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10 Best Door Sweep Reviews 2022 – How To Choose One?

The utility bills tend to skyrocket during the cold winter season. You need to put the heater on the absolute max on such seasons to keep yourself toasty when you are indoors. That being said, if you want to lower the electric and gas bills a bit, then you should get the best door sweep.

With one of these installed, you will be able to prevent the cold draft of air from entering your room. You can lower your heating bills substantially with these. Alongside that, these can stop unwanted bugs from coming into your rooms as well.

And the exterior versions that are available in the market will enable you to keep your doorway clean. You will not have to put extra effort into getting the dust off from the surface.

10 Best Door Sweep Reviews

If you want to get the most out of what these have to offer, you will have to steer away from the average quality ones. And getting good quality ones is pretty hard. However, we have sorted out the actually good ones for you. And those are as follows:

1. Suptikes Draft Stopper

Suptikes Draft Stopper

Among all of the types of door sweeps, the rubber ones are the most popular. And this one from the Suptikes is one of the best-sellers in that category. And you will know exactly why after going through the review.

To start with, it can provide you protection from multiple elements. It will be able to block off light from entering your room, block off the odors, and finally can block insects. And as it has three layers on the front, it does a great job in blocking off cold drafts as well. Your room will be pretty isolated after installing this one.

The installation process is quite simple. It utilizes adhesive, which is on the other side of the strip. You will have to tear off the protective sleeve and attach it to the surface. And the strip that you are going to get will be 2 inches in width and 39 inches in length.

Because of how flexible it is, you will not have any trouble installing this one correctly. Alongside that, you will be able to resize it with ease. All you are going to need is a sharp scissor. So, you can easily use this with RV doors.

Also, there are a few different color options available. There are four of them, to be exact. And there is even a brown one, which will blend pretty easily with wooden doors that are finished.


  • Sports an adhesive on the back
  • Easy to install
  • Can be shortened pretty easily
  • Comes in a 39 inches long strip
  • Capable of properly isolating the room from noise and heat


  • The protective tape of the adhesive is not that easy to take off
  • Not that effective at blocking noise

2. Holikme 2 Pack Interior Door Sweep

Holikme 2 Pack Interior Door Sweep

Having a strong adhesive is quite essential for these. Without that, these will come off pretty easily. And Holikme had factored that in when they were manufacturing this unit.

First of all, the adhesive that it utilizes on the backside is reasonably strong. In fact, it is stronger than some of the average quality bottom door sweeps that are out there. For that reason, you will not have to worry about it coming off from the surface anytime soon. And there are five different color options available.

It comes in 37 inches long strip that is 1.9 inches in width. That size is basically standard for most of the doors. And even if you have to shorten it a bit, you will not have to go through that much of a hassle because you can easily cut it using scissors.

Also, the package contains two of them. So, you will be able to install these on two of the doors using just one pack.

Alongside that, Holikme has utilized a tough silicone for the overall construction. Because of how durable it is, it will not wear off that easily. It will do a proper job of blocking off cold drafts of wind for how thick it is. Also, it can properly block off sounds as well. Your rooms will be isolated from both of those factors.


  • Utilizes a strong adhesive
  • Constructed of high-quality silicone
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Does a proper job of isolating noise
  • Easy to shorten


  • Might not be big enough for some doors
  • Can not properly block light

3. MAXTID Under Door Sweep

MAXTID Under Door Sweep

As the unit is reasonably thick, it will be able to block off sounds as well. Also, it does a proper job of blocking the odor from entering your room. It is pretty easy to install. All you need to do is slide this under the door, and it will stay in place. You will not require any adhesive, nor will you need any tools for setting this up.

If you were on the lookout for one of U shaped door sweeps, then you can stop your search right here because MAXTID has got the thing that you were probably looking for all this time.

Unlike some of the other draft stoppers, this one implements a U-shaped design. The design allows it to hug both sides of the door, which will be able to provide you a superior amount of protection from the cold winds. It will make sure that the heat stays inside your room and finds no way of escaping.

Other than that, it is 38 inches long. Because of having this length, it will be able to fit most of the standard door. It will also act as a door stopper.

Also, it is capable of fitting on the ones that have about 1.4 inches of floor clearance. It is adjustable as well. There are numerous color options available for this one too. It comes in brown, black, grey, horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, and lastly, plain white.


  • Features a unique U-shaped design
  • The length and the width is adjustable
  • Easy to setup
  • Blocks sound and odors
  • Prevents heat from escaping the roo


  • Can not block off loud noises
  • A bit hard to keep clean because of having fabric exterior

4. VISEMAN 36 inches Interior Door Sweep

VISEMAN 36 inches Interior Door Sweep

Even though there are plenty of draft blockers in the market, not all of them look that elegant. However, this one that is being offered by VISEMAN does come in plenty of elegant colors.

First of all, there are nine different color options that you will be able to choose from. It comes in black, checker blue, checker ink, checker red, coffee, grey, khaki, nylon-cotton beige, and white.

All of them look quite elegant, especially the checkered ones. And because of such outlooks, we have picked this one for our door sweep reviews. It will easily match the aesthetics of your bedroom door.

Apart from the looks, VISEMAN did not skimp one bit on the functionality. It implements a U-shaped design that will hug onto the bottom of the door.

As a result, it will be able to offer you superior protection from cold winds. The room will be properly insulated, and the heat that is inside will find no escape points. Moreover, the design makes it ideal to be used as a metal door sweep too.

Alongside that, it is pretty easy to set up. You will just have to slide this under the door. And because of the base that it has, it will be able to glide over carpets and most of the flooring types. You will have no trouble and opening and closing the doors after you install this one.


  • Comes in nine elegant colors
  • Works on most of the floor materials
  • Glides easily on carpets
  • The setup process is easy
  • Insulates the room properly


  • Can not be shortened
  • Sewing of the exterior cover is not that praiseworthy

5. Holikme Twin Door Draft Stopper

Holikme Twin Door Draft Stopper

Though most of the draft stoppers are going to adhere or stay put with the door when it is closed, not all of them will remain in place when you continuously open and close it. However, this front door sweep that Holikme is offering will.

Unlike some of the other stoppers, this one features a hook and loop fixation. It has a double layer of protection that will enable it to stay put with the door. As a result, it will not move from the place even if you do open and close the door vigorously. You will not have to position it from time to time.

Other than that, because of utilizing a u-shaped design, it will hug both sides of your door. For that reason, you will be able to get double the protection than what the other single strip door bottom sweeps for exterior doors can offer.

It will be able to exceptionally insulate your room and make sure that the heat stays inside instead of finding ways to escape.

Apart from that, the overall length of the unit is 34 inches. However, you will be able to fit this one on most of the doors because of the adjustable mechanism that it has. The inside has a rubber sponge, and the exterior has a fabric cover. As it utilizes thick rubber on the inside, it does a fair job in blocking odor as well.


  • Sports hook and loop mechanism
  • Capable of preventing odor from entering the room
  • Insulates the room
  • Covers both the sides
  • 34 inches in length, and it is adjustable


  • The middle portion might be too loose for some doors
  • Can not properly block off sounds

6. D DATADAGO Silicone Seal Strip

D DATADAGO Silicone Seal Strip

There are plenty of door sweeps for exterior doors out there. But there are only a few that will offer you size options. And this one that D DATADAGO is offering is one of those few.

First of all, you will have three different size options. Depending on the length of the door, you will be able to choose 25 mm, 35 mm, and finally 45 mm. And as it is of silicone, you will have no trouble in shortening it either. You will be able to cut it to the shape of your door without going through any hassles at all.

Alongside that, the unit is exceptionally flexible. That flexible nature will make it easier for you to set this one up on the surface. Also, it utilizes a strong adhesive, which is going to make sure that it stays in place without falling off. So, you can expect to get a reliable seal from this one.

Aside from that, the strip is weatherproof. It can block off cold air and snow from getting inside. Also, it can prevent dust, debris, and insects from entering the inside. You might not be able to use it with your garage. However, you can get a garage door seal to got with it.

And as it is of sturdy silica gel, the durability level of the unit is reasonably high. It will last for an extended amount of time without wearing off. There are two different color options available too.


  • Comes in three sizes
  • Can be easily shortened
  • Made of sturdy silica gel
  • Flexible and easy to install
  • Weatherproof and can block dust and debris


  • Adhesive loses its sticking power in extreme heat conditions
  • Sound isolation capability is not that praiseworthy

7. BAINING Exterior Door Sweep and Draft Stopper

BAINING Exterior Door Sweep and Draft Stopper

Having an easy installation process is pretty much essential for these draft stoppers. And thankfully, for brands such as BAINING, finding those has become more manageable.

To start with, it is exceptionally flexible. Because of having a flexible nature, it will be pretty easy for you to set this one up on the bottom surface of your door. Also, it is 39 inches in length, which makes it perfect for most of the doors. You will also be able to adjust it according to the one that you have. It can be shortened pretty easily.

Other than that, the strip is of high-quality silicone. It is thick enough to block off the cold drafts of winds from entering through the bottom clearance.

And the bottom of door sweep has a triple-layer, which is going to make sure that the sealing that it creates is efficient. The ones that have a darker color can block off light exceptionally well.

Aside from that, the backing of the strip has a 3M tape. That tape is compatible with most of the surfaces. As a result, you will not have to face that many difficulties when you are installing this.

And its capability to insulate heat is quite praiseworthy. It will be able to keep your room toasty in the harsh winter days, which will help you lower your utility bills as well.


  • The installation process is straightforward
  • Constructed of high-quality silicone
  • Bottom has a triple-layer design
  • Utilizes 3M tape for the backing
  • Can properly insulate the heat of the room


  • Adhesive is not that strong
  • Ships in a tightly packed package, which makes it hard to straighten it

8. deeTOOL MAN Door Draft Stopper

deeTOOL MAN Door Draft Stopper

Not really a fan of the U-shaped stoppers, but want the sealing power they have? Well, we have sourced out a great alternative for you in that regard, and yes, it is being offered by deeTOOL.

To begin with, it took some ideas from u-shaped stoppers and implemented that on a single side one. Because of the design that it has, you will be able to use this not only on the interior but also on the exterior doors. You can even use it as an entry door sweep if you want.

The overall construction of the unit is of sturdy Styrofoam. And the exterior is covered using a fabric cover. Those two combined make it exceptionally durable.

It will be able to last for an extended amount of time without showing any signs of damages and wearing. Also, there are two different size options. One is 36 inches in length, and the other one is 39 inches.

Alongside that, the thickness of the units will make them highly capable of covering gaps that are up to 1.3 inches. And because of how thick these are, you will not have to worry about light and odor passing through as well.

Also, it easily glides, which will make it easier for you to open and close the door. The hook and loop fastener that it utilizes will make sure that it stays in place.


  • Sports a construction of durable Styrofoam
  • Boasts a fabric covering on the exterior
  • Works for both the interior and exterior doors
  • Comes in two different sizes
  • Utilizes hook and loop fasteners


  • Can not properly block off snow and air
  • The adhesive is not that sticky

9. GroTheory Door Draft Stopper 2 Pack

GroTheory Door Draft Stopper 2 Pack

The quality of the material matters the most in the case of durability for these strips. And GroTheory knew that exactly, which is why they have utilized high-quality materials for this.

As we have mentioned, the material that the manufacturer utilized is of high-quality. Instead of the cheap silicone, they opted for rugged silicone material.

That ruggedness is what makes these exceptionally durable. And even though it is rugged, you will be able to flex it as you please. As a result, setting this up will not be an issue for you.

Apart from the overall construction, the bottom portion has a triple-layer design. That design will make it highly capable of reducing the passage of air.

Thus, your rooms will be properly insulated, and the heat inside will not find any way to escape. You will not have to crank your heater to the absolute max in the harsh winter seasons.

Other than that, the backing of the strip has 3M tape. The tape is easy to apply and has a proper amount of stickiness to it. It will stay in place once you install it properly.

Also, because of the triple design that it has on the bottom, it can prevent pests and other insects from entering the interior as well. It can even block off dust and debris from entering too.


  • Made of high-quality silicone
  • Features a triple layer design on the bottom
  • Easy to use
  • Effectively insulates the room
  • Can block off dust, debris, and pests


  • The adhesive gets a bit weak over time
  • Might not work with all of the doors

10. Frost King B79/36H

Frost King B79/36H

If you were on the lookout for something that will fit easily on metal doors, then you should definitely check this one out.

First of all, instead of adopting any sort of adhesive, it has holes on the body. The holes are there so that you can easily install this on the metal doors using screws. And you will receive those on the package, which means you will not have to purchase them separately.

Alongside that, the overall construction is of aluminum. That construction material makes this one more durable than the other stoppers that are in the market.

You can expect it to last for an extended amount of time. Because of utilizing a multiple fin design, it will be able to block off dust and snow from entering the inside. Your doorway will be pretty clean after you set this one up.

Aside from that, there are two different color options available for this one. It comes in brown and white. And you will be able to adjust both of them to get a tight fit on the door.

Also, the fins are capable of keeping the cold drafts of air out. This is very useful because you can't use door insulation kits like you do in your garage. For that reason, the heat of the inside will not find any way to escape. It can even block off the heatwaves in the summer as well.


  • Features a construction of aluminum
  • Boasts multiple fins on the bottom
  • Blocks off dust and snow
  • Can prevent cold air from entering inside
  • Easy to adjust


  • Color coating chips pretty easily
  • The size is not standard

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose a door sweep?

You need to factor in a couple of things. The first one would be durability. Apart from that, you should consider the installation process of the door sweep and the adhesive that it is utilizing. Lastly, you need to factor in the capability of it being able to block off dust, debris, heat, and snow.

Door Sweep

2. Should a door sweep touch the floor?

Generally, it needs to be installed in such a way that it makes contact with the upper surface of the floor. However, if the material is of metal, it is better to install it a bit higher.

3. Does door sweep go inside-outside?

The draft stoppers that feature a u-shaped design will go on both the inside and outside of the door. On the other hand, the strip ones that are out there would only remain on the inside of the door. However, you can double the protection by installing them on both the side.

4. How do you replace the door sweep on the bottom of a door?

First, you need to take it off. Then you need to clean the adhesive residues that might be on the surface. After that, you should make sure that you get yourself one of the good replacements from the market.

And when you are installing the new one, make sure that the surface does not have any dust on it, or else the adhesive will not stick properly.

Final Words

Keeping the critter entry to the absolute minimum can be a bit tough without getting the best door sweep. Alongside that, you will find it a bit hard to keep your room cozy in the winter season without one of them.

That being said, we can assure you that the ones that we have selected for you will definitely offer you superior performance in those regards. So, you will not go wrong by choosing one of them.

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