Top 10 Best Key Programmer Deals In 2022 [Expert Vetted]

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Key Programmer Price Comparison Table

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10 Best Key Programmers Available For Purchase

Bestseller No. 1
XTOOL X100 PAD Plus Automotive Key Programming Tool 2022 Newest, OE-Level All Systems Diagnostic, 28+ Services, ABS Bleed, Oil Reset, Throttle, Injector Coding, BMS Reset, 2 Years Free Update
91 Reviews
XTOOL X100 PAD Plus Automotive Key Programming Tool 2022 Newest, OE-Level All Systems Diagnostic, 28+ Services, ABS Bleed, Oil Reset, Throttle, Injector Coding, BMS Reset, 2 Years Free Update
  • 🏆➤ Cost-Effectivate IMMO Key Programmer ➤ X100 PAD PLUS as the 2022 Newest automotive key programming tool which combines key programming, full systems diagnostics and 28+ reset functions, makes it a perfect chioce for Auto Shop/ DIY User/Garage/Mechanic. NOTE: Service/IMMO functions do NOT work on all cars. Please send VIN number to 🚘Xtooldirect @ outlook. com🚘 to check compatibility before purchase!
  • 🏆➤ Comprehensive Immo & Key Programming ➤ X100 PAD PLUS car key programmer perform various IMMO functions like Read pincode, Generate key, Make dealer key, All-Key-L0st( Read PIN/CS), Immobilizer data reading & writing, Backup IMMO Data, Remote learning, Immobilizer module replacement, IMMO ECU reset & coding, Key matcing/learning, smart key reading, EEPROM Read/Write and backup the EEPROM chip inside the immobilizer module. Please confirm with us compatibility first with your car VIN.
  • 🏆➤ OE-Level All Sytems Diagnostic & Wide Vehicle Coverage ➤ XTOOL X100 PAD PLUS professional scan tool with complete capabilities to performs OE-level diagnostics to read/erase DTCs, view data stream, freeze frame, read ECU info, it can access and diagnose all available modules on wide regional vehicle coverage. View live data like transmission fluid temperature, cylinder balance rates, engine rpm, view freeze frame, read ECU info, etc.
  • 🏆➤ Advanced 28+ Service Functions, Upgraded Verison of X100 PAD ➤ X100 PAD PLUS car diagnostic tablet scanner comes with 28+ special functions including: Oil Reset, EPB Reset, SAS Calibration, Battery Registration, Throttle Reset, ABS Bleed, Injector Coding, Key Coding, Air Suspension, Refresh hidden functions, Transmisson Adaptation, Headlamps, EEPROM Adapter, TPMS Reset etc. NOTE: Please send VIN number to 🚘Xtooldirect @ outlook. com🚘 to check compatibility before order.
  • 🏆➤ 2 Years Free Software Updates & 2 Years Warranty & 24/7 Worry-free Support ➤ Backed by 30 Days REPLACEMENT or FULL REFUND, 24 Months free software updates and warranty, X100 PAD PLUS Key Programmer Scanner offers you risk-free purchase! If any question, please contact us via: 🚘Xtooldirect @ outlook . com🚘.
  • 🏆➤Important Note from Seller➤ X100 PAD PLUS key programming function CAN NOT work for Benz/BMW/Audi/VW, or for Toyota smart key all key losst(need X100 PAD3+adapter, ASIN: B09J3KRBN1). To save your time please come to us via xtooldirect @ outlook . com with your Car VIN to check compatibility before purchase.
  • ✔️➤What Updates have we made in 2022 Newest Upgraded Version of XTOOL X100 PAD PLUS?➤✔️1. Newest APP above V4.24.2 optimize user experience and improve software issues ✔️2. Simplified key programming operation menu ✔️3. Add Live data graphing( Need to update the newest software and reboot the APP). ✔️4. Newest User Manul can be found on Product guides and documents on the page(More detailed introduction to help you use the scanner). More optimization are coming soon!
Bestseller No. 2
ANCEL V6 Plus+ OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool Key Fob Programmer, All System Bluetooth Bidirectional Scan Tool with 25+ Services ABS/TPMS/EPB/IMMO/DPF/Battery/Oil Reset, Car Code Reader for All Vehicle
  • ✅【2022 Update Obd2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool】ANCEL V6 Plus+ OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool is an improved version of V6 Pro, upgraded from wired to wireless Bluetooth connection, while adding 10 advanced functions. V6 Plus+ supports bidirectional control, active testing, OE-level full diagnosis, 25 services, key programmer, auto VIN& Scan, and free updates 2 years.
  • ✅【 25+ Special Service Hot Functions】ANCEL V6 Plus+ obd2 scanner diagnostic tool covers almost all commonly used services include Bidirectional Control, Active Test, key programmer, Oil Reset, ABS Brake Bleeding, EPB Service, SAS, DPF, BMS Reset, Throttle Reset, Injector Coding, Headlight, Transmission, A/F Settings, GEAR, NOX Set, PUMP, Seat Set, Stop/Start Reset, Tire Set, UREA Set,Sunroof, etc. 📣More new features will get after the update. ANCEL V6 Plus+ obd2 scanner diagnostic tool is to spend your less time and money to solve more problems.
  • ✅【Car Key Programmer Tool】ANCEL V6 Plus+ is not only a car diagnostic tool, it is also a Car Key Programmer Tool, If your car key is lost or the key fob is broken, getting a replacement can be a hassle and cost you much money. ANCEL V6 Plus+ Bluetooth key fob programming tool allows you to Add a key/ new key programming, All keys replaced, Read keys from IMMO memory, Key cloning, etc., ❗Only some specific vhicles available now, pls confirm before purchase.
  • ✅【Bi-Directional Control / Active Test】V6 Plus+ professional bi-directional scan tool can send commands and receive information to and from a vehicle’s onboard computer. Those commands will make the module perform specific tests and functions. Such as Window/Mirror/Door Lock Test, Fuel Pumps test, EGR test, Modulate the throttle and more. It is preferred by many car repair shop owners and professional mechanics, advanced DIYers to make it even easier to correctly repair vehicles.
  • ✅【OE-Level Full System Diagnostics for Over 120+ Car Makers】ANCEL V6 Plus+ OBD2 Scanner works with 120+ car manufacturers and It works on 99% cars models made in 1996-2022, Let you more comprehensive and professional to diagnose ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission, TPMS, Brake System, Suspension System, BODY and much more Possible cause of failure, And allows you can to quickly and accurately read and clear fault codes. if you meet any questions Give us your car’s VIN data and consult us anytime pls.
  • ✅【Humanized design, Easy to Use】Premium rubber housing design provides extra protection for the device. Built-in user-friendly one-key operation functions, such as one-click screenshots, feedback, online update, which are not available in ordinary Obd2 handheld scanners. Shows you real-time data in text and graph, also supports code data review and diagnostic report printing. What's more, it also supports remote diagnosis technology, so that your diagnosis is not limited by distance.
  • ✅【Great Gift Idea】+【Trusty Service】 ANCEL V6 Plus+ is the best gift idea for father, husband, boyfriend or even female DIYers, also ideal for home mechanic, DIY car owner, advanced hobbyist, car dealer, auto repair shop, automotive engineer, diagnostic technician, automotive technician, etc. Regarding product problems, our professional technical team is always here to help and support you. No worries at all.
Bestseller No. 3
OBD Key Programmer ,Smart Key Maker OBD2 Key Fob Programmer Diagnostic Tool High Efficiency Replacement for CAN Bus Protocols for 4D 4C Chip
  • 【Excellent Security】The premium OBD key programming device is highly safe for the security alarm system, and supports all key lost, you can rest assured to use.Practical and convenient in use.Such a practical tool you will need it.
  • 【Excellent Security】The premium OBD key programming device is highly safe for the security alarm system, and supports all key lost, you can rest assured to use.Practical and convenient in use.Such a practical tool you will need it.
  • 【Durable ABS Construction】The smart OBD key maker is made of carefully selected ABS plastic with sturdy structure, not easy to damage, light weight enough for easy operation.with long service life and excellent performance,no need to change frequently.
  • 【High Compatibility】OBD key maker supports various kinds of smart key system in specific models, supports for K line and for CAN BUS protocols, more advantageous to use.Professional manufacturing, perfect match with your model. Please kindly check the compatibility and specifications before ordering.
  • 【Rigorous Testing】Manufactured according to the original factory specifications. Establish compliance with standard specifications and strictly follow factory quality control.Strict quality standards to ensure good quality, use up powerful, and assured.
  • 【Powerful Function】The OBD2 Transponder is professionally designed to add smart key, use the main key to add the other keys, greatly providing more convenience for you.It only takes you 20 seconds to add one key with the OBD key programming tool, there is no long waiting time, improving your operation efficiency.
Bestseller No. 4
LAUNCH X431 IMMO Elite 2022 Complete Key Programming Tool with 2 Years Update, All Systems Bi-Directional Control Diagnostic Tool, 33+ Services,CANFD&DOIP (X-PROG 3 Valued $800 Included)
  • 【🎁🎁Contact us to Get 1*FREE GIFT】【🔥🔥2 Years Free Update】【INTEGRATE 🚩IMMO KEY PROGRAMMING & 🚩OE-LEVEL ALL SYSTEMS & BIDIRECTIONAL CONTROL】Combined with multi-functions of ✅Professional IMMO Programming and Matching Service✅Full System Diagnostics ✅Bidirectional Control ✅39+ Hot and Special Services✅CAND&DOIP Supported✅FCA "Auto Auth" ✅ IMMO ECU Module Clone✅10,000+ Vehicle Coverage✅ 25 language etc. (🚩Note: ECU coding is not available,but you can contact us to update full advanced function except for programming.)🔺Launch X431 IMMO ELITE is a perfect choice for workshops and technicians who demand affordable and powerful IMMO and diagnostic services.
  • 👍【IMMO SERVICE】Launch X431 IMMO ELITE Key Programming Tool Including ✅read password & write to Immobilizer/Engine ECU/Gearbox ECU/EEPROM/MCU chip;clone/reset/code/backup IMMO ECU; key adding/key learning/remote learning, and anti-theft related module replacement functions etc. 📊Support 90+ brands of independent anti-theft matching software for American, European, and Asian car models such as Benz, BMW, VW,etc. 📊IMMO Menus are independent, the operation process is more convenient.
  • 👍【🚩2022 NEWEST UPDATE: BI-DIRECTIONAL&ACTIVE CONTROL】Since Oct 2022, X431 IMMO ELITE can be upgraded to a bidirectional scan tool and can access all modules to control subsystem, actuators or component to test its working status and confirm if certain parts needs to be repaired or replaced which save you a lot of time and money! Such as ABS, window, door, solenoids, valves, wipers, headlamp etc.(Note: Functions NOT universal, please contact us check compatibility. ))
  • 👍【OE-LEVEL ALL SYSTEMS DIAGNOSTICS& OBD2 10 FULL MODES】Launch X431 IMMO ELITE support system-wide comprehensive diagnosis including ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission, Brake System and etc.and basic function diagnosis (read DTCs, clear DTCs, read data streams, freeze frame data, ECU info, AUTOAUTH FCA SGW, etc. ) for 110+ brand models to help quickly diagnose vehicle faults.
  • 👍【🚩39+ HOT RESET SERVICES-Add 6 Than Before: ECU Reset, FRM Match, Clutch Match, Gateway Module Data Calibration, Rain Light Sensor,Turbo Match】Launch X431 IMMO ELITE support common special functions for most models, such as service lamp reset, throttle matching, steering angle reset, brake pad reset, tire pressure reset, ABS bleeding, battery matching, injector coding, Gearbox Relearn, Adblue Reset, Transport Mode, and Windows Calibration and etc. (Note: the special functions that can be performed may vary by car model.)
  • 👍【🚩AUTOAUTH FCA SGW +🚩 SUPPORT NEW CARS: CAN FD/ DOIP】Launch X431 IMMO ELITE support "Auto Auth" gateway for post-2018 FCA cars, such as Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, etc, still growing. 📊CAN Compatible with GM models (2020 and later). DoIP Compatible with BMW (F&G chassis), Volvo models (2018 later), Land Rover & Jaguar models (2017 later) (🔺NOTE:DOIP PROTOCOL NEED TRANSFER ADAPTER).
  • 👍【WORK WITH X-PROG 3 KEY PROGRAMMER SERVICE】You don’t have to pay $800+ X-PROG 3 separately to get an advanced IMMO and Key fob Programming capabilities. When connected to X-PROG 3, X431 IMMO ELITE can extend its capability to support IMMO functions such as BMW CAS4 Key Learning, and Programming functions such as IMMO ECU Read & Write, MC9S12 Encryption Chip Read & Write, IC Card Read & Write, Mercedes Infrared K~y Read & Write, Remote Frequency Detect, etc.
  • 💯【🚩EXPANSION MODULES + 🚩INFORMATION CENTER】Support the use of endoscope, battery clip, BST360 and other expansion modules to make the diagnostic functions more powerful.(Note: You can contact us to get one of them for free and no need extra buy) 📊The information center integrates maintenance information including operation skills, DTC help, vehicle maintenance technical manuals and anti-theft database,general information and equipment information such as product manuals, FAQs, and more, and is also an information query center.
  • 💯【🚩DATA RECORD/PLAYBACK & 🚩REMOTE DIAGNOSTICS】LAUNCH X-431 IMMO ELITE car scanner automatically generates vehicle health reports with one-click, review codes data, store the data to graph, record, playback, screenshot, remote diagnostics.📊 Remote diagnosis can realize real-time communication between equipment and equipment or between equipment and computer. It can help you find a professional technician to remote diagnose at home without going to the 4S shop.
  • 💯【AUTO VIN🚩WIDE VEHICLE COVERAGE🚩25 LANGUAGES🚩AFTER SERVICE 】Luanch X-431 IMMO ELITE works on more cars, over 110 car brands 100000+ cars models.📊 If you need add a second language like French, please contact us with S/N(12 digits, on the back of the device) to free add language. 📊 If you need full function except for programming function of all the car brands of the product supported,you can contact us to by mail: [email protected] to get. We offers 2 YEARS UPDATE,5 YEARS WARRANTY, 60 days refund & replacement and 24 hours after-sale service.
Bestseller No. 5
for Toyota G and H Chip Vehicle OBD Remote Key Programming Device via OBD2 Port
  • Key Programmer Work for Toyota Transponder and Remote Control Key Programming OBD Car Smart Key Maker Compatible for Toyota G and H Chip Vehicles via OBD2 Port
  • Apply to 4D67,68,72(G), support both G and H chip, test for 2015 Camry
  • For Toyota G and H chip vehicle OBD remote key programming device, remote control and transponder
  • G key programmer is easy to operation, plug and play.
  • One pieces for Toyota G and H OBD Remote Key Programmer, built-in installation instruction manual
Bestseller No. 6
Simple Key, Key Fob and Key Programmer with Interchangeable 3 & 4 Button Keypads, Key Replacement Kit, Simple Key Programmer for Car Remote Start and Keyless Entry
  • A Smartly Innovated Car Key Solution - Skip the hassle of going to a key maker, locksmith, or pricey car dealership appointment for a key fob replacement. Get our key replacement kit instead. It comes with a simple key programmer, and the key fob has interchangeable 5 & 7 button pads. NOTE: The programmer will be linked to a single vehicle VIN upon use. After this, it cannot be used to program keys for a different vehicle.
  • Complete with Essential Buttons - One key fob has all the necessary buttons that are most important for regular use: lock, unlock, and panic buttons. There’s an optional remote start button that only works if your car was manufactured with this specific feature.
  • Compatible with Various Vehicles - Do you own a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, or Volkswagen? We got you covered! Our remote start fob replacement kit is created to fit different models of these car brands. Note: Check details for car year, make, and model compatibility.
  • Quick and Easy DIY Installation - Connect our key fob programmer to your vehicle and install it in less than 10 minutes without the help of a professional car key programmer. Note: You’ll need your existing car key to start the engine and install.
  • A Practical and User-friendly Choice - We offer you a car key fob that’s economical. It saves you time and effort as well. You can program up to 8 key fobs for a single vehicle. All you need is just 1 working key to get started. (Additional keys are sold separately.)
Bestseller No. 7
Key Programmer Immobilizer TOPDON T-Ninja1000 Add, Delete Key, Read Pin, All Keys Lost for Entry-Level Locksmiths, Professional Mechanics, Automotive Technicians
  • Money Maker Key Programmer T-ninja 1000 ➤ Super low price with Locksmith level functions for Blade & Smart keys: Read Pin Code / All Keys Lost / Add Keys / Erase Keys and more. Includes 1-year FREE Software Update + Only 249$/Year Subscription Fee for end user from second year. Recope your investment with just one use. NOTE: Only support upgrade on windows.
  • Designed for Beginners ➤ Step-by-step operation tips on this key fob programming tool guide you all the way to finish the key programming procedures, with all the necessary key information provided for peace of mind.
  • Huge Online Database ➤ Over 5,000 vehicles with locksmith verified details and processes included, to speed up learning curve for new users, and to boost business for locksmiths.
  • Wide Vehicle Coverage ➤ Key programmer immobilizer TOPDON T-Ninja 1000 covers most major manufacturers in US, compatible with Ford, GM, Chrysler etc. and Japan. Unlimited uses, no tokens required. Please check the compatibility with us VIA [email protected] and we'll provide the best solution for you.
  • No Risk Guarantee ➤ TOPDON offers a 60-day money back guarantee, 12-month warranty, and lifetime technical supports. Integrated RFID induction slot, easy-to-store carrying box etc. are also designed for enhanced user satisfaction. ✔️Please Note: if you are not satisfied with this key programmer and choose to return it, please kindly mark it ⚡unsellable⚡ to avoid an used one is sent to other customers again by Amazon. Really Appreciate your kindness and cooperation. Thanks

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Key Programmer New Releases

Sbb Pro2 Key Programmer V48.99 ,Car Key Maker Auto Key Programmer Supports G Chip Without Token Limit Multi-Language for Car.
  • Functions: 1. Programming new keys, 2. Reading keys from immobilizer's memory /pin code, 3. Reactivating keys no longer in the car owner's possession, 4. Operation by means of a menu guided programming, 5. SBB PRO2 Key Programming new remote controls.
  • SBB PRO2 key programmer is better for European vehicles, and it is no token system
  • Language: English,Deutsch,Francais,Espaniol,Italiano Portugues,Turkish.
  • Programming new keys. (Note: Please confirm whether it matches your car before buying. If you cannot determine whether it is suitable for your car, please contact us before buying.)
  • Reading keys from immobilizer's memory /pin code
Pilipane AK90 Auto Key Programmer V3.19 Match Diagnostic Tool for EWS AK90 Key PROG, Support Change Vin, Mileage and Renew, Lock Or Unlock Keys
  • The latest update software version is V3.19 for EWS4.4.
  • Directly read data dumps from MCU which marked 1D47J, 2D47J,0D46J, 2L86D without removing MCU from circuit board,easy to do yourself.
  • With the help of software you can change VIN, Mileage and renew, lock or unlock keys as well.
  • Program original chips "EML 10030A" for making keys .
  • Identify keys for all EWS ,showing VIN,key No. and mileage.
OBD2 Scanner, OBDII Key Programmer High Accuracy Professional Remote Key Programming Device for H and G Chip
  • 【Fitment】 OBD2 remote key programmer applies to 4D67, 68, 72(G), support both G and H chip, test on replacement for Camry 2015.
  • 【Add Remote Control and Transponder】 The key programming device has powerful functions, allowing you to add transponder and remote control, practical to use.
  • 【Small and Portable】 Key maker is easy to carry and use, does not take up space, will not take up too much of your time, very convenient.
  • 【Reliable and Safe】 The key programmer is safe to use, no danger, stable performance, high in reliability, and can be used with confidence.
  • 【Durable ABS】 Using safe ABS material, transponder programmer is not easy to break, impact resistant, and no damage to your car.

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More information on the key programmer

jobs in the tech industry

In the tech industry, programmer jobs are key. These positions help create and maintain the software that makes our lives easier. They work on a variety of tasks, from developing new applications to maintaining existing ones. Here are the five most important programmer jobs in the tech industry:

1. Programmer – This is the person who helps create and maintain the software that makes our lives easier. They work on a variety of tasks, from developing new applications to maintaining existing ones.

2. Database programmer – Database programmers help create and manage databases. Their job includes creating the code that makes the database work, as well as managing the database.

3. Web developer – Web developers help create websites. Their job includes creating the code that makes the website work, as well as managing the website.

4. Database administrator – Database administrators help keep the data in the database safe. They work on a variety of tasks, from creating the code that makes the database work to managing the database.

5. Developer – Developer jobs help people develop their skills. They work on a variety of tasks, from creating new applications to maintaining existing ones.

Buying Guide For Key Programmer

When purchasing a key programmer, there are a few things to look for. The most important thing to consider is the quality of the programmer. A high-quality programmer will be able to produce efficient code and will be able to handle any coding challenges you may face.

Another important thing to consider is the size of the programmer. A programmer who is too small can be difficult to work with and can produce defective code. On the other hand, a programmer who is too large can be difficult to use and can produce bulky files.

Finally, you should also consider the price of the programmer. A high-priced programmer will be able to produce better code and will be able to handle any coding challenges you may face. However, a low-priced programmer will not have the same quality and will not be as capable of producing efficient code.



There are many key programmer skills that are necessary in order to be a successful programmer. These skills include:

– Strong problem-solving skills
– Strong writing and communication skills
– Strong problem-solving abilities in a team environment
– Strong coding skills
– Experience with coding languages

Use the Add to cart button to buy your key programmer. You’ll be able to see if there is a shipping charge or not. You might get a free shipping on the key programmer. It depends on the product specification. If you don’t like the product, you can return the Items shipped from, including Amazon Warehouse, can be returned within 30 days of delivery. You can avail refunds on most products except a few. Also, don’t forget to check the warranty information before purchasing.