Best Dorm Lights Review

10 Best Dorm Lights for College Students – Reviws & Guide

Increasing the beauty of your dorm room is a bit challenging since you only get a limited space. But with some creative ideas, you can bring a new change that can lighten your mood even on the worst day.

When it comes to decoration, the first thing that comes to mind is the light. You can easily hang it anywhere, and it will always look good. Moreover, they are available everywhere.

To be on the safer side, you should purchase the best dorm lights because the high-quality one is always reliable, and the good thing is, your money won’t go to waste.

From the following article, you will find out all about it in a descriptive form. Read on to find out more.

10 Best Dorm Lights Review

Out of all the products, we have selected the top 10 for you. Go through them so that you can differentiate between the models and select the one that fits your requirement.

1. MINGER Led Strip Lights

MINGER Led Strip Lights

If you are looking for cool dorm room lighting, this model can be a great pick for you. People who have purchased it were never disappointed by its performance because it is a reliable and efficient product.

It is very large, and due to that, you won’t have a problem installing it in any location of your choice. Whether your room is dark or not, the built-in 150 LEDs will illuminate the environment within an instant.

With a remote, you can change the color and brightness level according to your wish. Moreover, with the help of DIY mode, you will be able to use 16 extra colors as a result.

The best thing is that it is easy to install, and you don’t even need anyone’s help. It comes with an adhesive that is very strong, which allows the product to stick to any surface (flat or dry).


  • Increases the rooms’ beauty
  • Easy installation process
  • Tightly sticks to the wall
  • Color and brightness can be controlled
  • Uses 150 LEDs


  • No instruction manual for the remote
  • Not very durable

2. Daybetter 32.8ft 10m Led Strip Lights

Daybetter 32.8ft 10m Led Strip Lights

This model works with all kinds of rooms, whether it is for the dorm, kitchen, car, or even cabinet. Surprisingly, it goes very well during wedding time or if someone plans to throw a party because the light is bright enough to bring a new change to the environment.

Don’t worry; the strip lights will stick to the wall or other surfaces with ease because it uses an adhesive (self) to get the job done. With the help of the remote, you can easily change the various colors and brightness as well.

Plus, with the help of 6 different dynamic modes and 2 individual speed modes, you will be able to observe and enjoy the color variation without any hassle.

Fortunately, you can cut the cutting marks, but you have to do it for every 3 LEDs. This becomes a big help if you are not interested in extending the lights. Besides, you can use this strategy to join the connectors if you plan to install them on your TV, bedroom, desk, etc.


  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Suitable for different purposes
  • Affordable
  • Creates a lively environment


  • Low-quality remote
  • Lights get hot sometimes

3. Govee Smart RGB Led Strip Lights

Govee Smart RGB Led Strip Lights

Are you searching for the best string lights for dorm rooms? Then, you should consider having this model.

The remarkable feature about the product is that it works with Google Assistant and Alexa. When you use your voice, you will be able to turn the LED lights on or off and change the brightness or color without any physical effort.

Furthermore, you can use the DIY mode from the app Govee Home if you are interested in experimenting with the color varieties or setting the light timetables. Besides, it comes with an installed microphone that smoothly synchronizes with your song’s rhythm.   

After you open the packaging, it won’t take much time to install it because it is very easy. To help you out in this task, the manufacturer had given 5 clips that will support and secure the lights all the time.

In total, this fantastic light will fit in all events, whether it is for decoration or indoor purposes.


  • Works with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Light timetables can be adjusted
  • Suitable for all events
  • Synchronizes with songs rhythm
  • Not complicated to use


  • App is tricky to use
  • Not cheap

4. Brightown Outdoor String Lights

Brightown Outdoor String Lights

This model comes with several features that will not only change the dimension of the environment but also will benefit you in the long run.

It comes with a dimmable facility that allows the light to provide a dimming effect, which is very attractive and lovely. Plus, it functions smoothly and doesn’t use a huge amount of electrical energy when it operates.

Though it looks complicated from the outside, you will be happy to know that it is very easy to install, and you don’t need to be a professional to make it happen. Luckily, it is compact and portable. So, if you are planning to carry it from one place to the other, you can easily do that. Besides, storing it is not a problem at all.

Yes, it has a UL certification, which means that it is safe to use because it has the strength to withstand different temperatures, wind, rain, etc. You will also get a spare fuse that is already installed when you need to do the replacement.


  • Has a UL certification
  • Goes well with outdoor decorative lighting
  • Installation is very easy
  • Flexible product
  • Portable


  • Fragile model
  • Color can’t be customized

5. Magictec 300 LED Curtain String Light

Magictec 300 LED Curtain String Light

If you are on a tight budget and are looking for a suitable model, this one can be a great choice for you.

It is constructed with tough strands that perfectly work with a window curtain or any other area. After you fit it, the lights will change the room’s ambiance, and it will be bliss.

This fantastic light has a UL certification, which means you will use a safe product that is not harmful at all. Plus, it comes with a touch controller that is easy to use. Moreover, you will get 8 unique light modes that you can choose in any situation to create a buzz among people.

Fortunately, it is IP44 waterproof, making it strong enough to resist water in all situations, whether you use it for outdoor or indoor lighting.

Since it is packed with benefits, you can use it in your room or for birthday parties, anniversaries, and other memorable events.


  • Versatile
  • IP44 waterproof
  • Constructed with tough strands
  • Has a UL label
  • Comes with 8 unique light modes


  • Solid objects that are larger than 1mm can damage the light
  • Adapters’ temperature increases with heavy use

6. LE LED Strip Lights

LE LED Strip Lights

Purchasing a cool dorm lighting sometimes get confusing if the product doesn’t live up to your expectation. With this model, you won’t have to go through that.

It comes with a remote that you can use to control the brightness and color in any situation. You will get Green, Red, White, Blue, and other 16 multicolored facilities. Moreover, it has 6 different DIY colors and 8 individual modes that are simply a cherry on top.  

The installation will be quick, and the fantastic thing is that it fits any dry surface very tightly because of its 3M self-adhesive. To adjust the unit in your required length, you can cut the lights in every 3 LEDs, and the process will be effortless.

Because it is a versatile product, you can use it to decorate your cabinet, room, kitchen, and even for Halloween parties, Christmas events, etc.

The noticeable feature is its durability. Besides, it is safe for the environment since it is low on carbon and releases no radiation, pollution, or flicker.


  • Safe for the environment
  • Long-lasting
  • Uses 3M adhesive
  • Can be folded and bended
  • Cheap


  • Not waterproof
  • Remote controls’ construction is not up to the mark

7. JMEXSUSS 33ft 100 LED Christmas Lights

JMEXSUSS 33ft 100 LED Christmas Lights

This one is a great college dorm light because it has a perfect balance between the price and performance.

It uses 100 LED bulbs that are very bright, and each of them shines with a viewing angle of 360 degrees.

You will get a soft and warm light that can relax your mind in any stressful situation. Plus, it allows you to use 8 individual modes that go very well with different events.

Besides, it saves the setting of your last mode so that you don’t have to reset the modes constantly. It is long and uses transparent wire, which perfectly blends with the room without ruining the style.

It is also IP44 certified, so you don’t have to worry about if it comes in contact with water or even snow. The bulbs consist of adhesive layers that are hot melted, and it is also immune to freezing and oxidation. This total package increases the models’ durability to a new level.

Fortunately, it is safe to use because it has a UL588 certification.      


  • UL588 and IP44 certified
  • Long size
  • Easily Blends with the room
  • Beautiful design
  • Not expensive


  • Plug is not waterproof
  • Not remote controlled

8. TaoTronics 33ft 100 LED String Lights, TT-SL036

TaoTronics 33ft 100 LED String Lights, TT-SL036

How would you feel if you get the chance to light up an exceptional moment? Simply fantastic, right! With this college dorm lighting in your arsenal, you can create this kind of situation.

The model comes with an upgraded remote control that protects the lights from short-circuit. Moreover, it is dimmable and user-friendly. You can adjust the 10 different brightness levels and even smooth, flash, or strobe lighting modes all the time to enjoy the lighting experience.

Luckily, it is weatherproof, so you don’t have to be tensed about the climate changes in your region. Besides, the copper wire is fully insulated, which stabilizes the lights’ temperature so that it doesn’t burn your hand.

You can also mold the light according to your desired shape to bring a unique change to your room. It is UL certified, so this means you can safely handle it without any hesitation.


  • Lights can be molded
  • Safe to handle
  • Weatherproof
  • Comes with an upgraded remote control
  • Prevent short-circuit problems


  • Can’t extend or connect the string lights together
  • Brightness gets weak after a couple of years

9. Minetom33 Feet 100 Led Globe Ball String Lights

Minetom33 Feet 100 Led Globe Ball String Lights

This model can be a smart pick among other decorative lights for dorm room because it is loaded with multiple benefits.

It is made of high-quality materials, and the plastic globes that are used around the lights won’t shatter since at any cost. You will get a warm and comfortable light from the 100 LED bulbs, whether it is day or night.

The power adapter comes with a UL label. So, you can safely use it without any doubt. Besides, it has 8 unique lighting modes, which is efficient enough to create a relaxing environment.

Moreover, the remote uses a memory function so that you can use it to adjust your desirable mode. Plus, you can even set the timer system to turn the lights on and off automatically.

Fortunately, it is safe from water (IP44 certified), and due to that, you can use it anywhere. If you are concerned about the weight, you will be surprised to know that it is not heavy at all. About the installation, the process will smooth and effortless.   


  • Effortless installation process
  • Won’t shatter
  • Safe from water
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Low-priced


  • Not too bright
  • Memory function malfunctions sometimes

10. Ksipze Led Strip Lights

Ksipze Led Strip Lights

Finally, we are down to the last college dorm light. This one looks attractive when you see it first, and after you install it, you will definitely get compliments from your friends and roommate.

It comes with 300 LEDs that illuminate 20 beautiful colors that you can control using the remote. With the help of 6 DIY choices and 8 beneficial lighting modes, you will get the opportunity to decorate and lighten up your room.

Like the color, you can adjust the brightness level according to your comfort zone. The light strips are huge, which allows you to use them in any sized room. Besides, the operating voltage (12V) is safe for you and the product.

For your ease, it consists of an adhesive that sticks to any clean, smooth, and dry surface. To get better adhesion, you should secure the clip properly.

Overall, it is a quality product that is suitable for people who are looking for home decoration.


  • Safe operating voltage
  • Uses a strong adhesive
  • Attractive outlook
  • Successfully decorates the room
  • Quality product


  • Lights are not waterproof
  • Can only be used for indoor purposes

What to Look for Before Buying? 

Before you place your order, it is best that you should consider some things in advance.

Here are all the factors that you should look for when you buy the college dorm lighting.

Ease of Installation

You should go for the one that can be installed without any hassle. It is obvious that you are looking for a user-friendly model since you will use it on a daily basis.

Dorm Lights

Besides, the installation shouldn’t take much time, or else you will surely get irritated before you get the job done. So, consult with the supplier regarding this aspect. 

Energy Efficient

Since it runs on electricity, you should be careful about the fact that whether it is will save electrical energy or not. If it consumes a huge amount of energy, your electricity bills will go way up, and you wouldn’t like this for sure.

So, choose the one that is energy efficient and performs well in all situations.


Some models come with a single color and some with multiple colors. The colorful ones are trendy nowadays because it elevates the rooms’ beauty on a new level.

Dorm Lights

With the technology upgrade, you can even control the color with a remote. Not all of them have this feature, but there are quite a few that can fulfill these criteria.

At the end of the day, it is up to your choice. Before you make the final decision, take these factors seriously.


As a student, you would prefer to make a safe investment in all conditions. Due to that, it is mandatory that you buy the one that is durable and efficiently performs.

A longer lifespan means there is no headache about replacement and other major issues.

Brightness Level

Make sure you check the brightness level before you set your mind to purchase your selected model. Test the illumination in the market and find out whether you are happy with the results or not.

Dorm Lights

There are products that light up like a regular bulb, and some create a soothing environment like the brightness of a lamp. Think about your purpose and then make the payment.

Customer Feedback

Do some research about the models and go through all the customer feedbacks for each of the units. This will give you an idea about the kind of product you will purchase in the first place.

Since the customers will provide honest opinions, you should definitely take some time out from your schedule and read all of them.

Dorm Lights

After all, your topmost priority is to purchase a model that has cool dorm lighting features.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make my dorm lighting better?

You can install it in a place where normal lights can’t enter. Also, you should check whether the adhesive is tightly fitted to the surface or not.

Dorm Lights

2. Can you put LED lights in your dorm?

Yes, you can do that. The lights are powerful and won’t heat up when it is functioning. Plus, it doesn’t consume that much energy when you use it.

3. Why are string lights not allowed in dorms?

Because string lights are a bit risky to use and the models that don’t come with a UL (Underwriter Laboratories) label, which is dangerous for the room and yourself as well.

4. Are diffusers allowed in dorms?

Yes, they are allowed, but it mainly depends on the college. Diffusers are considered a safe option since it is not risky, like incense or candles (scented). Before you use it, consult with the authority and roommate regarding this.

Final Words

These are all about the best dorm lights. Take notes wherever you mind something important.  Don’t forget to share it with your roommates.

Make your room brighter and beautiful. Have a good day.

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