Top 10 Best Paint Stir Sticks Deals In 2022 [Expert Tested]

Paint stir sticks are a popular way to mix paint and water. They are a simple tool to use and can help you achieve the desired color in a quick and easy way.

Paint Stir Sticks Price Comparison Table

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10 Best Paint Stir Stickss Available For Purchase

Bestseller No. 1
Perfect Stix - PAINT12-100 12" Wooden Paint Paddle Stirrer Sticks Length (Pack of 100)
  • Wooden paddle for mixing or stirring paint and other liquids
  • Can be used for making hand-held signs
  • Heat-treated wood to resist splintering
  • Rounded notches for gripping
  • Biodegradable
SaleBestseller No. 2
Birchwood Paint Stir Sticks,Mixer Paddles,14 Inch Craft Sticks,50 pcs
  • Basic properties: 14x1 inch paint stick, high quality, eco-friendly, non-toxic.
  • A variety of uses: such as paint mixing, chemical mixing, wooden crafts, gardening, waxing, bookshelf marking, auction, pouring, epoxy, epoxy flooring, epoxy paddles, wedding sign-in, auxiliaries, creative design and each Process projects.
  • Grinding process: their surface is smooth, flexible and sturdy. The edges are rounded. There are no debris, cracks, they can stir well, it is a great tool for art and handicrafts.
  • Packing: 50pcs of paint stick per pack, the wood is perfectly cut, so you don't have to worry about hurting your hand. Ideal for kids doing handicraft projects or mixing paints and dyes in home renovations.
  • Service: If you have any questions, please get in touch with us in time, we will reply you as soon as possible to solve your troubles.
Bestseller No. 3
12" Inch Wood Paint Stir Sticks, 10 Pack of Paint Stirrers, Garden Markers, Mixing Sticks for Epoxy Resin by CraftySticks
  • 10 PACK, PAINT STIR STICKS - Confidently use CraftySticks wood sticks for a wide variety of craft, home improvement and hobby applications. Paint Stir Sticks are often used for paint stirring, garden stakes and markers, promotional fans, STEM supply, diy decor and arts and craft projects.
  • NICE AND STURDY – 12 Inch x 1 Inch by 3/16 Inch Thick. Very sturdy and smooth, made from Birch Wood, no splintering or warping.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND RECYCLABLE – Birch is a natural wood that accepts all kinds of mediums. At just over 1 inch wide this flat wood surface is wonderful as a canvas for your creative projects such as pallets and signs, rulers, handmade diy home décor and a variety of kids crafts. Paint, markers, glue, glitter, stickers can all be applied to create something fun and simple.
  • AFFORDABLE 10 PACK NO WASTE – This affordable pack includes 10 paint stir sticks. Contractors, schools, teachers, parents, gardeners, professional construction companies and home crafters can get just what they need for a great value.
  • CONVENIENT SUPPLY – These are a professional quality, thick wood sticks that have been smoothed. They are durable and can be used for stirring paint, wedding fan handles, dollhouse accessory making, STEM challenge projects. They are a useful, handy supply to keep on hand around your home or workplace. Any quantity arrives with speed and efficiency.
Bestseller No. 4
12 Inch Paint Sticks, Box of 25 Hardwood Paint Stirrers, Wood Mixing Paddles for Epoxy or Resin, Garden or Library Markers by Woodpeckers
  • SUITABLE FOR CRAFTS AND HOME IMPROVEMENT - Mix paint colors, epoxy, resin, and more with this pack of versatile paint stirrers. They have a sturdy quality that makes them resistant to breaking even when stirring thick liquids like epoxy or resin. Mix with ease without worrying about any splinters getting into your paint. These paint sticks are also wonderful tools to use for arts and crafts and even by home builders or paint contractors.
  • AFFORDABLE BULK PACK FOR ENDLESS USES - This pack includes 25 paint sticks for a very affordable price. These are great for school activities, home improvement projects, or professional use. They can be used for woodcrafts for the kids' school projects or kept at hand for mixing paint at home. This pack of 25 paint stirring sticks can also benefit home builders and paint contractors for professional craftparts direct use.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND SAFE - This pack of paint stirring sticks are made from recyclable hardwood, making them eco-friendly and easy to dispose of. They have been smoothed into durable sticks that are 12 inches long and 1 inch wide for professional and personal use. The surface is smoothed to avoid splinters.
  • SIMPLE AND FUN TOOL FOR ALL- With a little paint and glue, you can change these sticks into auction paddles, wedding fan favors, and decorative rulers. Jumpstart your creativity and imagination - bring some smiles to your granddaughter's face with a gift of dollhouse accessories. Length: 12 inches
  • SMOOTH, ADAPTABLE WOOD - These plain paint mixing sticks are perfect canvases for various mediums. They are paintable, writeable, and stainable, making them wonderful tools for other crafts. Use them as labels and stakes for plant pots and other gardening solutions. Crafters and hobbyists can enhance creative prowess and use Woodpecker's Paint Stirring Sticks for various kinds of handmade home decor.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Custom Shop Paint Mix Sticks Pack of 25 Each 12" Birch Paint Mixing Paddles Pack of 25
  • Suitable for Crafts and Home Improvement – Mix paint colors, epoxy, resin, and more with this pack of paint stirrers. They have a sturdy quality that makes them resistant to breaking even when stirring thick liquids like epoxy or resin. Mix with ease without breaking. These paint sticks are also wonderful tools to use for arts and crafts and even by home builders or paint contractors.
  • Ideal to Use for Paint Mixing, Chemical Stirring, Wood Crafts, Epoxy Floor, Epoxy Paddles, Gardening, Waxing, Pouring, Epoxy, Auctions, Wedding Signs, Class Aids, Creative Designs and Various Craft Projects.
  • BULK Pack – This pack includes 100 paint mixing sticks/paddles. These are great for school activities, home improvement projects, or professional use. They can be used for woodcrafts for the kids' school projects or kept at hand for mixing paint at home.
  • Paint Sticks 12, Sanded Wooden Paint Mixer, Craft Sticks Bulk, Wooden Paint Stirrers, Craft Sticks 12 Inch, Paint Stick, Paint Stirrer, Paint Mixing Stick, Paint Mixing Sticks, Wood Paint Paddle, Paint Paddle, Paint Paddles, Paint Stir Sticks Bulk Pack, Wood Craft Sticks, Paint Stirring Sticks, Paint Mixing Wood Sticks, Paint Stirring Paddles Bulk, Garden Sticks, Etc…
  • Eco-Friendly : Compostable, Biodegradable, and a great alternative to plastic – Mix paint colors, epoxy, or resin as the paint sticks are resistant to breaking
Bestseller No. 6
Paint Stir Sticks Bulk 12 inch, 20pc Wooden Paint Stirrers Mixing Stick, Large Popsicle Sticks for Crafts
  • Paint Stir Sticks - They are sturdy and with high quality which makes them hard to break even when stirring thick liquids like epoxy resin. The paint can be mixed easily without worrying about any splinters getting into your paint. Great for mixing pint, quart or gallon pails of glue, body filler and all kinds of paint.
  • Paint Sticks Bulk (aka Wood Paint Paddle, Wooden Paint Mixer, Wood Craft Sticks Bulk, Wooden Paint Stirrers, Paint Mixing Wood Sticks, Paint Stir Sticks Bulk Pack, Paint Stirring Sticks, Paint Stirring Paddles Bulk, Wood Slats for Crafts, Garden Sticks, Etc… )
  • Plant Marker - Garden Markers - Simple and beautiful Marks can be added on the surface using water pencil or paints, which is waterproof and sunproof. Suitable for plants management and categorization in a well-ordered garden.
  • Spatula Applicators - Wax Sticks - Made of good quality bamboo, they have smooth and flat surface thus will not hurt your skin when used as spatula applicators.
  • Other Useful Functions - These paint sticks are also used in wood crafting, children handcrafting, bamboo crafting, flowerpot making, home decoration, and for making wedding signs, tongue depressors, shooting targets, class aids, creative designs, various marks and library bookcase marks, etc.
SaleBestseller No. 7
100 Piece Large Jumbo Wooden Craft Sticks (6" x 3/4"), Premium Natural Organic Wood for Waxing, Craft Project, Tongue Depressor, Popsicle, Ice Cream Stick ,Woodcraft, Paint Stirrer and Art - Apremont
  • ✅ GREAT MATERIAL: Our jumbo craft sticks are high quality, made with natural organic wood which are made from birch wood which suits for wax application, craft project for kids, ice cream sticks, bamboo sticks or wooden stir sticks, They are smooth, straight and suitable for food uses such as coffee or tea stirrer or even as a tongue depressors and can be kept in a jar.
  • ✅ WIDE USES : Suitable for multiple uses like waxing, dessert making, DIY classroom projects, building projects, party crafts, birthday, wedding, art, party, ice cream making tool and home decoration. You may also use it for medical tongue depressors, wooden dowels for crafts, stirring sticks to mixed drinks and waxing sticks for hard wax, silicone stir sticks for epoxy, resin stir sticks, paint stirrer or small wax sticks.
  • ✅ CREATIVE DESIGNS AND IDEAS : Perfect for group activities with children, classroom use, camping, art and craft lessons and Christmas decor. Showcase your art flair by building a house, sticks for crafting or even a big bookmarks. You can use it as a garden green plant labels (glue) or sticker to mark each of your seedling pots or cups. You can use it as a paint mixing sticks, , hair paint wax, glue for slime, candle pouring pot, epoxy stir sticks, plant food sticks or cake dowels.
  • ✅ USING TIPS FOR MAKING OF STICK ICE CREAM: This large popsicles sticks are easy to use. Soak in warm water an hour or more before inserting into freezer pop liquid. With just a simple gesture, perfect production of ice cream, while eliminating the zest. You may simply add fruits in the ice cream making mould before freezing it.
  • ✅ BULK PACKAGE : Includes pack of 100 jumbo craft sticks in a plastic bag, each measuring 6 inch length, 0.75 inch width sizes, The rounded edges angled makes the long flat craft sticks kit safe for kid,

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Paint Stir Sticks New Releases

ULTECHNOVO 6pcs Silicone Stir Sticks Resin Mix Sticks Facial Make Up Stirring Rods Reusable Mud Masks Applicator for Resin Mixing Paint Making Glitter Tumblers Cups Arts Crafts 10cm
  • MASKS STIRRING RODS: Suitable for small or large mixing cups, comfortable to hold and operate.
  • MAKEUP STIR STICKS: The stir sticks are simple to use, no need for gloves and you wont get your fingers sticky.
  • POPSICLE STIR STICKS: Handle grip stir sticks, allowing you to prepare paint for multiple paintings conveniently.
  • RESIN TOOLS RODS: With these stirring rods, you can mix your facial mask nice and tidy, also suitable for applying handcrafts.
  • FACIAL STIRRING RODS: Our stir sticks can be for mixing resin, paint, liquid, facial mask, mud mask, and
BOOWAN NICOLE 3 Pcs Silicone Stir Sticks, Reusable Silicone Popsicle Sticks Tools for Mixing Resin, Soap Base, Epoxy, Liquid, Paint, Making Glitter Tumblers
  • Premium Material:Our stir sticks are made of silicone material, with a good anti-skid & non-stick surface, resistant to high temperature. Safe and non-toxic.
  • Smooth Finish with Round Ends: The shape of silicone sticks same as wooden sticks, it has a SMOOTH FINISH and has ROUND ended so you can stir and mix epoxy resin, liquid, glue and without any spill or mess.
  • Easy to clean: you can wipe the silicone tools with paper and then rinse with water after every time use,or peel off directly when it cured .You are able to use the silicone sticks over and over.
  • Durable :Our silicone sticks have comfortable hand feeling, and are also durable enough.
Craft Popsicle Sticks - 10-Inch Jumbo Large Big Wide Wooden Paint Stir Sticks - Wood Epoxy Resin Slime Mixing Sticks (250 Pieces per Package)
  • JUMBO SIZE FUN: Take your craft project to the next level with these HUGE 10 inch wooden sticks. NextClimb craft sticks are larger than the competition so your kids will go wild with the super size.
  • THICKER AND MORE DURABLE: Each stick is made of a smooth, but strong natural wood that is less likely to warp. The extra thick craft sticks are the perfect craft stick for large art projects that require better durability. Buy these and start building a bird house!
  • PERFECT FOR ANY AGE: Whether you are 2 or 102 these jumbo craft sticks stimulate creativity and imagination by providing project options that just aren't possible with smaller sticks. Create a puppet show or build your model dream house. These will give you hours of healthy fun entertainment for rainy days or birthday parties.
  • VERSATILE AND MULTIPURPOSE: In addition to all the obvious super fun art and crafts ideas for the kindergarten classroom, Girl Scouts, or camp, these jumbo sticks have many functional uses. They can be used around the house as a tongue depressor, gardening stick for plants, or a paint stirrer. Buy a few packs and use them for DIY projects all around your home!
  • 500 NATURAL COLOR STICKS IN 1 PACK: Each package come with 500 jumbo sticks that are 10 inches long x 1 inch wide. Each stick is a light natural neutral wood color that is easily painted, making it perfect for any art project.

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More information on the paint stir sticks

Paint stir sticks are a nifty way to get a good, even coat of paint on your canvass. Just place the stir stick in the paint and stir it around until the paint is well mixed. Be sure to use a light hand when stirring and make sure the stir stick is well- centered in the paint. You can then use a cloth to buff the paint off the stir stick.

Buying Guide For Paint Stir Sticks

When it comes to paint stir sticks, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure the stir sticks are of good quality. Second, be sure to choose the right type of stir stick for your painting needs. Finally, be sure to read the reviews before making your purchase. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for paint stir sticks:

-The type of stir stick you choose should be appropriate for your painting needs.

-The stir sticks should be of good quality, with a durable construction.

-Be sure to choose the right type of stir stick for your needs- for example, a hardwood stir stick is better for more experienced painters, while a plastic stir stick is better for beginners.

-Be sure to read the reviews to get an idea of what others have had to say about the stir sticks they have used.


Paint stir sticks are a great way to add some life to your Paint supplies. By stirring the paint around, you can quickly and easily add color and texture to your work.

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