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Best RV Door Lock Reviews 2022 – Make Your RV More Secure

One of the most fun and unique ways to spend your summer holidays can be touring around the country with your family on an RV while enjoying life on the road in a carefree manner.

Although this is an extremely enjoyable activity and will help you inexpensively fulfill all your travel fantasies, it is also a dangerous endeavor as the highways can be filled with many dangerous individuals.

To ensure the maximum security precaution, you must buy the best RV door lock available so that you can keep the contents within your luxury vehicle safe. It will also protect you from the intervention of unwanted individuals who can cause harm to you and your family.

10 Best RV Door Lock Reviews

Below are 10 of the most popular and dependable door locks for an RV available currently. Continue reading to discover their features, benefits, and disadvantages to find the one that you will find the most useful.

1. Kohree RV Travel Trailer Entry Door Lock

Kohree RV Travel Trailer Entry Door Lock

Finding a door lock for your RV with a fortified exterior is not enough, as you will need it to be strong in all aspects to gain proper protection when on the road.

This product keeps this in mind and features multiple castings on both sides, which provides safety and dependability in combination with its oxidized aluminum alloy body.

RVs can vary from each other due to the difference in specification of their door hatches, with many of them having drill portions of different sizes.

One of the most dependable high-security door locks, Kohree provides a total of 12 3mm screws so that you can safely fit this into the RV without having to worry about it fall off or easily breaking apart.

There can be no criticism about the safety and security this RV door lock provides due to this unit's construction. Featuring a built-in deadbolt, you can put your thoughts about a break-in to rest as this product is more robust than its competitors, while its smooth switch also provides you with superior accessibility.

Although this RV door lock assembly is an excellent option for safety and durability, it has a couple of minor quirks that may annoy you when using it. Among them, the most prevalent one is its keyhole, which is not smooth and can cause you to struggle quite a bit when using it.


  • Durable aluminum alloy body
  • Oxidized for rust protection
  • Multiple castings for superior fortification
  • Built-in strong deadbolt.


  • Rough keyhole interior
  • Breaks apart within 5 years

2. RV Travel Trailer Entry Door Lock Polar Black Paddle Deadbolt

RV Travel Trailer Entry Door Lock Polar Black Paddle Deadbolt

If you're on the road and face the unfortunate fate of having your last door lock getting damaged, then you can completely trust this item as the perfect RV door locks replacement. Following the specifications of most premium competitor brands, this product is a fantastic substitute at a very affordable price.

Similar to having the same body and workings of its more high-profile competitors, this product maintains universality in terms of keyhole sizes too. Leisure Locks manufactured this product so that it is usable in a wide range of hole cut outs from 2 ½" up to 4" with as much thickness as 1 ½".

You will mostly get a kick out of using this product as it is arguably the ideal RV entrance door lock with deadbolt. It features latches both on the interior and the exterior of the door with four pieces of double edge keys so that the handle and deadbolt are securely fit to the vehicle.

This product is a great fit for ensuring safety to your RV and increasing the durability of your vehicle's door; it fails to provide a primary feature many of its competitors do. Keying identical versions of this RV door lock isn't possible, and it's an unnecessary inconvenience.


  • Maintains specifications with premium competitors
  • Fits into most hole cutouts
  • Latches and double edge keys on both sides for deadbolt protection
  • Universal compatibility


  • Lack of identical keying among similar units
  • Difficult to insert key

3. RVLock Key Fob and RH Compact Keyless Entry Keypad

RVLock Key Fob and RH Compact Keyless Entry Keypad

One of the biggest fears you can have while on the road in the RV with your family can be losing the key to the door lock or breaking it, which can result in you not being able to access the vehicle with no help for miles.

In that case, you will love this product as this keyless RV lock permanently prevents you from worrying about your key's sensitivity.

The compatibility of this product is not an issue as it can easily secure maximum luxury vehicles other than RVs. This RV door lock is more efficient than most of its analog competitors as it can efficiently work on automobiles, including campers and a wide variety of trailers with excellent efficiency.

Another great feature about this electric RV door lock is how inconspicuous it is, making it a very good option for your recreational vehicle. RVLock executed the classy move of having this product replacing the V4 handle with a more weightless option while its compact body draws little to no attention to it.

Very few criticisms can come to mind when inspecting this product other than a few minor flaws, which can seem annoying at best you take the convenience it provides into consideration.

Among them, the most significant one is its plastic body, which makes this RV door lock weaker than the analog units having a steel body.


  • Keyless accessibility
  • Compatible with different variations of recreational vehicles
  • Lightweight replacement for the V4 handle
  • Compact, discreet product body


  • Weak plastic body
  • Keypad prone to cracking

4. RV Travel Trailer Entry Door Lock

RV Travel Trailer Entry Door Lock

Ideally, the biggest problem of purchasing an RV door lock replacement is that they tend to be pretty flimsy, although they can fit into almost all RV lock variants. However, this product is quite different from these substitutes as it has an amazing level of durability due to its chrome body alongside its universal connectivity.

Unlike most other RV door locks, this product comes with every attachment you will ever need to secure your RV door correctly and in a secure manner. Each purchase of this unit comes with necessary latches and double edge keys to accommodate both the handle and the deadbolt.

Most RV door locks tend to be limited by their capabilities as their compatibility can be very minimal, making it a low-value item. On the other hand, this unit is very different from them as this RV lock replacement not only works on recreational vehicles but also on cargo haulers too.

Although this is a great product to have around, it does have a significant drawback that you would do well to remember before settling on a purchase. This RV door lock might have a hardy exterior; it has a very cheap interior and will snap off easily if you carelessly use it too much.


  • Attachments provided for complete installation
  • Chrome body for a tough exterior
  • Universal application
  • Stellar fortification on both ends


  • Cheap interior
  • Unusable upper keyhole

5. RV Designer T507 Motorhome Entrance Door Lock

RV Designer T507 Motorhome Entrance Door Lock

If you've already done a fair bit of research and gone through a few RV door lock reviews, then you already know that most of these products require you to purchase the deadbolt for extra security. You won't have to go through this hassle if you choose to buy this item as it comes with its very own deadbolt.

A proud creation of RV Designer, it is different from all the other products of the brand. This RV door lock has been made with TriMark and RV Designer's collaboration to make it more robust and efficient than its predecessors, making it one of the most dependable items out there.

Another great feature about this product is the level of convenience it can grant you. Unlike most RV door locks, you won't face too much of a fuss when installing this product and can complete the entire process in a few minutes.

We couldn't find any significant faults when inspecting this RV entrance door lock with deadbolt other than a few small issues. Among them, the most noteworthy one is that the latch of the product is too weak and can break off at the simplest pulls.


  • Deadbolt provided with purchase
  • Made in combination with TriMark and
  • RV Designer
  • Easy to install
  • Compact design


  • Weak latch
  • Relatively heavy striker spring

6. Pair Travel Trailer Locks

Pair Travel Trailer Locks

If you are the proud owner of an RV or a similar recreational vehicle that has doors on both sides, then you're probably looking to purchase high security RV door locks at a good value. Well, you will love this unit as each purchase will provide you with two locks.

Another problem that can arise from making a separate purchase on locks for an RV having two doors is key management, which can be frustrating. You won't have to deal with this issue because this product's locks are keyed alike for easy use.

Not only does this product have a high value, but it is also almost universal in use and can fit into most recreational vehicles regardless of the cutout. This product can fit on hole cutouts as large as 4" and with a thickness of 1 ½" with ease.

Although this unit is a wonderful option for an RV entry door lock replacement, it does have a particular set of problems. Among these problems, the most noteworthy one is the looseness of the key's barrels, which makes it difficult to insert or bring out.


  • Two locks with each purchase
  • Keyed alike for convenience
  • Fits on varying cutout holes
  • Durable metal body


  • Loose key barrel
  • Key requires separate purchase

7. Carmtek - RV Keyless Entry Door Lock Latch Handle

Carmtek - RV Keyless Entry Door Lock Latch Handle

If you're looking to safeguard your recreation vehicle without having to worry about key management, then you will love this product. One of the best keyless RV entry door locks, you won't have to worry about your RVs protection as you can lock it in using a keypad.

Even though this product focuses a lot on the technological aspect, it has also emphasized the durability of the product. Carmtek uses high-quality zinc alloy to harden the RV door lock, while the use of nylon grants it protection from firing.

Unlike the average RV lock keyless entry, you won't find this product to be difficult to set up. Each purchase of this unit comes with a detailed user manual, which will help you set up this item in a matter of minutes.

There is no doubt that this is a very convenient product to have around when on the road; however, it does have a noteworthy flaw. This unit is not compatible with most RV doors and might require you to subtract its materials or make adjustments to fit it.


  • Keypad lock system
  • Zinc alloy body
  • Nylon for fireproofing
  • Necessary attachments provided


  • Incompatible with many models
  • Difficult to change code

8. RV Keyless Entry Door Lock

RV Keyless Entry Door Lock

Of all the keyless RV door lock reviews on the internet, this product is a very popular entry because of its convenient use. Each purchase of this unit comes with all the attachments you will need for a full installment without any sort of hassle. Moreover, we would suggest to install a door stopper along with it.

Most keyless RV door locks tend to have a fragile body as the manufacturers put too much emphasis on the technological aspect. LATCH.IT is an exception in this case, as this product features a metallic body that is also resistant to water.

Unlike most high security RV door locks of the wireless type, this product comes with a couple of different security measures to protect your vehicle. Whereas most similar products only have a keypad, this unit also provides the benefit of a key-fob and mechanical key.

Regardless of all the convenient features of this RV door lock, there is a precaution that you must take before you start using it. Be sure to charge the key-fob before you start using it- otherwise, you risk the chance of getting locked inside your RV.


  • Additional attachments provided
  • Metallic waterproof body
  • Three different security methods
  • Simple installment procedure


  • Key-fob requires pre-charging
  • Poor longevity

9. Creative Products Group Ttl-43610-2006-1Pk RV Door Lock

Creative Products Group Ttl-43610-2006-1Pk RV Door Lock

In the average RV door lock with deadbolt, you will notice that these products focus more on the build materials rather than the design to increase its durability. This unit is exceptional in this case as it is minimal and has a very sturdy design too.

Another great feature about this product is how universal it is. This RV door lock is compatible and is keyed to most locks of the Global pro series, allowing you to apply a wide variety of keys to it easily.

In most typical RV lock reviews, you will notice that most of these products do not pay heed to their aesthetics and focuses solely on their functionality. Creative Products ensures that this is not the case with this unit, as a powder-coated finishing is given to make it more presentable.

Most of the problems that arise from using this RV door lock stems from its attachments, which can significantly inconvenience you. Among the three keys that come with this unit, there's a high chance that two of them can be defunct, making you make a separate substitute purchase.


  • Compact and durable design
  • Applicable with locks of Global Pro Series
  • Powder-coated finishing
  • Zinc alloy body


  • Keys do not function fully
  • Deadbolt is flimsy

10. Rupse Zinc Alloy RV Keyless Entry Door Lock

Rupse Zinc Alloy RV Keyless Entry Door Lock

Imagine owning an RV door lock that grants you the convenience of both keyless technology and the personalization of using keys for access. This benefit is what you will be getting when you buy this product as it provides you the service of key unlock and keypad and key-fob.

No matter how harsh of an environment you drive in or the level of abuse you may dish out to your RV door lock, it won't break apart easily. It features an anti-collision feature with a sturdy metallic handle while the battery consumes a minimal charge.

Installing keyless RV locks can seem like a daunting task because of how difficult it can be to input your preferable pin or to program the fob. RUPSE guarantees that you won't have to worry about this issue by providing all necessary hardware, thus ensuring a complete setup within 5-10 minutes. We would suggest you to get some door sweepers to go with it.

Although this product seems like a pretty nifty device to have around, it does have a major problem that you must deal with before using it. The battery of this product has an inferior quality and doesn't hold up much charge, causing the clicker to die quickly.


  • Combination of keyless and keyed security
  • Durable metallic handle
  • Consumes very little charge
  • Easy setup procedure


  • Low battery life
  • Handle is wobbly

What To Look For Before Buying?

In this section, we’ll detail the features that you must take into consideration to find the perfect RV door lock.

Build Material

The first indicator of an RV door lock's strength and dependability is the type of materials that go into making it. Built materials dictate whether you will need to replace these products after a few days' use or if it has decent longevity.

RV Door Lock

If you're looking for the best RV door lock, they are the ones that are made of aluminum alloy and zinc alloy as they tend to have a good durability level. They also last longer than any existent alternatives in the current market.

Fortification Measures

Although building materials play an essential role in an RV door lock's durability, it certainly isn't the only factor contributing to it. Elements like design and specific attachments also help the overall strength and fortification of the product.

It is best to look for an RV door lock with a minimal and compact design as they typically are more durable than other alternatives. Try to get one that has a deadbolt with it so that both sides of the door are firmly secured.

Securing Option

Although this factor plays a vital role in deciding how effective the RV door lock is, its variation is dependent on your taste. The efficiency of this factor will depend on whether you prefer convenience or rigidity on your security system.

RV Door Lock

Security options are of two types when it comes to RV door locks, keyed and keyless. Although both of them have their benefits and disadvantages, you will be able to make good use of either of them depending on your preference of security level.

Installation Process

Installing an RV door lock is an excellent indicator of whether you will find the product satisfactory or not. Getting a unit with a complicated installation procedure means that it will be challenging to operate and customize simultaneously.

To understand that your RV door lock is truly easy to use, check if the product comes with all the necessary attachments for a complete installation. This sign ensures that you will be able to install the unit in a matter of minutes by following some basic steps.


Finding out how compatible an RV door lock is an important determinant of whether you will be able to find replacements of the product and its components as well. At the same time, you will also know if it is suitable for the keyhole cut out of your vehicle.

It's best to go for an RV door lock that maintains the same specifications as its competitors and are identically keyed so that you can make easy replacements whenever necessary. This feature will also indicate that the product is usable on your RV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can RV door locks be universal?

RV door locks aren't universal and are highly customizable. However, if you do not alter the lock after purchase, then you're using the default setting, which is more or less similar to any brand new product of its kind.

2. Which brand makes the most efficient RV door locks?

Finding an RV door lock that ticks all the right boxes for you depends on your preference. If you're looking for a budget-friendly product, then RUNMIND is a good brand; if you're looking for a performance-focused product, then go for locks by Rupse.

3. Are RV break-ins a regular incident?

RV burglary is a rare crime in general. However, it isn't an impossibility, and therefore, it's best to take every possible safety measure when going out on trips.

4. Are RV locks rekey able?

Yes, rekeying locks are very easy regardless of their type. If you have the necessary rekeying tools, this task is applicable to just about any model.

5. Are RV door locks duplicable?

In the circumstance you do end up losing your RV door lock keys, you can always keep a spare at hand. Duplicates can be created in any hardware store or from the brand outlets you're buying the product.

Final Words

Going out on the road can seem like a risky business because of all the threats involved. However, now that you have gone through our article, finding the best RV door lock and safeguarding your recreational vehicle will seem like a piece of cake!

All that's left is to load up your RV and hit the open roads with your family. You will never feel safer while taking in the sites.

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