Top 10 Best Melon Bread Deals In 2022 [Expert Vetted]

Melon bread is a type of bread that is made from a type of fruit, such as a melon, that is sliced and then baked. The bread is often dipped in an acidic sweet syrup, such as honey, before being served.

Melon Bread Price Comparison Table

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10 Best Melon Breads Available For Purchase

Bestseller No. 1
Japanese Bread box by Como’s Bakery (MelonPan, Melon Bread, Melon Pan) DagashiyaBox [PACK OF 10]
  • FEEL FRESH MELON FLAVOR - A Melonpan is a sweet BUN filled with melon flavor paste inside. Like its name, there are some scratches and ridges on the top, which stimulate your umami more. This Melon flavor bread is a sort of delicious one that originated in Japan and is now popular in Taiwan and China. They are produced with an enhanced dough to enhance their flavor highly
  • FRESH BREAD FOR YOU – For us, your satisfaction comes first. We check the expiration date and choose the longest expiration date for you before sending our products. We make this Asian snack sweet potato bread healthy. Hence, make sure to store it at room temperature and avoid heat and light
  • = THE BEST SNACKS FOR THE WHOLE FAM – are you sick of preparing a snack for your kids because you don’t have time? Then you have come to the right place! This MelonPan Como bread will save you soon. This Melony tasty bread will absolutely captivate your kids’ taste. In Japan, kindergarten kids have this bread during their snack time because it is tasty and healthy.
  • PERFECT ONE FOR YOUR SNACK TIME! - Out tasty and soothing sweet potato Japanese bread can be your best choice for your snack time! Quick bread like this sweet potato Bread is great for a light and filling breakfast. A piece of this sweet potato bread also would be delicious with such a cup of coffee or tea in the afternoons
  • BE READY TO EAT! – Sweet Potato Bread is ready to eat and take out from the vinyl package. You don’t need to heat it or cook it. Just have it when you feel bored in your mouth. We baked this bread until perfection for your convenience. Now, it’s time to enjoy. Also, this lovely bread box can be consumed by all ages including grandparents with dentures. This softly melting bread in your mouth will be a good choice for all ages!
Bestseller No. 2
Papan Melon Bread Flavor 1.0oz 3pcs Japanese Seasoning For Bread Housefoods Ninjapo
  • Apply butter to bread and sprinkle with Papan. After that, you can make it delicious just by baking.
  • Also for making sweets.
  • The contents of the set are subject to change.
Bestseller No. 4
D-Plus Tennen Koubo Hokkaidou Japanese Bread, Milk Cream, 2.82 Ounce
  • Hokkaido cream flavor
  • Soft and fluffy bread
  • Made by premium Japanese wheat flour
  • Longer shelf life without the use of preservatives
  • Japanese baking technique
Bestseller No. 5
Japanese Hapi Doraemon Dorayaki Pancake with Red Bean Paste 4.86oz (Pack of 2, 6pcs)
  • Japanese popular character Doraemon Dorayaki
  • Soft Pancake with red bean paste inside
  • Individually packed
  • Contains 3 Pieces dorayaki each pack
  • Product of Japan
Bestseller No. 6
Japanese Fruits Daifuku (Rice Cake)-Melon Flavor
  • Small round mocha with sweet filling
  • Filling can be anko, whole pieces of fruit, mixtures of fruit and crushed melon paste
  • Covered in a fine layer of corn or taro starch
  • Japanese confectionary
Bestseller No. 7
Japanese snacks assortment 30pcs , full of dagashi. "SHOGUN"
  • ✅Try our Japanese candy containing a wide variety of exotic snacks and even popular snack found in anime! You’re also able to find some Japanese drinks in this mystery snack box! These snacks are only available in Japan normally and with our service you’ll be able to try them as if you were here in person! International snack boxes are becoming more popular these days and ours provides authentic Japanese candy and kawaii snacks found here in the dagashi of Japan!
  • ✅A bag full of Japanese snacks and candy. You will find popular candy in Japan such as dango food, Japanese gum, Japanese candies, neri-candy and even Sanrio snacks in this mystery candy box (bag)! It is an exotic snack box straight from Japan! Enjoy kawaii Japanese snacks with your friends and family! It is also perfect for Japanese snack party as finger food, Instagram-able kawaii food. Let everyone experience the delicious taste of Japan! Experience the classics of Japan with our product.
  • ✅Journey through Asia with our Asian candy box, Japan edition. Tired of Sushi and Japanese natto? Discover the sweeter side of Japan. Try traditional Japanese candy as kohakutou, neri-ame and modern kawaii Japanese snacks. Contains nostalgic snacks from the past to the latest popular treats of today. Explore a huge variety of Japanese snacks and candies from Japan. This Japanese snack bag is great for special occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, birthday and family gatherings!
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Melon Bread New Releases

Cangshan OLIV Series 501585 Swedish 14C28N Steel Forged 8" Bread Knife
  • The 8-inch Bread Knife features saw-like teeth that can slice bread from crust to crust without crushing the soft interior. In addition to breads, bagels, and pastry items, the serrations can pierce and slice through tough-skinned fruits and vegetables, with the 8-inch blade giving ample length to slice even large squashes and melons.
  • Features a robust handle, crafted from solid olive wood with a stunning wood grain, making every knife unique.
  • Handcrafted, full-tang knives forged from fine-grained, Swedish 14C28N Steel, which features excellent stain resistance, and holds an edge up to five times longer than German steel.
  • Each blade goes through our proprietary ULTRA6 heat treatment for incredible strength and durability, scoring a 59 +/-2 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale.
  • Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and/or craftsmanship.
YUZZI Veggie Tray Solid Wood Mahogany with Cover Wooden Spring Cake Bowls Flat Bottomed Tableware Food Containe Round Tray Melon Basin Fruit Plate (Size : Large)
  • Versatile food serving with white tray and lid
  • ideal to display your fruit,bread,snacks,candy,for side dishes,salad.Trays for house keys, small items,TV remote controller etc.
  • Our wood trays have 100% unique wood grain on each tray! Great crystal holder and display!
  • Each one is unique and varies in color, grain, shape and weight. The one you get will be different from pictures shown
  • It is polished up and vanished nicely for serving dry items and decoration.
Easter Baking Stainless Steel Dessert Mould Cartoon Tooth Shape Cutting Mould DIY Steamed Bun Dough Mould Fondant Baking Tool Christmas for Cookies
  • Dry Canning Vacuum Sealer for Sandwich Cut Outs Rib Sandwich Lunch Punch Sprinkles for Baking Sealer Vacuum Baking Items Oven Sealer Cute Cookie Cookie Baking Set Potatoes Chip Bag Sealer Patterns And Petals Soap Flowers Star Christmas Cookies Pumpkin Puncher Seal Pot Cookie Molds for Baking Small Roll Bag Heart Shaped Cake Pans Practice Cookie Heart Shaped Cake Pan Cookie Baking Set for Adults Mini Cookie Christmas Cookie Big Take The Cookie off The Table Vacuum Seal Container Pie Crust Stencil
  • Birthday Cookie Pancake Molds Christmas Vacuum Containers for Food Storage Valentine's Peeps Mini Pie Press Jar Sealer Canning Jar Sealer Vacuum Sealing Gaines Lunch Notes Meat Aging Fridge Press Your Lunch Miniature Baking Set for Real Food Making Stainless Steel 3d Mini Cake Molds Miniature Baking Set Sandwich for Girls Stash Gadgets Steel Tin Snicker Slice Melon Bread round Cookie Tins The Cut N Seal Snack Bar Set with Sandwich Thin Pie Crust Ready Made Mylar Sealer Sandwich Boxes Dog Food
  • Sandwich Cluster Toddler Food Pick Bread for Kids Ring Molds for Cooking Summer Cookie Baby Cookie Easter Bunny Cake Pan Muffins And Biscuits Sandwich Sealer for Kids Mini Pie Crusts Ready Made Kitchen Vacuum Sealer Bags Mini Cookie Shapes Mini Shape Metal Pancake Shapes Mini Heat Sealer Canning Vacuum Sealer for Pie Crusts Ready Made Shells Thanksgiving Cookie Jar Rude Cookie Adult Number Boxes for Treats round Molds for Baking Lunch Notes for Kids Mini Carrots for Crafts Mini Cooking Set
  • Cookie Platter Set Christmas Pancake Molds Mini Pancake Heat Sealer Bags 4x6 Metal Heart Adult Molds Circle Cookie Set Canning Jar Vacuum Sealer Pancake Christmas Molds Rosette Cookie Iron Set Plating Rings Food Savor Mini Baking Set Bunny Cake Pan Turnover Container Commercial Vacuum Sealer Heat Seal Chicken Processing Equipment Star Cookie Ice Princess Cookie Sandwich And Sealer for Kids Large Cookie Christmas Shapes Lunch Notes for Girls Utensils Winter Cookie Boxes Battery Powe Vacuum Sealer
  • Jar Vacuum Sealer for Mason Mylar Bag Sealer Heat Sealer Bread for Sandwiches Kids Crumpet Rings Packing Bag for Food Bread for Sandwiches Cookie Christmas Star Shaped Cookies Kids Food Pouch Pancake Molds for Griddle Adult Mini Men Cookies Pie Crust Shapes Pumpkin Cookie Press for Baking Vacuum Sealer Sandwich for Kids Pumpkin Cookie Shapes Pumpkin Cookie for Baking Mini Vegetables 12 Inch Impulse Sealer Thanksgiving Picks Blending Fork Pot Leaf Cake Pan Sandwich for Kids Bear Mini Cooking Set

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More information on the melon bread

What is melon bread?

Melon bread is a type of bread made from whole, peeled and cut melons. The bread is boiled in water, then baked. It is usually served with melon slices, honey, and cinnamon.

The melon bread is popular in Italy and Greece, where it is known as mëlone. It is also a common bread in Germany and Austria.

What is the difference between melon bread and other breads?

Melon bread is usually denser and chewier than other breads. It is also sweeter and has a more intense flavor than other breads.

Buying Guide For Melon Bread

When looking for something to eat, many people might think of bread. But what to look for when buying bread?

Some things to look for when buying bread include:

-The type of bread – whether it is white or rye bread.
-The size of the bread.
-The shape of the bread – whether it is round or square.
-The flavor of the bread.
-The price.
-The delivery time.
-The ingredients used in the bread.
-The quality of the bread.
-The company that makes the bread.
-The taste of the bread.


I really enjoyed my melon bread! It was delicious and perfect for breakfast. I would definitely recommend this recipe to others.

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