Our 10 Best Jigging Spoon For Walleye Deals In 2022 [Quality Checked]

If you’re looking for a definitive way to get the most out of your walleye fishing, a jigging spoon is a great way to do it. A jigging spoon is a special tool that is used to guide the fish to the bait. It’s designed to help you get your line in close to the fish and help you get a more consistent angling experience.

Jigging Spoon For Walleye Price Comparison Table

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10 Best Jigging Spoon For Walleyes Available For Purchase

SaleBestseller No. 1
Rapala Jigging Rap 09 Fishing lure, 3.5-Inch, Glow Green Tiger
  • Minnow Profile
  • Balanced Design
  • Environmental Zinc Weighted
  • Standard and Glow Color
  • Single Reversed Hooks
Bestseller No. 2
Fishing Spoons Lures Spoons Metal Jigs - 6PCS Luminescent Saltwater Jigging Bait Spoon with Treble Hook Hard Micro Bass Walleyes Trout Salmon Baits 0.25oz
  • Pay Attention: The hook is extremely sharp. Please take care in handling it. Keep it out of children's reach
  • Unique Appearance: Spoons have a slim body profile and rapid diving action, giving it a realistic swimming action
  • High Quality Material: The spoon is anti-corrosion, stronger power and durable, freshwater seawater universal
  • Luminous coating are great for nighttime fishing, they are consistently high performers even in heavy wind and current
  • The Spoon features a hand-tied feather treble hook that increases your hook-up ratio and gets more fish to the boat
Bestseller No. 3
Blade Baits Fishing Jigging Spoon Lures,Metal VIB Hard Spinner Blade Baits Swimbait Vibrating Lipless Crankbait Fishing Lures for Bass Walleye Trout
  • 【UNIQUE DESIGN】The Metal blade bait have 5 brilliant colors,natural fish profile with 3D lifelike eyes,equipped with 2 treble hooks, pointed and not easy to rust, fishes will not easy to escape
  • 【VIVID VIBRATING ACTION】The metal vib fishing bait have 3 tow points allowing you attached line or clip to adjust vibration frequencies and speed in the water, they allow you 3 different natural vibrating actions on the retrieve. The further back you attach your line, the deeper the running depth.
  • 【BETTER CASTING】Heavy body weighs 0.42oz combined with lesser resistance allows these VIB blade bait to be jigged and trolled. Weight distribution design ensures crankbait lure long distance casting performance.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】 The Metal VIB hard spinner blade baits are great for deep water or vertical presentations. ideal for targeting trout, bream, pickerel, panfish, perch, smallmouth bass, flathead and more; Suitable for most species fishes, really a practical lure for you
  • 【QUANTITY】 5pcs/lot Hard swimbaits lures with various color pattern in a tackle box,easy to carry and store.Body Length: 5.2cm/2.05inch, Weight: 12g/0.4oz, Color: 5 colors.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Facikono Blade Bait Bass Fishing Lures Blade Baits for Walleyes Metal VIB Lure, 6pcs 20g Sinking Jigging Spoons Hard Swimbait - 2.75in
  • 3 Operation Modes: 3 holes on upper leading face offers 3 different retrieve actions. First hole to quickly retrieve when fishes are of high activity; Second hole that generic operation for great vibration and flutter; Third hole to slowly retrieve with occasional jigging actions for bottom fish.
  • High Reflective Vib Lure: Radium coating reflection finish makes lure highly visible in water through refracting lights when vibrating and fluttering.
  • Casting Metal Lure: Special weighted belly benefits to disturb water flows, performing better vibration and reflectivity in water.
  • Crafted Fishing Spoons: Features simulated dying fish’s eyes, fish gills and 2 strong treble hooks. High-density copper material and with good wind resistance, greatly helping for long casting.
  • What You Get: 6pcs 2.75in VIB hard swimbaits with exquisite painting. Each bright color effective for different fish, weather or water conditions.
SaleBestseller No. 5
JHPAIOQ 10 Pcs Fishing Lures Fishing Spoons Lures Saltwater Treble Hooks Bait with Storage Box for Salmon Trolling Jigging Bass Trout Pike Bass Crappie Walleye(Multiple Types)
  • 10 Pcs fishing spoons with 1 plastic box, 6 Assorted Styles, the aerodynamic streamlined shape design, In water,The lures both spin and wobble,with extra-shiny coating ,Swimming posture is lifelike.
  • Precision-machined Spoons won't break, bend, or corrode, and spoons retain their luster. Can be used for trolling, cast spinning and jigging.This little spoon has something magical about it.
  • Extremely versatile and easy to use, and far casting. Jig with it during ice fishing for trout walleye crappie and then you alos can turn around and use it during the open water seasons and be equally as successful.
  • Hard Metal Casting Spoon Baits Widely Targeting from Light Targets to Predator Fishes Such as Catfish, Perch, Kingfish, Bass, Redfish, Trout, Bream, Muskie, Roach, Walleye Etc for Both Freshwater and Saltwater.
  • Showing the reflective offect of the real scale, Laser effect is better, can attract fish attack fine, Swimming Posture is Lifelike Wiggling Wobbling in Water. Color Including Silver and Gold.
Bestseller No. 6
YONGZHI Fishing Lures Metal VIB Hard Spinner Blade Baits with Feathers Treble Hooks for Bass Walleyes Trout Fishing Spoons (Silver and Gold)
  • Blade bait offer a natural vibrating action on the retrieve and an irresistible built-in sonic chamber. a unique vibration and action thanks to its weight distribution design. 
  • This fishing bait is great for vertical jigging, which allows them to swim back down through the strike zone.
  • Crankbait catch all kinds of sport fish bass, pike, perch. especially for walleye.suitable in freshwater,lakes,saltwater
  • Polished stainless steel swimbaits come equipped with two black nickel fresh/saltwater treble hooks and feathers.
  • Length:7.3cm/2.86inch;weight:20g/0.7oz;color: silver and gold; package:4pcs/lot.
Bestseller No. 7
Alwonder 5 Pack Fishing Metal Jigs, Surf Fishing Minnow Spoon Lures Casting Spoon Jigging Spoon Trolling Spoon Casting Jig Saltwater Jig Jigging Spoon for Striper Bass Walleye Pompano
  • 【Lifelike Metal Jig】 Natural and bright colorful jig profile with 3D lifelike eyes, imitate bait fish realistically. Clear laser coating create reflection for attracting fish better.
  • 【Feather Dressed Treble Hook】 Treble hooks are made of high carbon steel, super needle point, strong and sharp. Tied with natural feathers, great for covering the treble hook and attracting fish.
  • 【Unique Streamlined Profile】 Constructed with unique streamlined profile and solid body, these metal jigs offer long-distance casts even in windy conditions.
  • 【Target Fish】 Metal jigs create a fluttering action on the drop, and imitate wounded bait fish. Specifically catching for fish in the bottom or suspending of the water column such as bass, walleye, trout, striper, pompano, trout, catfish, etc. Suitable for freshwater and saltwater.
  • 【Package Included】 5 Pack/Box. 5 Colors/Pack. Hook Size: #6 Feather Dressed Treble Hook. Total Length: 2.87". Weight: 1/2oz. Box Size: 4.72" * 3.15" * 0.94".

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Jigging Spoon For Walleye New Releases

Northland Tackle FMS3K-3-99 Forage Minnow Spoon S Shine, Perch, Chub 1/8 OZ
  • Designed with pro staff feedback
  • Multiple sizes and colors to fit your needs
  • Built with quality hardware
  • 3 per package
THKFISH 50Pcs/Box Ice Fishing Jigs Kit Ice Fishing Lures for Walleye Perch Jigs Heads for Ice Fishing Tackle Panfish Crappie Jigs
  • 50PCS & 5 SHAPE STYLES: The 50PCS ice fishing jigs set cointains 5 shapes,25 colors ice lures. The high fidelity premium paint coating will not fall off easily, ensuring jigs durability while driving the target fish crazy with a variety of bright color patterns. Work with the Barbed hook tip design to achieve higher hook-up rate.
  • EFFICIENT ICE FISHING JIGS: Highly simulated ice fishing lures provide vivid swimming action. The diamond on the head of the ice jig which can reflected light, adding more attraction to these crappie jigs. Most of these ice fishing jigs glow in the dark, attract fish from farther and deeper spot.
  • MADE OF PREMIUM MATERIALS: All these ice fishing lures made of premium lead material and high carbon steel hook. Durable and Sharp, extremely penetrating hook tip allows for rapid stabbing of the upper jaw of the target fish. The varied shapes and high quality characteristics of these ice fishing walleye jigs make your ice fishing trip rewarding and full of surprises.
  • WIDE RANGE OF TARGET FISH: These ice fishing perch jigs are irresistible to game fish hanging under ice and in open water. 5 different kinds of ice fishing lures are designed for almost species of fish. Such as walleyes, bluegills, panfish, perch, sunfish, pike, crappies and etc. Great choice for both freshwater and saltwater fishing!
  • WONDERFUL KIT & AFTER SERVICE: Package included: 50pcs. All these ice crappie jigs packed in a plastic box. Easy to carry and storage. A great gift for your family and friends who like ice fishing. If you have any problem, please contact our customer support and we will reply you within 24 hours.
Yeuipea Fishing Shrimps Shrimp Bait,4Pcs Luminous Plastic Shrimp Bait Squid Shrimp Jig Jigging Lures Night Dawn Fishing
  • ☛ Shrimp body is made of high quality plastic material which is durable and rust proof while hook is of carbon steel, sturdy and firm
  • ☛ The shrimp body is very colorful and luminous which attract fish to take the bait regardless of daylight or in the dark.Working great for squid, octopus and cuttlefish, etc.
  • ☛ Shrimp body is of special design-3D eyes make it look more real, streamlined body and forward feathers on two sides make fish sink and swim naturally in the water just like the real one. Lead on the chest has a curved shape and hook is like an umbrella,
  • ☛ Better choose a place with reefs as our targeted fish is also prey of other big fish so they often hide themselves around reefs
  • ☛ High-quality service: We have perfect consulting and after-sales service. You can consult us if you have any questions, and we will answer them immediately. If there is any problem with the product you received, we will give you a satisfactory solution

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More information on the jigging spoon for walleye

jigging spoon for walleye

There are many different types of jigging spoon for walleye fishing. We will only be discussing two types, the other being the regular spoon. The regular spoon jigging spoon is specifically designed to jigging spoon for walleye.

The regular spoon jigging spoon is made from heavy duty materials. They are made from stainless steel and plastic. These materials make it stable and stable enough for jigging. The spoons are also sharp enough to easily take off the scales of the walleye.

The key feature of the regular spoon jigging spoon is the long blade. This makes it easy to take off the scales of the walleye. The sharpness of the blade will make it easy to take off the scales.

So, if you are looking for a jigging spoon for walleye fishing, the regular spoon jigging spoon is the type of jigging spoon for walleye.

Buying Guide For Jigging Spoon For Walleye

Before buying a jigging spoon, it is important to understand the purpose of the tool in the first place. There are many different types and types of jigging spoon tools available on the market, so it is important to research the best ones for you.

There are two main types of jigging spoon tools: those that are used for fishing with and those that are used for cooking with.Now, which one are you interested in?

If you are looking for jigging spoon tools, you will want to buy those that are specifically designed for fishing. This is because they will help you get into the meat of the fish and help you jolt the fish with your jigging spoon.

However, if you are looking for jigging spoon tools that will be used for cooking, then you will want to consider buying those that are made specifically for that purpose. This is because it will help you get the most out of the food you are eating.

Finally, you may be interested in buying those tools that are made to last. This is because it means you will be able to use them over greater numbers of hours than those that will last for a shorter number of hours.

So, there are some specific things to think about before buying a jigging spoon tool.

However, the ultimate purpose of the tool, is still the same: to get the fish to meat.


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