Best Pocket Door Locks

Best Pocket Door Locks of 2022 – Reviews and Guide

The new family you are bringing into your life through marriage is about to leave. All faces are beaming out of awe. The spaghetti tasted otherworldly, and the coffee had never been so yummy before. And most importantly, you were a charming person.

But the lock had to ruin it all. It refuses to unlock and hurts one of your in-laws. Now, despite giving up like a weak person, an announcement echoes on the drawing-room walls; "I'm so sorry! Next time I have you as my lovely guests, the best pocket door lock will be there.”

That was close! Now, do you have any idea how you are going to keep the promise and maintain the charm? Well, we do. Check out this article, where we are about to review your desperately-sought door locks.

10 Best Pocket Door Lock Reviews

All of these products we are going to talk about will assure you of one thing – unquestionable locking performance. We aren’t saying that they are flawless. But they are what they are – good old door locks to save the day.   

1. 90 Degree Right Angle Door Lock

90 Degree Right Angle Door Lock

A door lock is of no good if it doesn't offer convenience. And it would be ridiculous if the topmost product on our list lacks this property. Check out the flip design of this unit to know what I mean. The best pocket door lock on our list will successfully keep the intruders at bay.

I am also counting on the sealed welding of this thing. Along with the reinforced thick base, it should serve the purpose right. What's also lovely is the concise look of this lock. Now, what about construction? Well, I was about to get to the stainless-steel material that is used in this beauty. It's durable.

Moreover, the lock comes with a multi-layer polished finish to catch your attention. Therefore, you will be assured of no corrosion, or rust. And the best thing about this barn door product is the sliding mechanism of the latch. It would be super-easy to maneuver.

Installation of this lock will be a breeze. And it would suit any type of application such as window security, cabinet locking, etc. Its compactness allows you to use it for pet cages too. You can also use it for your bedroom door but for your front door, a chain lock is a good option to make it secure.

However, the device might be a bit small to suit a sliding door. Also, the screws could’ve been sturdier. Moreover, the weld may not be that durable. And for the size, the price might be a bit overwhelming.


  • The bolt lock is good at protecting your privacy with the flip design
  • Introduction of sealed welding for added functionality
  • A reinforced thick base for great efficiency
  • The concise look makes the interior a tad more stylish


  • Might not be the best for sliding doors
  • Not the sturdiest screws

2. Kwikset 335 Round Bed/Bath Pocket Door Lock

Kwikset 335 Round Bed/Bath Pocket Door Lock

The next lock for pocket door is all about easy installation and brilliant design. Yes, I’m talking about the round appearance of the lock that makes it easy to install. There will be no need for cutting notches on the door.

And the latch is nicely adjustable so that you can use it for various door locking applications.

All you need to do is use a screwdriver, and that will be it. Whenever you deem it necessary to have a lock inside your bedroom or bathroom, this can be a fine choice. For, it won't overburden you with its bulkiness. And locks in the bedroom need to look gorgeous. This one will do just that.

With the satin nickel finish in place, you will earn a few compliments. So, this is the lock you will love to own if you are tired of those square locks. And the sturdiness of the hardware will impress you. Once you hear the sweet ‘click’ sound, you can be sure that no one can barge in.

Another worth mentioning thing is the affordability of this unit. Considering the build-quality and functionality, you would agree to spend a few more bucks.

Now, it can be a bit tricky to lock and unlock at times. And the installation might not be the easiest for all. Also, it may not fit a camper door edge bore. Sometimes, you would need WD40 for the unlocking to be a success. And not everyone will buy the look.


  • Easy to install, and an amazing design
  • A round appearance so that there’s no need for cutting the door
  • Easily adjustable for versatility
  • Satin nickel finish making the door elegant


  • Not the smoothest locking and unlocking mechanism
  • Can be hard to install for some

3. Prime-Line Products N 7368 Prime-Line Pocket Door Privacy Lock

Prime-Line Products N 7368 Prime-Line Pocket Door Privacy Lock

Here’s another device in our pocket door lock reviews that will offer fast installation. Thanks to the inclusion of hardware in the package, you won’t have to sweat it.

I am also impressed with the easy instructions that will guide you step by step. What's also lovely is that you will feel comfortable with it whether you are right- or left-handed.

Now, check out the construction of this beautiful lock. We are talking about solid brass over here. That means it’s going to be years before the lock lets you down. Another cool thing about it is the reversibility of the mortise lock. When it comes to convenience, the lock scores it with style.

This lock can be the perfect solution to your broken door lock problems. Nothing beats the versatility of a mortise lock. Be it a 1-3/8-inch door or a 1-3/4-inch one, it will do the job efficiently.

What’s also worth mentioning is the grip design of this model. It’s wonderfully wide so that you never hurt your hands.

The use of metal makes the lock extremely sturdy, while the bronze finish gives it a stunning look. Moreover, there’s a cutting template included in the package.

However, the mechanics can let you down at times. And some might find the materials to be cheap plastic and tin, not metal. Also, the template could’ve been designed for convenience. It makes you put in some extra effort sometimes. Moreover, the lock can be intrusive in fitting the door. You can also use a door switch for better illumination and security.


  • Quick installation, since the package comes with the needed hardware
  • Comfy for either handed use
  • Solid brass construction to pass the test of time
  • Compatible with different types of doors with various thicknesses
  • A grip design to offer comfort to the hands


  • Not the most perfect mechanics at times
  • The materials can be cheap for some

4. HOMOTEK Privacy Sliding Door Lock with Pull

HOMOTEK Privacy Sliding Door Lock with Pull

Here’s another product with a mortise installation. The benefit of using such a lock is that you can operate it with both right and left hand. On top of that, installation is pretty straight forward with this unit. Since all the needed hardware is included in the package, it won’t be a biggie.

What I also like is the easy locking system from inside the room. With a convenient grip design, it will be fun to use the lock every time. On top of that, the grip is wide for comfort. I am also impressed with the finish options it comes with.

While the brushed satin nickel will give the door an exotic look, the oil rubbed bronze will bring a modern vibe. And we all know how handsomely the black blends in. So, you are going to earn compliments with this lock for pocket door.

What's more, manufacturers have used stainless steel in this unit. So, you won't have a chance to complain about the lock being cheap. It will protect your privacy and teach pets to behave for years.

Now, once in a while, some people may face an interference problem. When the lock is unlocked, it can be hard to fit into the cutout. But you can solve the problem with a bit of work. And it might need routing at the time of installing.


  • Suitable for both handed use
  • Easy to lock within the room
  • A comfortable grip design is introduced
  • Three finish options to add to the beauty of the home decor
  • Stainless steel makes the unit sturdy


  • A problem related to interference every once in a while
  • Needs a bit of routing while getting installed

5. IDH by St. Simons 25410-019 Premium Quality Solid Brass Pocket Passage Door Pull Lock

IDH by St. Simons 25410-019 Premium Quality Solid Brass Pocket Passage Door Pull Lock

This device we are about to mention in the pocket door lock reviews comes with an elegant design. And thanks to the solid brass used in the construction, you can look forward to long-lasting use. What's more, it will be easy to install.

I also like the fact that it fits both 1-3/8-inch and 1-3/4-inch doors. Buying a versatile device like this will pay off in the future. Moreover, the lock is fully reversible. So, it won't matter whether you are a right- or left-handed person. You will find it comfy.

It comes with a pull design. So, the ease of use is there. And the finish it comes with is gorgeous. It will be a nice addition to your home decor.  And you will notice no blemishes, unlike in some low-quality products.

Now, the package might lack some screws needed for installation. Also, the instructions can be difficult to grasp for some. And the paint of this lock may have a durability issue. Moreover, some wood screws might not be of good quality. And the mechanism could’ve been more precise.  

Apart from these issues, you have a great lock that will do what it's supposed to. That is, locking the door smoothly. And it will pass the test of time with flying colors.


  • A catchy look with a beautiful finish
  • Solid brass makes the lock strong
  • Fully reversible so that you can install it for either handed use
  • Easy and fast installation


  • All the screws needed may not be included in the package
  • Not the most precise mechanism

6. SCHLAGE LOCK CO SC991B-619 Sliding DR Lock

SCHLAGE LOCK CO SC991B-619 Sliding DR Lock

Looking for a lock for pocket door with efficient privacy functions? Then check out the one we are excited to review. Like most top-quality products out there, it comes with solid brass construction. Therefore, you can have the peace of mind knowing that the lock won't give up after a year or two.

What I am also impressed with is the satin nickel finish. This may as well be the most beautiful finish out there when it comes to door locks. Be it a modern house or a decades-old one with sweet memories of loved ones, the lock will blend in.

Another thing worth mentioning is the reversibility of the plates. Do you know what that means? Compatibility with both right- and left-handed use, that's what. Moreover, the knob design of the handle is fun. The delicacy of the process will make you love locking and unlocking the door.

What’s more, the lock won’t give you a hard time during installation. It will be as straightforward as it gets, taking only a few minutes. You will also appreciate the smoothness of action it brings along.

However, the pull-out tab can be difficult to poke accurately at times. Also, the parts might be ill-fitting for some. Moreover, the instructions can be confusing sometimes. And turning the latch can be hard every once in a while.


  • The privacy functions are practical and efficient
  • Beautiful finish to make a handsome bedroom more handsome
  • The plates are reversible for versatility
  • Easy to install with a smooth action


  • Lacks accuracy in poking the pull-out tab
  • Ill-fitting parts in some cases

7. CCJH Invisible Barn Door Lock

CCJH Invisible Barn Door Lock

We are about to talk about one of the most stunning units out there for locking pocket doors. Check out the electroplating finish and tell me if I have poor taste. Not just the beauty of it, the corrosion-resistance is also something to be glad about.

What’s more, the material of this lock is as sturdy as ever. Yes, zinc alloy has only a few rivals.

The versatility of this product is also appreciable. Be it a right- or left-handed door, the unit will fit perfectly. Also, you can use it for pocket doors as well as barn doors. On top of that, you can install it both on the outside and the inside of a door. With the help of a key, it will be fun to unlock when bolted inside.

There are three keys included in the package so that you can afford to continue being a forgetful person. Now, the best thing about this lock is the knob it comes with. It may be small, but it’s as solid as you’d want. Slide it smoothly and feel the delicacy every time.

There’s a particular feature I want to talk about. It’s the chamfering of the groove edge, which I found quite interesting. With this in place, grabbing the knob will be a comfortable experience. So, among the pocket door keyed locksets, it’s a great option.

Now, the lock may be too wide for an interior pocket door. The doors might get caught on the side trim at times. And the fact that the key needs to be attached to the lock while unlocking the door can be unsettling for some. Also, there may not be any instruction included.


  • The electroplating finish makes the unit gorgeous
  • When the lock is bolted inside, you can easily unlock it with a key
  • The package comes with three keys
  • For comfort, the groove edge is chamfered
  • The expected smoothness of the pocket door keyed locksets


  • Its width may not be appropriate for an interior pocket door
  • Might not come with instructions 

8. Dynasty Hardware Round Bed/Bath Privacy Pocket Door Latch

Dynasty Hardware Round Bed/Bath Privacy Pocket Door Latch

The device for locking pocket door needs to be compact yet sturdy. And that's what our next product is. With the perfect locking mechanism, it will be suitable for bathroom and bedroom doors alike. I like the satin nickel finish it is adorned with. You never get tired of appreciating this paint.

Another worth mentioning feature is the emergency unlocking mechanism it has on its outside. Additionally, it will easily lock upon turning the inside thumb turn. So, the process of locking and unlocking is convenient, as you would expect in a good lock.

Let’s talk about the design for a while. The round design is awesome when it comes to protecting the original look of a beautiful door. See, if it weren’t rounded, you would’ve needed to cut the door to make a notch. So, the lock brings privacy to the home without compromising anything.

The device is easy to install by simply using a screwdriver. And it comes with a passage function to add to the convenience. With a little movement of a finger, it will lock and unlock.

Now, the lock has squared-off corners on one plate, while the other one contains rounded corners. That can make it a bit tough to install without a door lock installation kit. Also, the pull handle will require a little time to get used to. And turning the lever for locking the door can be tricky.


  • Very sturdy despite the small size
  • A rounded design is introduced to avoid cutting the door
  • With the help of a screwdriver, installation is simple
  • Locks and unlocks easily with the use of a finger


  • The corners of the plates may not be the same in shape
  • Can be difficult to turn the lever at times

9. Citiloc Round Bed/Bath Privacy Pocket Door Latch

Citiloc Round Bed/Bath Privacy Pocket Door Latch

Do you like oil rubbed bronze finish? If yes, then check out the next item on the list. With an amazing look, it will blend into your home interior effortlessly while locking pocket doors. What's also great is that you can lock it by turning it inside thumb turn. And when there's a need, you can unlock it outside.

Moreover, it comes with a round design. Thus, you can give your worries a rest – there’s no need to cut your favorite door to make a notch. Therefore, it’s one of the most convenient products out there. What I also like is the easy installation of this device. All you need is a screwdriver to do the job. And if you have the best door lock installation kit, it will be more comfortable for you. 

What's more, it comes with a passage function to make the locking and unlocking more fun. Get past the fact that the strike plate needs precision when lining it up with a handle set, and you are game. And note that an expert finish carpenter thought of it to be the ‘most solid pocket door hardware ever.’

Now, the instructions may not be of much help. And the lock might stick a bit for some.


  • An oil-rubbed bronze finish offering overwhelming stylishness
  • Once you turn it inside thumb turn, it locks immediately
  • The round design keeps the door unharmed
  • Extremely solid, when it comes to performance


  • Instructions can be difficult to follow
  • A bit sticky for some

10. Designers Impressions Oil Rubbed Bronze Pocket Door Privacy Lock

Designers Impressions Oil Rubbed Bronze Pocket Door Privacy Lock

Let’s wrap things up with an incredible pocket door key lock. The device comes with a matching strike plate so that you can use it right away. And the smoothness of operation it provides is something to be happy about. There will be no awkward moment where the guest cannot open the door while leaving.

You will find the mounting hardware in the package. And to make the installation easier, it comes with instructions that are easy to understand. Now, will it look good on the doors? Of course, it will. The oil rubbed bronze has got a reputation for making things lovelier than ever.

Also, the build of this unit is satisfactory. And with the help of a screwdriver, you can mount it within a few minutes.

However, the color can be upsetting for some. And the material may be low-quality for some people’s liking. Also, the quality of the oiled bronze finish might not be good enough for some. And it can be a bit small for pocket door openings.


  • A matching strike plate makes it ready to use out of the box
  • Extremely smooth performance
  • Comes with the needed mounting hardware
  • Easy to mount in a couple of minutes


  • The finish may not be oil rubbed as claimed
  • Can be a tad small to fit the pocket door openings

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you put a lock on a pocket door?

Yes, you can. And that was the whole point of our article – finding you a good lock for pocket doors.

Pocket Door Locks

2. Can you replace a pocket door without removing drywall?

Again, the answer is positive. Only lifting the door off its sliding track should do the trick.

3. How much does it cost to put in a pocket door?

Well, the range is quite massive. It starts from around 400 dollars and ends at about 4250 dollars. However, you can consider a cost of around 600 dollars to be average.

4. How do you lock a pocket door from both sides?

You will have to use the keys to do that. Turning the lock in a thumb-turn turning manner will do.

5. How hard is it to install a pocket door in an existing wall?

It’s quite a fun task when it comes to pocket door lock installation as well as mounting the door itself. Thanks to modern-day technologies, the installation will be simple to be done with quickly.

Final Words

Was this article of any help in finding you the best pocket door lock? Be a sweet person and say yes. No seriously, go through the pros and cons once again to come to a buying decision ASAP.

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