Best Grapefruit Knife

10 Best Grapefruit Knife to Get the Most Out of Your Fruit

If you’re reading this right now, one thing is certain about you—you or your family members love eating grapefruits.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know that eating grapefruit is more of an art. The fruit’s complex design (intrinsic to all the citrus fruits) requires you to arm yourself with specialized tools (knife and spoon) to section it perfectly.

In this article, we’ll focus on the grapefruit knife. We have researched the market for a highly dependable knife that helps you nicely slice and section your grapefruit to make it easy for you to eat.

Discover below our ultimate list of these popular knives.

Best Grapefruit Knife Reviews:

1. Set of 2 Grapefruit Spoons and 1 Grapefruit Knife

Set of 2 Grapefruit Spoons and 1 Grapefruit Knife

Our list starts with this set of 1 knife plus two spoons at a great price point. Each grapefruit spoon is 6.5 inches long while the knife measures 7.5 inches long. And both items come serrated—making the set quite handy for preparing your grapefruit.

With the serrated edges on the knife as well as the spoons, you’ll have an easy time cutting through the citrus membrane, allowing you to dig out the entire fruit with ease. This makes it easier for you to eat your favorite fruit.

The knife comes in a wood handle, feels balanced, and is incredibly easy to hold and use. Both types of items are easy to use for both left-handed and right-handed users.

The knife also has good sharpness for easy slicing the sections and cutting the center core of this fruit.

Though an inexpensive set, the items are constructed from high-quality stainless steel which is similar to a high quality Wusthof knife. they feel solid and will serve you for longer periods than the poorly constructed models.

If you want good value for money, this set is a highly viable option for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Set contains 2 spoons and 1 knife
  • Serrated spoons for easy scooping
  • Easily adaptable for right and left-handed users
  • High-quality stainless steel construction
  • Serrated grapefruit knife with wood handle

2. Better Houseware Grapefruit Knife

Better Houseware Grapefruit Knife

This is also among the top-rated inexpensive grapefruit knives that cut the round fruit nicely so you can enjoy eating it easily like never before. It is well designed and ready to use and works perfectly for cutting out sections of your grapefruit and comes with just the right pricing for this type of knife.

You’ll like that this knife comes with a curved design to enable it to easily separate the fruit fresh from the skin. It is serrated on both sides and comes with just the right amount of sharpness to get the job done; not too sharp to cut through the delicate fruit fresh and cause splashing. You don't need them to be so sharp. After all, you are not cutting walleyes with this knife.

It also comes with a substantial handle that makes it feel well balanced in your hand and easy to use. You can use it in your right or left hands comfortably.

As for the sturdiness, this knife is well made and feels quite sturdy, and will serve you through countless grapefruits.

Overall, this is one of the best knives you’ll ever own for grapefruit cutting as it’s well made, sharp, easy to use, and comfortable in your hands. You can even order several of these and gift them to your grapefruit-eating family members.

Highlighted Features:

  • Double serrated stainless steel blade
  • Comfortable, ergonomically-designed nylon handle
  • Curved knife tip for easy scooping
  • Dishwasher safe

3. Norpro Squirtless Grapefruit Knife

Norpro Squirtless Grapefruit Knife

For a knife that sections the grapefruit nicely and ensures you don’t end up with mouthfuls of the grapefruit membrane, consider this highly rated knife from Norpro. This knife looks cool in yellow and red colors and features a twin-blade design to make grapefruits easier to seat.

One of the most notable features of this knife is its double blade design. It provides you with a slightly curved blade that works superbly to help you separate the fruit from the skin. And the straight split blade allows to easily separate the sections of the citrus fruit for easy eating. With this knife, you’ll be able to get more fruit than ever before!

The knife is quite sturdy and feels incredibly sharp, so cutting your grapefruits is an easy task for you.

Like the other top-rated grapefruit knives on this list, this knife is easy to clean as it is 100% dishwasher safe. The non-stick blades make the cleaning even easier. Thanks to its comfortable, oversized handle, this knife will give you a trustworthy grip without straining. But not be a good knife for small hands.

If you love eating grapefruits or you have family members or friends who love eating this fruit, get this knife today. It will also make a thrilling present to anyone in your knife who loves eating grapefruits. The pricing is great and this knife will give you value for money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Squirt-free grapefruit cutting
  • Non-stick stainless steel blades
  • Comfortable oversized handle
  • Curved serrated twin blades
  • Ideal for both right and left-handed users
  • Dishwasher safer

4. HIC Squirtfree Twin-Blade Serrated Grapefruit Knife

HIC Squirtfree Twin-Blade Serrated Grapefruit Knife

If you have a friend who loves grapefruit, how about gifting them this best grapefruit knife from HIC? The knife comes in a twin-blade design and is specially made to make eating super-easy for you. It comes as a set of 2 knives at a pocket-friendly price tag, making it a great value package.

The knife set speeds up the whole process of cutting grapefruit right from halving it to sectioning it. It is safer to use than a traditional knife since it’s specialized for this job.

The straight double blade knife comes aligned with a straight gap to make cutting the membrane between the fruit sections easy. The other blade is curved to easily conform to the curvature of the round fruit for easy scooping.

Quality stainless steel is used to make the blades for strong and durable. The blades are also completely rust-free, which makes them low maintenance while further increasing their longevity.

Its handle is made from natural wood and dual riveted for maximum strength and durability. The handle is easy to hold and feels natural in your hands. For the cleaning part, hand wash your knife warm, soapy water to ensure it lasts longer than dishwasher safe knives.

Highlighted Features:

  • Set includes a twin blade and a curved knife
  • Delivers easy, mess-free grapefruit sectioning
  • Serrated stainless steel blades
  • Comfortable natural wood handle

5. Chef Craft Select Stainless Steel Grapefruit Knife

Chef Craft Select Stainless Steel Grapefruit Knife

Every grapefruit lover should have this Chef Craft serrated grapefruit knife. This model equal edge sharpness, lightweight design, and a minimal size to effortlessly cuts through your grapefruits, making them not only easy but also cleaner to eat.

The blade features serrations on both ends and has a slight curve to effortlessly reach underneath your fruit from the perimeter of half the grapefruit. This facilitates fast and full slicing of the citrus fruit from its membrane.

Quality stainless steel is used to make this blade and offers good stain and rust resistance for easy maintenance extended lifespan. It’s also quite sharp for easy and fast cutting.

You’ll love how the wood handle comfortably fits in your hand. Like all the other wood products, we advise against putting this knife in the dishwasher if you want to preserve its quality and beauty.

Overall, this knife has all the great features you’ll like in a knife for cutting grapefruits and the good performance makes it a must-have device for any grapefruit lover. The pricing is just reasonable for the quality and features offered by this knife and it’s worth every cent.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quality stain and rust-free blade steel
  • Double serrated blade
  • Comfortable, ergonomic wood handle
  • Curved blade for easy grapefruit sectioning
  • Handwashing recommended

6. Rada Cutlery Grapefruit Knife

Rada Cutlery Grapefruit Knife

This Rada Cutlery knife is also a great tool for the task. The knife is proudly made in USA using high-quality material for high dependability and extended lifespan. USA made knives are the best in the market. It does everything you expect of it and makes the seemingly hard task of sectioning grapefruits look easy for you.

The micro-serrated Rada knife is incredibly sharp and will cut through your grapefruits like it’s warm butter. It features a pointed and angled tip for easy scooping. It is also double-edged, making it just the right tool for cutting the grapefruits. It separated the fruit flesh from the skin and then sections it into smaller pieces that you’ll enjoy eating.

You’ll be pleased with how comfortable the aluminum handle feels. It is completely sealed to help block out contaminates, unlike wooden handle which tends to harbor bacteria. The beautiful solid brushed handle finish gives it good looks.

Overall, the knife feels extremely sturdy (remember it’s made in the USA) and not flimsy like those cheaply made knives. The cost is pretty reasonable if you weigh it against all the features and quality you get from this knife.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made in USA grapefruit knife
  • Surgical quality high carbon stainless steel blade
  • Hand sharpened blade
  • Super-sharp dual serrated edges
  • Solid brushed aluminum handle
  • Handwashing recommended

7. Norpro Silver Twin Blades Grapefruit Knife

Norpro Silver Twin Blades Grapefruit Knife

You’ll also love how this knife makes your life easy if you’re fond of grapefruit. This little guy is good at preparing grapefruit without wasting it. It features double blades which are easy to use and work well to give you a mess-free grapefruit cutting experience.

It is armed with stainless steel blades that are serrated and extremely sharp for clean and precise cuts, almost like a tomato knife. They work like magic when it comes to getting out the segment, without causing any squirting, as standard knives do. The curved single blade of the blade does a really nice job getting all the fruit flesh near the rind out.

Another reason we rate this Nopro the best grapefruit knife is that it comes with a beautiful rosewood handle that feels quite comfortable in your hands.

The knife is sturdily made and feels extremely solid in your hand. It shows no signs of being flimsy when using it, and this is a good sign that it will take you through countless grapefruit eating sessions before you can think of replacing it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stainless steel blades
  • Delivers squirt-free grapefruit cutting
  • Curved, serrated twin blades
  • Beautiful rosewood handle
  • Ideal for right and left-handed users

8. Fox Run 6603 Dual-Ended Grapefruit Knife

Fox Run 6603 Dual-Ended Grapefruit Knife

The Fox Run dual-ended grapefruit knife comes ready to make a world of difference in how you cut your grapefruit. When used correctly, this fantastic tool will let you quickly dissect your grapefruit into easy-to-eat sections.

This specialized grapefruit knife has a straight double-edged blade that’s super-sharp, enabling you to cut both sides of the fruit membrane at the same time, giving it an edge over the standard single-edged knives.

It also features a slightly curved end to help you hassle-freely cut the segments of the grapefruit off its rind without causing them to squirt all over and leaving a mess. The blade is approx. 4 inches, making it the perfect size for cutting small as well as large grapefruits with ultimate ease.

With the texturing on the plastic handle, this knife is easy to grip and offers you a more secure grip, even when using it in wet conditions. Despite the low pricing, this knife also feels sturdy and will help you prepare your grapefruits for eating for many, many years.

If you’re looking for a curved knife, sections the grapefruits nicely, and is easy on your wallet, this knife is a good choice for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4-inch stainless steel blade
  • Dual-ended, micro-serrated blade
  • Durable plastic handle
  • Slightly bent knife for easy use
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

9. AllTopBargains 2 Pack Grapefruit Knife

AllTopBargains 2 Pack Grapefruit Knife

We also found this set of 2 knives highly reliable for eating grapefruit. This set is a pocket-friendly picket, but it also works wonderfully and is comfortable in your hands for easy holding.

The two blades are 4 inches long and are made using strong and durable stainless steel material. They’re sharp for easy cutting. And they have an overall lightweight feel, so you won’t strain to hold them for long hours.

Blades are serrated on both sides for easy halving of your grapefruit. They also feature a slightly curved tip which gives you an easy time separating the usually tricky to remove bits of the fruit at the bottom of the fruit.

The white handle is ergonomically designed and fills your hand perfectly well to give you a more comfortable grip. Plus, the handle is non-slip for a solid grip and safer cutting experience.

Don’t forget that this knife is dishwasher safe, which makes it easy to clean. The handle is strong and won't deteriorate when you put it in the dishwasher.

Highlighted Features:

  • A set of 2 knives
  • 4-inch stainless steel blades
  • Double serrated blade
  • Angled knife tip for easy membrane from pulp separation
  • Comfortable handle with non-slip grip
  • Dishwasher safe knives

10. Triangle Micro-Serrated Grapefruit Knife

Triangle Micro-Serrated Grapefruit Knife

The last best grapefruit knife on our list is the Triangle’s micro-serrated blade knife, proudly made in Solingen, Germany. This German steel knife comes with a pro-grade blade, a well-balanced handle, and a lightweight feel. It works wonderfully when it comes to slicing your favorite citrus fruit for easy eating.

You’ll appreciate having this specialized knife because it easily cuts your grapefruit sections without squirting. It boasts a professional-grade serrated knife that’s specially made to expertly curve the delicate citrus fruits without damaging the soft flesh or splashing.

It also comes with a sturdy, lightweight, and well-balanced polypropylene handle which offers you more precise control while allowing for simple maneuvering. And the contoured shape ensures a secure and firm grip.

We also like how easily the knife cleans. The handle is seamlessly attached to the knife for easy cleaning. And it is dishwasher safe, so you can put it in there without worries about ruining the handle. but for maximum longevity, we suggest handwashing your grapefruit knife.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made in Solingen (City of Blades) Germany
  • Premium high carbon stainless steel blade
  • Hand-sharpened micro-serrated edge
  • Durable polypropylene handle100% dishwasher safe

Grapefruit Knife Comparison Table


Blade length

Curved blade

Blade serration

Handle material

Dishwasher safe

7.5 inches





4 inches





8.75 inches





8 inches





3.5 inch





3-3/8 inches





8 inche





4 inche





4 inche





4 inches





How to use a grapefruit knife?

Using a grapefruit knife is a straightforward process for everyone, including absolute beginner who has never held this special knife before.

Follow these 3 simple steps to use your grapefruit knife correctly:

Grapefruit Knife

Step 1. Slice the grapefruits in half

The first step is to set your fruit on its side and then use your standard/utility knife to cut the grapefruit into two equal halves. Be sure to use a sharp knife to let you cleanly and precisely cut the fruit across the middle and reveal as many sections as possible.

Step 2. Separate the rind from the flesh

Push your grapefruit knife down between the rind and the flesh along the outer rim of your citrus fruit until you can feel the knife’s curved tip hit the fruit bottom. Cut around the entire fruit in a sawing motion to fully separate the fruit flesh from the rind. Be sure to employ gentle, even pressure for clean, mess-free results.

Step 3. Section it

Using the serrated edge of your kitchen, cut along each of the membranes separating your grapefruit segments. Use the sawing motion as you section the fruit from the outer edges towards the center of the fruit. Repeat until you have divided each segment into both sides and all the segments have loosened out.

Step 4. Scoop it

With the segments loosened out, all that’s remaining is for you to grab them out and eat them directly or put them into a bowl for serving. For this step, you can use a small spoon, sliced grapefruit spoon, or even the curved tip of your grapefruit knife.

How to sharpen a grapefruit knife?

A grapefruit has serrated edges and sharpening it is different from a straight edge. It can also be a bit tricky if it’s your first time dealing with a serrated edge.

How to sharpen a grapefruit knife

Below, we have discussed the two main steps you should follow to give your grapefruit knife a sharp edge.

What you’ll need:

To sharpen a grapefruit knife, you’ll need to arm yourself with a sharpening rod. This can be steel, diamond, or ceramic.

Diamond is great for sharpening a knife with extra-fine serrations such as your grapefruit knife.

You should also use a rod that fits the diameter of your knife serrations. Using a rod that’s too thick will lead to uneven sharpening and your knife will remain dull.


Step 1. The sharpening part

Press the serrated (beveled) side of your knife on top of the sharpening rod and move it in an up-and-down motion to sharpen it. The idea here is to produce friction between the rod and the knife, making the serrations stronger for cleaner cutting.

Step 2. Remove the burr

The next step involves removing the burr you just formed on your knife during sharpening in the first step. Hold your knife almost flat on the rod and then move it back and forth to remove the burr.

Keep in mind that burr is a sign that you have indeed sharpened your knife and is nothing bad to have when sharpening your serrated knife.


1. What is a grapefruit knife used for?

A grapefruit is specially designed for slicing the grapefruit. It has a curved blade that makes it ideal for cutting the round fruit and a serrated edge to enable it to easily cut and section out the fruit.

2. How does grapefruit knife work?

A grapefruit knife works by using its sharp serrated edges to cut the fruit flesh away from the membranes. Its curved tip then helps you cleanly separate the fruit segments from the bottom rind of the fruit.

3. Where can I find a grapefruit knife?

Grapefruits knives are not easy to find. However, one sure place you can find a dependable grapefruit knife is on Amazon.

4. What kind of knife do you use to cut a grapefruit?

You should use a specially made grapefruit knife to cut a grapefruit.

5. What are two characteristics of a grapefruit knife?

The two characteristics of a grapefruit knife are a serrated edge and a curved tip. Most of these knives are serrated on both sides but some of them have a single serration edge. These properties enable the knife to easily slice and slice a grapefruit.

6. Should I get one, two, or three blades?

Just one grapefruit knife is enough for your grapefruit cutting needs. Just make sure it is curved and has a serrated blade for cutting the citrus fruit cleanly and easily.

Final Verdict

Eating grapefruit can be hard due to its natural design, but this doesn’t mean you can’t eat it. You just need to get a grapefruit knife specially made to cut and section the round fruit with ease. We have already presented you with up 10 of these top-rated knives currently available on the market today. Compare them closely and choose the best grapefruit knife for you that makes eating grapefruits easy for you and your loved ones.

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