Best Fillet Knife for Walleye

7 Best Fillet Knife for Walleye and Other Freshwater Fish

If you’re looking for a durable, ultra-sharp, and reliable knife for filleting walleye, we have put together this guide for you.

While you’ll find multiple fillet knives on the market, not all of them are good for filleting your walleye catches. You can use a Salmon filleting knife for walleye. You’ll need to spend more time researching different models for the best fillet knife for walleye with a flexible and ultra-sharp for easy filleting with minimal waste.

The perfect knife should also not lose its edge quickly and should be durable to serve you for many fishing trips.

Our list below features some of the most popular knives you can find on the marketing today for efficiently filleting walleye.

Best Fillet Knives for Walleye: 

1. KastKing 7'' Fillet Knife

KastKing 7'' Fillet Knife

The knife comes with a cool handle that feels incredibly comfortable in your hands. It presents you with a razor-sharp stainless steel blade made from quality German stainless steel. The blade has a beautiful black finish and the handle features high visibility orange color. The pricing is on the lower side for this knife and totally worth it.

You’ll like that this fillet knife has a slightly curved blade with the perfect flexibility that enables it to easily bend around the contours of your fish.

Kastking even offers you this knife in different blade lengths—ranging from 5 to 9 inches, the most popular lengths—to ensure you always have the right tool for the job.

The handle is a non-slip polymer material for safety and comfort during filleting. The handle feels great in your hand and will ensure you always have a solid grip. This handle also cleans effortlessly and will last longer.

You’ll get a protective sheath for this knife. This is made using lightweight and durable plastic material and will lock the knife handle in place so it doesn’t come off easily. Since the sheath has an open slot, it offers good ventilation and water drainage to keep your blade dry, rust-free, and sharp.

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-slip and durable polymer handle
  • Razor-sharp stainless steel blade
  • Includes a lightweight and durable sheath
  • Available in varying blade lengths

2. TUO 7 inch Fillet Knife

TUO 7 inch Fillet Knife

The Tuo 7-inch fillet knife is also a budget-friendly alternative. It comes super-sharp out of box and is ready to cut your walleye catches into perfect fillets. The long blade offers you decent flex and stiffness to easily bend around your fish without breaking, making filleting easy and efficient for you.

The blade is made using high carbon no-stain steel through the forging process for high strength and durability. It is extremely sharp out of the box and makes precise cuts for professional filleting results. It also stays sharp for a long time compared to the cheap alternatives.

We also consider it as one of the top knives for walleye because it comes with a full-tang design. This helps give it a good balance and gives you more control over the flexible blade, so you can direct it exactly where you want to cut.

Because the knife comes with an ergonomic pakkawood handle with triple riveting, it offers you exceptional comfort while remaining strong and durable for years of filleting. The handle’s ergonomic and ambidextrous design makes it feel right for both the right and left-handed users.

Highlighted Features:

  • Forged from high carbon no-stain steel
  • Full-tang blade for good balance
  • Triple-riveted handle for max. strength
  • Eye-pleasing black pakkawood handles
  • Ergonomic and ambidextrous handle
  • Comes in a premium gift box

3. BUBBA Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

BUBBA Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

This Bubba fillet knife comes with an electric stainless steel blade to make filleting work even easier and faster for you. it also comes with a cordless design to make it highly portable, so you can use it for all your fishing trips. Thus, this is our choice of best electric fillet knife for walleye.

We like this product because it comes as a complete package featuring a set of 4 knives of varying lengths (from 7 to 12 inches) to ensure you have a knife for your specific filleting needs.

The blades come ultra-sharp out of the box and hold their edges decently. They also feature a black coating which offers a smooth non-stick performance while increasing corrosion resistance.

A powerful motor powers the sharp electric fillet knife through the tough walleye skin for fast, pro-like results. It is powered by a healthy Li-ion battery which keeps the blade running for hours. With the included battery indicator, you’ll easily know when it’s time to replace the battery.

Bubba keeps your safety first and has included a safety lock as well as a trigger guard on the knife to keep it from starting accidentally.

Ergonomic handles are everything for a knife intended for fishing filleting. This electric fillet knife comes armed with the company’s iconic handle which is highly popular for its non-slip, firm grip. It feels quite natural in your hands and you can use it for hours without feeling fatigued. So, if you know how to fillet a walleye with electric knife, then this is definitely a good choice for you. 

Highlighted Features:

  • A set of 4 filleting knives
  • Razor-sharp, high carbon stainless steel blade
  • Replacement Li-ion battery included
  • Bubba’s iconic ergonomic, non-slip grip
  • Premium EVA molded carrying case

4. Rhinoreto Fillet Knife 

Rhinoreto Fillet Knife

If you’re looking for the perfect filet knife for walleye to replace your current knife, this modern-looking knife will be a good choice. It slices walleye like a hot knife on butter and produces great results. It will instantly become your favorite filleting knife!

This blade is ultra-sharp out of the box and will help you make more precise cuts. It holds an edge nicely and needs no frequent sharpening.

It also yields lots of flexibility to easily bend around the natural curvature of fish to give you more control and let you easily tackle even the trickiest parts easily. Add to the curved blade shape and cutting the fish becomes even easier for you.

Cleaning this knife is also easy, thanks to its non-stick blade coating.

It boasts a rubber handle which ensures a comfortable and firm grip, even with hours of use. Besides, it’s extremely non-slip for a solid grip which is crucial for safe filleting with knife hands.

Even better, it features a handguard that keeps your hands from slipping right onto the sharp edge and injuring yourself. This is also a great knife for small hands.

This fillet knife comes with a protective, vented sheath that keeps the blade edge projected and ensures your own safety. The added sharpener is a nice bonus and enables you easily restore your knife sharpness back up in case it gets dull.

Highlighted Features:

  • Flexible, curved blade with non-stick coating
  • Includes double-sided ceramic sharpener
  • Lightweight and vented sheath
  • Non-slip rubber handle
  • Different blade lengths (5-8 inches) available
  • Blister packaging makes it a perfect gift

5. Calamus Fishing Fillet Knife

Calamus Fishing Fillet Knife

This is another best fillet knife for walleye. It lies in the affordable realm and presents you with a quality German stainless steel that’s razor-sharp out of the box, and holds its edge well. It will even cut tomatoes like butter. It has an extra-long blade which makes your filleting work faster compared to the shorter knives.

One of the most notable things about this knife is the beautiful blue coating on the blade. This ensures smooth, non-stick cutting performance. It also makes cleaning easy and maximizes stain and corrosion resistance. The extra-long blade has the perfect amount of flex to easily bend around the fish anatomy for smooth and quick filleting.

It is also highly rated for its non-slip grip handle made using lightweight material and rubberized to offer you a firmer grip. The handle has a golf-style design for ergonomics and comfortably fits your hands hours of slip-free handling, even when working in wet conditions. You can fillet saltwater fish with this.

Similar to the other fillet knives featured on this list, this knife from Calamus also comes with a durable nylon sheath that locks your knife handle in and ensures your knife status in place during storage for safety. Don’t forget that this sheath is also vented for smooth airflow and easy cleaning.

Highlighted Features:

  • Razor-sharp German stainless steel
  • Beautiful blue corrosion-resistant finish
  • Extra-long 9-inch, flexible blade
  • Non-slip rubberized handle
  • Includes a protective nylon sheath

6. Mercer Culinary Millennia 8.5-Inch Fillet Knife

Mercer Culinary Millennia 8.5-Inch Fillet Knife

Mercer Culinary is known for producing knives that compete with high-end brands while keeping their prices within the affordable range. This is well evidenced by this Milleani 8.5-inch fillet knife from the company featuring some high-end features at low pricing, offering you good value for money.

The knife is made from high-quality Japanese steel and comes wicked-sharp out of the box and cuts walleye skin and debones it like a better on a hot knife. You should be careful with this knife so it doesn’t end up cutting you. It also delivers outstanding edge holding for hours and days of filleting without regular sharpening.

It also offers you the perfect blade design for filleting—a stiff but flexible blade—to easily curve around the fish anatomy without breaking for minimal waste of meat. Its narrow blade design ensures it easily glides through the tricky parts of the fish.

The handle is comfortable, too, and features textured finger grips to offer you a more comfortable, non-slip, and trustworthy grip. The handle features a combination of Santoprene and polypropylene materials for comfort and durability.

For the quality, this knife is made with and the performance it presents to you with, its price is totally worth it. You might even be skeptical about its performance due to its cheap pricing, but you’ll be surprised by how good it is at filleting job.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super-comfortable, ergonomic handle
  • Textured finger points for slip resistance
  • High-quality Japanese steel blade
  • Forged from one-piece Japanese steel
  • Integrated protective finger guard
  • Rust-free for easy maintenance

7. Rapala Fish 'N Fillet Knife

Rapala Fish 'N Fillet Knife

Lastly, we have this small Rapala fish n filet knife for walleye. This is incredibly popular for fish filleting because it offers you some of the most desirable features in a filleting knife including razor-sharp edge, nice edge retention, quality construction, etc., at a pocket-friendly price. Simply put, its feature and quality surpass the indicated price tag.

The blade comes super-sharp out of the box and holds its edge for longer than most of the fish knives in this price category. It also provides you with a high amount of flex and easily assumes the fish curvature to make it easy for you to cut your walleye catch into fillets, debone, and skin.

You’ll also be impressed by the classic Birchwood handle this knife comes with. The handle feels incredibly comfortable to hold and comes in a single piece of wood ergonomically designed to perfectly fit your hand. Brass fastener and copper ferrule hold it in place for maximum strength and durability.

The little Rapala also comes with a quality leather protective sheath to help you easily carry this knife with you anywhere. Because the sheath also features a plastic insert, it will keep the blade from damaging your sheath with its sharpness and ensure it lasts longer. A ceramic sharpener is also included in the box to help you keep your knife sharp.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super-sharp Swedish stainless steel blade
  • Comes with a comfortable wood handle
  • Full-tang design for perfect balance
  • Includes a genuine leather sheath
  • Bonus single-stage ceramic sharpener

Comparison Table:


Blade length


Protective sheath


7 inches




7 inches




7-12 inches




5 inches




9 inches




8.5 inches

Santoprene and polypropylene



4 inches

Classic Birchwood



How to fillet a walleye fish?

The first step to filleting a walleye is getting the perfect filet knife for walleye. Once you have this crucial tool in your hands, everything else becomes easy and you’ll fillet the fish like a pro without wasting a lot of edible parts.

Fillet Knife for Walleye

Here are quick steps on how to fillet a walleye fish boneless:

Step 1. Prepare walleye for filleting

Before you do anything to the fish with your knife, you should first position it correctly to make it easy to work on. Simply place the fish with its belly facing you and the head on your left. This position works for right-handed folks. If you’re a leftie, simply rotate the fish 180 degrees to the right.

Step 2. The first cut

You should always start filleting your catch by making the first cut right behind the gills and angle your knife backward towards the fish head. Turn your knife sideways so that it points towards the fishtail and cut straight from the backbone to the tail. Now you have a fillet sliced off your fish.

Fillet Knife

Step 2. Removing the ribcage

In this step, you’ll need to take out the rib cage. Place your fillet knife at the rib cage end and slice along it (the rib cage). And be sure to keep your knife edge as close to the rib as possible so you don’t end up wasting a lot of meat. Grab the rib cage and get it out.

Step 3. Taking off the skin

With the fillet skin side in contact with the chopping board, or the flat surface you’re working on, cut down to the skin, followed by a straight cut along the skin, and go all the way to the other end to completely remove the skin. BE sure to keep your knife close to the skin.

Step 4. Making the second fillet

Flip your walleye over and do the same thing (steps 1-3) for the other side to make the second boneless fillet. When you’re done, wash your now boneless fillets in clean water in preparation for cooking.

Watch the video below for a visual guide on how to fillet your walleye catch like a pro.


1. How do you wash walleye in 10 seconds?

To clean a walleye in 10 seconds, follow the quick steps we have just outlined above. For fast cleaning, make sure you have an ultra-sharp and flexible filleting knife.

2. What blade length is best for filleting walleye fish?

The perfect blade length for filleting walleye fish is 7-8 inches. For smaller walleye fish, you should use a shorter blade around 4-5 inches. And for larger walleye fish, you’ll need a bigger 9-12 inches blade.

3. What is the best way to fillet a walleye?

The best way to fillet a walleye is to start by placing it on your table correctly, making the first cut behind the pectoral fin, removing the ribcage and bones, and finally getting off the skin. This process should work for both sides of the walleye and will help you make your walleye fillets in no time.

4. Should I fillet a walleye with electric knife?

You can fillet a walleye with an electric knife if you want to. You just use it the same way you’ll use a standard fillet knife on your fish.

5. Do you have to gut a walleye?

You’ll have to gut a walleye to help you maintain the freshness of your fish and prevent the internal organs as well as blood from contaminating your meat.

6. How long is a fillet knife for walleye?

A good size for a walleye fillet knife is 7-10 inches. People use lower and larger sizes too. The length of the blade makes it easier to slice through the delicate flesh and also prevents chips from forming on the edges of the blade as you cut. 

7. What kind of knife is best for filleting fish?

A filleting knife is best for this job. Its long, thin blade allows you to easily slip under the skin and cut fillets away from the bones. Many of these knives have

Final Verdict

Filleting walleye becomes easier and more efficient if you’re using the best fillet knife for walleye. This special knife has unique properties that make it more suited for filleting, deboning, and skinning your walleye catches easily and quickly.

We have just listed some of the most popular fillet knives used by walleye fans. We hope that you’ll find a suitable list from this knife to help you cut their fish without wasting a lot of that flavourful walleye meat.

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