Best LED Garage Lights

10 Best LED Garage Lights 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

If you are handling projects in your garage, it's vital to have ample lighting to ensure an unobstructed view of everything. Further, unlike a lamp that only lights a small space, an LED bulb illuminates the entire garage.

There are some things you need to keep in mind when shopping for the best-LED lights for your garage. For example, you need to consider the lumen measurements, color temperature, and wattage. However, this can be overwhelming since the market has a plethora of products to consider.

Luckily, we've researched and tested the 10 best-LED garage lights. Here we bring you a comprehensive review to help you pick what works best for you. Let's jump straight into the discussion.

10 Best Garage Lighting Reviews

1. Tanbaby LED Garage Light

Tanbaby LED Garage Light

If you work in your garage or workshop and require maximum lighting, you can consider Tanbaby LED garage lights. They are some of the best-led garage lights and come loaded with multiple features to suit your needs.

For starters, it features the most advanced LED technology and top-quality diodes with up to 6000 lumens. Thus, this means that they will provide your garage with up to 15000lms of light. In other words, it can illuminate your garage three times more than ordinary lights.

In other respect, the bulbs feature a flexible design that provides 360-degree coverage to light up even dark areas.

Unlike some lighting systems that come with cables or wires, installing this LED light is super easy. As a matter of fact, you don't need any technical experience to set this up. After installation, the lighting system will provide light in all directions.

Even better, there is an advanced cooler below the lamp beads and die-cast aluminum design that hastens the heat dissipation process.

Another important aspect of this LED light is that it's built to last. The system contains high-quality aluminum fins that offer a stable performance besides cooling. You can be assured of 50,000 hours of continuous runtime, which brings down the cost of maintenance.

In addition, the garage lights have internal noise reduction features, and therefore this provides a silent operation.

Lastly, the lights have an energy-saving design and can dramatically decrease your power bills by 85%.


  • Made from durable aviation aluminum
  • Provides up to 50000 hours of continuous lighting
  • It offers a brightness range of 6000 lumens
  • 360-degree illumination that lights up even dark areas
  • Affordable
  • The aluminum helps in heat dissipation
  • Easy to install
  • Less maintenance
  • Energy saving


  • Lack motion sensors


Overall, Tanbaby LED lights are best led shop lights for garage, a great purchase and, on that account, a good value for the money. They offer excellent lighting for use in the garage. Also, if you are looking for the best-led shop lights for the garage, you can consider Tanbaby LED lights.

However, they lack some features such as motion sensors which some users would prefer.

2. Chareada LED Garage Lights

Chareada LED Garage Lights

If you are used to using regular bulbs, you'll realize that sometimes it can be challenging to have a clear view of the entire garage.

Thus, this calls for specialized lights that can offer proper lighting for the whole area. We highly recommend Chareada LED garage lights which are the best led lights for the garage and can provide up to 50,000 hours of illumination.

The first thing you'll appreciate about these lights is that they feature foldable panes up to 90 degrees. In addition, you can adjust them to 270 degrees area so that it illuminates the entire workplace. Unlike ordinary bulbs, these can light up even dark spots due to the adjustable panels.

Another feature of these lights is the heat dissipation design of the light panels that consist of aluminum alloy. There is also the die-cast and hollow-out structure that boosts the heat dissipation.

Therefore, these can control the temperature in the garage and provide a cooling effect. Worth noting, temperature control also improves the durability of the bulbs.

There is no need to worry if you don't have any technical skills because installation is bliss. Likewise, you don't need any tools. Also, the package comes with a socket base which helps in saving money.

Because they are versatile, you can also use them to light up the basement, equipment room, storage room, warehouse, driveway, and barn.


  • High quality
  • Wide use
  • Provides sufficient lighting
  • Low heat
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Energy efficient


  • They are a bit fragile


We highly recommend Chareada LED garage lights because they are affordable, long-lasting, efficient, and good value for money.

Moreover, they are versatile, and you can use them in warehouses, workshops, sports halls, the basement, and other areas that require ample lighting. However, they are a bit fragile and need a lot of care during installation to avoid breaking them.

3. SiicaaG LED Garage Lights

SiicaaG LED Garage Lights

Your garage requires adequate lighting to allow for proper visibility of your tasks or projects. SiicaaG are the best led shop lights for garage and an excellent choice if you are looking for an efficient lighting system. In addition, the package includes two pairs of LED lights suitable for lighting a large-sized garage.

The lights come with various features, such as 6000 lumens that provide a clear glare even in dark areas. In addition, the bulbs consume 60W of power and therefore are energy efficient. They also offer extra brightness thanks to the 6500K shop light feature and CRI 80.

The first notable feature of these lights is the three-panel design with a base at the bottom. The ultra-bright LED heads can be adjusted to a 90-degree angle and hence offer even distribution of light.

One thing you'll appreciate about these lights is that they are easy to install. You don't require any tools, wiring, or a technician to fix it.

The lights offer wide application since you can install them in the basement, attic, display area, warehouse, and barn.

If you are looking to save some money in the future, the lights are your best bet. Even though they are a bit pricey, they are made of high-quality polymer material that will last many years.

By choosing this product, you'll have an assurance of up to 50,000 hours of lighting and constant runtime. Therefore, this cuts down the maintenance costs dramatically.


  • Durable
  • Provides sufficient lighting
  • Versatile
  • Easy to install
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Energy efficient


  • Pricey


SiicaaG LED Garage Lights are an excellent choice if you are looking for high-quality bulbs for your garage that will last many years. Because the lights are energy-efficient, you can enjoy lower power bills. Lastly, they require low maintenance and thus a good value for money.

4. Family LED Garage Lights

Family LED Garage Lights

You don't have to install several LED bulbs in your garage since the Family LED Garage Lights provide daytime brightness.

The lamps are some of the best garage lights and feature an adjustable design consisting of three panels. The bulbs provide brightness in the garage, making them versatile for use in basements, stores, and pathways.

The bulbs consume 60 watts of power and therefore are energy efficient. You'll enjoy an 85% decrease in bills for days to come.

The installation is easy, and you don't need tools to set it up. Like regular bulbs, you can use the best screw in led garage lights, which will only take a few minutes. In addition, the lights are compatible with a traditional light socket size E26 or E27.

Another aspect of these LED lights is that they are made of durable aluminum alloy, which can resist high temperatures. In addition, the lights have a hollow-out structure that improves the cooling efficiency of the bulbs.

The bulbs also have a higher service life of over 50,000, which cuts down on maintenance costs.


  • Easy to install
  • It can be put in multiple uses
  • Lights up even dark areas
  • Energy saving
  • Made of durable aluminum
  • Resists high temperature
  • Provides over 50,000 hours of light


  • They are expensive


On the whole Fimilo garage bets a good value since they have a longer service life. Furthermore, we highly recommend them for lighting up your garage because they have an adjustable design. Therefore, you can direct light to your working area.

Additionally, they are versatile and can be put in multiple uses. Also, they are highly recommended for poorly lit areas such as the basement and driveway. Without a doubt, you can't go wrong by choosing these lights.

5. Homelazy Garage Lights

Homelazy Garage Lights

If you are looking to save some money, you can choose Homelazy Garage Lights. These come at an unbelievably low price for a pack of two. Even better, each light comprises four adjustable panels that deliver sufficient lighting for your garage.

With these lights, you can achieve 8000 lumens of light which can light up a one-car garage. The panels have an adjustable design, allowing for flexibility when you are setting up the lights in your garage. Also, due to the formable design, the lights can illuminate all dark areas in your garage.

The lights are easy to install and don't require special tools or materials. If you are a beginner, you'll find it extremely easy to set them on the ceiling.

Also, to note, these lights are made of high-quality Polycarbonate material. This is excellent news because the material has durable qualities and therefore will last many years. In addition, the lifespan of these lights is estimated at 50000 hours which proves that they will provide a longer service life.


  • The lights are easy to set up
  • They provide an even distribution of light
  • Durable and have a higher service life
  • Affordable
  • Feature an adjustable design


  • The lights may overheat due to the plastic fins
  • Not suitable for installation at the garage door


Overall, the adjustable leaf design of these bulbs ensures an even distribution of light. Each bulb provides a 90 degrees angle, and therefore this ensures the entire garage is well lit. However, the design may not work well on the garage door.

For this reason, the best place to install these lights is the ceiling, so that they don't interfere with the door.

Unlike aluminum lights, these lights have plastic fins which are not good conductors of heat. Therefore, the lights may overheat, which may interfere with its longevity.

6. KERNOWO LED Garage Lights

KERNOWO LED Garage Lights

They may not be the cheapest LED lights, but KERNOWO LED garage lights come packed with multiple features to boost your user experience.

First off, the lights provide super brightness and an incredible 18500 lumens, enough to light up an oversized garage. In addition, they provide 6000K of daylight light source and a CRI>80Ra, and therefore, this enables you to have a clear view of everything, reducing the fatigue in your eyes.

For this reason, the lights are versatile, and you can use them in the basement and other poorly lit areas.

Another reason why we recommend these lights is the fact that they are energy-saving and can help bring your power bills down by 90%. As you can see, these can reduce your annual power consumption and lead to savings.

Even better, you'll enjoy 50000 hours of light, and therefore, this sharply reduces the maintenance costs.

The design of these bulbs provides a desirable cooling effect. They don't overheat, and therefore this also boosts their durability. In addition, they feature an adjustable design and can provide optimum coverage of 360 degrees. It is a broad area that can improve the user experience.

The lights will last long thanks to the aluminum alloy material, which is incredibly durable.

Installing the bulbs is no rocket science since you only need a screwdriver to screw the fixture. Indeed, they are some of the best screw in led garage lights due to easy installation.


  • The lights are durable
  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable design
  • They don't overheat
  • Energy-saving of up to $90
  • Distribute lights evenly


  • The lights are expensive


Even though KERNOWO LED garage lights are a bit pricey, they are amazingly durable owing to the aluminum material. In addition, they are versatile, and you can use them in many applications such as driveways, workshops, farm stores, and basements.

7. Dansny LED Garage Lights

Dansny LED Garage Lights

Dansny LED Garage Lights feature an elegant design and, without a doubt, will be the major highlight of your garage ceiling. Other than that, they have many incredible features that prove they are an excellent value for money.

The first thing to note about these lights is the adjustable design. Each panel can be adjusted up to 120 degrees angle. Also, they provide up to 12000 lumens which can provide ample lighting from a medium to a large size garage.

Plus, the light is easy to install and doesn't require wiring. You only need to screw it into a socket. What's more, you don't require tools or expertise to mount the fixture.

You'll appreciate the amount of light provided by these bulbs. For optimum use, you'll get over 50000 hours of lighting which dramatically reduces the maintenance costs.

As you probably know by now, temperature control works well with LED lights and boosts lifespan. Not only that, the hollow-out structure improves the cooling efficiency.

In addition, the Dansny lights are made of aluminum alloy, which is excellent in providing a cooling effect.

If you care about the environment, you'll be glad to note that these bulbs are eco-friendly and don't emit harmful substances. Therefore, not only are they safe, but also great at environmental conservation.


  • Safe to use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Provides cooling effect
  • Have a longer lifespan
  • Are easy to install
  • Wide application
  • Formable and elegant design
  • Distribute light uniformly


  • Expensive


Overall, these are some of the best garage lighting systems with adjustable heads that illuminate the entire garage. The bulbs boast 12000 lumens and CRI 80.

Because they only consume 80 watts of power, you can save on electricity costs as well. Overall, notwithstanding the price, the Dansny LED lights are a good value for money.

8. Warmiplanet LED Garage Lights

Warmiplanet LED Garage Lights

If you are looking for high-quality lights for your garage, you can consider Warmiplanet LED Garage Lights. There are several reasons why we recommend these lights.

To begin with, Warmiplanet LED Garage Lights are a set of three super bright bulbs for installation in a garage and poorly lit areas. The lights produce up to 8000 lumens and provide 6000K daylight as well as CRI>80.

In addition, they use 60 watts and therefore are energy efficient. Thus, this provides maximum lighting and a clear view of everything in the garage.

We also need to mention the adjustable design of these lights, which tilts to a tune of 120 degrees. Hence, this makes it a good choice for use in other areas such as warehouses, supermarkets, factories, and exhibitions.

You'll not face any trouble installing these lights. The design incorporates a standard base; thus, you can install it just like any ordinary bulb. You don't need tools to fix the bulbs. Screw them on and turn the on/off buttons to start.

Another valuable feature of these lights is the aluminum material which is both long-lasting and stable. Other than the long life, aluminum helps in dissipating heat which also boosts durability. You'll also enjoy up to 50000-hour service life, thereby reducing the maintenance costs.


  • High quality
  • The lights are adjustable
  • Have a larger service life
  • Energy efficient
  • Illuminates a larger area
  • These lights allow for heat dissipation
  • You don't need tools or expertise to install


  • The lights are expensive


With high-quality features, the lights are some of the best on the market. You only need one set to light the entire garage. The bulbs are adjustable, and this lets you use extra or fewer lights, depending on your preferences. On the whole, they are a great value worth your money.

9. Luyata LED Garage Lights

Luyata LED Garage Lights

If you've had problems lighting up your garage due to poor quality bulbs or the nature of fixtures, you can consider Luyata LED garage lights. Inside the package, you'll get a pack of two light panels.

Each bulb consumes 80 watts of power, and this can sharply reduce your power bills. In addition, the lights provide 6000k to 6500k and 80+CRI, which transforms your garage into daytime.

Moreover, the lights produce 8000 lumens which are sufficient to light up a medium-sized garage. You can mount them on the ceiling for maximum brightness.

The Luyata are deformable three-leaf lights that allow for flexibility. For instance, you can adjust the panels to flood the entire garage or focus on a specific area.

Installation is easy, and you can do it without getting a technician to fix it. Even better, the package also has a lamp holder, and this simplifies the setup process.

Another valuable feature of these lights is the top-quality aluminum alloy which also allows for heat regulation. In addition, this improves the longevity of the bulbs. Notably, the service life of the lights is up to 50000 hours, which cuts down maintenance costs.

The lights are multi-use, and you can use them in other areas requiring ample lighting, for instance, the basement, laundry, gym, sports hall, parking lot, closet, and laundry room.


  • Low cost
  • Adjustable design
  • Offers up to 50000 hours of light
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Are versatile
  • Installation is easy
  • Provide bright lighting
  • Consumes low power


  • The lights lack motion detection features


You can bring daylight to your garage by choosing the Luyata LED lights. The lights are reasonably priced, and therefore they can fit within your budget.

We also recommend them because they are long-lasting and will provide a longer service life. The lights consume low power, and this can reduce your power bills by huge margins.

10. Gewiny LED Garage Lights

Gewiny LED Garage Lights

The Gewiny LED garage lights come in a pack of two and are an excellent choice for lighting up a large garage. Each box has three adjustable LED panels that tilt between 0- and 120-degrees angles.

The first thing to note about Gewiny LED lights is that they offer detailed illumination to cover the entire garage. Further, you can adjust the light requirement to fit your needs.

The lights are versatile, and you can use them in other areas where brightness is needed. For example, you can mount them on the warehouse, the parking, driveway, and store. In addition, the lights work as they should without flickering or delay when switched on.

Simple as fixing an ordinary bulb, you don't need special tools to get started. You can mount or hang them on your ceiling directly using screws.

Worth noting, the lights are generously bright and produce 9600 lumens and CRI80. The brightness and the spread of light can work well in a small to medium-sized garage.

They consume 80 watts of power and therefore are energy efficient. With over 50000 hours of continuous lighting, you can ensure that your overall maintenance costs will be lower.

The lights are made of aluminum alloy, which is long-lasting. In addition, the cooling system is highly advanced thanks to the heat dissipation design of each lamp.


  • Durable lights
  • The lights have an adjustable design
  • Energy saving
  • Installation is easy
  • They don't overheat
  • Versatile
  • Distributes light evenly


  • Expensive


The Gewiny LED lights are a great choice if you are looking to upgrade your garage lighting system. However, we suggest an extra weight of the bulb housing and a safety strap to protect the bulbs if something accidentally hits or bumps on them.

Overall, the bulbs are great, and the price is unbeatable. You'll get adequate coverage in your garage without experiencing shadowing, which is common with regular bulbs.

Best Garage Lighting – Buying Guide for Newbies

When shopping for the best garage lighting, there are several things you need to keep in mind. Here are some factors to consider:

The Size of the Garage

The size of the garage should be the first thing you should take into account when choosing the best lighting systems. Different garage sizes have different light requirements. Experts suggest that 50 lumens are sufficient to light up a square feet area.

A one-car garage measures approximately (12 x 22) feet which is equivalent to 264 square feet. Therefore, a one-car garage will require 264 x 50 = 13200 lumens—likewise, a two-car garage measures (24 x 24) feet, equivalent to 576 square feet. Thus, the amount of lighting will be 576 x 50 = 28800 lumens.

LED Garage Lights

When choosing the lighting systems, look for bulbs that can provide this amount of lighting.

The Number of Lights

When looking for the best shop lights for garage, you can also decide on the number of bulbs or lights needed to brighten up the area. Some light fixtures come with up to three heads which brighten up an area in different directions. Also, some offers have up to two packs which can also save you some money.

Design of the Lamp

Currently, most LED lights for lighting dark areas or areas with a limited amount of brightness feature a foldable design. This feature allows you to adjust the angles between 90 and 360 degrees, depending on your light requirements.

Also, this flexibility allows for even distribution of light to every corner of the garage.


When shopping for garage lights, you'll also need to consider their durability. LED has a higher shelf life than incandescent.

They can provide up to 50,000 hours of lighting which is equivalent to 6 years of service. Even though the initial purchase cost is higher, you'll not have to worry about replacements or maintenance costs.

LED Garage Lights

Notably, LED lights are made of aluminum or polymer material which is incredibly durable.

In addition, you can consider the durability of the lamp housing, which is the outer part that holds the bulbs. It's essential to get high-quality housing to ensure your lamp stays in good condition.

Energy Saving

Without a doubt, your choice of lighting will determine the amount of electricity consumption in your household. Older bulbs, commonly known as Incandescent or Fluorescent, consume much power because they release watts more quickly.

As the world gravitates towards energy efficiency, these are not good choices for a garage.

When selecting the best light for your garage, you can choose energy-efficient options. LED lights are excellent choices and have low power consumption. Most consume between 60 to 80 watts of power, which can reduce your annual power bills by 80%.


When choosing the best led lights for garage, you can also check whether the bulbs that you buy are versatile. The advantage of LED bulbs is that they have a longer service life. Therefore, along the way, you may want to use them on your driveway, warehouse, or barn.

Their versatility ensures the bulbs provide wide application making them a good value for money.


Budget is a major consideration when buying any product. If you have a tighter budget, you can purchase cheaper options such as fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. However, these may not last long, and it can be expensive to replace or repair them.

On the other hand, LED lights are more durable. However, they are a bit pricey but will deliver the best value. Also, Halogen lights are expensive but durable.

Heat Dissipation Design

Another feature you need to consider is the heat dissipation of the light panels. The advantage of LED lights is that they are made of aluminum alloy, which provides temperature control conditions around the bulbs.

Heat Dissipation Design

Also, they may have a hollow-out design for allowing heat to escape. Therefore, this not only provides a cooling effect but also boosts their durability.

Ease of Installation

When choosing the best lighting for your garage, it's also vital to consider the ease of installation. Generally, you don't need to have technical skills to install the lights. Also, consider those options that don't require tools to set up.

Types of Lighting

When choosing an artificial lighting system for your garage, there are three options to consider. The first one is ambient lighting that brightens the walls or floors to ensure the area is safe for walking around. These lights are fixed on the entrance or mounted on the ceiling.

The second option is task lighting which creates a bright illumination so that you can have a detailed view of all objects in the garage. The last option is accent lighting which highlights particular objects such as a table.

Consider the Features

After buying the garage lights, the next step is to mount them. There are several areas where you can mount the lights. Some people may prefer mounting on the ceiling, walls, or at the door. For this reason, the design of the fixtures will matter a lot.

Types of Lighting

It's crucial to choose structures that will not obstruct the brightness. Also, consider those that will match your garage decor. The best shop lights for the garage may hang by use of chains or adjustable straps.

Color Temperature

Color temperature determines the lights' brightness, and the measurement unit is Kevin's (K) temperature. The best lights that can provide daytime brightness have a color temperature range of 4000-7000k. If you buy lamps with a lower temperature, this can lead to the dimness, and your eyes may strain.

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Another feature to consider when buying garage lights is the CRI which measures how light reflects on colors. Ensure the lamps have a CRI of 80 and above as these can show colors more realistically.


Some bulbs come with other features such as sockets which can save you some money. However, some lights may require additional accessories such as stabilizers and switches. Check whether your supplier has such items in the package.

Types of Garage Lighting 

Most garages lack natural lighting, and therefore it's thoughtful they make it brighter by installing LED lights. Bringing light into your garage will also improve your efficiency as you can reach all corners and access your tools. Here are the types of garage lighting.

Incandescent Bulbs

First off, incandescent bulbs are easy to install and easy to use. Another essential feature of these lights is that they are cheaper when you compare them with other options.

However, they have some drawbacks. For example, they have a shorter service life than LED lights. Also, they don't offer an even distribution of light and consume a lot of electricity.

Their emission of lumens per watt is quicker, which can easily break the bulbs. The reason why most people still buy them is the fact that they are cheaper and hence a good option if you are on a budget.

Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent lamps are also a good choice for lighting up your garage. The design of these lights incorporates a long glass tube lamp. The lamp emits up to 45 lumens per watt which are higher than regular lights. In addition, these are energy efficient and lead to power savings.

However, there are some downsides, such as poor resistance during winter conditions. Usually, they fail to light up when temperatures significantly drop.

In addition, they are too dim during such conditions, leading to a power surge. It can be costly to buy stabilizers to overcome such a situation.

Another shortcoming of these lights is that breakage can expose the mercury inside, which is harmful.

Halogen Lamps

Halogen lamps are another example of garage lighting systems. These lights are made of quartz which is a high-quality material that can resist breakage.

Also, unlike incandescent lights that produce yellow light, Halogen lamps are clear and very bright. One lamp is sufficient to illuminate the entire garage. In addition, a single bulb can provide up to 4000 hours of light.

Another advantage of these lights is that they are affordable and versatile. You can buy a shade to protect the lamp from dirt or dust. However, they also have some drawbacks: they are prone to dust and require care when dusting.

LED Lights

LED lights are the most efficient lamps and cost-effective options for use in a garage. Although they are more expensive than the other types, they are long-lasting and have multiple advantages.

For example, they have a higher service life, and some can provide up to 50000 hours which is approximately six years.

Also, the lights work well during winter conditions, don't overheat or produce dangerous chemicals. Because of their incredible performance and durability, they are highly recommended for lighting dark areas.

Are Led Garage Lights Worth It? 

As you already know, LED lights cost more than regular lights. However, they are durable and will deliver the best value for money at times. For starters, they are energy efficient and therefore help in cutting power costs.

In addition, you don't need a stabilizer connection when using these bulbs because they are generally safe and will not lead to power surges.

Another vital aspect of LED lights is that they can offer multiple color temperatures, such as yellow to cold. Thus, they are suitable for use even when the temperature drops.

LED lights have a higher service life and can provide up to 50,000 hours. In addition, the majority have a heat dissipation feature that ensures longevity. Therefore, this cuts your maintenance and replacement costs.

Are Led Garage Lights Worth It

LED lights are easy to install, and you don't require any technical skills, tools, or cables to set them up because all you need is a screwdriver to attach them.

LED lights are worth it because they are brighter and provide sufficient lighting. Thus, they are the best for garages, warehouses, barns, or other areas with insufficient natural lighting. LED lights can illuminate even dark areas and all corners of your garage, providing a greater working area.

An essential feature of LEDs is that they are environmentally friendly and don't emit ultraviolet radiation.

How Do You Calculate Garage Lighting? 

When choosing the best LED lights for your garage, you could be faced with the challenge of calculating the lumens per square foot.

However, this is important as it helps you determine the bulbs to buy or know how many lamps you need for your garage. Lumen is the smallest unit of light output, and there are international standards to follow.

In the past, wattage was the primary unit of measure. However, that has changed with the introduction of energy-saving LED lamps. Put simply, a lumen is an indicator of brightness, and Lux is how bright the illuminated surface is.

A professional can competently calculate the amount of lighting for a garage since they understand the technicalities. However, if you have no skills, you can start by knowing the size of your garage.

It's worth noting that there is a relationship between the type of bulb you buy and the amount of light it will emit.

How Do You Calculate Garage Lighting

Professionals use special devices known as lux meters to determine the amount of light. However, since you may not have the tool, you can refer to the lighting standards to establish the amount of light necessary to illuminate your garage.

Typically, experts recommend at least 50 lumens/ sq. ft., which is sufficient for ample lighting in garages or areas with low lighting. Therefore, you can calculate the garage lighting by knowing the size of the garage in terms of square feet.

A standard one-car garage measures approximately 12 x 22 feet which gives 264 sq. feet. With this in mind, the total number of lumens will be 50 x 150, equal to 7500. You get this by multiplying the size of the room by; 50 lumens/sq feet. However, the lumens can increase depending on how you use your garage.

The next step is to determine how many LED lamps will provide such illumination. However, for areas requiring a lot of lighting, you can consider up to 300 lumens/ sq. feet.

How to Wire Garage Lights in Series? 

As mentioned earlier, the garage is the one area not to skimp on lighting. It would help if you had a lot of light, and LED lights can make a lot of difference. In addition, you need to install them strategically for maximum efficiency.

Preparation Stage

Before you kick start the wiring, you need to prepare for the task. It involves having the materials ready to avoid a return trip to the store. You will need the following.

  • Switch box
  • Nails
  • Cable straps
  • Voltage tester
  • Screwdriver
  • The first step is to attach the switch box to a convenient location. You can choose to set it up next to a stud, with the front side flushing the stud's outer surface.
  • Ensure you disconnect the power and, using a tester, check whether the voltage is off. Detach the screws on the receptacle and remove the outlet.
  • Next, pass the cable or wire from the switch box to the receptacle and back to the switch box to the light fixture. Detach the knockouts on the fixtures and set up a cable lamp inside the hole. Use a screwdriver and pliers to pull the knockout.
  • Strip the sheathing from the cables and then insert the cable and the wires into the box and tighten.
  • After that, strip the insulation from the wires except at the receptacle and switch. Connect ground wire at the switch, outlet, and light fixtures. Tighten up the screw.
  • Next, join white wires at the switch and fixtures. Cap the connections using a wire nut and join the black wires at the fixtures.
  • Twist the ends of the wires to form a U-shape at the receptacle, join the white cable to a silver terminal and black to the brass terminal. Then, tighten up the screws at the terminal.
  • Join the ground wire to the green wire inside the receptacle box.
  • Finally, using the screws, secure the outlet and the switch. Return the cover and test by turning on the lights.

If you'd like to wire the whole garage, you can add different circuits for outlets and lights. Also, wear the lights together, or you can use different switches. Some light fixtures have plugs as well as cords. In this case, you only need to open up the fixture and inspect the wiring. Then, detach the plug and cord.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many lumens do I need for a garage light?

The amount of lighting in your garage will depend on its size. According to professionals, at least 50 lumens are needed for lighting up one square feet area.

Generally, a one-car garage with some extra space for other projects measures approximately 264 sq. ft. When you multiply 50 lumens by 264 sq. ft, you'll get about 13200 lumens.

Particularly, if you are not an expert, you may not have the skills. However, you can start by roughly estimating the size of your garage. It's worth noting that there is a relationship between the type of bulb you buy and the amount of light it will emit.

When shopping, you can ask the store owner to sell you a bulb that will provide your required lighting. To be sure, you can quickly look at the specification on the package to avoid surprises when you get home.

Typically, online sellers will indicate the number of lumens available per bulb.

2. Is 4000 lumens bright enough for a garage?

From the above example, a one-car garage with extra space for doing other things may require 13200 lumens. Therefore, 4000 lumens may not be sufficient for such a garage.

However, it can only be bright enough for a smaller garage accommodating only one car but no room for other activities.

3. How many lumens do I need for a 1200 square foot garage?

As you already know, experts recommend 50 lumens/sq. Ft. Therefore, to calculate the lumens for a 1200 square foot garage, you need to multiply 1200 by 50 to get 60,000 lumens.

4. Is 3000 lumens too bright for a garage?

3000 is not too bright for a garage. A one-car garage is approximately 264 square feet. Considering that experts recommend 50 lumens for every square foot, the total amount of lumen is 50 x 264, equal to 13200. Therefore, 3000 lumens may not be sufficient to light up the entire area.

5. How many lights should I put in my garage?

The number of lights depends on the lumens on each bulb. It's essential to know the size of your garage so that you can estimate the lamp requirements correctly. Some light fixtures come with up to three heads which brighten up an area in different directions.

6. How many lumens does a 24 x 24 garage need?

As per experts' recommendation, 50 lumens are sufficient for a square foot. For a 24 x 24 garage, the total area is 576 square feet. Therefore, the total lumens will be 576 x 50, which is equal to 28,800 lumens.

7. How many lumens does a double garage need?

A double garage is approximately 18 by 20 ft., which is equal to 360 square feet. Because 1 square foot requires 50 lumens, a double garage will require 360 x 50, equal to 18000 lumens.

8. Are led garage lights dimmable?

Whereas most LED lights on the market have dimmable properties, some of them don't. Also, even those which are dimmable have different degrees of dimness.

Moreover, LED lights consume low wattage and hence may provide a limited dimming range. Before buying dimmable lights, you can first test whether your current lighting system works with LED lamps.

9. Can garage lights and receptacles be on the same circuit?

It is possible to put the garage lights and receptacles on the same circuit. However, the rule of thumb is to have at least 1.5 amps per receptacle. Therefore, if you have a 20-amp circuit, this should hold up to 10 receptacles.


As a car owner, your garage is a workshop that requires adequate lighting. Particularly, if you are looking for the best LED shop lights for the garage, you'll need sufficient light for the floor and the work area.

In that case, you can consider LED garage lights because they provide day-like illumination. In addition, they are durable and with longer service life. Hopefully, you can now pick the best-LED garage lights without a hassle.

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