Best Garage Door Opener Consumer Reports

13 Best Garage Door Opener Consumer Reports

Garage door openers are an appliance that most people take for granted. They are just there, opening our garage doors without any problems. But what happens when they stop working? One of the worst feelings is not being able to get your car out because your garage opener stopped working. Then you start to search for best garage door opener consumer reports.

Even if you don't use it every day, there may be situations where you really need to get your garage doors opened quickly: like when your opener stops working in the middle of winter, or when you come home late after a night out and your garage doors won't open.

There are some garage door openers that work better than others, and we will review the top thirteen brands in this blog post. This blog post will give you all the information you need about this product and how to find the best one for your needs!

Best garage door opener consumer reports

Here is a list of all the best garage door opener consumer reports can offer. Give them a read and you might save yourself a lot of time and money!

1. Chamberlain B550 Smart Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain B550 Smart Garage Door Opener

The Chamberlain B550 is the perfect solution if you are looking for garage door opener reviews consumer reports. It comes with built-in myQ technology so you can stay connected and protected and know the status of your garage door from anywhere with a smartphone with the myQ app. Plus its ultra-quiet & strong belt drive makes it reliable and effortless!

We all know that garage doors are one of the most important parts of our homes and if they break we panic because we need them to get in and out safely. But who wants to deal with a noisy or unreliable opener?

The new B550 Belt Drive Garage Opener is ultra-quiet and will never give you any trouble again. This belt-drive model has an industry-leading lifting force equivalent capacity compared to 1/2 power class for effortless lifting performance, so you don’t have to worry about your car getting stuck halfway in or out anymore! Plus this quiet unit also comes with Chamberlain's MED Lift Power System™ which provides more than twice the lifting force than other brands on the market today.

The Superior Range from Chamberlain has been our go-to choice for years. According to consumer reports garage door openers it's a trusted name in garage door security and we have never had any problems with them.

Solution: The superior range comes with 2 3-button remote controls so you can control up to three openers. This means you can give one remote to your partner or roommate so they don't have to wait around when you're running late at work! You also get exclusive Triband technology which boosts the signal strength by up to 1,500 feet for a quicker entrance and exit from home or office.

In addition, there is an optional wireless exterior keypad that uses a 4 digit code instead of the standard 3 button remote controller (this makes it harder for intruders). Finally, this package includes Posi-Lock anti-theft protection which stops attempts at forced entry into garage doors.


  • Wireless keypad
  • Safety sensors
  • Two 3-Button Remotes
  • Dual-function wall control
  • Wifi-enabled for my Q


  • $1/month fee for the MyQ IFTTT channel

2. Genie StealthDrive Connect Model 7155-TKV

Genie StealthDrive Connect Model 7155-TKV

Genie is the perfect way to control your garage door, even when you're not home. It'll open and close your door for you - give Genie a command!

The Stealth Drive Connect smart garage opener is guaranteed to make getting home much more convenient; you will never have to worry about pulling your car out of the driveway again because this gadget lets you open and close it with a tap on your phone or a voice command through Alexa. This means spending less time fumbling around in the dark for keys and going down instead of up when life gets too hectic. Go ahead... make a wish!

With this smart opener, you have the freedom to control your openers from anywhere in your home. Simply log in with your wireless keypad or a 2nd 3-button remote and press “open.” You can also program curfews for when nobody should enter the garage until a specified time.

Along with making life more convenient, you can save on electric bill costs by using our auto-close technology that slowly closes down the door automatically when it detects no activity nearby after 30 seconds of uninterrupted motion sensing detection leading to reduced wear and tear on hardware operators.

Designed and manufactured in the U.S., the automatic opener is a thing of innovation and beauty. The option for battery backup allows you to keep your home secured knowing that it will still be usable when there’s no power, which makes it perfect for emergency situations such as hurricanes or other natural disasters.

It can also be installed quickly by anyone with just a screwdriver--no added hardware required! What more could one ask for?


  • Quality belt
  • Soft start and stop
  • Automatic battery backup
  • Wireless keypad
  • Pre-programmed remotes


  • Wifi features don't work that great

3- Genie Chain Drive 750 3/4 HPc Garage Door Opener

Genie Chain Drive 750 3/4 HPc Garage Door Opener

When you need to open the garage door, there's no better way than with a Genie! The company has been around since 1968 and their latest product is an amazing 750 horse power motor that will get your vehicle inside in seconds.

With two pre-programmed remotes included as well as a wireless keypad for convenience of operation; this opener can go anywhere at any time without worrying about getting lost or missing another remote control somewhere else because it comes equipped with all three - giving someone maximum freedom while still remaining secure at home (or work).

The powerful motor is gentle on your battery and won't wake you up with its wireless signals. With the help of an integrated backup power system, it can be used when there are outages for 50 cycles or more - so no need to worry about being left in suspense over whether they'll come back anytime soon...or ever again if this happens while someone else has their hands on controls (not cool).

The 3/4 HP motor paired with our durable metal chain drive means that these bad boys will last longer than most other models too; after a while, we're sure even Dad could feel like he needs some shut-eye himself.

The Onewheel+ features a unique 5-piece rail system that snaps together for easy installation. It’s lightweight, weighing only 23 pounds with no added hardware needed! Plus, preprogrammed remotes are already included out of the box to eliminate any programming steps - making this an affordable alternative to traditional garage door openers (which can cost up to $500!). The chain drive offers durable and reliable operation while still providing great performance at an unbeatable price point."


  • 50 cycles from the initial power failure
  • Great accessories
  • Quiet and reliable chains
  • Affordable price
  • Great battery backup


  • Might be hard to install

4- Craftsman 1/2 HP Smart myQ Smartphone Controlled-Belt Drive

Craftsman 1/2 HP Smart myQ Smartphone Controlled-Belt Drive

So you’ve been looking for an easy way to open and close your garage door without running outside? Or maybe ditching those old, loud chains was on the top of your priority list. Well good news: we have just what you’ve been waiting for!

The Craftsman myQ with Wi-Fi and belt drive mechanism will leave you amazed. You can now monitor and control it from anywhere at any time using our integrated CRAFTSMAN app. If that wasn't enough already - the belt-driven operation ensures a smooth operation with little noise coming out of it - making it perfect for attached garages.

With Craftsman 3-button remotes, errands are only a button away. You can open and close your garage door with speedy precision from up to 1,500 feet away without having to wait for the garage door opener to respond (most other remotes work within 100 feet).

Quickly record up to three different codes with this handheld remote so family members don’t have to swap their remotes. When it comes time for you or your guests or employees whose cars are inside your home -anyone using these buttons-- know what they’ll need before they enter because now two remotes come standard with each unit.

Curb the risk of your keys being snatched by a thief with this compact yet powerful product. This easy-to-use device sends a new code to open the door every time, eliminating the possibility of them hacking into one unique code and having free rein in your home's perimeter.


  • Maximum security
  • Powerful motor
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to install and program
  • Connects with Apple Home
  • Kit for garage control from anywhere in the world.


  • Requires internet connection for the remotes to work properly

5. Chamberlain B4613T garage door opener

Chamberlain B4613T garage door opener

Through the Chamberlain myQ app, you can see your garage door open or closed and not just when you're in front of it. That's because our advanced integrated lighting brightens the high traffic areas. Motion-activated and up to 1k lumens strong, this overhead light ensures that if something is happening in your garage, we'll spot it so quickly here at Chamberlain.

With the myQ app, you can monitor and control your door with just a tap of your finger or by speaking to Siri. You can also check on how long it has been since you left the garage open, set alerts for when the door is closed if not within range, find out who's home with "presence detection", and save energy by having scheduled closings only.

The Chamberlain belt drive is so quiet you can hardly tell it's on. Plus, the backup battery ensures your garage will still have power in case of a power outage or if someone accidentally disconnects the electrical connections coming from the house to the opener.

The WiFi function is convenient, but not necessary given how intuitive setup with just an easy-to-follow mobile app was. It even includes two remote controls that are both smartphone enabled for added convenience! As if that weren't enough, there's also an external wireless keypad for those who want to keep things simple and don't need all possible features.

All this convenience would be great enough if that was all Chamberlain had to offer, but our next-generation protection plan safeguarding your family’s safety with an extra layer of protection in case of a power outage takes things to an entirely new level.


  • Motion-activated garage light
  • Easy to install and program
  • Garage control from anywhere in the world with Apple HomeKit
  • Futuristic look
  • Quiet opening and closing


  • Google assistance integration requires a subscription
  • A little hard to install

6. Genie 6072H-O Residential Wall Mounted Garage Door Opener

Genie 6072H-O Residential Wall Mounted Garage Door Opener

Crash into the garage without a care since you know your Genie is there to protect you from falling overhead. Heads turning as cars drive by? Put an end to those embarrassing moments with a valet valuing look of a clean, uncluttered space free of cables and power heads up in the air.

The Genie wall mount garage door opener clears up ceiling space by eliminating rail & powerhead from the garage ceiling, the wall mount mounts side-by-side with either side of your torsion springs for that valet's pleasing look.

Plus it has a Safe-T-Pulse system that provides internal tension monitoring of door cables with an electronic pulse during initial travel so you can park proudly knowing not only will someone be watching out for things but your garage will remain secure.

The Genie Wall Mount is the smallest available door opener with a compact design that fits into any space. With careful installation, this unit will be able to meet your specific needs. It's the perfect size for anyone looking for portability and convenience. You can also use an extension kit with it for heavier doors that you generally find in the chamberlain group.

Genie offers safety and convenience while eliminating the need for punching in an Intellicode on cumbersome keypads. With Genie, you can get quick access to your garage without wasting mental energy memorizing difficult codes or dealing with bending down to enter code numbers with a clunky keypad.

Knock twice on the console to unlock your door without worrying about breaking car windows or struggling with shoddy locks that jam overnight. Just turn the handle of Genie's Bluetooth LED light to redirect it too if you want even more illumination!


  • Easy to use
  • Great for old people
  • Gives a clean look
  • Very secure
  • Built-in LED light


  • Might be a little hard to install

7. Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Opener

The Chamberlain is outfitted with a powerful 300-watt motor, accommodating doors weighing up to 100 pounds, eliminating your worries about getting your car in and out of the driveway. It has one of the best garage door opener ratings consumer reports can offer. It's right there next to the garage door for convenience, so you never have to leave it unattended on manual openers again.

Plus its included automatic locking system means nobody is going to break in without anyone noticing - now that your home is protected with Chamberlain!

It can't get any quieter than Chamberlain. Their patented wall-mounting system leaves your ceiling free of vibrations, resulting in nearly silent an safe operation. This is especially handy when you want to keep up with the schedule on busy workdays without disturbing naptime at the same time!

Convenience doesn't stop there; our easy-to-use myQ app has all of the features that allow you to control your garage door while away from home. We do rigorous quality testing, so rest assured knowing this gear will never let you down!

Chamberlain is designed to close up your garage door and give you a better entrance and exit. The three-button technology that increases the distance of the remote up to 1,500 ft. gives them an edge on their competition. Security+2.0 protects everyone from malicious software, keeping your home as safe as possible with its high security level offered only through Chamberlain brands.

With lifeline service, help will be there in minutes should anything go wrong for those times when you don't have access to a remote or password protection means it's practically impossible for anyone other than those who belong inside your Garage from accessing it inappropriately. You will fall in love with it right after you have the opener for your garage delivery.


  • Best technology
  • Most flexible
  • Linkable accounts
  • Very powerful


  • A bit expensive

8. Chamberlain C2405 C2405T Garage door opener

Chamberlain C2405 C2405T Garage door opener

Chamberlain - the light to protect, the door to enter your house from outside for a worry-free lifestyle. Sometimes our garage is more than just a place where we park our car and collect all of our tools. With Chamberlain, it's now a new gateway into your home that you can control remotely and with ease.

With myQ app technology, the newest innovation in the industry, you've got 24/7 monitoring capabilities so you know if something is ever amiss. It sends an alert so help can come on time, everytime without fail. So when selecting your next gen door opener: Is there anything more satisfying than knowing that myQ is there?

You will never have to wonder when your garage door is open. With this app-enabled door opener, you can track and operate the door from anywhere! The Chamberlain connects with your smartphone so that you never again need to come home wondering whether or not the garage was left open for all of those nosy passers-by. Customized alerts tell you when areas are secure or if it has been opened after hours, giving peace of mind in any situation!

The following list of things will be in the box with the door opener-

  • Safety Sensors
  • 2 x 3-Button Remotes
  • Wireless keypad
  • Dual-Function Wall Control

Chamberlain garage doors are easy to install with their own Quick Install rail system which also has all of the necessary tools included. This garage door opener doesn't require any additional wiring either-saving you time and money on installation costs while giving reliable long lasting performance plus maximum security protection.

All in all, Chamberlain is the product that gives you peace of mind. If it were a car, we would say this one gets an A+ for its safety features and makes your life easier!


  • Durable
  • Good for the money
  • Easy-to-install
  • Quiet


  • N/A

9. Genie QuietLift Garage door opener

Genie QuietLift Garage door opener

Think of the Genie QuietLift Connect as a magical assistant in your home. It's friendly and helpful and makes life way easier than it used to be. It'll open automatically when you're coming back from work, so you don't need to spend time searching for keys or manually opening any doors before entering your house.

And while we were testing the Genie we couldn't stop talking about how great voice control is--with just a simple phrase, you can operate your door with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit integration, Logitech POP Smart Button by pushing a button on compatible devices or using Garageio on iOS or Android Devices!

The Genie QuietLift Connect is an ultra-quiet garage door opener that’s ideal for garages attached to living spaces. It features a strong 5 piece rail system, which snaps together and requires no added hardware - making installation easy! Plus, preprogrammed remotes are ready out of the box so you can eliminate any additional steps needed in your morning routine or weeknight plans (even if there's more than one person who needs access).

The Aladdin DC Motor is the perfect addition to your home. It offers both power and convenience, with features like two pre-programmed 3 button remotes in case one becomes lost or broken; an easy access wall console for programming when you're on hand (or out), wireless keypad so there's no need to go Running back indoors every time someone needs something programmed--this smart product does it all!


  • Fairly quiet operation
  • Lamps on either side
  • App lets you create simple rules
  • No subscription service for smart home features
  • Good range on remote keys (works at 50-75ft away)


  • Cumbersome google assistant integration
  • No IFTTT

10. SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C 1/2HPF Garage Door Opener

SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C 1/2HPF Garage Door Opener

At last - a superstar that's as attractive as she is kind to the environment. SKYLINK ensures your eco-friendly living remains high-class. Powerful DC motor provides extremely quiet operations for those of you who consider noise pollution a major deterrent from garage door opening and closing, each use draining power unnecessarily from your battery.

SKYLINK also features a durable metal chain drive for reliable performance year after year, 12W LED built-in so you can comfortably open and close without having to turn on the overhead light every time, which not only saves energy but half your time getting ready in the morning or after work before going out. And with five outstanding colors available it'll be an easy decision about what color of masterpiece fits perfectly into any décor!

SKYLINK takes the hassle out of your day. With a soft start and stop, SKYBOX makes it easy to enter and exit your home without having to worry about sudden opening or closing. In fact, this new technology is so safe that it can even be used on children's bedrooms as a safety precaution as they experiment with their new-found independence. So what are you waiting for? Give yourself peace of mind by installing SKYLINK gate openers today!


  • Quiet
  • Easy to install
  • Lifts a double door no problem


  • Comes with only one remote
  • Hard to pair with other remote

11. BeamUP Workhorse - BU100 - Garage Door Opener

BeamUP Workhorse - BU100 - Garage Door Opener

When you need the perfect drive-up for your garage, there's never been a better time than now. The BU100 Workhorse gate opener will install without any special tools and gets the job done in no time. From 8'-7' single doors to 16'-7' double doors, our design is durable and practical for any situation.

When it comes to opening and closing your gate, one of your most important investments in ensuring that your house is secure, the BeamUP Workhorse Garage Door Opener will be there to put in work for you! With its compatibility with all standard 7' tall doors, BeamUP provides lifelong security when properly installed. You'll never have to worry about strong winds or heavy-duty snowfall altering where this opener has been placed on mounting brackets which are included with purchase! You will also have help from the manufacturer for installation. This is a big help for busy guys.

Put safety first and at ease with our BeamUP Workhorse gate opener. Why? The durable reinforced steel chain drive means reliable performance – day in, day out! Plus, integrated 1500 lumen energy-efficient LED security lighting reduces lifetime costs – never replace a lightbulb! This heavy-duty and long-lasting product is now prepped and ready to install thanks to the inclusive hardware/cable set included. Make your way out of this stressful situation now - we know you deserve it, don't we?!


  • Extremely quiet when operating
  • Easy to instal
  • Powerful motor
  • Durable
  • Very affordable


  • Not many smart features

12. eKyro Smart Garage Door Opener

eKyro Smart Garage Door Opener

The eKyro Smart Door Opener gives you an all-round smart experience as it works with your automated home. If you have a Google Home or Alexa, the opener will sync with those too so that you can set up schedules and more from anywhere using voice instructions.

But don't have to do anything at all now except say "Alexa, open the garage" or give a command on a watch. You deserve a break, don't you?

Why buy a tool for one garage when you can have up to 3? The device works with any number of stalls and doesn't need an adapter because it's compatible with most openers! Plus, you get a personal garage door alarm that alerts your phone when the garage is open or closed. The opener also features an advanced LED sensor so that you can find the garage door open in complete darkness.

But the best part here is the cost. It is one of the cheapest garage door openers out there, so you can install it without busting your bank. Moreover, you don't have to pay any subscription fees.

If you are low on budget but are looking for something that is high on features, the eKyro should be your first choice.


  • Great for the money for any standard garage
  • Very easy to install
  • Durable and strong motor
  • Works with old garages
  • Great with Google assistant


  • Not many smart features

13- Genie ALKT1-R Aladdin Connect Smart Garage Door Opener

Genie ALKT1-R Aladdin Connect Smart Garage Door Opener

Do you live in a house with more than one garage door? Have you had problems determining which of them has been opened by mistake, or closed when it really shouldn’t have been?

No worries anymore! The Genie ALKT1-R WIFI ENABLED GARAGE DOOR is for YOU. Using a sensor attached to the garage door, this product allows you to monitor that pesky doors opening and closing remotely.

The Genie ALKT1-R is an efficient and futuristic way to open and close your garage door remotely. The self-monitoring sensor also comes with alerts, in case there’s an unwanted intruder looking for their next victim!

The controller kit is made for those who "want a thing done right". It is compatible with most brands of electric garage door openers, and you can monitor up to 3 doors from one app on your smartphone. One valve comes standard as part of this kit, but if you happen to need more, we offer an extra valve separately. Whether it's a single-use or a large project requiring multiple garages to be monitored, buy Genie ALKT1-R today and never worry again!

Ever tried to wave your hands frantically towards your door, the one that should be opening but hasn't budged yet, and you feel like an idiot? Well, all of that is going to change with this product from Aladdin. Simply replace your existing wall button with the Aladdin smart opener and get Wi-Fi ready in seconds!


  • Easy to install
  • One of the smartest units in the market
  • Great price
  • Compatible with voice control &smart home apps


  • Virtual keys require the person you share it with to have a genie account

Garage door opener buying guide

Door openers are important for garage doors because they can't operate on their own. But you don't buy them every day. That's why you need the garage door opener reviews consumer reports.

Garage doors come in many different shapes and sizes, so their openers do too. So check if it's compatible with yours before buying one.

Type of motor

When it comes to garage door openers the most important thing is how much power does it have. You can choose between AC or DC and the difference between them is how much power they can deliver.

AC motors are more powerful than DC. But, at the same time you need to be careful with them because their components can overheat.

DC motors are not as powerful as AC motors but they're more durable and more energy efficient.

Safety & Security 

Every garage door opener is equipped with automatic reversing system which detects if someone got trapped under the garage door. This is a great safety feature but it's not perfect so door openers with this system are more expensive than without one.

Garage Door Opener Consumer Reports

Another safety feature is a motion detector. The opener should sense any movement in front of the garage and if it does, they should stop opening or closing garage doors to prevent accidents.


Your motor should be at least ½ horsepower, but the more powerful they are the better.

Every motor has its own horsepower rating which can be found on the product specifications. The best garage door openers are powerful enough to lift garage doors with ease and they have built-in safety features too.

Maintenance and installation

The products that are easy to maintain are recommended. For example, belt-drive openers last longer than chains. You also be able to do Diy installation. Ease of installation is a big concern because. Because if you try to do the installation process in the wrong way you can have problems in many areas like the safety sensor, access code, vacation lock, etc.

Garage Door Opener Consumer Reports


Check if your product has a warranty or not, because some models can have problems after being used for a few months which makes them really expensive to fix. Also, be careful when buying second-hand garage door openers because they could break down anytime so look for wear and tear on different parts of your garage doors before making purchase decision.

Wireless Garage door

If you are getting a wireless unit you should know that they are easier to install and use. Consider the remote range and other additional hardware that connects with smart home devices. But garage doors without remotes cost less money so it's up to you what is more important for you. There shouldn't be any problem with the connectivity.

Smart device compatibility

Many door openers these days are compatible with smartphones, so if you want to control garage doors from your remote it's enough to download an smartphone app and pair garage doors opener with it.

Garage Door Opener Consumer Reports

There are many compatibility apps available out there - some are better than others. So make sure to find an app that works well on your smart device type. With the app garage dooR codes can be shared easily and it gives you a lot of convenience.

Automatic operation

Automatic garage openers are the prime choice because they're easy to use and when garage doors are opened they automatically stop when an obstacle is detected in front of the garage. This system is a great safety measure.

High quality openers are equipped with a timer feature too, so you can program garage doors to close at certain time.

Garage door openers with timers are more expensive. So, one that doesn't have that feature can be a good option for many.

Types of Garage Door Openers

It is important to know the types of door openers because garage doors are opening and closing every day, so it is important to make sure they work efficiently.

Chain Drive garage opener

This type uses a metal chain drive mechanism with an electric motor that turns the sprocket which pulls at high speeds on a roller chain. It comes in different sizes of the garage door track, due to the garage opening and closing every day. This is one of the most popular garage openers because It is one of the most quieter options. Moreover, it has an average lifespan of about 20 years. This is the best one among all garage door opener reviews consumer reports.

Chain Drive garage opener

Belt Drive garage opener

This is usually more expensive than a chain drive opener because it offers quieter operation (not as much as its chain counterpart), less vibration, and reduced maintenance costs. It uses an onboard built-in backup battery that charges itself as the garage opens and closes to power up its belt drive system.

Belt Drive garage opener

Screw Drive garage opener

This is less expensive than a belt drive openers. And it does not come with an onboard battery like the belt drive garage opener has to offer. It uses more torque and power because of its gear system which makes them ideal for heavy-duty garage doors.

Screw Drive garage opener

Jackshaft garage opener

These are door openers that use a garage jackshaft to lift the garage door. This garage door comes with a separate motor unit mounted directly on the garage wall which is connected to both sides of your garage by means of sheaves and shafts, it moves independently from the garage door itself. They come in different sizes for barn garages or large multi-car garages that need garage openers to fit.

Jackshaft garage opener

DC Motor garage opener

These use a DC garage motor to lift the garage door. This garage door is also known as the “epic garage door”, like all other garage doors these days they are powered by electric motors that run on direct current (DC). DC garage door openers are becoming more popular because they operate with a cleaner, updated garage design.

DC Motor garage opener

Chain Drive vs Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

These two types of garage doors are the most popular in the market. They have a simple mechanism with a small price tag. So, there are a lot of similarities. That's why it is necessary to know the differences so that you have a clear idea which will be good for you.

  • Chain garage door openers are usually more powerful than belt garage door openers although they tend to be louder.
  • Belt openers are more quiet and smooth than the chain openers.
  • Chain garage openers are known to be less expensive than belted ones.
  • Belt garage openers are known for their long lifespan. On the other hand, chain garage openers have a shorter lifespan.
  • Belt garage opener is more efficient than a chain garage opener because of its smooth operation. But the chain garage opener machines requires less maintenance and garage pavers. 
  • The one with the chain has a garage door monitor that can be programmed to open or close the garage.
  • A belt garage door opener does not come with a garage door monitor.
Garage Door Opener

So, these were the main differences between the garage openers. But, if you want to know which product is most suitable for your garage then it's necessary to see the garage size and its garage types.

A opener with a chain drive is more suitable for garages with heavy doors. It also works well in garage areas that are not insulated. And one with a belt drive is more suitable for garages that are well insulated or in garage areas where it gets really cold. This does not work well with heavy garage doors such as solid wood doors as it tends to stop working from time-to-time.

In the market, garage door openers come in different garage sizes and garage types. Some of them are compatible with certain garage materials while others may not be compatible. It's best to check the manual before buying it for your garage.

Garage Door Opener Installation Cost

Installation costs are a big concern if you are not the richest person in the neighborhood. But, door openers are available in different sizes and types. So, it's necessary to know some of the basic installation costs so that you have a rough idea of the installation costs. A typical installation will cost you from $150 to $250 garage pavers.

The installation costs are more depending on the garage size and garage types. A normal garage takes about 30 minutes whereas a large garage may take an hour or two for installation purposes. Garage doors come in different materials like metal, wood, vinyl etc. So it's necessary to know what garage door material you have before garage opener installation.

Garage Door Opener Installation Cost

In case if your garage door needs a new garage doors replacement then it will cost from $350 to $900 depending on the garage size and the type of garage door materials used for garage repair or replacement services. Garage pavers can also increase this price as bigger garage sizes need more effort, time and garage pavers.

So, these were the basic installation costs and garage doors replacement prices that you must know before buying a one for your garage.

Here are some crucial tips about garage door openers that will help you to better understand the cost of installation-

  • The chain drive is more likely to cost you more installation cost than a belt drive.
  • A garage door opener that weighs more is likely to require garage pavers for proper and smooth operation; hence, you will need garage openers that can handle such heavy doors. This may add up on your installation costs.
  • The best way to make installation cost go down is to check the garage size. A garage that is well insulated or has heavy doors will need a motor with more power; this also means your garage openers are going to be loud and big. This may end up in you buying two different types of openers because one type can't handle your garage.
  • Door monitor tend to cost more installation cost than the ones without it. Although, this is not always true; there are some openers that can be installed at very low prices as well as high prices depending on what you buy and where you buy from.

How to adjust the limit or travel on a garage door opener?

Limit or travel on garage door openers refer to how fast a garage door moves.

The remote comes with a button that is used for the "up" and "down" actions. The up-button sets the limit of garage movement, which means that at max speed the garage door may stop halfway through its opening if this limit hasn't been reached already. This can be useful when opening small garage doors in tight spaces when large cars might get stuck when exiting said garage! Likewise, if you want to close your garage when it's nice and warm outside, but your buddies are still in there moving their stuff outta the way, then using this clamping function will allow you to set an appropriate time limit before slamming shut

Garage Door Opener Installation Cost

If you have a garage that is taller than the garage installer anticipated, then you may need to install garage door extension springs to increase garage opener travel limits. It's also possible that your garage door has an issue with its chain, sprocket, cables, or ropes. This will have an effect on travel limits by limiting how far the garage door goes up and down with every movement.

Finally, garage doors come in different weights. The heavier the garage door, the more difficult it is for the garage door opener to lift it up when it needs to be raised above head height. There are door openers motors that can lift up to 150 pounds and garage doors come in different materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most questions that we get from users-

Q: Which kind of garage door opener is best?

It depends on your requirements. Chain garage door openers are the most popular type that also lights on your pocket.

Q: Which is better Genie vs Chamberlain?

It is difficult to distinguish the two garage door remotes since Genie garage doors are made by Chamberlain so practically they are clones. However, we like the garage door features of Chamberlain garage doors better.

Q: How much horsepower do you need for a garage door openers?

The horsepower requirements for  installation costs depend on the garage size. For those looking to install a garage door opener with minimal vibrations, lower horsepower options are suggested. 1.5 Hp would be better for a large garage.

Q: Which is better Genie vs LiftMaster?

Genie garage door openers are made by LiftMaster so to sum it up, they are the same garage door remotes. However, we think that LiftMaster garage doors have better features than Genie garage doors.

Q: Is Chamberlain garage doors made by LiftMaster?

Yes, garage openers are made by Chamberlain garage doors.

Q: What is the difference between 1/2 hp and 3/4 hp?

It is all about garage size. If you are opening garage doors that are smaller, say 8' x 10', then a 1/2 HP should suffice. However if the garage is 12' x 16' or bigger, then you will need better horsepower with 3/4 Horsepower or greater. The choice of residential products only go up to 3/4 hp for residential use.

Q: How long should a garage door last?

The average opener should last between ten to fifteen years.

Q: How much do garage openers cost?

They can range from $100-$300 dollars depending on the brand, model, and design you are looking for. You can find more information on this from consumer reports garage door openers.

Q: Can garage door openers break down?

It is common for garage opener motors to go out, especially if your garage door gets hit by a car or is exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Q: How garage door openers work?

This is a topic that consumer reports garage door opener reviews generally don’t describe. Garage doors rely on garage opener systems that use garage motors to lift the garage doors up and down.


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