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10 Best Door Knob Covers for Safety – Child Proof in 2022

Taking care of a zappy, fun-loving toddler has its ups and downs. Especially when they master the art of walking and running, disciplining them becomes harder by the day.

At times like this, quality baby proof products really lift a weight off your shoulders.

One of the most important steps of childproofing your home is getting the best door knob covers, followed by baby gates, door pinch guards, outlet covers, and so on.

A doorknob cover doesn't let your toddler turn the knob, and therefore, prevents them from entering the lesser child-friendly places of the house.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at our top 10 picks right away!

10 Best Child Proof Door Knob Covers Review

Finger injuries are serious; and to peppy preschoolers, they happen quite a lot. Getting high-quality doorknob covers is the only way you can have some peace and quiet. So, let's check some of those out!

1. EUDEMON 4 Pack Baby Safety Door Knob Covers

EUDEMON 4 Pack Baby Safety Door Knob Covers

Childproofing the entire house is the extent to which new, responsible parents will get. And on that note, this pack of 4 child safe door knob covers by EUDEMON will give you the results you're looking for.

Their comfy TPR material will feel soft to your baby's hands and protect the little one from extra troubles.

To begin with, the doorknob covers are made of environment-friendly TPR and PP materials. They increase traction, which prevents your toddlers from opening the doorknobs. Well, they can attempt to open it, but only adults are able to access the doors.

As for the installation, you don't require a drill machine or a wrench. In fact, it's as easy as wearing socks.

Once the covers are all set, there's no way the toddlers can barge into your room, kitchen, storage, and showering space. Although, elders with arthritis may have trouble accessing the doors where you have these covers on.

Moving on, these soft knob covers provide an additional layer of protection for your child. They do not expose the hard, steel knobs, which is perfect for busy households. You'll also be happy to know that these baby products have successfully passed the mechanical and physical properties test.


  • Easy to set up without a drill
  • A pack of 4 soft TPR knob covers
  • The innovative double-button arrangement increases friction
  • Passed mechanical and physical properties test


  • Adults with arthritis might have troubles turning the doorknob

2. Child Proof Doors by Jool Baby

Child Proof Doors by Jool Baby

If you have white walls and doors, look no further. These ones by Jool Baby Products will seamlessly blend in your interior, protecting your little one along the way!

Whether it's your first time being a parent or not, you have surely heard about Jool Baby for their amazing collection of baby-safe products. And speaking of child safety essentials, you should definitely check out the Jool Baby doorknob covers.

This one right here has an uncomplicated design but works wonders nonetheless. It will fit all regular-sized knobs without a hassle.

You won't be needing a door pinch guard, because your little one won't be able to turn and unlock the knob in the first place. It's also easy and safe to sanitize the knob covers.

Anyway, did you know that Jool Baby Products was actually founded by a dad with three kids? If yours is running you restless, imagine the power of three!

But lucky for you, a few pairs of these super-soft doorknob covers will surely put your mind at ease. And what's more- a part of the profits goes to the donation of free child safety products to indigent families.


  • Safety-tested white doorknob covers
  • Suitable for standard spherical knobs
  • Prevents children from accidentally locking themselves in a room
  • Its flexible design is ideal for both grooved or plain knobs 


  • Stronger kids might damage the interlocking parts of the knob

3. Betertek Door Knob Safety Cover for Kids

Betertek Door Knob Safety Cover for Kids

Featuring non-toxic and odorless materials, this pack of four doorknob safety covers by Betertek shows you just how brilliant child-friendly products can be.

First of all, there is absolutely not a speck of toxic material in these high-quality covers. They have ample space inside, and they stretch nicely to accommodate nearly every type of spherical doorknob there is.

That's right; these Betertek safety knobs are a bit larger in size compared to those we usually find at the supermarket. After all, it was founded by two moms with two-year-old toddlers!

While we were rounding up our top choices for our door knob cover reviews, we were taken aback by the number of baby products that had a plastic smell to them. Lucky for you, Betertek left no stone unturned to provide anxious parents with the highest satisfaction. They wowed us with their odorless knob covers.

Apart from the tool-free installation, we were quite impressed with the hidden safety clips that make the cover difficult to remove, at least for toddlers. There is a notch in the middle of the cover that allows you to lock and unlock the door with a key.


  • Odorless, non-toxic, and bigger in size
  • Compatible with most spherical doorknobs because of its high flexibility
  • Made of the finest polypropylene fiber
  • Certified by RoHS, PAHS, REACH, and EN71-3 


  • Not antimicrobial doorknob covers

4. Driddle Child Proof Door Handle Lock

Driddle Child Proof Door Handle Lock

If you have already checked the outlet cover box, freezer lock, and safety gates off your list, these door knob covers for toddlers are just what you need for childproofing the house to the fullest.

This is a pack of five premium doorknob covers. They are not cheap, smelly silicone knockoffs baby brands hand out at a hefty price. In fact, these childproof knob covers are extremely safe to use.

All you have to do is position its two parts around a spherical doorknob and align all the tabs. After that, simply press until they click.

Truth be told, almost every doorknob cover we looked up for this round-up featured the same installation process. But what sets the Driddle doorknob covers apart is their screw-in cap. After you've secured the main two parts around the knob, take the cap and turn it clockwise on the setup like closing the lid of a jar.

Additionally, the cap flaunts a subtle grooved design so that you still have some sort of interior decoration amidst all the toys lying about the floor. Lastly, it's easy to maintain hygiene with the knob covers, even though these don't come with antimicrobial properties. How cool is that?


  • Tool-free installation
  • Comes with a step-by-step instruction manual
  • Toddlers cannot pull out the screwed-on cap
  • The cover spins around the knob when used incorrectly 


  • The two halves of the plastic cover might come apart if you slam the door shut

5. Little Giggles Child Safety Covers

Little Giggles Child Safety Covers

Those who know the everyday struggle of keeping the little ones safe at home are going to love these doorknob covers by Little Giggles. It's a pack of four safety knobs that are incredibly difficult for toddlers to turn, but easy for you nonetheless.

Sportive preschoolers, as jolly as they are, can find a hundred different ways to start chaos. It's your duty as a parent to keep your little angels the safest they can be.

Although, it need not be that hard if you have baby-safe products in plenty. Especially with high-quality door knob child safety locks like these, you can now catch a breath and unwind.

For starters, these knob covers look exquisite in white. If your interior colors are white or beige, these covers will easily blend into your home aesthetics. In terms of looks, these are certainly the best child proof door knob covers.

Unlike the whopping baby gates we parents have to set amidst our nicely decorated homes, these doorknob covers won't be intrusive. In fact, after a while, you'll forget they are even there! And since each cover has a 2.5-inch diameter, you shouldn’t have any problem wiggling it around a super-sized doorknob.


  • Easy to use for adults
  • Doesn't hinder the locking function
  • Runs 2.5 inches in diameter and fits most round knobs
  • Suitable for regular and nursery doors, storeroom doors, etc.


  • Some users had problems snapping the knob cover together

6. Safety 1st Parent Grip Door Knob Covers

Safety 1st Parent Grip Door Knob Covers

These amazing door knob covers for toddlers will finally put a lid on all the fun your kids are having before letting loose a complete catastrophe!

The safety doorknob covers will make sure that your child doesn't escape their time-out, access unwanted areas, or run off in the night. You might have baby gates installed in the staircase or the main door, but kids can constantly surprise you. And oftentimes, they are for the worse.

So, if you don't want your little angel to meddle with the top-shelf cookie jar, consider putting a safety cover on the nursery door straight away. We currently have our eyes on the brilliant Safety 1st baby-safe doorknobs. These are made to fit standard spherical knobs.

Once you have these baby-safe products installed, you can keep an eye on your baby without having to be by their side all day long. With the right doorknob covers, you'll at least know where your little one is.

Even if they try to turn the knob, the cover will rotate beneath your child's hand, preventing them from unlocking it.

And that's not all, the Safety 1st doorknob covers are made beautifully. Their charcoal color will complement your brass doorknob and any door with similar hues.


  • Doesn't scratch the knob in long-term use
  • Strong polypropylene fasteners secure a proper fit
  • The charcoal color looks exquisite in dark interiors
  • You can install it in a few tool-free steps


  • The knob cover might be tight for large doorknobs 

7. Dreambaby EZY-Fit Translucent Door Knob Covers 

Dreambaby EZY-Fit Translucent Door Knob Covers

EZY-Fit doorknob covers by Dreambaby are your getaway to relaxation during a hectic period of new parenthood. Once you've tucked your little one in, there's absolutely no way they are escaping the room before you let them out!

Compared to some bulky doorknob covers we have seen so far, EZY-Fit appeared to be the most breathable and thinnest. That's actually not the case when you see just how sturdy its interlocking snaps are! Even your frisky four-year-old won't be able to sidestep these knob covers and summon themselves into your room.

Although Dreambaby claims that the doorknob covers are translucent, you can hardly see the knob from the inside. As much as we would have liked truly translucent knob covers, these ones are definitely not it.

But as far as its uses are concerned, the knob covers deliver a promising baby-proofing experience for parents worldwide.

On a similar note, some users might find the covers to be a bit loose, while others a little tight. It depends on the size of your different doorknobs. These covers are made to stay somewhat loose so that toddlers cannot apply force and turn the knob open.


  • An easy snap-on installation without requiring additional tools
  • You can reuse these knob covers
  • A nearly translucent design makes EZY-Fit unique
  • You can grab the knob through the slots only and squeeze it open


  • The knob cover was quite loose for standard spherical knobs

8. Max Strength Pro Door Knob Covers

Max Strength Pro Door Knob Covers

For simple and cheap childproofing products, doorknob covers sure have a hundred competitors in the market. But Max Strength Pro effortlessly stands out with its sweet addition of four corner protectors.

To begin with, these door knob child safety locks are made to fit 95% of doorknobs in US households. Unless your doorknobs are custom-made with protruded designs, there's no way these brilliant covers would be a bad fit for you.

We can all agree on the fact that raising kids is not a piece of cake. Seeing them sprinting across the corridor, or attempting to turn a simple doorknob can instantly turn you into a bundle of nerves.

It's because once the little ones realize the power of their small feet and arms, they are ready to wreak havoc in your otherwise serene home. This is when you need baby gates, outlet and doorknob covers, safety straps, corner protectors, and baby products alike.

Well, in that case, you're going to love the fact that this set of six best door knob covers also includes four corner protectors. They are suitable for sharp furniture edges, table corners, and so on. Press and set the corner protectors in place and protect your toddler from hurting themselves during playtime.


  • Easy to use locking buckle offers a tool-free setup
  • The double button profile is hard for children to figure out
  • Comes with four corner protectors for extra safety
  • A value pack of 6 safety covers for your doors 


  • Removing the covers off the knobs is a lengthy process when you change doorknobs

9. Grenfu Door Knob Safety Cover for Kids

Grenfu Door Knob Safety Cover for Kids

This pack of four Grenfu doorknob safety covers can be the one thing that lets you sleep at night. With a white, spherical construction and baby-safe design, Grenfu knob covers really take your child-proofing game up a notch!

How many times have you put your preschooler to bed, only to find him/her playing with the toys in your corridor hours later? They sometimes sleep all day and then don't sleep at all.

As for the times they don't, playing with the doorknob is an attractive option. They can mistakenly lock themselves inside a room, or enter a room where safety is compromised.

You can easily prevent crises like this with a pair of the best door knob covers. Before your toddlers learn the ropes of these Grenfu knobs, it's safe to say that they would be responsible preschoolers who actually listen.

The best thing about these doorknob covers is that adults can easily access the knobs just like any other time with ease.

All you have to do is grab the two exposed areas of the knob and turn the knob by applying pressure to the said points. We also insist that you regularly sanitize doorknobs so that your toddlers are less exposed to germs.


  • Standard spherical construction
  • Compatible with toddlers to preschoolers
  • Odorless, non-toxic materials for safety and hygiene
  • The covers are soft to touch 


  • Its ball-shaped plastic construction might not go with your decor

10. Home Safe by Summer Door Knob Safety Covers

Home Safe by Summer Door Knob Safety Covers

When your toddlers are left unattended, you can find them in peculiar, even dangerous places inside your home. Many parents are scared out of their wits thinking about ways to keep their teensy two-year-old from harm's way.

The answer is pretty simple- baby proof every nook and cranny of the house. In that case, check out these Home Safe Summer doorknob safety covers as your first step to a baby-proof home!

These brilliant child safe door knob covers are a popular choice among new parents for baby-proofing their home on a budget. This pack of three knob covers easily takes care of the main door, storage room door, and most importantly, the nursery door.

Just when you thought the Summer Infant Store couldn't get any better, you get all of the doorknob protectors for under seven bucks. Although, what these amazing knob covers do miss out on is antibacterial properties.

Even if your doorknobs are made out of brass, a popular antibacterial doorknob material, it doesn’t help. It's because when you install the covers, your toddler's hands come in contact with the cover, instead of the metal. Worry not, all you need is a few pumps of sanitizer, and you're good to go!


  • Easy, tool-free installation
  • Prevents accidental locking and unlocking
  • Suitable for oval and spherical knobs
  • Works well with glass knobs 


  • Pops open too easily

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions from our readers. Here are some of those concerning childproof door knobs.

Q: Do door knob covers work?

They are very useful if you want to make it harder for your child to open doors. They decrease friction with the knob in such a way that doesn't allow your toddler to open the door. It might also be useful for people with cognitive disability.

Q: How do you cover a doorknob?

You need to use a door knob cover to dot that. Different door knob covers have different methods of covering. Generally the two parts of the knob cover snap in around the knob completely covering it.

Q: How do I stop my child from opening door knobs?

You can use child proof door knobs to prevent your child to open doors without your consent.

Q: Is it OK to lock toddlers door at night?

No it never is. I can not image a scenario when this can be necessary for any normal parents.

Q: How do you remove safety first door knob covers?

Again, different door knob safety covers can have different ways of removal. But most plastic knobs that we see in the market have some special pressure points which unlocks the knob. You have to push those points and pull the two parts apart.

Q: When can toddlers Open door knobs?

Generally toddlers start to become good with doors and door knobs after 12 months.

Q: How long do I use doorknob covers?

It depends on the age and how long the kid is experiencing the door knobs. If you start using it when your kid is a year old, you should easily be able to use it for a year.

How Do You Childproof a Door Knob? 

As a working parent, the thoughts of the little one roaming about the house with accessible shelves, doors, and staircases are enough to break you out in a cold sweat.

Of course, the babysitter will be there. You may also decide on a daycare plan, but you'll never be completely free of worries unless you take childproofing seriously.

We can help you get started with the first step, and that is how to babyproof the doors. Keep on reading to know more.

Choose a Child-Safety Doorknob Cover

The first step of childproofing the door is to installing the best child proof door knob covers. You can also go for door stoppers, corner protectors, and baby-proofing products alike. When it comes to deciding on a doorknob cover, you should take into account the knob's size.

How Do You Childproof a Door Knob

If the knob is tight, it might be easy for the baby to turn it. Additionally, you might want to buy knob covers that go well with your decor themes. Then there are translucent knobs that keep a low profile and fit anywhere.

Set the Safety Cover Around the Knob 

Once your doorknob covers arrive, the next step is the installation. Most of these products have a two-part construction. You have to simply position the protective cover around the knob so that it surrounds the knob in a spherical way.

Align Correctly & Interlock the Tabs

In our door knob cover reviews, we tried to cover the individual installation techniques for each product. If we are to summarize the process, the first step would be correctly aligning the tabs. After you do that, press the interlocking pins together, and the cover is ready for action.

But how do you know that it's working? When your toddler tries to turn the knob, instead of opening the door, the knob only spins. Be careful though. Most of these baby products are effective for up to 5-year-old kids.

Final Words

A simple doorknob cover can save your precious one a whole afternoon of incessant crying and throwing a fit. It will also keep them safely in their rooms for the night so that you can enjoy a good night's sleep. We hope that our list of the best door knob safety covers was of help to you. Happy shopping!

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