Best Marine Subwoofer Reviews

10 Best Marine Subwoofer Reviews 2022 – Newbie Friendly Guide

The usual loudspeakers produce sound but they don’t have a clear boost in their frequency. This is why, subwoofers are used to amplify the sound. Their basic function is to pump out sounds that have a low pitch and range, for example, the bass and the sub-bass.

If you want to enhance the quality of sound that the speaker produces in your boat, then you have to get the best marine subwoofer you can get your hands on. We have some suggestions for you right here.

We will also tell you about the best 10 marine subwoofers available in the market right now so that you have a more clear path to walk on.

What Size Is Perfect for You?

Size doesn’t matter in many sectors of life. However, if you are looking for the right subwoofer for yourself, then you definitely need to keep the size in mind. Remember, the bigger the woofer, the bigger will the cone and the surround be.

If you want an incredible bass boost, you will have to choose the biggest woofer that you can find in the market.

The best boat subwoofer should also come in an enclosure because enclosures help to give the sound waves a fuller effect when they are turned into output.

10 Best Marine Subwoofer Reviews 

We have compiled a list for you that will help you to find the right subwoofer to survive any kind of rough weather.

1. Orion HCCA12 12" Car Subwoofer - Old Model

Orion HCCA12 12" Car Subwoofer - Old Model

The fact that it’s an old model might make this subwoofer seem a bit rusty and outdated, but keep your faith in us and believe it when we say that it’s not. This car subwoofer that runs on 2000 watts of power has enough life in it to outrun many of the recent models.

You will be quite impressed at first glance. This device looks sturdy and serious. It’s one monster of a tool, and it will redefine the idea you had about the strength of sound. If you want a loud and balanced output from your loudspeaker, then this Orion subwoofer will really be the perfect tool for your boat.

One thing you should know about this is that although it is an old model, some modifications have been made to it. A new coil has been added to it in order to give the sound quality a boost and that too, on the same power capacity as before. The temperature range control is also better due to this small addition.

The other features are as they were before and they are still beating competition relentlessly. This 12 inches of a subwoofer has a polypropylene cone woofer, and it can bump up the sound without any redundant vibrations. Also, it has a tri-radius surround made of rubber, which gives it the ability to produce sounds at very smooth wavelengths.

The additional advantage of getting this is that it comes with a substitute kit that you will be able to replace the original with when it gets worn out after the long period of use.


  • Produces balanced and smooth sounds
  • Has a rubberized tri-radius surround that evens out the distortions
  • A new voice coil is added to keep the system cool
  • The cone woofer is made with polypropylene


  • The dimensions of the device are too narrow for proper installation
  • A bit on the pricier side

2. Rockville MS10LW 10" Marine/Boat Subwoofer with LED

Rockville MS10LW 10" Marine/Boat Subwoofer with LED

If you want a boat party, then this is what you want. Well, of course, this is to say that this marine sub is the loudest and the most durable device you will find in the market in the current time.

The range of the frequency really goes beyond that of any of the other subwoofers you will find out there. In fact, I will go as far as to say that it’s certainly one of the best if not the best marine subwoofer.

This loudspeaker is white in color with a polypropylene cone that has rubberized edges. It has four layers of the dual voice coil, which is 2 inches in size. The best thing about these woofers is that they are compliant with the CEA, that is, the Consumer Electronics Association.

Which means that they have been tested on account of the claim they make on their power ratings, and those ratings have then been proven to be accurate. So when the box says that the Rockville MS10LW peaks at 2400 watts, has an RMS program power of 1200 watts, and an RMS power of 600 watts, you better believe that they will deliver.

One of the things that make or break the durability of a woofer is the magnet inside the loudspeaker, and the magnet double-stacked into the system here is of 80 ounces.

Being more than double the size of magnets that the common woofers in the market come with, it is clear to understand how this woofer can transfer and handle so much electricity and power.

In courtesy of the magnet, the voice coils can produce frequencies on a range of about 30 Hz to 4 kilo Hz. Moreover, this boat subwoofer is completely waterproof and also invincible - the device has been molded with a special blend of ABS plastic, which makes it look sleek and endure heavy knocks and bumps along the way.


  • Has a very good sensitivity at 90 dB
  • It responds to a high range of frequency
  • Delivers with an impedance of dual 4 ohms
  • Appearance is sleek, and the build is sturdy
  • Waterproof and enduring


  • The bass breaks horribly at high volumes

3. Pyle PLMRW8 8-Inch Outdoor Marine Audio Subwoofer

Pyle PLMRW8 8-Inch Outdoor Marine Audio Subwoofer

If you want to have a great audio system in your boat, then you need to install subwoofers. Regular speakers will not do the task outdoors and that too, on the wide expansive bodies of water where you will take your boat on. These subwoofers are made to register to the wide range of frequencies that the speaker will be delivering.

Let us begin by telling you that the impedance is only 4 ohms on this one. Now, with the 400 watts of power that this woofer operates on, can you imagine how much of a power box this will be for your outdoor boat parties? Due to the low resistance of the coils, the sounds will be produced at the highest power setting.

Thus, you will be able to play music for a long time without any strenuous impact on the quality of the sound. The body and the build of the woofer have been made to particularly suit the conditions of the water environment. It comes wrapped up in a plastic case which is completely waterproof and durable.

Due to the solid immunity from water, it will be quite safe to put the woofer on a low mount where a few splashes of water will reach it from time to time. The cone is made with polypropylene, and it is 8 inches in size.

A 40-ounce magnet comes snuggled up in the box, and a single voice coil is wrapped up inside to catch frequencies ranging from 35 Hz to 3.5 kHz. Considering its features I must admit that it’s a worthy candidate for the best boat subwoofer title.


  • Produces very clean and loud sounds
  • Can reach a wide range of frequencies
  • Has a very low resistance
  • The power is fully delivered by the voice coils
  • Completely waterproof due to the white plastic wrapping


  • Not compatible with all kinds of amplifiers

4. Bazooka MBT1014 10-Inch 4-Ohm Marine Subwoofer

Bazooka MBT1014 10-Inch 4-Ohm Marine Subwoofer

Most marine loudspeakers have really disappointing sound quality. They are especially bad when it comes to the bass and the sub-bass. In order to make amends to this, you will need to attach a good quality subwoofer to your system.

And there really is nothing more worth the effort and the money than this Bazooka marine subwoofer. This device has all the right features you need in order to make the audio quality pop in all the right ways. It runs on 150 watts, and it has a very efficient enclosure of Bass Tubes.

These tubes are very lightweight and therefore incredibly effective in delivering the maximum bass output. The physical attributes of the woofer will engrave your faith in its waterproofing quality. This woofer is 10 inches in length and can be kept well out of danger in any environment, regardless of the salt and sand ratio in the air.

It also has UMS chrome-plated brackets which give it a very cool and solid appearance. Moreover, the mounting straps have velcro attached to them, which makes it easy to mount them. The stainless hardware, on the other hand, makes it weather and moisture resistant.

The low impedance allows the bass to be delivered through the voice coils with the least resistance. Frequencies range from 39 to 250 Hz without any distortion! The size of the magnet inside the unit is 36 ounces, and the voice coil around it is 2 inches.

It wraps around the magnet and produces a substantial motive force to the polypropylene cone, thus producing crisp beats and low pitch sounds effectively.


  • Has a low resistance and allows the maximum current to be transferred
  • Voice coils are 2 inches in length
  • Can reach frequencies as high as 250 Hz and as low as 39 Hz
  • Mounting it is very convenient
  • The body is waterproof and resistant to sand and fog


  • There is a lot of distortion on high volumes

5. Polk Audio DB+ Marine, ATV & Car Subwoofer | DB842DVC

Polk Audio DB+ Marine, ATV & Car Subwoofer | DB842DVC

This is one subwoofer that can be used on dry land and also on your boat. It is a very powerful subwoofer, with mounting hardware made of stainless steel to keep it safe when the surroundings are very humid, moist and salty. The subwoofer is 8 inches in sizes and has a mounting depth of 3.82 inches.

You will be able to mount it on the upper shelves due to the lightweight and compact design of the woofers. The specialty of this marine subwoofer is that it comes with a driver complement of 8 inches and cutout dimensions of about 7.28 inches. Sound quality is monitored by the magnet of 24.7 ounces.

One innovative addition to this set up is the ceramic magnet - these magnets are more powerful than the regular nickel and cobalt magnets. And due to this high magnetism, the voice coils around this magnet are able to put out a stronger total motive force to the polypropylene cone of the woofer.

As a result, the frequency range is much wider on these. From 30Hz, the sounds go up to a whooping high bar of 200 kilo Hz! The maximum sensitivity stays around 84 decibels, which is within the boundaries of the safe limit by 1 decibel, and therefore, they do not pose a threat of causing hearing loss. 

And no matter what type of sound you want in your boat, this woofer will have you covered with the RMS rating of 250 watts. Along with this, with a peak power of 750 watts, this woofer will be able to yield to all the high notes in the music as efficiently as you desire. 


  • Ceramic magnets can deliver a stronger motive force
  • Comes with a smart, compact design which can be installed anywhere
  • Goes from 30 Hz to 200 kilo Hz
  • Has a peak rating of 750 watts
  • RMS rating is of 250 watts
  • The device is resistant to dirt, sand, salt, water, and humidity


  • The bass quality is not up to the mark

6. Fusion MS-SW10 Marine-Grade Subwoofer

Fusion MS-SW10 Marine-Grade Subwoofer

You might have realized by now that the audio system in your boat seems to have a lot of shortcomings. For once, the audio systems that are pre-installed in boats are just for regular use like receiving transmitter calls and listening to the radio. If you want to listen to music, you will have to get a subwoofer installed.

The one we have here today is a perfect example of a woofer that will give your boat audio the boost that it needs. This marine subwoofer will not only improve the overall sound quality, but it will actually dig into the matter, pick out the notes, and present them to you as they were supposed to be delivered.

When it comes to the quality of sound, the Fusion MS-SW10 really does not compromise. It has a magnet of 60 ounces! If you want to get clear and crisp sounds, then this will get your wishes fulfilled. The performance of the magnet is enhanced by the 2-inch dual voice coil.

This coil can be stacked twice around the magnet to produce a very strong magnetic field. Now, with the added benefit of having an impedance of 4 ohms, the resistance to the changing current stays quite low - therefore, you will be able to get the most unadulterated quality of sound from this woofer.

It can produce frequencies of 30 Hz to about 2000Hz, which will give you a whole new hearing experience as you relax in your boat. The woofer is waterproof, and the build is sturdy enough to withstand big splashes of water.


  • The magnet inside is very powerful
  • Dual voice coils give the woofer more flexibility
  • Mounting depth and diameter is convenient for placement
  • Produces very strong bass and flavor to the music


  • The coil may burn up and render the woofer ineffective

7. Polk Audio DB+ DVC Marine & Car Subwoofer | DB1042DVC

Polk Audio DB+ DVC Marine & Car Subwoofer

Sound systems nowadays are not being able to keep up with the revolutionary changes that are being incorporated into the music of the recent. One of the best selling points of many modern music styles is the bass and the sub-bass volumes.

If you use loudspeakers in your boat, you will notice that these qualities of sound get completely lost in transference.

This is why you need to get additional attachments to give the audio a boost. The best way to do this is to add subwoofers. Marine subwoofers have a slightly different build than those that are made for car or home systems. Polk Audio has produced woofers that work both in cars and in boats.

It comes with mounting hardware that can place the loudspeakers at pretty high levels so that it can be kept well beyond the reaches of the water splashes. And even if water can reach them, it won’t be a problem because the surround has been rubberized to make the subwoofer waterproof.

The peak power handling capability of this device is 1050 watts. With such a high peak power and an RMS rating of 350 watts, these loudspeakers are built to impress.

Moreover, the ceramic magnet produces stronger magnetism than other woofers and thereby, pumps out cleaner frequencies with lower power inputs.

This magnet is 45.7 ounces and has a double voice coil wrapped around it, which gives it increased flexibility and allows varying configuration settings for the comfort of the user.


  • Has an impedance of 4 ohms
  • Mounting hardware is made of stainless steel structures
  • Comes with a double voice coil
  • The magnet is made of ceramic
  • Has high RMS and high peak power ratings
  • The woofer has enclosures


  • The audio output quality is not as crisp and loud as expected

8. Kicker 43KMW102 Marine Subwoofer

Kicker 43KMW102 Marine Subwoofer

Among the many woofers we have talked about, this is finally one such device that allows an impedance of less than 4 ohms! Impedance is a measure of resistance. So, lower the impedance, the more powerful and more efficient the marine subwoofer is going to be.

This woofer is 10 inches, and it supports an RMS of 150 watts. The peak power rating is 300 watts - exactly double than the RMS value.

And the proportional difference of power succeeds in giving the audio a very balanced and complete feeling. This clear audio output is further enhanced by the fact that the speaker comes in sealed enclosures.

The column has a maximum volume of about 2.4 cubic feet, and the vented enclosure has a maximum volume of 1.75 cubic feet. It can be mounted on any place that has a depth of about 12.7 cm, and a diameter of about 23.3 cm.

Thus, due to such flexible mounting standards, the installation of this device is pretty simple and convenient.

You will be able to hear very low pitch sounds when you have the set up complete. This marine subwoofer will really turn up the game for you and your friends. If you organize a party or some planned celebration, this speaker will be able to help with the decoration, with its multicolored accent lighting!

The device has full protection against weather conditions that may put the woofer in danger. It can survive rough winds, waves, humidity, and all such climactic irregularities that you might have to face on the boat.


  • Has an impedance of 2 ohms
  • Convenient mounting depth and diameter
  • Comes with an RMS rating of 300 watts, and peak power of 150 watts
  • The device has full protection against water, sand, soil and so on
  • Nice exterior with LED accent lighting


  • No drawbacks to this device

9. Orion XTR124D 12" XTR Series Car Audio Base Subwoofer

Orion XTR124D 12" XTR Series Car Audio Base Subwoofer

One of the best attributes of this base subwoofer is that it has a nitrile-butadiene rubber surround, which is much more durable than foam. The oscillation of the cone’s surface area has a big impact on the clarity of the sound. This special rubber surround has a well-balanced thickness based on its geometric build.

As a result, the sound will have a more rounded and smooth effect as it comes vibrating in waves into the open air. On top of this, the RMS rating power is 600 watts, whereas the peak power is just the double of this. The proportional power output changes give a smooth flow to the quality of the sound.

There is no chance of the loudspeaker overheating because the unit is equipped with a dual cooling system, which takes care of the heating element and keeps temperatures to a moderate level. If you want, you can also attach this to an enclosed box, but you will have to buy that separately.

One problem of having this installed in your vehicle is that the cone is made with paper, and this will get damaged very quickly if water touches it. In that regard, the enclosure box is actually more of a necessity than an additional option.

However, once you get the woofer inside the box, and complete setup, you will love the output that it puts through. The magnet and the dual voice coil all work harmoniously in the protected seal to produce the best results you could expect.


  • Has a peak power of 1200 watts
  • Comes with an RMS rating of 600 watts
  • The rubber surround has a very sturdy build
  • It has a dual voice coil
  • Very good bass output


  • The vibrations produced by the woofers are too strong

10. JL Audio 12" Single 3-Ohm Subwoofer (12W7AE3)

JL Audio 12" Single 3-Ohm Subwoofer

This is a part of the W7 Series of subwoofers that are 12 inches in size and have all the attributes to deliver the best quality of sound by relying on accurate dynamics. The suspension and the motor of the device are both designed to produce the most efficient output.

The electromagnetic power is rendered with a lot of efficiencies to deliver optimization of the bass sounds. This version of subwoofers from JL Audio has an RMS of 1000 watts, which is produced only after surpassing a resistance of 3 ohms. This impedance is much lower than that found in other subwoofers.

And therefore, this woofer is more efficient than other regular ones. Moreover, the dual voice coil around the dual magnets of 20.4 kg has the potential to change DC current to AC current with a very high level of efficiency. The exterior of the woofer is made with an aluminum die-cast basket.

Aluminum doesn’t let in water when it soaks, and therefore, you can mount this woofer in any part of the boat without fearing water or humidity. The cone is made with polypropylene and has a polyester surround with an even thickness on all sides.

This cone can produce frequencies from 18 Hz to 200 Hz, with a sensitivity of 86.2 decibels. You will also have the option to put this woofer in an enclosure in order to give it some additional protection. Moreover, if it is kept in a sealed box, the sounds will be channeled out without getting distorted, due to the openness of the air.


  • Can reach a big range of frequencies
  • The outer body is completely waterproof
  • Has an RMS of 1000 decibels
  • Comes with a sensitivity of 86.2 decibels
  • The kit has dual magnets and dual voice coils


  • The loudspeaker can’t handle a lot of electrical power

Things to Look for Before Buying

Your subwoofers need to have certain specifications in order to deliver good performance through and through. In this marine subwoofer review, we’ll walk you through those mandatory features.

Woofers with the Proper Marinization

This is the feature that will be the first distinguisher between the regular car subwoofers and the marine sub. You need to take into account several factors like humidity, temperature, moisture, and such others that are the characteristics of the environment in a boat.

Make sure that your subwoofer has a rubberized cover on it. Some other factors that you have to add to consideration are UV rays, salt, and sand ratio. This is not only important for the device to last long, but these will have a crucial impact on the quality of the sound as well. 

What Size Should You Get 

Your subwoofers can’t be too big for your boat because that will just be an unnecessary burden, and on the other hand, they can’t be too small for the boat because then they will be inadequate. The right size is about 10 inches, and if the product is to be considered as the best subwoofer for boats, then it must have the same size as well.

If you have a very small boat, then you could get one that is 8 inches in size. But we wouldn’t recommend you to go any lower than that.

Think about the Mounting 

You need to put your speakers in a place where they would have the highest protection from the environment and also from bumps and jumps. This is as important as the size. Subwoofers always come with mounting brackets that you use to keep them secure in a location.

Buy the woofer based on the place where you are going to keep it. The location has to be spacious enough for you to install it correctly and it must be secure enough to hold the woofer through rough waves and storms.

RMS Power Rating

In simple terms, this rating shows you the power settings required for the woofer to work to the desired degree. RMS means “root mean square” - this is a mathematical estimate that tells us the amount of output that the speaker will be able to produce for a long period of time. It also tells us how much power the amplifiers can continuously produce without cracking up.

The value is measured in the unit of watts, and it is one of the main requirements that you will have to check off in order to understand whether the loudspeaker will be able to give you the quality of sound that you want.

Check if Your Woofers Have CEA Compliance

The ratings of the RMS values differ greatly in number and practice. This is because every manufacturer measures this value differently. That is why you should look for woofers that have CEA compliance - this is a certificate given by the association after they have verified the acclaimed power settings provided by the speaker’s manufacturers.

CEA compliant loudspeakers will give out the sounds that they promise about.

Peak Power Rating 

This is the big number that is usually plastered in big fonts on the front of the package box. The value of this rating certainly does not have as significant an effect as the RMS rating. However, it still matters. Higher the peak power rating, the louder will the sounds be, without breaking up or getting dispersed.

Subwoofers will only produce sounds as the peak power in short bursts. This is not the power that feeds continuously through the entire composition. Only the highest notes of the music will be fed through the peak power outlet. And the rest will be handled by the RMS power.


This will explain the ohm measurements you see in the specifications of the subwoofer. The ohm is a measure of resistance. Which is basically what impedance means as well. The lower the resistance, the more power can be passed through the loudspeaker.

The best marine subwoofers will have a maximum of about 4 ohms.

The Number of Voice Coils

If you want to have some flexibility in wiring the sound system, then you should get a woofer that has dual voice coils. The advantage is that these voice coils can be connected separately as they have their own connections, that can be mounted over the cylinder and connected through a single cone.

Most subwoofers come with a single voice coil and with those, you won’t have as high power output or as wide a range of frequency as you will with a dual voice coil.  

Frequently Asked Questions

All marine subwoofer reviews are based on helping customers with their problems. Which is why, here, we have answered some of the questions you might have about these marine subwoofers.

1. Do I need to get amplifiers with my marine subwoofers? 

Yes, if you want to host parties or even just want to listen to audio at high volumes without the quality getting distorted, then you will need to get additional amplifiers with most subwoofers.

2. What aspect of the subwoofers do I look at in order to decide what amplifier I should get?

You should look at the impedance. This will tell you how much resistance your amplifier will receive when it is connected to the sub. Therefore, you need to get an amplifier that will be able to withstand that level of resistance most efficiently.

3. What is the difference between square subwoofers and round ones? 

There is not much difference when it comes to performance. But since the round ones are traditional, they usually come with more moderate settings than the more modern, square subwoofers.

4. How much does the material of the cone matter?

Cones in marine subwoofers may be made from either composites or synthetics. The only difference is in their durability and price points. In terms of sound output, both of them are similar with just very negligible differences.

5. What type of subwoofers will produce the loudest sounds? 

If you like bass more than the normal degree, then you need to get large woofers that come in sealed boxes. The enclosure on this will give you a better range of frequencies and pitch.    

Final Words

If you are looking to enhance the quality of sound produced by the stereo in your boat, then you must choose a subwoofer that will last a long time.

And now, we would like to thank you for going through this marine subwoofer review. We hope you will now be able to pick out the best marine woofer for yourself without relying on others. Thank you.

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