Rubber contact pad might come off
  • Might not fit every boat



Dogs don’t have the upper body strength that humans do. Hence, it is helpful if the dog boat steps help keep the natural position of a dog. Here’s a different kind of ladder that does this.

If you’ve got a pontoon boat or any boat that does not come with a swim platform, this is for you. You can simply attach this to your boat and have it act as a swim platform for your dog.

There can be times when you don’t need your ladder hanging. You don’t need to drag it through the water in that case. Moreover, you can flip it upwards without taking it off the boat and get it back to its previous form within the bat of an eye.

The dimensions of this boat ladder are 31 x 27 x 20 inches. One good thing about these dimensions is that you will not have to worry about your big dog struggling to fit into the width. The height from the first step to the second is only 7 inches, so it should be fairly easy for your dog to climb it.

However, you can face a bit of a problem if you have got a rather large boat. The height of this ladder might not be enough to help your dog comfortably get back onto the boat. Although, the XL size does come with a 4-inch longer variant.

Now comes the cost. This boat ladder costs a bit more when compared to the others. But it makes no compromises with quality. It’s completely made out of stainless steel.


  • Rubber matting provides a better grip
  • Floats in the water if dropped
  • Attaches directly to the deck
  • You can flip it up when not in use
  • Longer first step makes it convenient


  • Slightly heavier than other ladders
  • Not suitable for higher boats

5. Momarsh Ramp Stand

Momarsh Ramp Stand

It would be great if you didn’t have to worry about whether the boat stairs for dogs can fit your boat. Not only does it help make sure that it’s going to fit your boat, but it also is applicable for different use cases.

The fifth ladder that we have picked is an amazingly versatile product. It uses what is called a gunnel clamp. You can also relocate these clamps, depending on where you need them.

Something that a lot of boat ladders for dogs seem to overlook is adjustability. But this one does not. Being able to relocate the clamps allows you to use them as gear hooks. These clamps can open up around wide, which should be enough for most boats.

One more thing that is important about dog ladders for boats is the amount of space they take. This ladder pays heed to that. It is foldable and requires very little space to store. What makes it better is that it only weighs 15 pounds. And due to that, adjusting and moving around with it very easily.

However, most ladders don’t do a lot to ensure their users’ comfort, i.e., the pets. Many of them use a kind of sandpaper; these can help a lot with the amount of traction but aren’t very comfortable. But thankfully, this dog boat ramp uses DuraMesh.

DuraMesh makes the surface much nicer to walk on for your dog’s paws. It’s not easily scratched or torn either. All in all, this boat ladder is a fantastic one for your dog, with all the adjustability that you need.


  • DuraMesh for improved comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Can be folded and carried easily
  • Weight capacity is remarkable
  • Clamps are adjustable


  • Some boats are too thick for the clamps
  • Clamps can scratch the boat

6. Great Day Load-A-Pup Salty Dog

Great Day Load-A-Pup Salty Dog

We have reached the final product on our list. Granted, it sounds quite a mouthful. But there is a reason behind the ‘salty’ name, though — let’s find out why.

The first thing that this dog platform for boat deserves praise for is its weight. It weighs only 8 pounds in total. Most boat ladders don’t come anywhere close to being this lightweight, which is remarkable.

There is one thing that can be a bit problematic about this product, though. While it does have some textures on it for traction, it is not as impressive as some other ones. And that is because of the kind of material it uses to provide traction.

As you know, a lot of the ladders use some sort of sandpaper or things like DuraMesh. But this product does not have anything like that. And as expected, the amount of traction it provides is somewhat sufficient. But it is far from what is ideal. Although, that is not necessarily a deal-breaker.

Now, for the salty part. Salty water can cause a lot of issues for metals. Especially, corrosion can be a huge problem. However, instead of using the not so corrosion-proof components, this product uses stainless steel. You can leave this in the water for as long as you want without worrying about corrosion.

To sum it up, this boat ladder is a pretty good candidate if you are looking for a sleek, minimal, and lightweight dog boat ramp. There are a few minor setbacks but no major deal-breakers that can call this product a bad one.


  • Durable build quality
  • Stainless steel body prevents corrosion
  • Weighs only 8 pounds
  • Does not get scratched easily
  • Comes with are easy-to-use straps


  • Straps aren’t very impressive
  • Traction isn’t as much as expected

How Do I Get My Dog Used to a Boat?

Getting your dog used to a boat can be quite tricky sometimes, as your dog is not used to being on the water.

The Lure and Reward Method

The first thing we need to do is to make it familiar with riding a boat. A tried and tested method for this is the Lure and Reward method. In this way, you take some a treat on your hands and lure your dog onto the boat.

When your dog follows you and manages to get on the boat, you give it the treat. This way, the notion that getting on the boat is an impressive and rewarding thing is injected inside its head. You can also try saying some encouraging words to make it more efficient.

Dog Boat Ladder

However, your dog also might be more attracted to a specific toy instead of something like food. In that case, you can use that toy.

The Gradual Method

With that being said, let’s move on to another useful method is called The Gradual Method. In this method, you gradually introduce your dog to the boat and water. First, try to lure or encourage your dog to get on the boat on dry land.

This first step will help make your dog used to the boat. When it gets used to this, you then slowly introduce it to water so that isn’t too sudden. Your goal is to make everything bite-sized so that the little one can go through the learning process easier.

How Do You Make a Boat Ramp for a Dog?

Making a boat ramp for your dog isn’t as difficult as it sounds. The fundamental steps are as follows:

How Do You Make a Boat Ramp for a Dog
  • First, you need to determine the material you want to use for it. Wood is not recommended as you are going to use it on water. Anything that doesn't rust should be fine.
  • Secondly, you need to consider your boat. For instance, if you have a pontoon, it would be pretty low and vice versa.
  • The third question is whether you want a ramp or steps. If it's a ramp style, then the width is important, depending on your dog.
  • If it has steps, you also need to make sure that your dog can easily climb the steps.

Keep these in mind, and making the ramp should be simple for you.

Dog Boat Ladder

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are ramps better than steps?

If the steps are accessible enough, then steps should be fine. However, very young and older dogs can climb ramps much easily.

2. Does my dog need a ramp?

If you’re going out on the water with your dog, then the answer is yes. Even if your dog can get back on the boat without a ramp, you still should get a one.

3. Is my dog ramp too steep?

It’s a good idea to keep the angle under 25 degrees. For a smaller breed, keeping it under 20 degrees is better.

4. Which material should I choose for my boat ramp?

Any non-corroding material should be fine. Stainless steel can handle very heavy dogs but are harder to carry.

5. Can I use my boat ramp for other purposes?

Yes, most boat ladders for dogs can be used with other vehicles like SUVs and trucks without any problem.


If you are looking for a dog boat ladder, then these six are the safest bets without a doubt. Look at the options and try to choose one that suits your boat, and most importantly, your beloved pet.

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