Top 10 Best Kombucha Maker Deals In 2022 [Expert Vetted]

Kombucha is a tea that is brewed with kombucha culture, which is an organism that is used to make the tea. The culture can be found in a number of different places around the world, and it is often used as a healthy drink. Kombucha is a tea that is popular in many different countries, and it is often used to improve the health of people who drink it.

Kombucha Maker Price Comparison Table

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10 Best Kombucha Makers Available For Purchase

Bestseller No. 1
The Kombucha Shop Kombucha Starter Kit - 1 Gallon Brewing Kit Includes All The Essentials Required for Brewing Kombucha At Home
  • MADE BY KOMBUCHA BREWERS FOR KOMBUCHA BREWERS: This kit has everything you need to start brewing your own kombucha at home. Our best in the industry kombucha cultures, equipment, and instruction will turn you into a kombucha-brewing rockstar in no time.
  • QUALITY PRODUCTS: Our 1 Gal. Brew Jar is made of thick American glass and US MADE pH Test Strips and Temperature Gauge will help you monitor your brew's progress. Need Help? Our support team is here to quickly answer any of your questions along the way.
  • EXPERT KNOWLEDGE: More educational material than any other kit on the market - our fan favorite Brewing Instructions and Post Brewing-Guide take all the guesswork out of brewing kombucha for the first time. We ensure your brewing success!
  • CERTAIN TO GROW: Our cultures are grown in our Madison, WI brewery using triple filtered water, high-quality sugar and lose leaf tea, plus our six-week aged kombucha starter. We guarantee your first batch to ferment or we'll send a free replacement.
  • THE PERFECT PRESENT: This complete and beautiful kit is sure to be the perfect present for any kombucha fan in your life. All of our kits are entirely shelf stable so you can order and ship worry free! They'll love it, we promise.
Bestseller No. 2
DALAMHARI Lime Flavoring Kombucha Powder Pack | 20 Kcal Kombucha Tea Kombucha Scoby Kambutcha Kambucha Kombucha Starter Kit Water Flavoring Drops Sparkling Tea Soda Maker Urban Remedy Probiotic Soda
  • So tasty : Natural fizzy lime flavored kombucha made with freeze dried kambucha & lime fruit juice extract powder holds refreshing bubbles
  • So convenient : 5g individual stick packaging take everywhere, easily make combucha habit & daily mineral water enhancer into wellness drink ade
  • So healthy : Contains 19 spices of alpha probiotic synergy with water & multi vitamin mineral mix supports gut health digestive immunity & boost energy
  • So light : Only 19 Kcal per stick as it's SUGAR FREE low carbs from natural juice / Brew 250-500ml of cold water don't worry about your diet
  • DALAMHARI CHOICE : We studies Korean Superfood and design creative healthy foods, under strict DALAMHARI standards we curates premium quality small business products made in KOREA with sincerity
Bestseller No. 3
Kombucha Heating Wrap - Fermentation Heating Pad With Temperature Control
  • North American 120V only - Made specifically for kombucha - this kombucha heating mat is designed specifically for home brewing kombucha by a kombucha brewer. It's sized to fit 1-gallon brewing vessels.
  • 3 temperature settings - most other heating wraps set the temperature too high or too low. I've picked each temperature setting so you can be confident you are brewing at the right temperature year round. Just set according to the season and your preferences and forget!
  • Safe to use around liquids - this heating pad is safe to use around kombucha. No more worrying about spilling.
  • Designed to work with temperature gauges - I hated having to remove my kombucha wrap to check the temperatures. This mat leaves enough room so you can see your temperature strip without having to remove the heater.
  • Designed to be used for the entire brewing process - this heating wrap can be left on for the entire brewing cycle.
Bestseller No. 4
Kombucha Starter Kit - Includes Kombucha SCOBY & Strong Starter Liquid. Make Delicious Kombucha at Home with our USA Made 1 Gallon Glass Brew Jar, Temp Gauge and Custom Tea Blend
  • EASY TO MAKE – Easily Brew Your First Batch of Kombucha: Kit comes with organic SCOBY and starter liquid, 1 gallon glass brew jar, breathable brew jar cover, adhesive temperature gauge, organic tea blend, organic sugar, reusable tea bag and easy-to-follow instructions.
  • FOR KOMBUCHA LOVERS: Create your own homemade kombucha and save money making this delicious drink at home. Kombucha is low in sugar, good for your gut health and digestion, and has been known to help people lose weight. This kit is ideal for first-time kombucha brewers and people wanting to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Makes the perfect gift.
  • QUALITY, VALUE & COST-EFFECTIVE: We don't cut corners. This kombucha kit contains all of the essential components like a jar, tea, sugar and a SCOBY. The glass jar has a wide mouth and is made with thick-walled glass. The organic tea is loose leaf and high quality to give your kombucha brew a rich, smooth flavor. Includes cane sugar (not white sugar) for a better fermentation.
  • MAKES 1 GALLON TO START, THEN MANY MORE: After your first brew is complete, save 1 cup of starter liquid per 1-gallon of kombucha, plus that gorgeous SCOBY and continue the endless cycle of fermenting your own kombucha at home.
  • GUARANTEED TO BREW: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our SCOBYs are USDA Certified Organic, are grown with a proprietary blend of organic tea, organic cane sugar, triple filtered water and mature starter liquid, have been lab tested and contain thousands of strains of healthy bacteria and yeast essential to making of kombucha.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Kombucha Ready To Mix Powder - 14 Servings - With Probiotics, Guarana and Caffeine - Peach Pomegranate
  • REAL KOMBUCHA - each bottle of wholsome Kombucha+ has 14 ready to mix servings. You'll love our delicious Peach Pomegranate Kombucha flavor!
  • SUPERCHARGED FORMULA - Help promote your gut health with wholsome's Kombucha+. We added probiotics and ginger to aid in digestion.
  • 5 CALORIES, NO SUGAR - Most Kombucha drinks contain tons of calories from sugar but not wholsome's! Each serving is only 5 calories!
  • ORGANIC INGREDIENTS - We manufacture in the USA and source only the highest quality ingredients for our kombucha. One bottle of wholsome Kombucha+ makes 14 glasses!
  • NO ADDED FILLER - you won't find ingredients like sugar cane stalks or tapioca powder in our Kombucha
Bestseller No. 6
Fermentaholics Bamboo Tamper Tool, Make Sauerkraut At Home | Perfect Tool For Fermented Cabbage & Any Fermented Vegetables | DIY Fermented Sauerkraut |
  • BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED - Pound cabbage in style with this sleek, 13" bamboo Tamper Tool
  • IDEAL SIZE FOR HOME FERMENTERS - Long enough to reach in large pots and compact enough to store easily
  • VERSATILE – Each end is designed to fit perfectly in a wide mouth OR regular mouth mason jar to pack those veggies in tight! Perfect for half gallon, quart, or pint jars
  • EFFECTIVE AND EASY TO USE – Ergonomic design allows tamper to be held with ease while you pound cabbage to release the most brine. Easily ferment sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, condiments and lots other healthy ferments to share with friends and family
  • STRONG AND SUSTAINABLE! Bamboo is extremely strong, regenerates rapidly, and requires no fertilization or pesticides, making it an ideal and sustainable material choice
Bestseller No. 7
FastRack - One Gal Wide Mouth Jar with Lid and Airlock, Large Glass Jar with Fermentation Lid, 1 Gallon Glass Jar with Lid and Econolock Airlock, One Gallon Jar with Fermentation Airlock, Clear
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: With this purchase, you'll receive a 1 gallon glass jar with lid perfect for using as fermentation jar; Our glass jars also come with Econolock airlocks for fermenting (Please put the black grommet in the lid before screwing the lid onto the glass jar)

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Kombucha Maker New Releases

Keg Tap, Beer Keg Dispenser, Beer Keg Charger Dispenser Stainless Steel Mini Beer Keg Tap Dispenser Winemaking Accessories
  • 【High-quality Materials】This beer keg dispenser is made of premium stainless steel, which is resistant to chemicals, making it more sanitary than chrome plated brass keg couplers and durable for long term.
  • 【Wide Application】This mini keg dispenser can be used as a dispenser for beer, coffee, soda, kombucha, and other beverages for a variety of uses.
  • 【Easy to install】This keg tap is easy to install, quick connect, convenient to operate, perfect mini barrel beer dispenser, also a great brewing tool.
  • 【Good Sealing】The beer dispenser thread makes the connection tight, good sealing, leakage proof, has excellent performance.
  • 【Easy to Store】This wine brewing accessory is compact and more convenient to store, you can take it to any party, barbecue and more.
wrtgerht 5pcs Tofu Cheesecloth CottoFabric Cheesecloth Reusable Hemmed Cheese Cloth MusliCloth for Straining Cooking Baking Cheesemaking Kitchenware (Size : 1)
  • CHEESECLOTH STRAINER Straining Fruit Bag Food Strainer Cloth Steamer Mat Liners Tofu Cheesecloth CottoFabric Cheesecloth Reusable Hemmed Cheese Cloth MusliCloth for Straining Cooking Baking Cheesemaking
  • COTTOMUSLICLOTH Tofu Cloth Reusable Cheese Clothes Cheesecloth Strainer Milk Butter Filter Cheese Clothes Such As Cheese, Greek Yogurt, Kombucha and Tofu, Perfect to Make Enough Quantity to Meet Different Needs.
  • STRAINING FRUIT BAG Made of CottoMaterial, This Cheese Clothing Item Is Safe, Durable, Reusable and Practical, Perfect for Making Cheese, Greek Yogurt, Kombucha, Tofu, Etc. Made of CottoMaterial That Is Safe and Durable.
  • CHEESE CLOTHES MILK BUTTER FILTER CottoMusliCloth Wine Cheesecloth Cheesecloth For Cooking Reusable and Washable, Ensuring Its Practicality and Durability. Suitable for Rubbing Sauces, Soups, Preservatives, Juices, Almond Milk, Stocks.
  • CHEESECLOTH FOR COOKING Tofu Cloth Reusable Cheese Clothes Cheesecloth Strainer Milk Butter Filter Straining Fruit Bag Food Strainer Cloth Steamer Mat Liners CottoMusliCloth Suitable for Straining Sauces, Soups, Preserves, Juices, Almond Milk,
FixtureDisplays® Cheese Cloth Two Square Yards (4X0.51') Cheesecloth Lint Free 100% Cotton 13005-NPF-SL
  • QUALITY & LINT FREE SGS CERTIFIED - Our cheesecloth is 100% COTTON - a superior product that is made with only the best natural cotton fibers. Each item contains 2 Square Yards of cheesecloth: 1/2 yard wide X 4 yard long. With no pre-cut. Easy to cut to any size you need using a sharp pair of scissors.

  • REUSABLE and RECYCLABLE. Clean with a mild detergent and warm water. If the cheesecloth has picked up small particles, we recommend that you boil for up to 15 minutes till its free of the particles. It is a very versatile material for household cooking and chef's ingredients preparation.

  • It is ideal for straining stocks as well as canning. It is useful for bone broth, steaming poultry, basting turkey, roasting chicken, decanting wine, straining soup stocks and custards, pressing tofu, making soft cheeses or yogurt, making nut milk and kombucha etc. Can also be used as a soft rag to clean fragile surfaces, such as our clear acrylic podiums to avoid scratches.

  • Item size: 18.5" W x 142" L (0.514 yard X 3.944 yard).

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More information on the kombucha maker

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a tea made from the culture of the S. aureus bacterium used to make a sour drink that is said to have health benefits. It is purported to be refreshing, exhilarating, and healthy.

How is Kombucha Made?

Kombucha is made by fermenting scalded water with S. aureus. The culture is then forced through a strainer to remove theurities. The final product is a clear, sour drink that has a slightly sweet taste and a slightly sour smell.

What are the Health Benefits of Kombucha?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the health benefits of Kombucha vary depending on the person. However, some people claim that Kombucha has health benefits such as:

– reducing inflammation
– reducing anxiety
– improving cognitive function
– boosting energy
– reducing the risk of chronic diseases

– improving the immune system

– providing relief from symptoms of depression, anxiety, and chronic pain

– improving the quality of life

If you are interested in trying Kombucha for yourself, there are a few ways to do so. One way is to purchase a Kombucha Maker from a store or online. Another way is to make your own Kombucha by fermenting scalded water with S. aureus.

Buying Guide For Kombucha Maker

There are many factors to consider before purchasing a kombucha maker.

One important consideration is the size of the kombucha maker. Some kombucha makers are small enough to fit in a cupboard, while others are larger and require more storage space.

Another important consideration is the type of kombucha maker. There are three main types of kombucha makers: open-loop, closed-loop, and autoclaved.

Open-loop kombucha makers use a timer to keep track of the brewing time, which can make it difficult to produce consistent kombucha. Closed-loop kombucha makers use a fermentation process to produce kombucha, which can be more difficult to control. Autoclaved kombucha makers use a heat treatment to kill aerobic bacteria, which can make the kombucha more sour.

The final consideration is the price. kombucha makers are expensive, so it is important to choose one that is worth the money.


If you are looking for a kombucha maker that is reliable, easy to use, and has a variety of options, the Kubernetes-based Brewer’s Kombucha Maker is a great option.

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