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7 Best Porch and Floor Paint Reviews – Buyer’s Guide 2022

We know that you have put a lot of thought and effort into decorating and painting your house including your bathroom so that it can feel like a home. Besides painting your beautiful walls, you also need to paint your porch and floor as well.

Painting your floor and wall surely complements the overall décor of the house and protects these surfaces that are used so frequently.

Continue reading our article to find out about the best porch floor paint that homeowners love and cannot get enough of. After reading, hopefully, you will have an idea which paints you want to use to make your house more beautiful.

7 Best Porch and Floor Paint Reviews

Below, we have listed some reviews of the topmost porch and floor paints that we believe have the power to make your home more beautiful and protect its much-used surfaces as well.

1. Rust-Oleum 329211 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint – Farmhouse Red

Rust-Oleum 329211 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint – Farmhouse Red

Rust-Oleum is one the most positively reviewed, frequently purchased, and consumer-loved brands ever. Their ultra-matte interior paint with a beautiful finish in a unique shade of red surely makes for a great porch and floor paint.

You can place your trust in this place with your eyes closed if you want to use it for your floors and porch. As this interior-friendly paint can be used on several materials, it will be a good choice for both concrete and wooden floors.

Those who want to have some fun with the overall look of your house will surely love this unique shade of red. A distressed vintage look is amongst the trendiest porch floor paint ideas, which can easily be achieved with this paint. No matter which style you are going for, this Rust-Oleum paint can handle it all!

You yourself can apply this paint easily without taking on the cost or hassle of selecting a plumber. This paint can achieve full-color coverage with just one coat of application. Its satisfactory ability to stay on for a long time and effortless prep further make it an ‘easy to use’ paint.

Both floor and porch are frequently used surfaces of the house and are thus bound to get dirty quickly. Your cleaning troubles will surely be reduced to a minimum with this paint as it can be cleaned with a simple mixture of soap and water.

Its low-odor nature also makes it a better option if you have children, pets, or elderly people in the house. 


  • Can be used on several types of materials
  • A unique shade of red that can be used to achieve a vintage look
  • Full coverage with just one coat
  • Effortless prep and lasts long
  • Can be cleaned with a mixture of soap and water
    Low in odor 


  • Tends to crack over time

2. Ready Seal 120 Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer - Redwood

Ready Seal 120 Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer - Redwood

For those of you who have a wooden floor, this wood stain and sealer from Ready Seal is a perfect option. It will not only make your wood floor beautiful but will also make sure it is protected.

This wood stain and sealer is one of the most trouble-free paint items you will ever use. It can be applied on surfaces without applying primer first and even on surfaces that have not been painted. You can apply it easily without appointing any handyman as it can be applied by sprayer, roller, and brush.  

Some paints tend to develop streaks after developing, which is extremely troublesome. This paint develops no streaks and ensures smooth coverage all throughout the areas covered.

As this Ready Seal wood paint can be applied directly, it also does not need to be thinned and can be applied in any temperature scenario.

We love the shade Redwood as it enhances the beauty of the wood floor or porch in a truly unique way. Semi-transparent in nature, this product from Ready Seal is both a stain and sealer.

Great for use on both indoor and outdoor woodwork, it also works toward protecting the wood. As you will be getting both stain and sealer in one product, your cost will also go down.


  • Can be applied directly without using a primer or thinning
  • You need not appoint a handyman to apply
  • Ensures super-smooth coverage
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Semi-transparent finish enhances the look 


  • Takes a long time to dry
  • Takes an extremely long time for the actual color to show – approximately 14 days
  • Preparation process before applying is troublesome

3. KILZ Low-Lustre Enamel Porch & Patio Floor Paint - Slate Gray

KILZ Low-Lustre Enamel Porch & Patio Floor Paint - Slate Gray

Kilz brings to you this Enamel Porch and Floor paint that is admired and used for its versatility and adjustability. For a wide variety and conditions of floor types, this paint is extremely suitable and useful.

Meet the floor paint that can fight weather conditions no matter which season it is. Through rain, summer, and snow, your floor, porch, and deck areas will have quality paint that looks both fresh and stylish. As this Kilz paint can keep chipping, cracking, and fading away, it also lasts for a really long time.

Those who have already painted porch floors need not worry about using this paint at all. The paint from Kilz can be used over almost all types of surfaces that have paint or primer on them already. This easy to apply paint can be applied with the help of a roller, a sprayer, or a brush – whichever you prefer most.

The Slate Gray shade stands out as a shade that gives your floor a unique and luxurious look. The low-luster finish has only enhanced that look and makes the overall décor of your home stand out.

Its mildew-resistant film also keeps mildew away and cuts down on your maintenance and repair costs. This easy to apply paint dries in less than an hour and makes it convenient for you.


  • Keeps mildew away
  • Suitable for use on many types of floor
  • Stays on in many weather conditions
  • Appropriate for use on both painted and primed surface
  • Can be applied with brush, roller, or sprayer
  • Dries within less than an hour


  • Paint may peel away
  • More than the regular amount needs to be applied for good coverage 

4. KILZ Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint- White

KILZ Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint

Kilz surely makes some extremely good quality paints that are suitable for a variety of uses. Among all the porch and floor paint reviews we have, we cannot but review this brand twice thanks to the quality and convenience it provides.

This all-purpose exterior paint from Kilz is a game-changing porch and floor paint thanks to its ability to keep away cracking and peeling. A product of smart design, its water/oil formula facilitates enhanced adhesion and makes sure that the paint lasts a long time.

Homeowners who have stucco or masonry floors will surely love this Kilz paint. We love the shade White as it is a classic color and surely will enhance the beauty of the floor.

Suitable for a variety of surfaces, this brilliant paint can also resist mildew after it is fully cured. Though it takes more than one coat to gain full coverage, it surely does last much longer than most other paints.

Taking care of your floor and porch is easier than ever with this paint from Kilz. Simply use a mixture of soap and water, and they will be cleaner than ever in just minutes.

Those of you who love to paint your house yourselves can easily apply this pain with a sprayer or a nylon brush. As this paint is safe for animals, livestock and pet owners will surely love it.


  • Greatly prevents cracking, peeling, and chipping
  • Has better adhesion properties
  • Works well with stucco and masonry
  • Can be cleaned with a mixture of soap and water
  • Safe for pets and livestock
  • You can apply it without using primer 


  • Does not work that well on wood
  • May not hold up if faces rain 

5. Valspar Porch and Floor Latex Satin Enamel- Light Gray

Valspar Porch and Floor Latex Satin Enamel

We love talking about underrated products that have excellent quality and can get the job done well. An underrated porch and floor paint is the porch and Floor Latex Satin Enamel by Valspar that both our readers and we love.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this paint from Valspar is multipurpose in nature and thus can be used on a variety of surfaces. Whether you have wood or concrete floors, this paint will help you make your floor and porch more beautiful. Its light sheen surely will surely add a sophisticated look to your home décor.

Weather conditions tend to wear down paint and cut down on their longevity. As this paint from Valspar is both resistant to weather conditions and wear, it holds up well in the face of extreme weather conditions and lasts a long time.

Its water-resistant nature also means it can be cleaned easily by using just water. The low odor feature makes it a perfect paint option for households with children, pets, the elderly, and expectant women.

Coming with a light gray shade, this is a simple but classic shade that can help you make your whole house look classy. This paint also helps protect the very surface it decorates.

As it dries down fairly quickly, it greatly reduces the chances of any mess being made. Overall, this latex satin paint from Valspar is the best porch and floor paint, thanks to its quality and amazing performance.


  • Suitable for use on a variety of surfaces
  • Great for both wood and concrete floor
  • Helps protect the surface it is used on
  • Can resist wear and extreme weather conditions
  • Gets clean by just using water
  • Dries down quickly and has a very low odor 


  • Long periods of rain may damage the painted surface

6. RTG Supply Co. Deck, Porch, Patio Anti-Slip Paint – Sand

RTG Supply Co. Deck, Porch, Patio Anti-Slip Paint

Meet a bestseller paint that has won the hearts of thousands of customers and will hopefully win yours too. This paint from RTG Supply is a porch and floor paint that is loved for its excellent performance and quality.

An absolutely perfect choice for floor and porch, this paint from RTG is said to be very suitable for surfaces that become slippery when wet. Even when your floor and porch are wet, there will be no chances of anyone slipping and getting harmed.

The shade sand is a neutral tone that not only beautifies the floor but also protects it. You yourself can apply the paint easily with a brush or a roller. Cleaning and maintenance become extremely simple as you can use a mixture of soap and water.

If you have kids in the house or just adults who like to be barefoot, you will love this paint. Unlike most other anti-slip paints, it is not abrasive and thus causes no harm when walked barefoot.

Rarely will you find such a wall and porch paint that can ensure so much without peeling, chipping, or cracking! Thanks to its polyurethane coating, it can stand up to harsh weather, heavy use, children, pets, and furniture dragging.

Its heavy coverage and scratch resistance allows you to move any kind of furniture fearlessly without putting rugs beneath it. 


  • Good for surfaces that get slippery when wet
  • Prevents slipping whenever wet
  • Can be applied with a brush or a roller
  • Gentle on bare feet
  • Resistant to wear, use, and weather
  • A mixture of soap and water is enough to clean
  • Resists scratch and allows furniture to be moved freely 


  • Takes a long time to cure
  • May bubble if faced with rain before it cures completely 

7. BEHR Exterior Barn and Fence Paint - Red

BEHR Exterior Barn and Fence Paint

This exterior paint by Behr is an underrated gem that is used and loved by many consumers. The quality and features of this thoughtfully designed product are sure to make lasting impressions on you, just like it will last a long time on your floors.

It is said to be most suitable for smooth or sawn wood surfaces such as plywood. Those who have wooden floors will surely love this porch and floor paint. The shade ‘Red’ is a beautiful brownish-red shade that will also complement the wooden floor perfectly and add a rustic vibe to the décor of your house.

Strengthened with the enhanced power of oil and latex, this Behr floor and porch paint will last on your floor and porch for a long time. This wood paint can be applied quickly by using any paintbrush or roller. You need not even appoint a separate painter for this job!

Applying paint on wood is often considered tough as it has lower retention power than many other types of surfaces. Thanks to its advanced game-changing formula, it can retain color easily with only a few coats, and that color does not fade away either.

This brilliant paint is also easy to clean so that you don’t have to waste much of your precious time.


  • Good for wooden surfaces such as plywood
  • Adds a unique look to your house decor
  • Lasts a long time because of its oil and latex formula
  • Can be applied easily with a roller or brush by yourself
  • Good retention and does not fade away
  • Easy to clean and maintain 


  • Does not hold up well if it faces water or rain

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most durable floor paint?

There are many different floor paints out there from various brands that fall under a wide range of budgets. Depending on your house, your floor material, and your preferences, the best and most durable floor paint will surely vary.

Some tried and tested brands backed by thousands of positive customer reviews are – Rust-Oleum, Behr, Benjamin Moore, Kilz, etc.

2. How do you paint a wooden porch floor?

Painting porch floor takes effort and time. It is often considered even more difficult because of its weaker retention power and time-consuming nature. But it is not that difficult at all, and you can do it with just a little work.

First, you will have to sand your floor if there is any paint on them already. After that, apply the first coat and let it dry. After the first coat has dried, you will need to apply a second and possibly a third coat too. After the whole paint process is done, some people prefer applying a paint seal to make the paint more durable.

3. Can I use leftover floor and porch paint on my fences, walls, and furniture?

In most cases, you will be able to do this. Before proceeding, do not forget to check if the paint in question can actually be applied to the surface you want to use it on.

4. How can I maintain and take care of my painted floors?

Most modern paints can be maintained, cleaned, and taken care of extremely easily. Many can be cleaned with just water or a mixture of soap and water. Check the details of the specific paint you used to get a detailed understanding of the specific method you need to follow.

5. How long do porch and floor paint last?

How long your porch and floor paint lasts depends on many factors such as the weather, the quality of the paint, the wear and use it faces, how well it is maintained, etc.

You will see most manufacturers claiming that the paint will last for an average of 10 years – be that wooden floor or concrete. There are paints that last both longer and shorter than this because of the conditions they face.

Final Words

After reading our article, we hope you have learned all about the best porch floor paint that will surely help you make your house more beautiful and make it feel like your home. We hope our porch and floor paint reviews can help you choose the paint that complements your home décor and also protects your floors.

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