Best Garage Door Springs

10 Best Garage Door Springs – Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

It is quite common for garage door springs to break after a certain amount of use or cycles. But it can be difficult to find a replacement afterward, especially when you have no clue about it.

Firstly, it is important to understand that not every spring is or works the same, so getting just any spring as a replacement won't solve the issue. It depends on a few important factors, which we will later discuss in the article.

And at the end of it, hopefully, you will find the best garage door springs you needed. So, let’s get started!

Best Garage Door Springs

Here we reviewed 7 of the most trusted and popular garage door springs. We tried to diversify the list for every scenario, so there is surely something for you.

1. SS TS20207 Garage Door Torsion Springs with Winding Bars

SS TS20207 Garage Door Torsion Springs with Winding Bars

With black coating on top, these torsion springs are tough, just what you need for your garage door. They are also made in the USA, so you can vouch for the quality of the product.

You will be getting two springs per usual, the left and the right one. Each of them has an oil tempered surface to prevent it from damage and the coat chipping off. They are also corrosion-resistant.

So, there will be no issue of them losing their quality over time. And that means compared to others, these are one of the best garage door torsion springs as they are way more long-lasting.

Other than that, the package comes with winding bars and nylon bushing. Tightening the coil is one of the most dangerous steps while installing them, so they are very essential tools that will ensure your safety if done right. Small problems can get very big like a garage door gap.

The torsion springs each measure 22 inches in length and 2 inches in thickness. Although safety equipment is included in the set, if you are unsure, it is highly advisable to let a professional do it.


  • Boasts an oil tempered surface
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Included winding bars and nylon bushing
  • Made in the USA


  • May show some alignment issue

2. DURA-LIFT Heavy Duty Extension Garage Door Spring 2-Pack

DURA-LIFT Heavy Duty Extension Garage Door Spring 2-Pack

If you are looking for a great replacement for your broken garage door spring, then Dura-Lift has got your back! They offer some of the best replacement parts for the garage door, and this one is no different.

Both the pieces combined have a weight capacity of 110 pounds or 50 kilograms. So, you need to make sure your garage door’s weight is within that limit.

Besides that, there are two loops on the ends of both the springs to connect the pulley system. This will help to provide more strength and also extend the life cycle of the springs.

The coiled length of the spring is 24.2 inches, and the normal length is 60.5 inches total with the coiled length. Along with that, you can stretch it to a maximum length of 70.2 inches.

Moreover, the springs come with a corrosion-resistant steel coating to prevent them from rusting fast. So, it can effectively slow down the rusting process to a great extent, and thus it won't break easily.


  • Great replacement set
  • Boasts a weight capacity of 110 pounds
  • Offers loops on both ends for the pulley system
  • Helps to extend the life cycle of the springs
  • Sports a corrosion-resistant steel coating


  • May arrive an inch size shorter

3. ZhenT Garage Door Torsion Springs 2” (Pair)

ZhenT Garage Door Torsion Springs 2

While there are a lot of torsion springs claiming to be of great quality that will last long, it can be hard to trust before trying it out yourself. But this one has a standard rating from DASMA, making it much more reliable than the others.

It has passed more than 10,000 cycles of the garage door closing and opening. So, you can safely use it as a replacement without worrying about its performance and quality.

Moreover, its stationary and winding cones come professionally installed, saving you the time or money and from any potential dangers of doing it yourself.

Apart from that, the surface of the springs has a black coating. As these metal springs are left exposed and out in the open, it is easy to form rust and corrosion, and this will help prevent that from happening.

Besides that, they all offer a pair of winding bars to help you finish the work faster and easier. You can use it on any 7- or 8-feet high door that has 4 inches long standard lift drums.


  • Boasts a standard rating from DASMA
  • Offers more than 10,000 life cycles
  • The stationary and winding cones come professionally installed
  • Features a black corrosion-resistant coating
  • Suitable for any 7- or 8-feet high door


  • May not arrive with the premium winding bars

4. GDN Garage Door Torsion Spring

GDN Garage Door Torsion Spring

If you have one broken spring, then buying a set of two will be just a waste of money. For that, you can get one of these standard torsion springs for your garage door.

Its total length is 30 inches and has an inside diameter of 2 inches. This is ideal for most garage doors of 7 feet high and 16 feet wide. But to be safe, check the specification and see if they match with your current torsion springs.

The most important specifications are the length in inches, inside diameter, wire size, and wind of the spring, which is LHW or RHW. This is an LHW or Left Hand Wound.

As for the quality, it is of standard high-quality steel, made in the USA. They also provide an easy-to-follow instruction manual; however, it is better to seek a professional's help if you are not confident.

Plus, with a black coating, it is corrosion-resistant, making it more sustainable and durable than others. It is also oil tempered, making it easier to operate when opening or closing the door.


  • Ideal for most 7 feet high and 16 feet wide garage doors
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Provides an easy-to-follow instruction manual
  • Offers a corrosion-resistant black coating
  • The surface is oil tempered


  • Doesn’t include winding bars

5. ZhenT Garage Door Torsion Springs 1.75” (Pair)

ZhenT Garage Door Torsion Springs 1.75” (Pair)

This is the 1.75 inch inside diameter version of the other one in this garage door spring reviews and shares most of the qualities with it.

It uses high-quality steel material for the spring coil. So, it is very sturdy and works well with your tall and wide garage doors as well.

Besides that, thanks to the heat treatment along with aluminum cones on the coils, they are extremely heavy duty. It can make the closing and opening process of the door much smoother even after years. Almost like a durable door closer, you might have installed for storms.

The springs are mostly suitable for 7 feet and 8 feet high garage doors with 4-inch standard lift drums. It can handle a target door weight of around a minimum of 7.5 pounds or 3.4 kilograms with 10,000 cycles.

Other than that, it has a smooth black coating, which gives it the shine and protection from getting corrosion. Plus, they provide non-slip and unique winding bars that will help you replace and install the spring quicker and safer.


  • Made of high-quality steel material
  • Sturdy and extremely heavy-duty
  • Provides non-slip and unique winding bars
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Offers a smooth performance for years


  • Doesn’t include any information for preloading

6. Prime-Line GD 12233 Left Hand Wind Garage Door Torsion Spring

Prime-Line GD 12233 Left Hand Wind Garage Door Torsion Spring

This is a Left Hand Wind or LHW steel torsion spring. It is a regular duty spring, so it doesn't have a lifetime of more than 10,000 cycles.

The torsion spring will help to provide a lifting force that is necessary to use on heavier garage doors. Its length is 32 inches, wire size is 0.243 inches, and inside dimension is 2 inches.

You will also be getting two winding rods, which are essential while removing the old springs. As this is just the left side spring, it is very important to make sure they are at the same level and have been installed properly.

In the case of mounting the spring, the right handsprings will get mounted to the left side of the center, whereas the left handsprings will mount on to the right side of the center.

Plus, the springs have a yellow color coding on the side for you to identify which side you need to install it from. It has a black coating on top to prevent corrosion.


  • Provides a lifting force to lift heavier doors
  • Includes two winding rods
  • Boasts a yellow color coding
  • Offers a black coating on top to prevent corrosion
  • It is a regular duty spring of 10,000 cycles


  • The instructions have some flaws

7. Garage Door Extension Spring for 7’ High Door

Garage Door Extension Spring for 7’ High Door

As the title says, it is a pair of extension springs for 7 feet high doors. Its maximum load holding capacity for the springs together is 120 pounds or 54.4 kilograms, so it is great for old and heavy garage doors.

The ends of the springs have double loops, which help in holding a heavy amount of load without breaking. It also adds more strength to the springs making them more reliable and smoother when operating.

Its total length normally is 25 inches, and when stretched, it can gain almost twice its original size, which is 42 inches. The outer diameter of the spring is 1 3/8 inches. Plus, it has been "green" color-coded by the DASMA.

This is a good indicator to know what its total measurements are. And according to their color chart, it has a gauge size of about 0.244 inches, along with the other measurements we just discussed.

Moreover, you will be getting not just the springs but all the other essentials parts for installation as well. These include the pair restraint cable, two heavy-duty 3-inch pulleys, one 3-inch clevis pulley, s-hook, cable adjustments clip, etc.


  • Offers a maximum load capacity of 120 pounds
  • Includes double loop ends to carry heavy load without breaking
  • Green color-coded by DASMA
  • Packs all the other essentials part for installation
  • Great springs for old and heavy garage doors


  • The cables might be too light for some garage doors

How to Buy Garage Door Springs?

Choosing a new replacement spring is not an easy task. There are some things you must check and remember before buying a garage door spring, and we have discussed them down below.

Garage Door Springs

The Types

To start off, it is important to differentiate between the types of springs. Depending on your garage door, you may have to choose between them and what will be more suitable for it. Generally, there are two types of springs: torsion springs and extension springs.

  • Torsion Springs

These springs are tightly coiled and stiff. They typically stay against the garage wall right above the door; that is, it remains parallel to the garage door. When it is not running or the door is closed, it saves up energy.

Garage Door Springs

This energy gets released by uncoiling the springs when you use the opener to open the door. And the best garage door torsion springs with enough energy can lift the door smoothly.

  • Extension Springs

Now, extension springs are much lighter and longer than the torsion springs. After installation, it remains perpendicular to the door. Its placement is above the garage door and between the ceiling and the tracks.

Extension Springs

These springs can store a lot of energy. It stores the energy by extending the coils when the door closes and releases the energy when the door opens.

Weight of the Door

You might have noticed in our garage door spring reviews that the best way to determine what type and size springs you require is through the total weight of your garage door.

These springs usually have a certain weight limit. So, you need to look out for springs within that weight to make sure the springs can support and lift the door properly.

Sometimes through the weight of the door, you can also easily find the right diameter and size springs you need, as most stores have an understanding of what springs will be ideal based on the door's weight.

Diameter of the Spring

Another great and easy way to determine what type of spring replacement you need is by measuring the diameter of the old spring. Simply measure the total as well as the inner and outer diameter of the spring and consult someone in the store before buying.

Garage Door Springs

Color Codes

This is probably the fastest and effective way to find the perfect replacement for your old and broken pair of garage door springs. A color code is exactly what it sounds like.

Each pair of springs comes with a certain color on the side or throughout its entire length, which is an indicator for their load capacity, diameter, inner diameter, etc. It is based on the chart provided by DASMA.

The colors typically are white, green, yellow, blue, red, brown, orange, gold, light blue, and tan. Here, the colors range from having the least weight limit to the most.

However, the blue color can mean either a small or heavy load, depending on the company. In that case, you can confirm the compatibility by trying the previous methods, which is through the door weight or spring diameter.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know what spring to get for my garage door?

The easiest way to know the spring you need for your garage door is by the color code on your previous one. Just look for or ask the shop owner for the same-colored spring for replacement.

But if the color has faded over time and you can’t tell anymore, then you can try by measuring the total weight of the garage door or the old spring’s diameter.

2. Are all garage door springs the same?

No, they are different and meant for different garage doors based mainly on their weight. There are also two different types of springs in general; however, all of their functionality is the same, which is, helping to open and close the garage door.

3. Are torsion springs better than extension springs?

Torsion springs have a better lifespan than extension springs. One of the causes is because torsion springs remain tightly coiled up most of the time, whereas extension springs usually remain extended and therefore are more prone to break faster.

4. How long should a garage door spring last?

If the springs have been installed correctly, then it should last for at least a decade or ten years. In general, each spring lasts for about 10,000 door opening and closing cycles.

5. Should I replace both garage door springs?

Generally, yes. Even if the old spring is working fine and not broken, it has lost a lot of its tension over the years from use. In that case, replacing only the broken one with a new one can create an imbalance, which can cause problems when lifting the door. So, to avoid such problems, it is better to replace them both at once.

But it is better if you find out why the garage door is not opening and closing. Problem can be anywhere including the garage door rollers.

Final Verdict

While it is not easy to find the best garage door springs for you, we hope we helped you understand and answer all the questions, and hopefully, you found a few that sparked your interest.

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