Best Scout Carry Knife

Best Scout Carry Knife With Horizontal Sheath – Reviews 2022

If you're looking for the best scout carry knife, this guide is for you. Scout style carry is a simplistic yet highly effective position for carrying for your fixed blade EDC knife.

You carry your knife at 90 degrees to your belt, right above your hindquarters, or (sometimes) under your belly button. This makes for comfy carry while giving you smooth and fast access to your knife with either hand.

We have done a lot of digging into the scout carry style knives and found some top-of-the-line models that we'll share with you shortly.

Best Scout Carry Knife:

1. CRKT Compact Fixed Blade Knife - Best Horizontal Carry Knife

CRKT Compact Fixed Blade Knife

This is a great scout style knife designed for anything that needs cutting. The knife comes in an incredibly compact and super lightweight design to allow for easy everyday carry. It's highly concealable and comes with a secure sheath for scout style carry and a lanyard for neck carry.

The little knife sports a 2.16-inch blade made from high carbon steel for excellent durability. The blade arrives sharp and ready to deliver great cutting power. This steel is also quite easy to sharpen and gives the knife a great edge. Its black stonewash coating further enhances its durability and longevity.

You'll like how the knife feels good in your hands, thanks to the black textured G10 handle material with phenomenal grip. It feels good in your hands, whether big or small. Add to its lightweight design, and it will feel comfortable no matter how long you hold it in your hands.

The included sheath is made from sturdy thermoplastic materials. It securely accommodates your knife, and you'll not have to worry about your knife coming out during normal movements.

Highlighted Features:

  • High carbon stainless steel blade
  • Black stonewash coating
  • G10 handle with exceptional grip
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Durable thermoplastic sheath

2. Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter 15016-2 Compact Fixed Knife

Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter 15016-2 Compact Fixed Knife

This is a compact knife for those who wish to save space. But don't let the small size and simple looks deceive you. This knife offers you unmatched function and will excellently handle hunting and multiple other tasks out there in the fields.

One of the coolest things you'll love about this knife is that its blade is made from S30V steel metal. This is a premium quality metal offering first-rate edge retention and excellent corrosion resistance. The razor-sharp blade features a drop-point style with a wide blade radius to make breaking down your day's catch an easy task.

Carrying the knife in scout style is a breeze, thanks to the high-quality leather scout style sheath it comes with., It also comes with a lanyard hole to allow for an alternative, around the neck, carrying option.

Don't forget, this knife sports a stabilized wood handle that feels durable than natural wood and will hold up to harsh elements and conditions. Its shape is nice and comfortable, and you can feel some bit of texture to it, which translates to better gripability.

Overall, this is one of the best knives for everyday carry you can get on the market today. Its slim profile, lightweight, and compact design qualify it as a perfect addition to your EDC collection, survival kit, backpack, tackle box, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • 2.67 S30V steel blade
  • Durable and comfortable wood handle
  • High-quality leather belt loop sheath
  • Lanyard hole for alternative carrying option
  • Compact and lightweight design

3. ESEE Knives 4P Fixed Blade Knife

ESEE Knives 4P Fixed Blade Knife

The Esee 4P was designed by Mike Perrin and Jeff Randal to serve as an all-around tactical, bushcraft, and survival knife. Its performance, quality, and durability are unmatched by any other model in its category.

Esee uses 1095 carbon steel to construct this knife. This is a brilliant choice of metal, given that it's a top choice for professional cutlery intended for hard use. The blade has a decent size of up to 4.5 inches, making it ideal for tacking almost anything you throw its way.

It also boasts a great micarta handle, which fits your hands greatly and feels really comfortable. Since the handle is removable, you can always replace it with an aftermarket handle of your choice.

The sheath, too, doesn't disappoint. It's made from molded plastic but feels quite sturdy and will serve you for longer. It comes with a close-fitting belt clip that you can remove if need be. It will securely hold your knife so it doesn't accidentally come out. It will ride close to your body without rattling movements.

Packaging for this knife is quite nice; it arrives in a beautiful box and includes 2 Randall's Adventures cards with short term survival tips on them, plus 2 stickers. If you don't have a gift idea for an outdoor enthusiast or survivalist, you might consider this knife as a perfect choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Grey linen micarta handle
  • Polymer sheath w/molle back
  • Overall knife length: 9 inches
  • Overall blade length: 4.5 inches
  • Durable 1095 carbon steel blade

4. SOG Small Fixed Blade Knife

SOG Small Fixed Blade Knife

SOG, the top-rated knife manufacturer, based in Seattle, WA, created this knife as a great easy-pack everyday carry for your long walk home.

As expected, the blade comes razor sharp right out of the box. It's crafted from 5Cr15MoV steel with satin polishing, leaving no room for weakness in the face of tough working conditions. The blade's full-tang clip point will deliver more precise piercing cuts. And the thick spine running through to its tip offers you a super-strong edge.

The pretty-looking SOG fixed blade knife has a handle that offers you an amazing fit, even for smaller hands. It's also optimized with generous jimping and finger grips to grant you quick-draw, non-slip handling in varying situations and conditions.

The sheath is pretty good too, and securely and tightly holds your knife, leaving zero room for wiggle.

It features a belt clip with 360-degree adjustability. This simply means you can easily adjust the belt clip to let you set the sheath at whatever angle you wish, including the horizontal position for a scout knife sheath. You'll be pleased by how tremendously tough this clip feels, which means it will hold up for longer without any issues.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Overall knife length: 5.9 inches
  • Lightweight 2.3oz knife
  • Durable satin-polished 5Cr15MoV steel blade
  • Comfortable textured G-10 handle
  • Includes a hard-molded sheath w/lanyard hole

5. Schrade SCHF57 6.3in Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF57 6.3in Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade takes pride in the production of top-of-the-line knives ideal for all outdoor adventurers. Whether you're a hiker, camper, backpacker, survivalist, or you love executing bushcraft, this top-quality Schrade knife will be your best companion.

The knife's 2.6-inch long blade is constructed from 65Mn high carbon stainless steel and feels premium quality. The material gives the blade longtime durability and takes an edge quite well, enabling it to remain sharp through various jobs.

You'll like how the knife feels in your hands. It's not too heavy and not too light; it has just the right weight in your hands. It's also incredibly small and won't feel like you're carrying one hell of a bulky knife. It is optimized with a G-10 handle with thumb rest jimping to offer you comfortable, slip-free handling.

The knife comes packed with a thermoplastic sheath whose multi-carry design makes it a good scout carry knife sheath for carrying horizontally on your belt in a concealed manner. The lanyard hole on the sheath gives you an alternative way of carrying your knife around your neck.

Highlighted Features:

  • Blade length of 2.6 inches
  • Durable 65Mn high carbon stainless steel blade
  • Black G 10 handle
  • Multi-carry thermoplastic belt sheath
  • Thumb rest jimping for slip-free handling
  • Includes a lanyard hole

6. Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife

Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife

Gerber also stands in the ranks of the most respected knife manufacturing brands in the USA. Their Ghoststrike fixed blade knife features a lightweight and slim design, making it the perfect choice for an everyday carry fixed blade knife.

The knife is handsomely designed and looks wow. It has an overall gorgeous black loom that makes it ideal for those who love the subtlety of black and those who live in tactical mode.

The Gerber presents you with a durable 420HC stainless steel blade, which means extra strength, better edge retention, and corrosion resistance.

It also boasts a skeletonized handle with rubber texturing to give you a superior grip, even in wet conditions.

Ghoststrike also comes standard with a low profile polymer sheath, enabling you to carry your knife in the back or hip with the ultimate ease. The sheath is modular, so you can easily carry in in scout style or vertical positions. Included in this knife package is a neoprene ankle wrap to give you a more concealed carry.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality 420HC steel construction
  • Overall length: 6.9-inch; knife length: 3.3 inches
  • Black ceramic coating
  • Includes a modular sheath for concealed carry
  • Skeletonized handle for low profile carry
  • Diamond textured rubberized handle

7. Cold Steel SRK Survival Rescue Fixed Blade Knife

Cold Steel SRK Survival Rescue Fixed Blade Knife

For survival and rescue operations, you need a versatile knife capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions. The Cold Steel's SRK (Survival and Rescue Knife) was specially crafted with this in mind.

This knife is popular with tactical law enforcement personnel and military and has become a standard-issue knife for the Navy Seals (for their BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition training)

This special knife boasts extreme toughness, thanks to the Sk-5 high carbon construction. This is extremely tough steel with a high degree of hardness, excellent edge holding capabilities, and superior abrasion resistance. In other words, this knife will stand extreme abuse

It features a tremendously strong clip point, which is fine enough to handle delicate work while possessing enough belly to deliver efficient cutting, skinning, and slashing strokes. With a 3/16-inch thickness, the SRK knife offers you the sturdiest possible point and edge configuration without sacrificing its sharpness.

The handle features a single quillion finger guard and a deeply checkered Kray-Ex grip, assuring you of a safe and secure grip. The knife comes complete with a Secure-Ex sheath to give you comfortable everyday carry.

Highlighted Features:

  • Overall length: 10.75 inches
  • Blade length: 6 inches
  • SK-5 high carbon stainless steel construction
  • Durable black Tuff-EX blade finish
  • Deeply checkered black Kray-Ex handle
  • Comes with a Secure-Ex sheath

8. Smith & Wesson CKSUR1 10.5in Fixed Blade Knife

Smith & Wesson CKSUR1 10.5in Fixed Blade Knife

Smith & Wesson focuses on creating quality knives that are ready for any situation. Whether you're a knife collector, first responder, or survivalist, you can trust your S&W knife to be a reliable tool. This particular S&W 10.5-inch fixed blade knife comes at a price that won't break the bank!

The knife comes in a heavy-duty nylon ballistic scout carry sheath to offer you a comfortable carry while securely holding your knife so that it doesn't drop accidentally. And unlike most sheaths out there, this one comes attached with a removable front pouch, which you can use to hold accessories. The pouch also contains a diamond-cut sharpener for your own convenience.

Like the other models featured on this list, this knife comes with a fixed blade knife, with a length of approx. 5 3/4" long. It's made of the highly reliable 7Cr17MoV High Carbon with excellent durability and edge retention. The blade is then covered with a black oxide coating to dampen reflection—helpful in tactical situations.

The grip material involves a solid aluminum plus soft rubber cover with contours to offer you a good grip. Besides, the knife features a crossguard to keep your hand from sliding forward on the blade and possibly injuring you.

Smith and Wesson crafted this knife with just the right size and weight for surviving, camping, hiking, tactical situations, and related activities. It offers you a variety of useful features that are truly hard to beat for the price.

Highlighted Features:

  • Reliable 7Cr17MoV High Carbon blade
  • Rubber wrapped aluminum handle
  • Heavy-duty ballistic polyester sheath
  • Handguard for a slip-free grip

9. MTech USA Xtreme MX-8035 Fixed Blade Tactical Knife

MTech USA Xtreme MX-8035 Fixed Blade Tactical Knife

For budget-conscious buyers, the MTech USA Xtreme MX-8035 fixed blade is a good choice for you. This is a sturdy and highly functional knife that comes with a handful of cool features—all at an extremely budget-friendly price.

The knife features a black molded Kydex sheath, which offers you knife friction tight fit, letting you carry your knife comfortably when out there. The sheath supports scout carry, so you can easily adjust it at 90 degrees to your belt. Besides the belt clip, this sheath also features a lanyard hole to offer you an alternative neck carrying option (neck cord included).

It's powered by a 3 ¾-inch long and 5mm thick fixed blade made from grade 440 stainless steel with more carbon content to give it excellent hardness and better edge retention. The knife itself comes sharp out of the box, so you should take caution as you get it out of the sheath.

With a curved shape, this blade will handle not just skinning but many other basic camp tasks effortlessly.

The cool-looking black micarta handle feels nice in your hand. It features black and gray micarta scales, which offers you a good, solid grip while holding up with repeated usage. And it has no sharp edges and feels all smooth with the visible full tang.

Highlighted Features:

10. Buck Knives 0863BRS Selkirk Fixed Blade

Buck Knives 0863BRS Selkirk Fixed Blade

Lastly, we have Buck's Selkirk fixed blade. The knife gets its name from the rugged Selkirk mountain range, starting from the Northern Panhandle of Idaho. The Selkirk knife is mid-sized and comes with added features to maximize survival in tough and severe conditions.

One of the things making this knife suitable for tough applications involves its 4 5/8-inch 420HC steel blade. This is the standard steel Buck uses for all their knives and works well for a multi-purpose knife. It scores high for strength, edge retention, and corrosion resistance.

The knife feels incredibly comfortable in your hands, thanks to its contoured micarta handle, which offers you a really safe and secure grip. The handle also sports a steel bolster, which doubles as an improvised hammer when outdoors.

This knife also comes integrated with a 2 ¼-inch fire striker with a whistle in the grip. Needless to say, these extras will come in handy if you find yourself in an emergency situation.

Above all, the amazing Buck knife comes with a solid nylon sheath that you can easily configure for vertical or horizontal (scout style) carry for concealable carry and easy access.

Highlighted Features:

  • Overall knife length: 9 inches
  • Premium 420HC steel 4-5/8" blade
  • Contoured Micarta handle for secure grip
  • Integrated 2-1/4" fire striker with a whistle
  • Includes an injection-molded nylon sheath
  • Backed by Buck's forever warranty

What Makes The Best Scout Carry Knife?

The following part will discuss what you should consider before purchasing horizontal carry knives. Horizontal carry is a knife style that has the blade positioned on the side of your waist, opposite your dominant hand. It is important to be aware that even though horizontal carry is very secure for most people, it is not recommended for all people. 

The perfect scout carry knife for you largely comes down to your personal preferences. But we still believe that the following list of considerations that you must when choosing the right scout carry knife for you.

Blade material

Steel is the standard metal used in scout carry knife blades. Because there are many steel versions in use today, you need to ensure your knife's blade steel has desirable features.

Firstly, it should be reasonably hard, so that it can stand the test of time. The blade should also be able to hold its edge for longer.

Scout Carry Knife

Corrosion resistance is a great factor, especially if you'll use your knife in wet conditions or live in marine environments. Note that carbon steel won't fare well in such situations. Steel with at least 11% chromium or H1 or D2 steel will be a better option.


The handle of a knife is another key consideration when searching for the perfect knife for your needs.

Here, you'll need to check the type of material used to make your knife handle and how comfortable and durable it is. Though you might be attracted to the good looks of bone and antler handles, these might wear faster than other materials.

Scout Carry Knife

For the ultimate durability and comfort, we suggest getting a knife with a handle made from aluminum, titanium, or synthetics like Micarta, G10, and Kraton.

Avoid any fancy wood handles unless they've been stabilized with synthetic materials to keep off wear and boost your comfort feel.


How long is the knife's blade? What's the overall length of your knife? These are some top questions to ask yourself in relation to the size aspect.

Given that you're looking for a suitable knife for EDC carry, it's essential that you look for a reasonably sized knife that you can comfortably take with you every day. But don't get a knife that's too small that it ends up being ineffective for certain tasks.

While there's no set length for a scout carry knife, we believe that a knife with approx. 3 to 4 inches will offer a good balance between portability and cutting power.


It is worth spending your money on a high-quality knife that you intend to use every day. However, this doesn't mean that you need to pay a lot for a highly functional and versatile blade.

Scout Carry Knife

Our list of the top scout carry knife reviews above features products with varying price tags to meet different buyers' needs, from the budget, value for money and high-end scout carry knives.

Safety tips for horizontal carry knife

When wearing a horizontal knife sheath, make sure that the blade is pointing downwards. This will help to prevent the blade from accidentally slipping out and injuring yourself or others.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the handle of the knife should be facing towards your body. This will make it easier to control the weapon if you need to pull it out quickly.

If you plan on using a Horizontal knife sheath, make sure to go to a range and try drawing the knife from this position before doing it for real. This will help you get used to how it feels and help you practice manipulating your body as well as the sheath itself.

Scout Carry Knife

While wearing a horizontal knife sheath is not as common as carrying a knife in a vertical position, it does have its advantages. With a little practice, you will be able to carry your knife in this way with confidence.

There are a few ways that you can wear a horizontal knife sheath. The most popular way is to wear it on your belt. To do this, you will need to make sure that the sheath has a belt clip. If it doesn't, you can easily attach one with some screws or rivets.

A horizontal sheath knife is a great option for those who want to be able to carry their knife on their person without it being too obvious. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing how to wear your horizontal sheath knife.

The first thing to consider is the type of clothing you will be wearing. If you will be wearing a lot of loose-fitting clothing, a horizontal sheath knife may not be the best option, as the knife may become hidden in the fabric. You may want to consider a vertical sheath knife instead.

If you will be wearing tight-fitting clothing, however, a horizontal sheath knife can be a great option. It can be worn on the belt, or even clipped to the waistband of your pants. Just make sure that the clip is secure, so that the knife doesn't fall out.

Another thing to consider is how you will be using your knife. If you plan on using it for self-defense, you will want to make sure that the blade is easily accessible. A horizontal sheath knife can be worn on the belt, so that you can quickly draw the knife if you need to.

Finally, consider how visible you want the knife to be. If you are concerned about someone seeing the knife and becoming alarmed, you may want to choose a horizontal sheath knife that has a dark color, or even a patterned sheath.

When you are choosing how to wear your horizontal sheath knife, keep these things in mind. With a little bit of thought, you can find the perfect way to carry your knife without drawing too much attention to it.

How to make a leather knife sheath? 

Making a leather knife sheath is a relatively simple process that can be done at home with just a few tools and materials. The most important part of making a leather knife sheath is to make sure that the sheath fits the knife snugly. If the sheath is too loose, the knife could fall out and cause injury. If the sheath is too tight, it could be difficult to remove the knife from the sheath.

How to make a leather knife sheath

To make a leather knife sheath, you will need:

  • A piece of leather large enough to wrap around the blade of the knife
  • A sharp utility knife
  • A heavy duty sewing needle
  • Strong thread
  • Leather glue
  • A mallet or hammer
  • An awl (optional)

Step 1: Cut the leather to size

Use the utility knife to carefully cut a piece of leather to the desired size. The piece of leather should be large enough to wrap around the blade of the knife and extend past the handle by about 2 inches.

Step 2: Mark where you will make the cutouts

Wrap the leather around the blade of the knife and make marks on the leather where you will need to make cutouts for the blade, guard, and handle. It is helpful to use an awl to make small punctures in the leather so that you can see where to make your cuts.

Step 3: Cut out the openings for the blade, guard, and handle

Use the utility knife to carefully make cuts following your marks. The opening for the blade should be just big enough so that the blade can slide into the sheath. The openings for the guard and handle should be slightly bigger than those parts of the knife so that they can slide through easily.

How to make a leather knife sheath

Step 4: Wet the leather

Wet the leather with water and then wrap it around the knife again. The leather will shrink as it dries, so make sure that the openings are still big enough for the blade, guard, and handle to slide through.

Step 5: Sew the leather together

Thread a needle with strong thread and begin sewing the leather together at one end of the sheath. Make sure that you sew tightly so that the stitching will not come undone. Continue sewing until you reach the other end of the sheath.

Step 6: Glue the leather together (optional)

If you want, you can use leather glue to hold the leather together instead of sewing it. Apply a thin layer of glue to one side of the seam and then press the two pieces of leather together. Allow the glue to dry completely before using the sheath.

Step 7: Hammer the seams (optional)

If you want, you can use a mallet or hammer to flatten the seams. This is not necessary, but it will make the sheath look nicer.

Your leather knife sheath is now finished!

What are some other fixed blade knife carry options? 

There are a number of ways to carry a fixed blade knife, and the best option for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Here are some of the most popular methods:

What are some other fixed blade knife carry options
  • Belt carry: This is perhaps the most common way to carry a fixed blade knife. You can simply thread the belt through the sheath or use a belt loop to secure it in place.
  • Pocket carry: This is a convenient option if you don't want to wear a belt or if you're wearing pants with nobelt loops. You can slip the knife into your pocket and it will be held securely in place.
  • Neck carry: This option allows you to keep your knife close at hand while keeping it out of the way. You can wear the sheath around your neck or under your clothing for concealment.
  • Boot carry: Boot carry is a great option if you want quick access to your knife. You can either attach the sheath to your boot or wear it on a lanyard around your ankle.
  • Pack carry: This is a good option for hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts who want to keep their knife within easy reach. You can attach the sheath to your backpack or clip it onto a belt or strap.

Which fixed blade knife carry option is best for you? It really depends on your individual needs and preferences. Experiment with different methods until you find the one that works best for you.

Why Use a Horizontal Knife Sheath?

A horizontal knife sheath has a number of advantages over a traditional vertical sheath. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it allows for easier access to the knife. When the knife is needed, it can be quickly and easily drawn from the sheath, without having to fumble around or search for the opening.

In addition, a horizontal sheath keeps the knife closer to the body, making it less likely to get snagged on something or become caught on clothing. This can be a particular problem with larger knives, but even smaller knives can be difficult to manage in a vertical sheath.

Another advantage of a horizontal sheath is that it tends to distribute the weight of the knife more evenly. This can make carrying a knife more comfortable, especially over long distances. And, because the knife is less likely to shift around in the sheath, it will be better protected and less likely to sustain damage.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a horizontal knife sheath. First, make sure that the sheath is properly sized for the knife. It should fit snugly so that the knife does not rattle around or fall out, but not so tightly that it is difficult to draw the knife.

Why Use a Horizontal Knife Sheath

Second, consider how the sheath will be worn. If you plan on carrying the knife on your belt, make sure that the sheath has a strong belt loop or other means of attachment. If you want to be able to attach the sheath to a backpack or other piece of gear, look for one with MOLLE compatibility or another similar system.

Finally, take a look at the materials used in the construction of the sheath. Leather is a popular choice for horizontal knife sheaths, but it requires some maintenance to keep it looking good. Kydex is another common material, and it is very durable and easy to care for. No matter what material you choose, make sure that it can stand up to the elements and will not break down over time.

How to Wear a Horizontal Sheath knife? (scout carry a knife)

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Scout carry knife?

A scout carry knife is one that you carry at a 90 degrees angle to your belt (i.e., in a horizontal manner). This can be at the back, right above your hindquarters, or at the front, under your belly button.

Scout Carry Knife

This style is highly concealable and great for EDC carry. It's also comfortable and makes your knife readily accessible whenever you need it.

Q: What is the best concealed carry knife?

The best for concealed carry comes in the perfect size to make it easy to conceal. A pocket knife is a great concealed carry in the sense that it can't be readily identified as a knife when inside your pocket.

Q: Can a Boy Scout carry a knife?

A boy scout can only carry a knife once he earns the Totin' Chip award. This award shows that the scout has undergone complete training for using saws, axes, and blades and can use these tools while out there.

Q: Where do you hide a knife on your body?

Some of the most common methods for concealing a knife on your body include arm wrap, belt sheath or scout sheath carry, weaving the knife in your shoelaces, boot clip or ankle wrap, neck knife, and shoulder sheath.

Final Verdict

There you have it! These are some of the most popular scout style knives you can find on the market today. All these knives are made for quality and performance. They offer you useful features that you'll find helpful, whether you're a hiker, camper, survivalist, backpacker, bushcraft, and so on. Along with your personal preferences, follow our buying tips to guide you into choosing the best scout carry knife for you.

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