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Best Knife Lubes in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

If you are fond of having the best collection of versatile knives in your possession, then the best knife lube should be your priority. To keep your knives safe and sound and to extend their life span, give them a taste of lube oil, and they will be good as new.

The best knife lubricant determines the blade's razor-sharp edge or how strong and smooth the blade is. The blade loses its shine and lubricity with the repeated dishwasher usage to make them clean off the debris.

For that to happen, you must find yourself the best oil for knives that are safe for food. Some lubricants left their scent and taste upon the blade. Besides, whenever you slice your favorite fruit or vegetable, the odor will make you lose your appetite.

However, this guide will help you get the best knife lube oil for your knives. So, without further ado, let`s get started.

Reviews of The Best knife Lubes and Lubricants:

1. HOPPE`S No.9 Lubricant Oil

HOPPE`S No.9 Lubricant Oil

Nothing beats the fastest and perfect HOPPE`S lubricant oil due to its wide range of features. However, your knife also needs maintenance, especially if you are filleting salmons. With time, the blade loses its sharpness and needs something extra to stay longer than expected.

Along with that, this high viscosity oil is used to break down the tough stains, or the debris stuck on the surface. Whereas it also offers the best services to reduce friction. Moreover, it also works to make your knife rust-resistant and corrosion-free.

After the application of this perfect lubricant upon the knife, it will work as new. Apart from that, even if your blade gets rusted with time, you can also clean it by applying HOPPE`S best knife pivot lube oil upon the rusty area.


  • Affordable yet the best oil for pocket knives
  • Makes the knife rust resistant and corrosion free
  • Long-lasting performance
  • The ideal choice for fishing reels and firearms


  • The bottle isn`t handy for the application over far places.

2. Ballistol Aerosol Spray

Ballistol Aerosol Spray

To make your life and firearms last longer than expected and to free your equipment off from the debris, Ballistol is an ideal choice you have so far. Moreover, it works perfectly upon the barrels, firearms, and your favorite knives.

Along with that, it is a perfect and ideal lubricant oil for carbon steel knives. It penetrates deeply into the debris, cutting off the roots while making your knife replenishing as it once was.

Besides, it protects and preserves the shine and sharpness of the blade. You might have heard the impacts of lubricants and aerosols on the environment. However, let us assure you that this sturdily manufactured best oil for folding knives is completely safe for you to use.

Moreover, the packaging ensures leak-proof lubricant oil and safe to be kept around the children.


  • Non-greasy lubricant oil
  • Retains the texture of the blade
  • Maintains the sharpness of the blade


  • It often causes dizziness to the user or the person near it.

3. 3-In-1-10038 Multipurpose Lubricant Oil

3-In-1-10038 Multipurpose Lubricant Oil

Having read through multiple reviews, you might get confused about which one is the most suitable one for you. Since the beginning, 3-in-one manufacturers have been the most reliable source for miracles to happen.

Meanwhile, with such compliments, it is also a multipurpose lubricant oil. Having said that, it replenishes the surface as good as new. Along with that, it cleans, lubricates, as well as protects the blade against debris. Sometimes, the dust particles and the food get accumulated upon the blade and layer of debris upon it. You can use it with your survival knife.

To ensure the longevity and protection of your knives, this lubricant oil comes in handy. Moreover, you can also apply it to firearms, door knobs, or the metal that gets rusty over the passage of time. So to make them useful again, get yourself this amazing lubricant oil that will make your knife`s job much easier.


  • Pocket friendly
  • Non-greasy lubricant oil
  • Multipurpose oil
  • Protects, clean and make them rust resistant


  • The container leaks when stored for long.

4. KPL Knife Pivot Lubricant Oil

KPL Knife Pivot Lubricant Oil

For gaining the best out of your knives, this indeed is a perfect option to be used in retaining their shine and making them rust-resistant. Moreover, it works at its best with an exceptional mechanism, especially for lubricating the door knobs, razor sharp blades of your most wanted knives, and much more.

Hence, being the biodegradable aerosol spray, you can get the maximum protection for your knives. Thus, removing the debris upon the surface and, along with that it also protects them from getting rusty.

Therefore, increasing their shelf life makes the blade even more stronger than before. Besides, the synthetic formula prevents dirt and contaminations from destroying the sharpness of the blade.

That being said, it enhances and improves the efficiency of the knives. Meanwhile, preventing the metal from galling, pitting, and corrosion makes them work with more proficiency and speed.


  • Perfect lubricant for the metals.
  • Cleansing oil
  • Replenishes the blade`s surface as good as new
  • Boost up their efficiency and productivity


  • Gritty lubricant with poor packaging.

5. KUROBARA Tsubaki Camellia Oil

KUROBARA Tsubaki Camellia Oil

A high grade oil lubricant that comes with multipurpose features to make your knife good as new. Furthermore, it also prevents the razor-sharp blade from getting rusty or corroded. With that being said, it is of supreme quality as it is suitable not just for the serrated kitchen knives but also for the multiple tools such as the doorknobs, bonsai equipment, scissors, and much more.

Hence, it lubricates the surface by reducing the friction up to the minimum. Yet, it often dries slow. You can also use it to restore the shine of the metal surface. However, it comes with a high degree of pure chemical that will break down the tough stains or the crust that forms over the surface.

Meanwhile, the perfect retention of the blade comes with sharpness. Thus, if your blades are getting dull, you need not worry as we`ve got you covered. Get yourself this pocket as well as budget-friendly knife lube oil to make your chopping sessions easier than before.


  • Multipurpose lubricant oil
  • Avoid the knives from getting rusty or corroded
  • Maintenance and preservation of the metal
  • Increases longevity of the knife blade
  • Odor-less and non-drying lubricant


  • None found.

6. Oil Lubricant & Protectant

Oil Lubricant & Protectant

If you love to keep firearms, then you must also face cleaning issues regarding them. So, for cleaning, you need the best oil for their lubrication & protection. This is the best cleansing oil for heavy machinery and small gadgets.

You will not have to be worried about the time while cleaning because it will spread all over the surface in no time and shows its result fast. This oil does not require a lot of effort. One of the best things about the oil is that the shelf life is good. It will help to boost up the functioning of firearms.

The oil is safe to be placed around children as it is covered with a small-cap. It comes with the needle nose, so it is your choice either you want to use this oil with a dropper or needle. It is very easy to change the dropper or needle. This oil is suitable for firearms in all weather conditions. It stays in the same position where you put it and does not become sticky or clumpy.


  • Comes with two options dropper or needle
  • The bottle has three different sizes
  • Long-lasting 


  • It should come with a proper lubrication guide.

7. Super Lube Oil

Super Lube Oil

It is very important to lubricate the machinery you are using because lubrication increases the machine's life. Lubrication also helps the machine work properly without using a lot of force, and the efficiency will also increase.

Super lube oil is the best lubricant and safe on all types of materials, which means this oil is not specific and can be used on different materials like metal, rubber, or plastic. It will also protect the material's surface from harmful environmental effects, or it will shield the material from corrosion or rusting.

It also helps to improve the contact between two surfaces. Super lube oil increases the output and performance of the machine. One best thing about this oil is that it is waterproof. This is a mixture of the best quality oil to increase lubrication. The oil is transparent, so don't worry that it may leave its color on the surface where it is used.


  • It is colorless less so it will not leave any color on the surface.
  • This item is very lightweight easy to carry.


  • Leaks quickly when left open.

8. Lubricant Gun Cleaner Spray

Lubricant Gun Cleaner Spray

This is one of the great lubricants present in the market for your firearms and tools. The main purpose of this product is to clean and provide lubrication. This is made up of the finest quality material, like the best synthetic oil and surface tension reducers. CLP helps to clean the firearms made up from any material very fast. This also increases the life of the material and increases the efficiency of that particular material.

The addition of a spray bottle is very effective because it helps the liquid to spread all over the surface equally. This liquid goes through the surface with the help of spray and aid to clean easily without any effort.

It is very durable and lasts for a longer time so that the surface of the equipment will remain safe from corrosion and rusting. High temperatures will not affect the functioning. You can keep this for months in your cupboards once after opening. It will work properly even after the months.


  • Spray nozzle helps to spread the liquid equally
  • Protect the surface even at extreme temperature
  • Made up from best quality oils


  • Close tight, and they might leak if not kept properly.

9. Yoshihiro TSOIL Rust Eraser with Knife Maintenance Oil

Yoshihiro TSOIL Rust Eraser with Knife Maintenance Oil

Rusting is such a phenomenon that destroys the shiny appearance of an iron metal surface such as knives or metal blades and makes it look old. We present to you this one of the best knife oil that will help lubricate your new knives so that they remain new for long.

The oil comes along with a unique rusting eraser. Now you may erase rusted patterns on your knife using this eraser. Rub the eraser against the knife carefully without making scratches and get a clear rust-free surface of the knife in minutes.

The Camellia oil is used as the lubricating agent and comes in a quantity of 3.4 oz, which is for about 100ml. This lubricating oil is made in Japan and intends to protect the surface of iron metal knives from atmospheric oxygen and moisture.

It is a perfect maintenance kit that is not only easy to apply but also is safe for your health. Then, you simply have to spread the oil over the surface, and it's good to go.


  • Non-toxic food-grade oil
  • Eraser removes rust from the surface of knives.
  • Lubricating oil protects the surface from future rust.


  • Eraser is not as effective.

10. Pro-Shot Needle Oiler

Pro-Shot Needle Oiler

This is one of the amazing options for lubrication. Friction causes appliances and other surfaces to wear out over time. It would be best if you had a barrier between the two surfaces. This barrier protects your tool or appliance from the air as well as from constant rubbing. We have a solution to this problem, and this needle oil is one of the best oil for knives and other tools.

This oil comes with a small nozzle attached to a needle. If you find difficulty in reaching narrow areas, then this will be your go-to product. The small needle makes sure the oil reaches every corner of your house and keeps all corners lubricating and protected from rusting.

The oil is formulated in such a way that it not only provides a smooth surface for protection against rusting of tools like knives, but the additional anti-wear additives present in the oil protect the knives from wearing out due to friction.

This oil penetrates the surface and provides an excellent lubricating effect to it. In addition, the innovative design and shape of the bottle make the oil application easy, and so it is more effective compared to traditional ways of application.


  • Anti-wear additives in the oil protect against friction
  • Small needle reaches to narrow areas
  • The lubricating effect protects against rusting of tools.


  • The needle is very small to remove any junk within the bottle.

What makes the right oil for knives?

The best knife steel deserve the best oils. The right oil for knives should also be safe for health. First of all, they have to be colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Many people recommend mineral oil for knives instead of cooking oil. Cooking oil is very sticky and unpleasant. The things which should be present in the oil of knives are anti-oxidants, anti-wear additives, and other lubricating agents.

Anti-oxidants help to prevent the blade from rusting. Some people believe that oil also helps to sharpen the blade of the knife and use it as a knife making tool. Lubricants improve the friction between two surfaces, acting as a barrier between two surfaces that are being rubbed against one another.

Knife Lube

So before buying oil for the knife, make sure that it is beneficial for both health of you and your family and also keeps your knife in good condition for long. In addition, the quality of the oil should be good so that it does not affect the material used to make the knife.

Should you oil knives?

Many chefs use oil on their knives. However, some say that is it unnecessary and just rusts the knife.

When using most steel knives they will rust over time. Some rust faster than others but no one blade will prevent rust forever. These rust spots can eventually grind down your blade's material so it does not maintain its sharpness as long as it would without rust. Rubbing liquid metal onto your blade regularly can help reduce rust spots.

Usually, you are told to also do this with oil after cutting acidic fruits or vegetables like lemons or tomatoes to remove the acid from the blade before it corrodes. Oil also helps prevent food particles from sticking to your knife which causes further damage by rusting and grinding.

Premature wear and rusting are greatly reduced when using oil, making it worth the five minutes extra before you cut. If you are worried about using chemicals on your blade then just use food-grade mineral oil instead of the cooking variety which could contain contaminants.

Knife Lubes

If you take care of your knife then no, there is no reason to regularly rub oil on it because the moisture will not build up enough to corrode or damage the blade. But if you live in an area where humidity is high, or if your knives aren't stainless steel and are prone to rust, then yes, it might be beneficial for you to use mineral oil to prevent corrosion and rusting.

The rust spots will still happen so you should not rely on oil to keep rust off your knife forever. It does help keep rusting at bay but it is not a 100% fix.

There are several types of oils that can be used, including mineral oil and cooking oils like grapeseed oil or olive oil. Mineral oil is the most effective because it is least likely to go rancid but it usually comes in larger bottles which can take up space in your kitchen cabinets for no reason since using them might only involve applying once or twice until rust becomes an issue again.

Sometimes knives that are well taken care of do not rust but they become dull faster because there is less metal left on the blade after grinding rust off. Most rust is not very sharp and the blade does not need to be replaced but using oil will keep rust from forming so you do not have to worry about grinding it down as much.

In conclusion, rust spots on a knife are going to happen eventually so knives should be oiled after cutting acidic foods or when rust becomes an issue. Oiling your knives can reduce rusting but it cannot stop rust indefinitely. It also helps prevent food particles from sticking on the knife by creating a barrier between them and the blade. 

How to lube a pocket knife?

Do you love your knife? Of course, you do. Lubricating it is an easy way to keep it in working order and ensure it lasts for years. Whether or not you know how to lube a knife may depend on how often knife use is necessary for your life. However, it's nothing that can't be learned.

In order to lube a knife, you'll need:

  • Honing oil  or high-quality knife oil
  • A clean cloth

This is the knife we'll be using for this tutorial. You can use whatever knife you own, or if you don't own any you should maybe go buy yourself one.

Okay, let's talk about knife oil. You can use honing oil or knife oil for this purpose, but knife oil is usually made of higher quality ingredients and better lubricates. If possible, always buy knife oil. However, if you can't find knife oil then honing oil will do the trick just fine.

How to lube a pocket knife

To begin, place your knife on a stable surface. You don't want any extra variables or dust mites causing the knife to slip while you lube it.

Now, take your oil of choice and liberally coat your knife with it. Also, apply oil to the knife guard if possible. This will not only help lubricate the knife's blade, but also the knife's handle.

There are a few different methods for this step, but one way is to hold your knife with your dominant hand and thumb on the base of the knife. Use your other hand, or a clean cloth, and wipe away any excess oil from your knife. By doing this you will ensure that no extra oils remain on your knife and that you have applied a thin and even coat.

Congratulations! You've successfully lubricated your knife using knife oil! Next time you use it, the knife will feel more fluid and smooth in your hand. Great job!

Wet Lube For Knives Compared to Dry Lubes

Lubricating the blades of your knives is essential for keeping them sharp and free from rust. There are two types of lubricants that are commonly used, dry lube and wet lube, both have their advantages. Dry lubes are cheaper because they don't need to be replaced or re-applied as often. Wet lubes last longer but cost more to maintain.

Dry lubricants are better for knives that you use less often like hunting knives.

Wet Lube As a Knife Lubricant

A knife lube that is wet, or liquidy, is actually just a fluid which you apply to the knife using an attached sponge. This does not need to be replaced because it's reapplied every time you use your knife.

However this type of knife lubricant can cause corrosion if neglected for too long so it needs to be cleaned regularly. If the knife will only be used infrequently then this type of knife oil is more effective since it stays on the blade longer.

Wet Lube For Knife Rust Protection

One advantage of wet knife lubricant over dry is that it keeps knives from rusting when they are stored for extended periods of time. Wet knife oil adds extra protection against moisture, preventing oxidation and pitting.

Wet knife lubricant is more effective than dry knife oil at keeping your knife rust-free.

Dry knife oil doesn't do anything to keep the knife from oxidizing, but it does help prevent pitting on the blade of the knife. It is best for knives that you use often like kitchen knives, pocket knives and hunting knives. Dry knife oil should be applied every few days to maintain the knife's sharpness.

Wet Lube As Kitchen Knife Lubricant

If you are using your knife in a wet environment then using wet lube would be better because it won't evaporate so quickly in moist surroundings which can affect how well it prevents corrosion or lubricates your knife.

The downside of this type of knife lubricant is that its presence attracts dust and grime.

Dry knife lubricants are good for people who cut on dry surfaces because it doesn't attract dust or other particles around your knife blade. This knife lubricant should be applied on a more regular basis to maintain the knife's sharpness.

If you use your knife in both wet and dry settings, then choose the knife lube based on which environment you'll be using it in most often.

Dry knife lubricants are cheaper because they do not need to be reapplied as often as wet knife lubricants. It is best for people who cut on dry surfaces and want a knife lubricant that will not attract dust.


1. What can I use to lube a knife?

To lubricate a knife, any lubricating substance such as oils that smooths out the surface between the surface of a knife and air can act as a lubricant.

2. Can you use wd40 on knives?

Wd40 is a water repellant and so is perfect to be used as a lubricating agent for knives. In addition, WD-40 can be applied to the blade of the knives.

3. Can you use olive oil to lubricate knives?

Oils like olive oil are used to clean the blades rather than lubricate them. Therefore, it is better to use a light honing or mineral oil formulated for knife care to lubricate and store your knives.

Knife Lube

4. Should you oil knives?

Cooking oil for carbon steel knives can be used. However, it should be oiled regularly to prevent rust and corrosion. Although cooking oil can be used, mineral grade oil is preferred.

5. Can I use 3 in 1 oil on my knife?

3 in 1 oil is a good option for maintaining knives and lubricating them from getting damaged.

6. What's a good knife pivot lube?

Sentry Solutions Tuff Glide is the best knife care product you can buy. It keeps peoples guns and knives working perfectly, even in places with harsh environments like Africa or Alaska! The stuff also helps to keep rust at bay.

Final Verdict

Lubricating oils protect knives from wearing out and getting rusted due to constant exposure to moisture and air. Thin oils can be used as a lubricating agent as they would smooth out the surfaces. Any oily agent acts as a barrier and helps to maintain any metallic surface tool for long. Therefore, it is important to look for a good lubricating oil that won't cause any harm to health if applied to the knives.

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