Best PEX Crimp Tool

Best PEX Crimp Tool In 2022 – Reviewed by Experts

If leaking pipes troubling you, then you might need a PEX crimp tool. Most households are now using PEX pipes as an alternative for traditional PVC and copper pipes, mainly due to its flexible and durable material.

The said tool is ideal for installing or fixing PEX pipes as it gives the tightest seal you'll need. With such use, you'd want a reliable tool to do the job. But choosing the best PEX crimp tool would be a hassle since a variety of products are available online.

Manufacturers would convince you to buy their product with their amazing offers, but is it worth it? Here is a list of incredible PEX crimp tools available in the market. Just read on!

Top 6 Best PEX Crimp Tool Reviews

Today, the demand for crimping tools as home improvement equipment is rising. If you're planning to buy one, but you haven’t decided yet, then let us help you. Here we have listed 6 best pex crimping tool just for you!

1. IWISS PEX Pipe Crimping Tool

IWISS PEX Pipe Crimping Tool

Do you need crimping tools for your pipe works? Throw away your worries because this pipe crimping tool kit from IWISS PEX will save you from problems in connecting and tightening your tubes.

This package is complete with all the accessories needed to make sure that your job would be easy and effective. It includes a crimper, a jaw, a gauge, and a spanner. These materials are surely excellent and high-quality.

Regarding safety and reliability, this product met the ASTM F1807 standards. Therefore, it means a guarantee of durability. You can expect benefits from your purchase for a long time.

This product was tested and proven to be very efficient in tightening a PEX pipe to brass or ploy fittings with the use of the copper crimp rings. Given its quality and function, there’s nothing more you could ask for; it’s something you deserve.

Also, it is a new product, so you can guarantee that there are a lot of modern innovations equipped in this kit. Compared to traditional ones, the advantages of this kit are on a new level.

Handling this product is also not a problem. The accessories are designed to be smaller and lighter for you not to exert too much effort in doing your job. Even so, the pressure is still the same, so pipes will still be fastened.

IWISS PEX crimping tool kit is also designed with comfortable grips to lessen your exhaustion since plumbing is a tough job.


  • Complete with all the accessories needed
  • Guarantees durability
  • Versatile
  • Smaller and lighter
  • With comfort grips


  • Doesn't work on cinch rings

2. SharkBite 23251 crimp tool

SharkBite 23251 crimp tool

You are right if you think that plumbing is not an easy job. But, there are a lot of products that devotes to make it fast and uncomplicated. Get to know SharkBite 23251. This product is one of the best choices that you will find in the market today.

The crimp tool was certified to function effectively with residential and commercial applications. It was standardized to offer the quality that you deserve. So no matter where you use it, you can expect that your task will be done easily.

It was well-designed to work perfectly in connecting copper, CPVC, PEX, and PE-RT pipes in various combinations. This means excellent versatility; you can facilitate the combination without worrying that the pipes might not fit each other.

A huge number of 550 million different connections using different pipes are compatible with this product. Amazing right?

So, if you are looking for a push-to-connect kit that can assure a leak-free and clean connection, this product is the best choice. Truly, you get what you are paying for.

Above everything else, every detail was given attention, and excellent quality is indeed gratifying. The standard of the materials and the diverse advantages will surely not disappoint you. Indeed, everything says something about the price.


  • Standardized for residential and commercial applications
  • Can connect various combinations
  • Push-to-connect kit
  • Durable material construction
  • Excellent compatibility


  • Some say it’s hard to use

3. Apollo PEX pipe Crimping Tool

Apollo PEX pipe Crimping Tool

For you not to experience trouble in your home or workplace, leak-free and tightened pipes are indeed important in facilitating the water flow. With that, you need to have an excellent crimping tool, such as this product, from Apollo PEX. Definitely, you can use this if ever the need for fixing the broken pipes arises.

This product is complete with all the necessary equipment that you need. A single kit will provide you with a crimper, jaw, go-no-go gauge, and adjustable wrench. Each component was constructed from high-class materials to ensure long-term use.

To your pipes that need to be tightened and fixed, this product is the perfect remedy. You will not waste a lot of energy because the kit devotes to make the job faster and easier, and in no time, the tubes are again functional and as good as new.

For your information, the box is for general use. Meaning, you can use it in connecting different pipes. The results don't vary even you use it for residential and commercial applications.

This product has been emerging in the market with a lot of positive reviews. Apollo PEX crimping tool was tested in different corners, so if you want to experience this degree of satisfaction, order it now.


  • Generic box
  • Includes all the needed tools
  • Constructed from good quality materials
  • Makes the work faster
  • Keeps pipes good as new


  • Doesn't work on pinch style rings

4. Zurn QCRTMH Steel Multi-head Crimping Tool

Zurn QCRTMH Steel Multi-head Crimping Tool

Having broken pipes is indeed usual. However, you can still work conveniently if you can fix it immediately. Of course, with that matter, you can rely on different products, and one of them is Zurn QCRTMH Steel Multi-head Crimping Tool.

This product provides a higher level of satisfaction with its modern solutions. It works as a perfect tool to fix drains, rough plumbing, finish plumbing, and PEX pipes fittings. Hence, it responds to your needs.

The package includes a copper crimp ring removal tool, go/no-go gauge, interchangeable jaws, and PEX fittings. These tools are made from high-quality materials that highly guarantee durability.

Also, it is one tool system. Thus, this single equipment allows you to install 3/8", 1/8", 5/8", and 3/4" PEX fittings. You can use this versatile tool without making adjustments.

You will also be delighted by its steel construction. Unlike other products, it will surely be heavy-duty, and the pressure would mean less effort for you.

Also, this product installs easily and rapidly. The fact that you can finish it in no time manifests that your convenience is the top priority. With the excellent quality of the Zurn QCRTMH crimping tool and its advantages, you can truly say that you are on solid ground.


  • Solution to drains
  • Complete inclusion
  • Can be used in various sizes
  • Steel construction
  • Installs easily


  • It's too small

5. IWISS KG-1096 F2098 Cinch Tool

IWISS KG-1096 F2098 Cinch Tool

Imagine how troublesome it is to live and work with broken pipes in your kitchen, comfort room, or other workplaces. That's too much inconvenience, right? Luckily, IWISScinch tool is here to save you.

This product was built to meet the ASTM F-2098 standards. Thus, it guarantees that this product is durable, reliable, and effective.

It was designed with a rubber coating handle with a special purpose as you do your job. This 20% larger handle means saving 30% of work pressure. Thus, you won't be feeling that usual exhaustion when you are doing a tough job.

This cinch tool has taken versatility to a higher degree because it works well with stainless steel clamps. It can clinch all types and brands of clamps except the one from Zurn quick.

It matches with sizes 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1". The results don't vary with this wide range of comparability. Additionally, it was factory adjusted, so you won't be needing further calibrations if you plan to use it from a size to another.

This supremely unique product features the self-releasing mechanism; it ensures the right cinch. Therefore, you can avoid having loose clamps because you are assured that you can always achieve a complete cinch with IWISS cinch tool.


  • With rubber coating20% larger
  • Works with a lot of sizes
  • Factory adjusted
  • Features the self-releasing mechanism


  • Doesn't work with Zurn quick clamps

6. KOTTO PEX Pipes Crimping Tool

KOTTO PEX Pipes Crimping Tool

You will be amazed at how this product makes the crimping, a job that has always been hard, easier. KOTTO crimping tool has enhanced performance to provide great customer satisfaction.

This kit will provide you with a red handle cinch and crimp tool, red handle pipe cutter, 20 pieces 1/2" and 10 pieces 3/4" clamps set, and one storage bag. With this inclusion, you can say that it is more complete than other products in the competition. Also, material construction is surely heavy-duty.

It performs well in various sizes. This single tool devotes to function with 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1" stainless clamps. Also, it was factory adjusted, so you won't need to calibrate it again if you wish to use it on a different size.

You will never have a problem with the quality because this product has met the ASTM 2098 standard. Hence, its performance and benefits are guaranteed. You are on solid ground with this product. This revolutionary design is multifunctional, it can cinch, remove, and re-install clamps. Indeed, such a kind of advantage is what you need and deserve.

Now, it's easy to ensure that complete cinch. Thiscrimping tool features the ratchet design and self-releasing mechanism so the cinch won't be too loose or too tight.


  • Provides storage bag
  • Heavy-duty
  • With self-releasing mechanism
  • Multifunction
  • Factory adjusted


  • Some say that it's expensive

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Specification Guide of Your Best Crimping

You might wonder, "How will I know if this PEX crimp is the best?" or "Am I making the right choice?” Our thoughts run wild when shopping. We all relate to that — with lots of choices and things to consider before purchasing the best pex crimping tool. Ugh, thinking about it stress me out!

Therefore, we prepared a list of specifications to know if that PEX crimp tool you've been eyeing is the best!


This factor is helpful if you’re working with pipes that are hard to reach that requires longer handles. PEX crimps vary in size and length. The shorter ones would be best to maneuver freely. Double-check what length you'd be using to ensure effectiveness.

PEX Crimp Tool


Do you want you're working to be much easier? I mean using tools are for convenience, but choosing a lightweight product would be a great decision.

It allows you to work on more pipes since it’s more comfortable to use. There are PEX crimp tools that are durable and lightweight, but mostly it's heavy.

Go/ No-Go Gauge

The feature measures if the connection made by the crimp tool is right. Some PEX crimping tool does not come with this feature. So, make sure to have one as it will save you time and frustration by letting you know if you're doing it right.


If you've been installing or adjusting lots of pipes, you'd want to check if the PEX crimp still does the same performance. Since crimps can sometimes stretch out, reducing its ability to clasp the crimp tightly unto the pipe.

We suggest you choose a PEX crimp tool with a calibrating feature that allows you to adjust it, to fit on pipes tightly.

Crimping Clasp Size

You can choose between 1/4 to 1-inch crimping clasps. Put into consideration the size of the pipe you'll be working with, to make sure that the PEX crimp tool would fit.

PEX Cinch vs. Crimp

You might have stumbled over the word "PEX cinch" when searching for a tool to aid you when installing PEX pipe. Although it may have the same purpose as PEX clinch, both still differ in many ways.

PEX Crimp Tool


Clinch tools are versatile; they can work with different PEX pipe sizes. In short, a one-size-fits-all tool. On the other hand, PEX crimp tools need the same size as of the pipe to fit and do its job.

Force Required

If you’re working on narrow areas, the best tool to use is a clinch tool; it doesn't require much force and a large space to move. On the other hand, crimp tools need much force to apply the right pressure to get it tight.

Ease of Operation and Tightness

PEX clinch tools are more corrosive resistant and have easy to understand tool operation compared to crimp tools.

But if we talk about tightness, crimp tools win. It's still the best choice for homeowners for DIY repair and installation, for it tightens the pipe better —compared to clinch tools do.

Despite their pros and cons, both tools still work. If you're aiming for a tighter seal, then we suggest you choose a PEX crimp tool. But if you're working on copper or steel crimp bands, then the PEX clinch tool would be an ideal choice. It all comes down with your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all PEX fittings the same?

No, PEX fittings vary as there are five different types for any needs, including PEX crimp fitting, push PEX fitting, expansion PEX fitting, compression PEX fitting, and press PEX fitting.

2. Can I use pliers to crimp PEX?

Yes, you can use it to crimp. However, it will just be much harder to do so. It's better to use the right tool for that to make the job easier. You can rent a PEX crimp tool if you want to.

3. Do I need to pipe cuts before clamping or crimping?

The cuts would be needed as that you’ll need an even cut for further process.

4. Are all the PEX crimpers the same?

No, the tools may vary by manufacturer, feature, price, and many more. So choose what's suited for your liking.

5. Do I need a great amount of force to clamp on the fitting using this?

Not exactly, but you do need a moderate amount of force to clamp down the tool. You might need to use both of your hands to get a good grip. However, you don't need to be super strong to do so.

Final Words

Tools exist to give us a more convenient life. As products involve, so do tools for repairing to cope up with our needs. PEX crimp tools are not only helpful for plumbers or handymen but also for DIY homeowners. Fixing your leaking pipe would make you like an expert with this tool.

There are still people who would prefer clinch tools over crimp tools. No matter what your choice is, as long as it satisfies your needs, then that would be enough.

Hope our review of the best crimp tools helped you. Always make sure what features and tool specifications you are looking for to ease your shopping experience.

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