Best Projector for Dorm Room

10 Best Projector for Dorm Room Review – Buyer’s Guide

For a college student living in a dorm, it is usually always on their mind to make choices that will save them money. It can be whether to save it for emergencies or something they want to buy.

And a projector is one of those things that can not only be useful in projects and presentations but also make you feel like you are in a movie theatre. If you agree, then you need the best dorm room projector.

But there are a lot of things to understand before knowing which one will be best for you and your dorm room. And for that, we are here to help you make the final decision.

10 Best Projector for Dorm Room Reviews

We have researched and reviewed these handfuls of the best ones that are within an affordable price range.

1. DR.J Professional HI-04

DR.J Professional HI-04

With a 100 inches long projector screen, it is the perfect mini projector you are looking for. Not only are you able to see 100 inches screen projected videos and images, but you can also carry it with you wherever you go.

It also comes with an improved brightness and contrast ratio for a clear projection of the scene or image. There is no room for unclear projections.

Besides that, it supports a 1080p resolution as well. This means you can project high quality 1920 x 1080 resolution video and images without any problem. Its aspect ratio is 4:3/16:9.

As a result, it makes an excellent way to project and play video games with it. It is compatible with ChromeBook, TV Box, Laptops, PCs, Tablets, SD Card, Blu-ray DVD player, USB Flash Drive, and of course, video games and media players.

And if Christmas coming around the corner, it is perfect for the holiday season to get cozy and have family time with your very own home theatre! You can operate it with your TV stick or your smartphone.


  • Comes with a 100 inches projector screen
  • Improved brightness and contrast ratio for a clear projection
  • Supports a1080P resolution
  • Compatible with ChromeBook, TV Box, Laptops, SD Card, USB Flash Drive, etc.
  • Possible to project and play video games


  • Doesn't support Excel, Word, or PowerPoint Presentation

2. YABER Y21


If you are looking to get that ideal theatre experience through projectors, then this is it. This projector supports a native 1920 x 1080 resolution along with supporting 4k videos.

And thanks to its ratio of 7000:1 of incredible 7000 lux bright and high dynamic contrast, it will provide the true HD experience without any compression or downscaling of the content.

This is about four times better and higher in quality than 720P. Plus, its glass lenses have a six-layer high-refraction coating, which further adds to its projection quality and the experience.

Moreover, the projector comes with 5 watts built-in HiFi dual stereo speakers, so you don't need to have additional speakers when playing a video or movie. It has an SRS sound system along with it, which provides you with a great auditory sense experience.

Its projection screen ranges from 50 inches to the highest of 300 inches! It comes with HDMI ports and USB ports along with others for it to connect with a variety of devices, including the PlayStation, Xbox, iPhone or iPad, Amazon fire stick TV, and more.


  • Comes with built-in HiFi dual stereo speakers
  • Provides a great auditory sense experience
  • Projection screen range from 50 to 300 inches
  • Supports Xbox, PlayStation, iPhone, and more
  • Supports 4k videos


  • Makes a fairly noticeable sound

3. GooDee YG600

GooDee YG600

A bestseller from the company, it comes with an upgraded brightness. It is up to 80% brighter than any other average projectors on the market.

This means you can expect a projection as great as a digital screen, providing you with the ultimate home theatre experience. It supports a full HD resolution of 1280 x 768, which further adds to the experience.

Moreover, thanks to its brightness level, you can also project it in low-light areas, the backyard, camping, garage, etc. you don't necessarily need a dark room for you to be able to see the projections.

Further adding to the "ultimate home theatre experience," it also has 2 HiFi stereos of 3 watts on the inside. The updated SRS sound system ensures the best quality crystal-clear and powerful listening experience, and it is without headphones!

Its display screen size is a maximum of 230 inches and has an aspect ratio of 16:9/4:3. The optimal viewing distance is 10 feet for the 98 inches screen and about 18 feet for the 230 inches screen.


  • 80% brighter than any other average projectors
  • Has built-in stereos
  • Provide crystal-clear listening experience without headphones
  • Can project in low-lights, backyards, camps, etc.
  • Maximum display screen of 230 inches


  • Can heat up a lot with continuous use for a long time

4. QKK QK01 Mini Projector

QKK QK01 Mini Projector

Mini projectors are the best way to get that theatre experience at your home or dorm without spending a lot of money. And this one checks the box for a high end best projector for dorm room but affordable.

It supports 1080P resolution with a 720P native resolution, whereas most other brands fail to provide more than 480P native resolution. Thus it provides you clear and high definition image display.

Along with that, its 2000:1 contrast ratio provides more sharpness to the display, and you can see the same performance even with older or black and white movies!

Moreover, this projector has a five-layer LCD, which, with the help of the diffused LED light source of the display, protects the eyes. This ensures the safety and comfortability of your eyes, even after watching for a long time.

Furthermore, it uses a German WTS2.0 cooling system, which not only assures noises as low as 45.3 dB but also prevents the system from overheating. All of this also makes it quite a sustainable mini projector.


  • Supports 1080P resolution with a 720P native resolution
  • Diffused LED light source protects the eyes
  • Doesn't makes noticeable noises
  • Prevents the system from overheating
  • Affordable


  • Body construction might be fragile

5. APEMAN LC350 Mini Projector

APEMAN LC350 Mini Projector

This is yet another excellent quality and affordable mini projector. It is perfect to use as a fully dedicated movie projector.

It has up to 4500 bright lumens and has a 2000:1 contrast ratio. This results in a 70% brighter projection and quality than other projectors out there, giving you the choice of being able to use it in daylight as well.

The projector uses the latest 4.0 LCD technology along with an advanced LED light source. This, like the previous, prevents eye strain and discomfort from watching for a long time.

Moreover, it has a native resolution of 800 x 480P along with supporting 1080P Full HD. Its maximum display capacity or size is 180 inches, which is perfect for an average family. The recommended viewing distance is between 5 to 8 feet.

Besides, its new and updated cooling system is much more efficient than before, reducing up to 50% of the fan noises. It also comes with built-in dual speakers.


  • Provides 70% more brighter projection than others
  • Prevents eye strain and discomfort from continuous watch
  • Perfect movie projector for an average-sized family
  • Its updated cooling system reduces up to 50% of fan noises
  • Comes with built-in dual speakers


  • Doesn't support USB port charging

6. Jinhoo Wi-Fi Mini Projector

Jinhoo Wi-Fi Mini Projector

This is the first-ever projector to use Wi-Fi for connecting with the devices. The connection process is fairly simple and comes with picture-to-picture clear instructions on the site to avoid confusion.

It supports both iOS and Android systems. Apart from that, it is also compatible with TV Stick, TV Box, Laptops, Tablets, PCs, USB Flash Drive, etc. So you can enjoy playing your favorite video games on the large projected screen.

Moreover, you can also attend your online classes or watch movies, shows, etc., from your smart networking devices. Thus it gives you access to a wide amount of possibilities and even more ways to keep yourself entertained.

Plus, thanks to the new update, the projection brightness is at 5500L, which is brighter than up to 99% of the mini projectors in the market. Its display resolution also adds to its quality.

The mini projector has a native resolution of 1280 x 720P. And this, along with its updated brightness, you can expect an exceptionally clear and bright projection of the content.


  • Uses Wi-Fi for connectivity
  • Supports both iOS and Android system
  • Has a native resolution of 1280 x 720P
  • Provides a brighter projection than 99% other mini projectors
  • Wi-Fi connectivity widens the possibilities


  • Can show connectivity issues sometimes



Whether you would like to build a movie theatre in your home, or just want a movie projector to watch movies on in great quality, we recommend the ELEPHAS. Its simple yet slick design may make it seem really expensive, but in fact, it is very affordable.

It is also the second one on our list that uses a Wi-Fi connection. But don't worry if you don't have Wi-Fi or have problems connecting to it. You can easily connect it to your iPhone using their provided original cable line.

More importantly, it projects a Full HD 1080P image with 24-bit true-color support! So you are getting a high definition projection similar to how it is digitally. This makes it the best projector for dorm room to watch your favorite movies like you are in a theatre!

Not only that! Adding to the experience, it has a 200-inch screen. It will surely give you the vibe of watching it on a big screen rather than a projector.

And of course, it won't be such a great movie projector without a built-in speaker. So its speaker comes with noise reduction technology, which provides an audio quality like the original, giving you an at-home movie experience unlike any other!


  • Excellent movie projector
  • Comes with Wi-Fi connectivity option
  • Projects Full HD 1080P with 24-bit true-color support
  • 200-inch large projection screen
  • Speaker comes with noise reduction technology


  • Power cord is too short

8. Bomaker Wi-Fi Mini Projector

Bomaker Wi-Fi Mini Projector

As wireless or Wi-Fi projectors don't require any cable or adapter to run, it has risen in popularity in recent times. And this wireless one also lives up to the hype.

Through wireless screen mirroring, it can directly project the movie, photos, videos, or even apps and games through your smartphone. There is no need for an adapter connecting the two devices.

So this gives you the freedom to use the project in any room or even outside. As long as it is within the network range, the possibilities are endless. Your whole computer or mobile screen will project on the screen, so you will also get endless content to project through the internet.

Apart from that, its native resolution is a good 1280 x 720P. Plus, with the handy mirroring instructions, you can connect your laptop or smartphone to the device within seconds. It also comes with a tripod.


  • Uses easy wireless screen mirroring for projection
  • Internet access provides endless content to project
  • Has a good 720P native resolution
  • Easy to follow set up
  • Wireless projection makes it possible to use anywhere


  • Short power cord

9. CiBest Mini Projector

CiBest Mini Projector

Whether for the home, office, dorm or for gaming, this mini projector has the versatility for it all. If you are looking for an overall great mini projector within a budget range, then look no further.

The projector is a bit smaller than other mini ones, making it much more compact and easy to carry with you. It measures 7.87 inches in length, 5.5 inches in width, and 2.7 inches in height.

Besides that, it is also quite lightweight, weighing just 2.25 pounds or 1 kilogram, which just adds to its portable nature. Its contrast ratio is 2000:1 with a support resolution up to 1080P.

So the result is an almost lifelike mirror-image projection that will leave you in awe. It also has diffuse reflection technology to protect your eyes from hurting because of the bright projection on the screen.

It has an average screen size ranging from 30 inches to 200 inches maximum. Among the devices, it is suitable for Blue-ray DVD player, PS4, XBOX, and WII, SD card, TV stick, laptops, PC, media players, and also Android smartphones, iPad and iPhone, etc.


  • Compact and portable size
  • Lightweight; easy to carry
  • Has diffuse reflection technology to protect the eyes
  • Projects almost lifelike mirror images
  • Compatible with a lot of devices


  • Can be very loud

10. Crosstour 2020 Upgraded Mini Portable Video Movie Projector

Crosstour 2020 Upgraded Mini Portable Video Movie Projector

The updated newer version of the model has a support resolution of 1080P Full HD and a common 2000:1 contrast ratio. This helps provide a much more vivid image, even in the dark.

Its LED light is a soft contrast to the brightness of the projection. So it makes sure you can enjoy the movie without straining your eyes. You can also customize the contrast, brightness, aspect ratio, and color for your betterment and preference.

Besides that, it is very small in size, measuring only 20.3 centimeters in length, 15.3 centimeters in width, and 7.6 centimeters in height. And it weighs just 0.89 kilograms, making it the most portable and compact mini projector on our list.

This also makes it a great choice for a dorm room. It has dual or surround sound speakers built-in to provide you a theatre-like experience.

It has an impressive compatibility range as well. Starting from ports like HDMI, USB, VGA, AV, Audio, etc., and devices like Firestick, Chromecast, TV box, PS4, laptops, speakers, and more.


  • Has customizable contrast, brightness, aspect ratio, and color
  • Very small and lightweight
  • Portable
  • Compatible with a wide range of ports and devices
  • Soft LED light protects the eyes from strain


  • There may be some inconsistency in focusing
  • Part of the picture can get cut off the screen

What Makes the Right Dorm Projector?

Having your own projector in your dorm room is an exciting but intimidating idea. So here are some things you may want to consider while looking for a projector for your dorm.

The Price

Projector prices can range from cheap to really expensive, like any other product. While most cheap ones have poor construction, there are a lot of really good projectors within an affordable price range of $60 to $70.

Projector for Dorm Room


If you can't plug the projector into your projecting device, then it is just a waste of money. So it is important to make sure it is compatible with most of your devices and ports, especially USB ports. However, the more it is compatible with different ports and devices, the more choice you have over it.


Portability and the size of the projector are quite important to keep in mind when you are living in a dorm.

An average projector can take up quite a lot of space, so finding a small and compact size will not only save your space in the dorm but also you can carry it with you if you wish.

Native Resolution

The native resolution represents the exact resolution the device will project on the screen. Even if it says it supports Full HD, the native resolution is the one you should care about.

Projector for Dorm Room

While a 1080P native resolution will provide the clearest picture and color, they typically fall in the expensive price range. But you can stay under a $100 budget and find many great 720P native resolutions, which is still excellent.


Having a high brightness projector can be useful in more ways than one. Firstly, you can watch everything clearly without a dark room. The more the brightness, the easier it is to see under the light. It also helps to produce more vivid colored images.

Wireless Connectivity

Although it is still quite new and often shows instability, it can be one of the most useful features ever when it works.

You can project from anywhere in the room without needing any plug-ins. And this also means you can easily project outside without the restriction of ports and plugs. This calls for watching movies while camping and so many possibilities.

Projector for Dorm Room

But that is not all; through wireless connectivity, you can connect to your smartphone and laptop to project videos, images, shows, games, movies, etc. through them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much should I spend on a dorm projector?

It mainly depends on your budget. But you don't need to go above $200 as there are many high-quality ones under this price range.

2. Should I get a projector for my dorm room?

Since there are many budget-friendly projectors out there, getting one for your dorm room can be a fun activity and a way to distress while watching your favorite shows, movies, etc., on a large screen.

On the other hand, for people studying film, it can be a very useful device to have for both recreation and learning.

3. Can you watch Netflix with a projector?

Yes, wireless or Wi-Fi supported projectors allow you to connect to your devices, and you can easily project it through the app or the site with the device.

4. What is the best small projector for dorms?

With just under $100, 2020 upgraded Crosstour projector is one of the most compact and small projectors without any major downfall in quality and performance. It is very suitable for a dorm room.

5. Are mini projectors worth it?

Although their marketing focuses mainly on their portability, they also take up very little space in the house while also playing movies and shows, games, and presentations.

Final Words

The best dorm room projector is the perfect way to distress and entertains yourself after an exhausting day. And the best thing is they take so little space and cost money without compromising on the performance.  

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