Best Door Jammer and Bars

Best Door Jammer & Bars To Prevent Burglers From Kicking In

When it comes to making your home secure and safe from burglars and intruders, getting something that adds an extra layer of security is never a wrong decision. That extra layer of security will enable you to get peace of mind when you are sleeping inside your bedroom.

And when it comes to adding that layer of protection, you have to start with the doors, which is where the best door jammer steps in. These will allow you to secure your rooms from the inside, which will make it harder for potential thieves to break-in.

It cannot be opened from the outside, and by installing one of these, you will feel extra safe when you are inside or outside your home.

10 Best Door Security Bar and Jammer Reviews

Just like any other product in the market, not all of these units that you are going to stumble upon will be the same. While some will offer you an outstanding amount of protection, many will fail to provide the slightest amount.

Considering how easy it is to get the average quality one, we have huddled a list of the reinforced ones that we could find. They are as follows:

1. Master Lock 265D Door Jammer Security

Master Lock 265D Door Jammer Security

Adjustability is one of the key factors that make one of these worth recommending. And this one that is from Master Lock offers exactly that.

To start with, it has an adjustable mechanism. The mechanism will enable you to adjust the bar from 27.5 inches to 42 inches. As a result, it will be pretty easy for you to install this one on doors of varying sizes.

You can even set this one up on the sliding ones as a sliding door bar lock. This adjustable mechanism is the main thing that made us include this one in our door jammer reviews.

Aside from the adjustable mechanism, the unit's overall form factor is pretty compact, which makes it highly portable. And because of how portable it is, you will not have to sacrifice too much of a space in your cupboard to store it when you are not using it.

Also, the installation process is tool-free. You can set this up and remove it without requiring any tools. Other than standard doors, you can also use this with glass doors, patio doors, hinged doors, swinging doors, and with most types of flooring.

Other than that, the pivoting ball joint that it features will enable it to make full contact with both the surface. Along with that, both ends have rubberized plastic as paddings. The padding will enable it to get a better grip and lower the chances of it scratching the surfaces. You can expect to have a maximum security by installing this.


  • Compatible with most of the doors
  • Offers an adjustable mechanism
  • Features a pivoting ball joint
  • Both the ends have rubber paddings
  • Portable and compact in size


  • Rubber padding on the bottom is not that durable
  • Does not work that well on some of the sliding doors

2. Ideal Security BK110W Security Door Jammer

Ideal Security BK110W Security Door Jammer

Security might not be the only important factor for you. You might prioritize looks too. Well, in that case, you should have a look at this solid aluminum offering that is from Ideal Security. Security products of Ideal security works as their name supplying a complete security net.

Unlike some of the door jammers, this one comes in different color options. There are three of them, to be exact. You can choose white, silver, or black. All of them will come with an adjustable mechanism. Using an adjustable security bar gives you versatility in the security measure

Because of that mechanism, you will be able to extend it from 25.75 inches to 47.5 inches. As a result, you can make it work with multiple doors, which is essential for the best door security bar.

Apart from that, this security door jammer features a unique design. Instead of relying on pressure, it will use saddles that are screwed on the surfaces. For that reason, it will not fall down like some of the other door jammers.

The installation process is quick and simple too. With the required tools, you can set this up within a couple of minutes which is not very common with aluminum bars.

Alongside that, the unit is exceptionally lightweight. Because of being this light, it is one of the worthy picks if you were looking for a portable door jammer.

And the overall construction is of high-quality aluminum. That durable material makes it achieve a higher level of durability, even after being this lightweight. It will provide you the protection that you can rely on fully.


  • Can be extended up to 47.5 inches
  • Features a unique design
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight yet highly durable
  • Comes in three different colors


  • Does not lock on the upright position
  • The metal tab is a bit hard to work with

3. Brinks 675-83001

Brinks 675-83001

While you are going through the door jammer reviews, you might want to go for something that features heavy-duty construction. Well, in that case, you should take a look at what Brinks has to offer here.

As we have mentioned above, it features a construction of 20 gauge stainless steel. That material is what makes this one reside among true heavy-duty door jammers.

Because of being heavy-duty, you can expect it to last for an extended amount of time without showing any sort of instability issues. And it will be quite hard to break-in as well.

Other than that, this one also has an adjustable mechanism. The mechanism will allow you to adjust it from 25 inches to 43 inches. For that reason, you will have no trouble in setting this up on different types of doors.

It is also compatible with the sliding types that are out there. Both the ends have a padded foot. That padding will make sure that the surfaces are not scratched when you are installing this.

Apart from that, the unit is reasonably compact. As it has a swiveling mechanism in the middle which is similar to a swivel base. you will be able to retract it and make it even smaller. It can be stored in a small and tight place pretty easily. You will not have to sacrifice too much storage space for storing it.


  • Constructed of 20 gauge steel
  • Compatible with most kinds of doors
  • Features a swiveling mechanism
  • Easy to store
  • Offers padded foot on the ends


  • A bit hard to make it work with some sliding doors
  • Some of the units might ship with broken parts

4. South Main Hardware Door Jammer Security Lock

South Main Hardware Door Jammer Security Lock

Preventing forced entry is something that most of the jammers you are going to stumble upon will fail at providing. However, that is not the case with this one that South Main Hardware is offering.

First of all, the overall construction is of high-quality steel. The material is exceptionally sturdy, which eventually enhances the overall durability of the total package. For that reason, it will be able to prevent forced entries at ease. And it will not break that easily either, nor will it lose the structural stability that easily.

The white finish that it has makes it blend pretty easily with the interior. And because of the retractable mechanism that it has, you will not have any trouble in storing it either.

It will require a small amount of space. And you will be able to adjust it from 29 inches to 45 inches. There is a locking mechanism that will hold on to the length of your preference. It is one of the best lock reinforcers for smart locks.

Other than that, the head of the unit is removable, which will enable you to install this on sliding doors. That removable mechanism is really what made us select this for our best door security bar review. And the rubber feet that it has will protect the surfaces from getting scratched. The rotating mechanism that the foot has will make the installation process a bit more manageable for you.


  • Utilizes durable steel for the overall construction
  • The head is removable
  • Adjusts from 29 to 45 inches
  • Can be retracted
  • Its feet have a rotating rubber sole


  • Does not work that well on tiled floors
  • Some packages might ship with missing parts

5. Amazon Basics 27.5-Inch

Amazon Basics 27.5-Inch

One of the most reliable manufacturers that are on the market is AmazonBasics. And they are now competing in the best door security bar market by bringing out this unit.

To begin with, it comes in three different color options. You will be able to select one from white, silver, and black. This color variation is something that not all of the brands tend to offer.

And because all of them are powder-coated, they will be able to blend relatively easily with your interior. Thankfully, they will not look like something that is out of place in your rooms.

Apart from the color options, this unit's head is also removable, which makes it exceptionally versatile. With the head installed, you can set this on the regular doors.

And by taking it off, you will be able to install this one with most of the sliding doors. The feet have rubber soles, which are going to make sure that the surface of the door does not get scratched when someone is trying to get in.

Aside from that, it has an extendable mechanism as well. You will be able to adjust it from anywhere between 29 inches to 45 inches. And the overall construction is up to par with the rest of the high-end units as well. It utilizes high-quality steel for the body. Also, the stability of this one is quite praiseworthy too.


  • Three different color options available
  • All of the color options are powder-coated
  • Head of the unit is removable
  • Sports rubber feet
  • Extends up to 45 inches


  • Bracket on the head is a bit flimsy
  • The rubber sole on the bottom wears off reasonably fast



Only the durability does not make a unit achieve the best door security bar rank. It needs to have an easy installation procedure too. And this one from SECURITYMAN excels on both of the factors.

First of all, instead of utilizing regular steel, the manufacturer went a step ahead and sourced out high-grade iron for manufacturing this. Because of flaunting a construction of such a material, it is capable of withstanding up to 350 pounds of pressure.

That means no matter how much force the intruders put into it, it will not break, nor will it show any structural flaw over time. This is what makes it the best security door stopper.

Apart from that, the feet have an angled rubber padding, which is not really that common among the other units that are out there. And as it is angled, it will be able to make proper contact with any type of floor, which will eventually increase the grip of the unit.

Concrete floors, tile floors, wood floors, floor mat, name your requirement, it will go with every flooring types. Even the most smooth floors wont be a matter.

The head has an interchangeable cap, which is going to let you use this on both the regular and sliding doors.

Other than that, the setup process is reasonably straightforward. It has an adjustable mechanism. The mechanism will let you adjust it from 22.25 inches to 43.7 inches.

There is a locking button that will lock your adjustment. And after adjusting it, you will have to attach it to the door. Yes, it is that simple! It is easy to remove too.


  • Made of high-grade iron
  • Can withstand up to 350 pounds of pressure
  • Feet have an angled pad
  • Equips an interchangeable top cap
  • The setup process is easy


  • Footing on the top feels a bit cheap
  • Does not work on floors that have carpet on them



Durability is one of the key factors that we have factored in when choosing the units for this door security bar review section. This door blocker security bar that SABRE is offering checked that factor with flying colors.

To start with, SABRE has utilized high-quality steel for the construction of this one. The steel that they have implemented is 20 gauge and is 1 millimeter thick. Because of how sturdy the material is, it achieves a high capability to withstand pressures.

So, it would be quite impossible for someone that is outside the door to force the door open. That is what make security option and excellent patio door security bar.

Apart from the material, the dual-function mechanism that it sports will enable you to use it on most of the doors, even the sliding ones. And instead of using an angled rubber pad, this one implements a pivoting ball joint.

The joint will adjust according to the level of the surface. And the rubber pad will make sure that it has a proper grip on both surfaces.

It also has an adjustable mechanism. You can adjust it from 28 inches to 45 inches for the regular doors. And after taking the head off, you can set it from 25 inches to 41.5 inches, which is for the sliding panels. Also, it will be pretty easy for you to store it because of the retractable mechanism.


  • Features a commercial-grade construction
  • Capable of withstanding a high amount of pressure
  • Sports a dual-function mechanism
  • Boasts an adjustable body
  • Offers pivoting joint on the base plate


  • The rubber base tends to slip on some particular floors
  • Some of the units might ship with missing parts

8. Buddy Bar Door Jammer

Buddy Bar Door Jammer

Even though there are plenty of units in the market, there are only a few that can withstand up to 2560 pounds of force. And this one from Buddy Bar is one of those few residential door barricade bars.

To begin with, it features a unique patent-pending design that gives extra security. That design enables it to withstand up to 2560 pounds of force, which hardly most of the other units that are out there can claim.

That means, unlike other security devices even if the intruder is exerting the full-body force, it will not give in. You will be able to get the maximum peace of mind with this installed on your doors.

Apart from that, the base that this buddybar door jammer features is exceptionally versatile. It can get a firm grip on most of the surface. So, even if you have a tiled or carpeted floor, you will not have to worry about it falling off or slipping off.  The head also has a non-marring surface. As a result, there would not be any scratches on the surface.

Other than that, the whole unit does not contain a single part that is of plastic. The overall construction is pretty solid. And it utilizes high-quality steel for the body, which makes it achieve a high level of sturdiness, which is another factor that makes it capable of withstanding that amount of force.

You can extend it from anywhere between 36 to 51 inches, and the installation process is straightforward.


  • Capable of withstanding up to 2560 pounds of force
  • Extends from 36 to 51 inches
  • The foot is exceptionally versatile
  • Features a non-marring head
  • Works on carpeted floors


  • Not compatible with doors that have knobs under the 35 inches height
  • Head is not removable
  • Not in he affordable price range

9. Fox Valley Traders 310603 Door Jammer Security

Fox Valley Traders 310603 Door Jammer Security

Just like easy installation is important, an easy removal process is also quite essential for these jammers. Those factors are what Fox Valley could properly deliver in this unit that they are offering.

First of all, it features a unique design. There is a plastic tip on the top of the unit, which will enable you to properly secure it on the knobs of the doors. The tip will make it easier for you to install it.

Also, it will be quite easy for you to remove it as well for that plastic. You can take it off within seconds, which is quite important for emergency situations.

Apart from that, this one also has an adjustable body. You will have the freedom to set it anywhere from 33-5/8 inches to 38-7/8 inches. The locking pin that it has on the body will let you lock the position of your preference.

It sports a rugged rubber base. The base is non-skid, which will make sure that it does not slip. As a result, it will not fall off that easily. It can get a good grip on the carpeted and tiled floors.

Alongside that, the construction of the unit is reasonably solid. Fox Valley has utilized high-quality material for manufacturing this one. For that reason, it is capable of withstanding a considerably high amount of pressure. You will not have to worry about it breaking off that easily.


  • Features a unique tip design
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Capable of withstanding a high amount of pressure
  • The body is adjustable
  • Sports a rugged rubber base


  • Not compatible with all of the door types
  • Locking button feels a bit flimsy

10. DoorJammer DJ4LD – Lockdown

DoorJammer DJ4LD – Lockdown

On the lookout for a portable jammer? Want something that features a commercial design? Then, look no further! DoorJammer has got the right thing for you.

To start with, the overall form factor of the unit is reasonably small and compact. Because of sporting such a form factor, you will have no trouble in storing it. And for how portable it is, you will be able to carry it around and set it up on the doors of the hotels that you might stay on vacations.

The level of security this portable door security device provides is impressive. Apart from being one of the best additional home security door bars, this can also be one of the outdoor security options.

Apart from that, the overall construction of the unit is of commercial-grade steel. It is exceptionally durable and sturdy. For that reason, it achieves a high capability to withstand a high amount of pressure, which will make sure that the person on the other side can not open the door with brute force.

And the design that it features makes it compatible with all of the doors with knobs. Other than that, the base that it comes with is compatible with most of the flooring. You can even use it after installing door sweepers of any kinds.

No matter what type of flooring you have, it will be able to offer you optimal performance. The setup process is reasonably simple. All you have to do is adjust it a bit and slide the front part under the door. You will not require any tools, nor will you have to go through any intricate processes.


  • Features a commercial-grade construction
  • Works with all knob and handle doors
  • Compatible with all of the floor types
  • Sports a tool-free installation process
  • Highly portable and easy to store


  • Not compatible with sliding panels
  • The base is a bit flimsy

What Makes a Good Door Jammer?

As we have mentioned earlier, not all of the units that are in the market are alike. There are many factors that determine whether it’s worth spending money on. And if you were wondering what the factors are, they are stated below.

Build Quality

The most crucial factor for these is the build quality. It will dictate how much pressure they will be capable of withstanding.

Door Jammer and Bars

And for the build quality, the material of the overall construction plays a big part.  The higher the quality of the material, the better the build quality is going to be. Considering that, we would highly recommend shooting for the ones that are of high-quality material.


Just like the build quality, the feet of the unit plays a significant role as well. Most of the units are going to utilize a rubber pad for the feet.

However, not all of the rubber pads are going to be equal. Some will be able to get a good grip on most of the surfaces, while some will slide off. And the better the grip, the better it will be able to withstand the pressure exerted.

Door Jammer and Bars

For that reason, you should consider whether the one that you are shooting for has a good quality base or not. Also, make sure that the base can get a proper grip on the flooring surface that you have inside your home.


Not all of the doors have the same height. Some have knobs that are a bit lower to the ground, while many will have the knobs higher from the ground.

So, the adjustable mechanism is quite crucial for these. For that reason, you need to make sure that the one you are planning to purchase can be adjusted to the height of the knob that your door has, or else you will not be able to set it up properly.

The Head

You might want to secure the sliding doors that you have inside your room. And the regular versions that are out in the market are not really compatible with the sliding panels.

Door Jammer and Bars

So, if you want to secure the sliding panels, you should go for the ones that have a removable head. You can use those to secure both the sliding panels and the regular doors with knobs or handles.


Last but not least, the size of the unit is something that you need to consider as well. The ones that are small and compact in size will be easier to store. And those will be highly portable as well. As a result, you will be able to carry them for using them on the doors of the hotels.

Door Jammer and Bars

Door jammer vs addalock

The door jammer is designed to stop an intruder from breaking through your front door by bracing the part of the jamb where the lock would be. It's essentially a mini steel wedge that you place above or below your existing door handle (the part that looks like a knob), which forces the bolt of the lock to stay engaged when you turn it.

A properly installed and well-functioning deadbolt should be able to keep most people out if they try kicking in your door, but there are some circumstances that can make even this sturdy locking mechanism vulnerable—extreme weather events, faulty locks or damaged doorposts, for instance.

The door jammer takes advantage of these weak points to fortify your entryway against break-ins.

The Addalock is a fingerprint operated deadbolt lock that can be opened with your finger or an RFID card.

Comparing the Door Jammer to the Addalock

Price - The door jammer costs $150, while the addalock costs $255.75 for one and ranges up to $275.25 for two.

Advantages over traditional locks - A doorman can't override your lock if it's jammed shut; you can set your own combination; there are no keys to lose or manage. It also requires zero electricity (unlike electronic locks like digital keypad locks, etc.)

Speed of entry/exit - The same as any other ordinary door handle/knob.

Appearance - A door jammer looks like a wedge that attaches to your existing knob. The addalock is just a rectangular fingerprint reader that locks/unlocks your door from the outside.

Strength - Door jammer can be used in most cases where a standard lock would fit. The addalock claims to be able lock doors up to 1,000 pounds and 60 minutes fireproofing, which is more than most traditional deadbolt locks. \

Door Jammer & Bars

Both products have stainless steel construction and are made in the USA with lifetime warranties.

Installation  - Addalock is easier for someone who already has experience using or installing digital locks since it simply replaces an existing lock rather than being installed on top of it (like a traditional door jammer).

The addalock also requires a power source and communication with the cloud, so it requires that you change or upgrade your lock hardware.

Compatibility  - Compatible with most doors and standard knob locks. The addalock is compatible with all sorts digital keypad locks, fingerprint readers, RFID transmitters, etc.

Security  - Both products claim to be pick-, drill-, bump- and pry-proof; however, neither has been independently tested. Additionally, both require batteries to work (although they can be recharged), which could cause problems in an emergency when you need access but don't have electricity available for rechargeable batteries (such as after a natural disaster) or if the batteries die.

Door jammer is more traditional and therefore not as technologically advanced, but the addalock is easier to install for people with experience installing digital locks. The door jammer is compatible with most standard deadbolts available in the market, while the addalock requires you to have a digital keypad lock in order to work with it....compatibility problems arise when you already have a locked knob on your door when trying to buy an addalock or if you are using an old school lock on your new wooden door, so there are some compatibility issues...but they are both great products.

Both are good choices depending on your technological level - if you want basic security without having to change/upgrade any of your locks, then go for the door jammer. On the other hand, if you want a technologically advanced smart lock that works with different hardware functions - the addalock is the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are door jammers effective?

It will generally depend on two factors. The first one would be the base, and the other one would be the overall construction. Plus, the ones with the superior build quality and a grippier base are the ones that are the most effective.

2. What kind of door lock is most secure?

There are plenty of door locks. And among all of them, the door blocker security deadlocks are the ones that are capable of providing a high amount of security. They are not that easy to pick, and they are extremely durable as well.

3. How do you secure a door from the inside?

The best way to secure a door from the inside would be to use a door jammer. However, in this case, you need to ensure that the jammer that you are using is effective, or else you will not be able to secure your door properly.

4. What are the door jammers?

In simple words, door jammers are one of the security gadgets that you can use to secure your door from the inside. They are generally installed on the knob and is supported by the floor. As a result, even if someone manages to pick the lock, they will not be able to enter the door. Don't confuse a door stopper block as a door jammer.

5. What is the best security door jammer?

In my opinion, Buddy bar door jammer is the best door stopper security .

6. How can I make my front door more secure?

Other than getting a security bar for door, you can also reinforce your door, add glazing, install a peephole, alter the letter box, install a strike plate, and get a better door lock.

7. Can you kick in a door with a deadbolt?

The deadbolt itself will not break with simple kicks. But without any door stopper security, the wood in the door can break off.

8. How do you use a door jammer?

Door jammers are more secure and versatile than a door safety bar. You can take them in your bag when travelling and install them under any door in minutes with the same effectiveness of a door safety bar. The floor can be of any angle with the door. It will convert horizontal force into vertical force.

9. How do you install a door jammer?

A fantastic question from someone who is looking for best security door stopper. Insert the bottom flange of the jammer under the door, and twist the bolt until the engagement foot is secured.

10. Do door jammers work on carpet?

Nose jammers work on carpet just as well as they do on hardwood floors. They're basically meant to put pressure on the floor so that it can't close or fall back open. The weight of your door, combined with the weight of your nose, should keep it out of your way if you decide to put one under you while sitting around at home.

Carpet underlying a door is often really loose and close to the floor. If you use a door jammer without the hook it creates a problem because there's nothing for it to stick on to. You can get around this by using adhesive Velcro strips or attached hooks that you put on the front of the door jammer, which will stretch out onto carpet when pressure is applied forward from behind. Make sure you put something heavy against it so that if somebody breaks in they have some difficulty getting into your place beyond just pushing on your door more!

If you don't know, most people look to see if they can push the door open when it's on carpet. If there was enough space for air to flow under the door they would be able to push it open with ease.
I think it's best to test this out at home before making a purchase just in case one of these devices doesn't work for your situation. It may be wise to visit multiple stores and compare prices as well! Just keep in mind that these types of devices are pretty inexpensive so its easy enough for both your wallet and conscience should you choose not spending money on something that may not work for your needs just yet!

Final Words

Security and safety are two of the things that you can never have enough of. However, by getting the best door jammer, you will be able to get an extra layer of security, which will enable you to get peace of mind when you are both inside and outside of your house.