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10 Best Garage Door Keypad Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide

You might have heard this multiple times, but we are going to state again that you can never have too much security in your living space. And as the garage is one of your home's essential parts, you should think about adequately securing it also.

When it comes to securing your garage, nothing beats the security and the convenience that the best garage door keypad can offer. These will utilize a wireless mechanism, which will require no wirings. So, there is no need to tinker around with any wires when you are setting these up.

Also, because of the dial pad, you can grant access to anyone you trust. You no longer have to go through the hassle of making duplicate keys.

10 Best Garage Door Keypad Reviews

Though there are plenty of these in the market, not all of them offer the performance that you would get from one of the top-rated ones. And getting one of the top-rated ones will be pretty tricky for you. However, we are here to make it easier with our handpicked list of recommendation worthy ones. And they are as follows:

1. Chamberlain 940EV-P2

Chamberlain 940EV-P2

Among all of the units that are out there, the best garage door opener keypad would be the ones that are easy to install and easy to program. And this one that Chamberlain is offering is one of them.

To begin with, it has a reasonably simple installation process. You will not have to go through any sort of hassles in setting this one up on the door of your garage.

In fact, you can set this one up within half an hour. Along with that, the programming procedure is straightforward. It would be possible for you to program it within minutes. If you are also installing a lock with it you might require a lock installation kit.

Furthermore, there is a wireless programming mechanism that will enable you to program it without making any electrical connections. Therefore, you can keep the interior side of your garage clean and free of hanging wires. Also, it is compatible with most of the doors that major brands are offering in the market.

There is a feature that will enable you to set up a temporary pin. That feature will come in handy when you are expecting a delivery at your house. No need to give away your main code to the guest to offer them access to your parking space because of that temporary pin.

Other than that, it has a single button closure design. And the buttons on the keypad illuminate, which will make it easier for you to input the code at night.


  • Installation process is simple
  • Can be programmed within minutes
  • Does not require any electrical connections
  • Buttons illuminate at night
  • Features a temporary pin setting mode


  • Included installation guide is not that clear
  • Might not work with some of the doors

2. Genie Wireless Keyless Keypad

Genie Wireless Keyless Keypad

Even though there are countless numbers of keypads out there, only a few wireless ones are highly responsive. And this one that is being offered by Genie is among those few.

Unlike some of the other wireless keypad units, this one boasts a dual-frequency mode. The mode allows it to connect with the frequency of the door, even when there are too many interferences around it.

Because of that, the responsiveness of the unit is reasonably high. So, the signal transmission's succession rate will be higher than the ones that have a single frequency mode.

Alongside that, the installation process for this one is comparatively easy. The package that you are going to receive will contain all of the installation mounts. You will not require anything extra. Also, the device itself has a flip cover, which will protect the keys from wearing and occasional damage.

On that note, the keys on the pad have a backlit. That backlighting will enable you to input the codes even when you are inside a dark environment.

As a result, you will not have any trouble accessing your parking space at night. Also, it packs the Intellicode technology. This technology will prevent unauthorized access, which will eventually increase the overall security level.

Besides that, the device is compatible with most of the door models that major brands are offering in the market. You would not have to worry about the compatibility that much. And the housing that it has is weather-resistant as well.


  • Packs Intellicode technology
  • Compatible with most of the doors
  • Includes all of the installation mounts
  • Keys have backlighting
  • Features a weather-resistant housing


  • The bundled programming guide is a bit vague
  • Not that efficient in the case of power consumption

3. LiftMaster 877max

LiftMaster 877max

Not all of the units out there have weatherproof housing. It is an essential factor for these. However, this one that is from LiftMaster has that, which is why we have included this in our garage door keypad reviews.

First of all, it boasts proprietary Security 2.0 technology. It will transmit a new signal every time, which will be pretty hard to capture.

Because of that technology, it will offer you a maximum amount of security. You will not have to worry about someone peeping into the signal transmission and capturing the code that you are inputting.

On that note, it will only require a four-digit code because of the security features that it boasts. It is also compatible with most of the door openers released after 1993, which means you do not have to worry about the compatibility that much either.

Alongside that, the housing that it comes in is weatherproof. For that reason, it will be able to withstand adverse weather conditions without showing any issues.

The cover that it has on the front will be able to lower the occasional damages that might occur over time. As a result, the keys are not going to wear out that soon.

Just like some of the other units, this one also features backlighting. As there is an individual backlight in each of the keys, it will be pretty easy for you to input your codes in low light conditions. There will be no popping out your flashlight in such conditions.


  • Features a weatherproof housing
  • Boasts individually backlit keys
  • Sports proprietary Security 2.0 technology
  • Flaunts with a protective cover
  • Works with most of the door openers


  • Not that easy to program
  • The installation process is a bit tedious

4. Overhead Wireless Door Opener

Overhead Wireless Door Opener

Most of these devices that are out in the market will enable you to customize the security code. Unfortunately, not all of them will be able to store the code inside when the batteries die. But this one that is from Overhead can.

To start with, it will provide you the full freedom to customize the security pin. You will have the option to use your personalized combination. And the combination you are going to program will be saved in the built-in memory.

As a result, even if it runs out of charge and stops operating, your code will not be erased. There will be no need to program the device multiple times.

Talking about the battery and the charge, it has a low-battery indicator. That will light up when the charge is at the low levels. It utilizes two AAA batteries. And one set of them is included in the package, which means you will be able to get this operational right after you take it out of the box.

Other than that, the housing that stores the main chips in is pretty sturdy. There is a flip-up cover on the front, which is weather-resistant. The cover has a UV additive on the exterior. This coating will be able to prevent sunlight damages, which will extend the overall lifespan of the keys.

Alongside that, the keys have backlighting. Also, the keys are reasonably large in size. As a result, you can input your code at ease.


  • Comes with a weather-resistant flip cover
  • Flip cover has a UV additive on the surface
  • Packs a built-in memory
  • Features a low battery indicator
  • Keys are large in size


  • Instruction guide is not that helpful
  • Syncing mechanism that it has is not reliable

5. Marantec Wireless Keyless Entry System

Marantec Wireless Keyless Entry System

While you are going through our garage door keypad reviews, you might want to opt for something that utilizes a high-security coding system. Well, in that regard, you should put this one that is being offered by Marantec on your consideration list.

First and foremost, the unit is reasonably easy to install. You will find all of the mounting hardware inside the package. The package also comes with programming instructions, which will guide you through the programming system. It will be pretty easy for you to get this thing operational.

Other than the installation process, the unit is reasonably durable as well. It comes in a housing that is of sturdy plastic. Along with that, there is a weather-resistant cover on the front too. The flip cover is going to protect the keys from environmental factors. As a result, it is not going to wear down that quickly.

Apart from the overall build quality, the programming steps for the device is pretty straightforward. And because of the advanced chip that it has, you will be able to pair this one up with four doors. Also, it flaunts an advanced security system that utilizes a multi-bit code.

Aside from that, there is a button that will allow you to close the door in seconds. You will not have to close it manually. And because of the smart system, it will be compatible with most of the entry systems that are out in the market.


  • Can pair up with four different openers
  • Easy to program
  • Comes with all of the installation hardware
  • The housing is durable
  • Sports advanced security system


  • Some of the modes of the device are confusing
  • Hinge of the front cover is a little flimsy

6. Craftsman CMXZDCG440

Craftsman CMXZDCG440

Having an easy installation process is quite important for a unit to become the best garage door keypad. And Craftsman had factored that in when they were manufacturing this unit for the market.

As we have mentioned, the task of installing this is pretty effortless. You will find all of the necessary hardware and mounts inside the packaging that is going to ship to you.

And setting this up will take you only a couple of minutes. You will not need any intricate tools, nor will you have to go through any intricate processes for setting this up.

Alongside that, programming the device is hassle-free too. You will have the full freedom to choose the combination of your preference. And even though it only lets you save a combination of four keys, the security that it can offer is higher than the average devices that utilize six code combinations.

It implements Secure Access, which sends an assortment of billion signals each time you input the code.

Aside from the overall security, you will have the option to set up temporary pins. You can set up to 24 of them. As a result, there will be no need to give your primary pin away for offering limited access to a person.

And the processing chip that it has on the inside is quite responsive. It can open up the door almost instantaneously.

Lastly, the keys of this one also have backlighting. It will be pretty easy for you to input your codes at night-times.


  • Installation process is easy
  • Packs Secure Access
  • Processing chip is reasonably fast
  • Features backlighting for the keys
  • Can generate up to 24 one time use codes


  • Some of the packages might ship with defective devices
  • Keys are a little spongy

7. Hugolog Keyless Electronic Pad

Hugolog Keyless Electronic Pad

An elegant design is something that not all of the units you are going to find in the market will have. But if you were looking for one, you should check what Hugolog is offering here.

First of all, it sports a modern design. The color coating that it features on the exterior is brushed black, which will make it look elegant. You will be able to add a modern touch to the entryway of your parking space if you set this one up there. It will complement the door as well.

Other than the outlooks, Hugolog did not skimp one bit on the overall functionality. The programming mechanism of the device is pretty simple and straightforward.

There will be no need to go through any complicated settings for setting this one up. It also has a quick button, which will enable you to activate the locking mechanism instantaneously.

Aside from that, the overall construction is pretty solid. The materials that the manufacturer has utilized are of high-quality. Along with that, it is pick-free. The chances of it being bypassed by an intruder would be pretty minimal because of that design.

Apart from that, you will have the freedom to set up a combination that is up to 10 digits in length. And the shortest that you can set up is four digits. And you will be able to generate up to 20 one-time codes. That will enable you to give limited access to the people you trust.


  • Features a modern and elegant design
  • Can store up to 10 digit length codes
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Packs a quick-locking button
  • Easy to setup


  • Buttons do not have any backlight
  • Does not have any front flip cover

8. TCK TECH Keyless Entry 977LM

TCK TECH Keyless Entry 977LM

Are you on the lookout for something that is not only easy to set up but also easy to program? Then, what you are probably looking for is this one that is being offered by TCK TECH.

To begin with, this one is the updated version of the old device that they had in the market. This version has an advanced security chip, which is going to protect your code from getting into the wrong hands. It transmits a large number of signals when you put your code in. So, it will be pretty hard for someone to pick up the right one.

Aside from the security level that it has to offer, the unit's overall construction is pretty praiseworthy as well. The manufacturer has utilized high-quality materials for housing. It can withstand harsh weather conditions reasonably well. For that reason, it achieves a high level of durability.

Other than that, the installation process of the unit is hassle-free. You are going to find all of the essential parts inside the package. That means you will not have to purchase anything separately. Also, the instruction manual will contain a step by step process, which is going to guide you through the setup process.

Alongside that, the keys that it contains on the front are large in size. Because of the keys being large in size, it will be pretty effortless for you to input the codes. Also, the front has a flip cover, which will protect the buttons from harsh weather conditions.


  • Sports an advanced security chip
  • Buttons are large in size
  • Offers a hassle-free installation process
  • Features a front flip cover
  • Packs a durable overall construction


  • Does not have any backlighting
  • Can not generate temporary codes

9. Linear LPWKP MDTK


Being able to transmit multiple combinations of signals when you are inputting your code is what makes these highly secure. And this one that is being offered by Linear is capable of doing that.

First of all, it has an advanced MegaCode security chip inside. It enhances the overall security protocol of the device. This chip generates a large number of signal combinations when you have successfully inputted the code, which will lower the chances of your code getting into the wrong hands.

Alongside that, the buttons that it features on the front are reasonably large. You will not face any difficulties when you are putting codes through them. Also, each of the keys is individually backlit, which is going to make it easier for you to input the digits in low light conditions.

Aside from that, the programming procedure of the unit is pretty easy to carry out. You can set this one up with your preferable code that is up to six digits long. There is a lockout feature, which locks the keypad if someone tries to guess the code or when there are too many unsuccessful attempts.

Also, there is a 30 seconds timer that will activate after each of the unsuccessful attempts.

Other than that, there is a built-in memory. The memory chip will contain the code. So, even if the batteries run out of power, you will not have to set this one from the beginning after installing a new set of cells.


  • Boasts a MegaCode security chip
  • Can store codes that are up to 6 digits long
  • Sports a lockout feature
  • Features a built-in memory
  • Buttons have backlighting


  • Not that durable
  • The transmitted signal does not have that strong range

10. TCK TECH 371LM + 377LM

TCK TECH 371LM + 377LM

The manufacturer TCK TECH has quite a large lineup of reliable garage door keypads to offer to the market. And this one that we are going to talk about is not an exception in that regard.

To start with, it bundles with a remote, which is not something that most of the packages come with. Because of having that remote, you can unlock the locking mechanism without having to input the code every time.

You are also going to find batteries inside the package. It will come with all of the installation mounts. That means there would be no need to get anything extra after getting this package.

Other than the things that the package includes, the button that it features is reasonably large in size. And as they are large in size, it will be pretty easy for you to input the codes.  It also has backlighting, which is going to make it easier for you to input the codes at night-times.

Alongside that, it includes programming instruction. It will guide you through the programming process. So, it will be pretty effortless for you to set this one up. And as it is wireless, you will not have to tinker around any wirings for fitting this one up.

Apart from that, the materials utilized for the housing are all high-quality. And it has a flip cover on the front as well. That can resist sunlight damages and other damages that are caused by different environmental elements.


  • Bundles with a remote controller
  • Includes all of the installation mounts in the package
  • Features comparatively large-sized buttons
  • Easy to set up
  • Sports a protective flip cover


  • Does not have any advanced security chip
  • Not compatible with all of the doors

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are garage door keypads safe?

The safety will entirely depend on how secure the device is. That being said, the higher the device's security level, the safer and more reliable it will be. So, if safety is a prime concern for you, you should go for the units that have an advanced security chip inside. But it is always safer than a door knob. It gets even safer when you get a biometric door lock.

Garage Door Keypad

2. Are garage door keypads Universal?

Not really. These are going to utilize a wireless transmitter. And different garage doors are going to utilize different receivers. Only the ones that have a matching receiver will work.

3. Can a garage door keypad be hacked?

Yes, it is possible to hack the keypads. If someone manages to capture the signal that is being transmitted by the device, they will gain access to your parking space.

4. Can I install a keypad for my garage door?

It will depend on the door that you have installed. If the door is compatible with these devices, you will be able to pair them up. For that reason, you need to check the compatibility first.

5. How much does it cost to install a garage door keypad?

Usually, it will take you about 100 bucks to buy one of these. However, if you opt for the advanced models that are available in the market, it can cost you more than that.

Final Words

Security is something that you should not skimp on when it comes to the locking mechanism for your front door or your garage door. For that reason, you should not settle for anything other than the best garage door keypad. And we assure you that all the ones that we have included in our list fall in that category. You can also checkout our review on storm door closers.

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