Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer Reviews

10 Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer Reviews 2022 & Buying Guide

A nice set of speakers with a practical media player will make your car sound excellent. But without the proper subwoofer, that sound won’t be too much fun.

That’s why getting the best shallow mount subwoofer can fix that for you. If you like to feel the bass and give more life to the whole audio system, then you should get one of these. They are ideal for anyone ready to take their car audio to the next level, and they fit almost anywhere without losing quality in the process.

Here, we’re explaining everything about shallow-mount woofers, including what they are, how you can pick the right one, as well as the best models available out there.

Below you’ll find all that information and more. So read on!

What Is a Shallow-Mount Subwoofer?

When we first heard the term “shallow-mount”, we immediately thought it was referring to a thinner woofer than average.

Traditional subwoofers tend to be really thick and difficult to mount in tight spaces. But with a shallow-mount model, you can get rid of the thickness and have the chance to set up the bass anywhere you want.

As you can guess, they are ideal for those people who have limited space in their car or who just want to install the piece unconventionally, say on the door or in the dashboard.

Still, it is essential to know that the smaller design of a shallow-mount woofer hinders the overall quality of the sound. Yes, you won’t receive the same audio delivery that a typical subwoofer will provide, but you will still get a decent sound.

But don’t get discouraged. Most shallow-mount models nowadays are almost as good as any other model out there. We can go as far as to say that with a good amplifier and the right audio system, you will probably won’t feel the difference between a shallow-mount and a traditional one.

Having said this, let’s now head into the best models available out there!

10 Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer Reviews

When you’re looking for a new accessory for your car audio system, you will probably want the best possible option. But not knowing what to go for can be daunting, especially with so many options out there. That’s where our review of the best 10 shallow mount subwoofer options come into play:

1. Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 600W Shallow-Mount Subwoofer

Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 600W Shallow-Mount Subwoofer

When you start looking for well-made models, you’ll find out that Pioneer is probably among the best brands for that. Sure enough, TS-SW2002D2 is an excellent option to think about.

It is an 8-inch model that delivers 600 watts of power output. This power means that you can get the sound in deafening volumes without getting too much distortion or an overheating subwoofer. But if you don’t like its size or power handling, you can get larger models of 12 inches and up to 3000 watts output.

This pairs up well with a 2-Ohm voice coil set, which helps to connect any kind of amplifier and wiring system without worrying. It manages to deliver proper power handling, so the bass goes through the roof.

All these match well with the mica-injected resin cone and the oversized structure. You will get the chance to enjoy a superb bass without losing a single tone. But this also increases overall durability and makes sure the sound that goes out is totally free of distortion.

To make the overall audio quality better, you can enjoy a frequency response of 20Hz to 200Hz. This goes to the lowest of lows while going to decent highs. You can enjoy deep bass without getting muddle highs.

And sure enough, the mounting depth, which is less than 3 inches, will make the installation a piece of cake. You won’t have to spend hours setting up this woofer or looking for a proper place to do so. Its straightforward design will make it easy and probably even enjoyable.


  • Comes in different sizes & power outputs
  • Provides an excellent audio quality for the size
  • Fantastic design for easy installation
  • Ideal build for durability & proper sound delivery


  • Not the loudest option out there
  • Tends to get a little raspy at the highest volumes

2. Pioneer TS-SW2502S4 1200W Shallow-Mount Subwoofer

Pioneer TS-SW2502S4 1200W Shallow-Mount Subwoofer

If the first pioneer model wasn’t of your liking, then you can always go for a slightly larger option like the TS-SW2502S4. This shallow mount woofer at 10 inches of size, delivers up to 1200 watts of power output that will surpass your expectations. It will easily match your modest and demanding needs without trying.

But it is not the size that stands out. It is the 4 Ohms of voice coil that offer a nice deep bass sound. The quality doesn’t stay behind either, as it provides a frequency response that goes from 20Hz to 150Hz, ideal for proper lows and highs.

All this gets better when you consider the high-quality mica construction with injection-molded resin. It will help you achieve outstanding durability without leaving sound quality behind. This build will help to transport sound waves more effectively without muddling it a little. It is something you will love.

The design is super small nonetheless, with a mounting depth of only 3 inches that will help you set it up anywhere effortlessly. Spending hours installing a subwoofer is not something that this Pioneer model demands.

Putting all of this together will deliver one of the highest-quality models you can get. For its superb sound delivery to its fantastic construction, it will help you get proper audio without having to make much of an effort.


  • High-quality sound with depth
  • Long-lasting and sound-oriented build
  • Ideal mounting depth for simple setup
  • Exceptional cost for the superb quality


  • Tends to vibrate at high volumes
  • Design is not exactly 10 inches which could be a problem

3. Rockford Fosgate Prime R2SD2-10 400W Ultra Shallow Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate Prime R2SD2-10 400W Ultra Shallow Subwoofer

If you are a quality-oriented person, you’ll want to go for the best brands possible. And among them, Rock Fosgate is always ready to make your wishes come true.

For audio lovers who know what quality is all about, the R2SD2 from Rockford Fosgate will come like an excellent option. Offering 200 watts of RMS with 400W of total power output, this model still manages to be decently loud and outstandingly deep.

This all happens thanks to its 30Hz to 150Hz frequency response alongside the superb construction that produces audio effectively. You will get a Mica injected polypropylene cone that will manage to transfer the sound from the woofer to your ears magnificently well, without vibrations or distortion.

Along with its internal build, it boasts a stamp-cast basket with an integrated vent. This will help you keep the subwoofer cool and prevent overheating.

Following an excellent build of 10 inches, you will also have the chance to enjoy a straightforward installation. With an anodized voice coil at 2 Ohms, it works well with almost all kinds of audio systems, without leaving anything behind.

All of that matches the 3.4 inches of mounting depth, ideal for cars of all types – small or large ones. You can enjoy decent sound quality without having to worry about installation or anything else. If that doesn’t make the R2SD2-10 an excellent model to enjoy, then nothing will. So, don’t overlook it.


  • Superb audio quality & delivery
  • Excellent design for easy installation
  • Works with all kinds of systems
  • Durable & resilient build


  • Won’t be the loudest out there
  • Wider design than expected

4. Rockford Fosgate Punch P3SD2-8 300W Shallow Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate Punch P3SD2-8 300W Shallow Subwoofer

Another high-quality model from Rockford Fosgate is the P3SD2-8 – a 300-watt shallow mount subwoofer that is decently loud, clear, and deep.

Coming from one of the best brands in the market, you can expect a lot from this model. As it offers 300 watts of peak output, you will get decent loudness and audio delivery. This makes sure that you can get the most out of your sound system without having to play it at maximum volume.

When you pair this up with the frequency response of 38Hz to 250Hz, then you’re getting even better results. The sound will be excellent to achieve a deep bass without leaving the highs behind, so you can get the entire sound spectrum inside your car.

But the audio quality is not everything this subwoofer offers. With a mounting depth of a bit more than 2 inches and an 8-inch design, you can install this model anywhere. It will make sure that you can enjoy superb audio in whatever vehicle you own.

Another exciting part is the 2 Ohms impedance, making it ideal for most systems. You won’t have any problem hooking it up with old and new audio devices.

It still boasts a stylish design, with M-Roll Santoprene surround that looks amazing and lasts a lifetime. This pairs up well with the StampCast basket with spider venting, and an aluminum cone with dust cap. You will get the chance to enjoy it for years while getting proper sound transfer at all times.


  • Extra durable & sound-oriented construction
  • Proper design for effortless setup
  • Supreme sound quality & bass delivery
  • Stylish and seamless design overall


  • A bit expensive
  • Needs a quality sound system to get the most out of it

5. Skar Audio VD-10 D2 800W Power-Dual Subwoofer

Skar Audio VD-10 D2 800W Power-Dual Subwoofer

One of those brands that people always overlook is Skar Audio. Despite that, it still manages to deliver consistent, high-quality models like the VD-10 D2 – the best shallow mount subwoofer for trucks.

If you are a trucker who’s looking for a proper model to fit without problems and still deliver adequate sound, then this one will work wonders. Delivering 800 watts of maximum output power and coming with an 85.2 dB sensitivity, it will easily surpass your expectations even if you have a super large truck.

With a frequency response of 30Hz to 350Hz along with a super-efficient construction, it efficiently manages to go beyond expectations. Boasting a pressed paper cone stitch to a premium foam surround, you can be sure it will deliver excellent sound with little distortion.

While it sounds excellent for its size, it is the installation that really stands out. The 4.41-inch of mounting depth along with 10 inches of size, will make it an almost perfect choice for trucks. You won’t have a single issue installing this subwoofer.

Even the design it comes with manages to look well enough with a rugged yet modern touch. You can not only make your truck sound better, but you will also be making it much more stylish.

Add all of that to its already fantastic audio quality, and you will get one of the best models out there. Without breaking your bank, this woofer will make your truck way more enjoyable.


  • Ideal size & sound quality for trucks
  • Superb power output for loudness
  • Stylish design with rugged appearance
  • Offers several sizes to choose from


  • Could be way louder
  • The bass is not as deep as expected

6. Kenwood Excelon KFC-XW1200F 1400W Shallow-Munt Subwoofer

Kenwood Excelon KFC-XW1200F 1400W Shallow-Munt Subwoofer

If you’re looking for the best shallow mount subwoofer to fit inside your truck or large SUV, then look no further than the Excelon KFC-XW1200F.

This 12-inch model has a power output peak of 1400 watts that will produce sound capable of breaking through your roof. At 350 watts of RMS, this exceptional model can easily meet your highest demands without making an effort.

The frequency response is also fantastic for its wideness. You will get 30Hz to 700Hz that will manage the lowest lows but also the highest highs. While other models let you lose sound quality and audio in the process, this Kenwood woofer will play everything. And with its 91 dB sensitivity, it gets even better.

Moreover, it has a high-quality construction starting from a carbon-glass fiber composite cone. Along with a butyl rubber surround and an aluminum cast basket, you can expect the clearest audio to come out without a single vibration or distortion.

Furthermore, the mounting depth is barely over 3 inches, which along the 4 Ohms of impedance makes it ideal for most cars and audio systems. Installing this subwoofer will be so easy that you won’t have to spend more than an hour doing so.

In case you want proper sound delivery with loudness and audio clarity, this is the model to go for. It will easily surpass all your expectations for a friendly price tag.


  • Unbeatable power output at 1400 watts
  • Decent audio clarity & delivery
  • Long-lasting and distortion-free construction
  • Effortless installation with practical design


  • Extra-large design can limit space in small vehicles
  • May need an enclosure to reduce vibrations

7. Kicker CompVT124 800W Shallow-Mount Subwoofer

Kicker CompVT124 800W Shallow-Mount Subwoofer

This article wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t add a Kicker subwoofer. To make sure that we’re offering quality content, we brought the CVT12, which is an 800-watt subwoofer from the CompVT series.

Kicker is one of the most prestigious brands in the industry, and with this fantastic model, it leaves no space for mediocrity. You will get 800 watts of peak power that will make your car vibrate. Even if you have a large truck that needs superb sound, this model will let you achieve exactly that.

With a 12-inch size, you can expect no less than a super loud and utterly enjoyable product. And with its 4 Ohms of impedance, you will have the chance to make it work anywhere without any issues. This goes well with the shallow-mount design at only 4 inches of depth.

While the sound is superb and the design makes installation easy, it is the build that stands out the most. You will get a grey injection-molded polypropylene cone that resists years of hard-sounding bass. And surely, its ventless solid-pole design makes sure you get no distortion with the practical installation.

Pairing all this together, it delivers one of the most fantastic sound performances in the market. Boasting a frequency response of 25Hz to 350Hz, it reproduces highs and lows effectively so you can enjoy a pleasurable sound.

Whether you want to install this on a large truck so you can enjoy audio to the max or to make your small car vibrate in its entirety, this is the model that you need.


  • Unbeatable sound clarity and bass performance
  • Hard and extra deep bass
  • High-quality build for durability & sound transfer
  • A fantastic option for trucks & large vehicles


  • The large design may not fit on small cars
  • May overheat with inadequate ventilation

8. JL Audio 10TW3-D4 400W Shallow-Mount Subwoofer

JL Audio 10TW3-D4 400W Shallow-Mount Subwoofer

When it comes to high-end subwoofers, few models match the quality of JL Audio. And they make it a hard-standing statement with the 10TW3-D4, which is one of the most reliable, quality-oriented, and superbly well-made woofers you can get.

While it is not the most powerful model out there, its 400-watt capacity will easily surpass your expectations. You won’t have to make it work with the strongest amplifier to get the most out of this piece.

What makes this model so fantastic is not the audio-related specifications, but the tremendous construction it comes with. It starts with concentric tube architecture inside a cast-alloy frame. This makes sure you get decent durability. It also has a rubber surround and a small steel enclosure.

The cone is made from a mica injection-molded propylene material, ideal for withstanding hard temperatures but also delivering proper sound transfer. You won’t have any problem enjoying the sound quality, especially for its lack of distortion or vibration.

You will also get an aluminum alloy dust cap for reliability. But the real advantage comes from a unique floating-cone attach method. This manages to make it even more durable but also much better sounding than regular models.

Apart from all that, it is still easy to install with its 10-inch design, 3.25-inches of mounting depth, and proper 4 Ohms of impedance. It will work in any cars without problems.

Overall, this is a model for the demanding user who wants no less than the best quality possible. If you’re that kind of person, then you will find this subwoofer a perfect choice.


  • Extremely high-quality sound with ideal output
  • Unbeatable construction for audio quality & durability
  • Unique design for extra sound delivery
  • Effortless installation


  • Huge price tag
  • Not a standard size cone which can be inconvenient

9. Rockford Fosgate P3SD4-8 300W Shallow-Mount Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate P3SD4-8 300W Shallow-Mount Subwoofer

Coming back to Rockford Fosgate, now we meet with the P3SD4. This is a super well-made model that will surpass your expectations in every way.

The first thing you need to know is that at 8 inches, it will be perfect for small cars of all kinds. You can install it anywhere without having to worry about anything. Especially with the dual-coil impedance at 4 Ohms, you can get it working on any system.

This pairs up well with one of the strongest builds in the market. It has an M-Roll Santoprene surround, a StampCast basket with spider venting, and a diamond-cut cast-aluminum trim ring. Add the anodized aluminum cone, and you’ll get one of the most durable builds out there.

But the construction is not what stands out the most. It is the superb sound delivery at 300 watts of power output with decent frequency response & sensitivity. You will have the chance to enjoy a loud bass with depth and extra clarity that will make driving your car much more enjoyable.

Along with the fantastic construction, this subwoofer manages to deliver one of the cleanest sounds in the market. And for an unbelievable cost, you won’t have to break your bank to make it possible. It will just sound well enough for modest users who want decent results.

If you don’t need the loudest subwoofer and will be happy with something that sounds well instead of powerful, then this one will match your needs completely.


  • Superb sound clarity and deepness
  • Extra durable & well-made build
  • Decently small design for effortless setup
  • Ideal cost for the fantastic quality


  • Not the loudest model out there
  • The awkward shape may not fit in all cars

10. Infinity Reference 1200S 1000W Shallow-Mount Subwoofer

Infinity Reference 1200S 1000W Shallow-Mount Subwoofer

To finish this list, we wanted to bring the last model that would be an excellent choice for anyone. If none of the previous models worked for you, then the Reference 1200S from Infinity might do.

The first thing it stands out for is the 1000 watts of peak power output or 250 watts RMS. This will be good enough to get decent sound quality and loudness from your sound system. You won’t have to put up the volume to the highest level to enjoy a fair bass.

That goes well with the 92 dB of sensitivity that increases the volume exponentially and a wide frequency response range of 27Hz to 175Hz. You will have the chance to enjoy clear audio even with the weirdest sounds out there.

Apart from the audio quality, you can still enjoy a well-made product that will last several years. It is due to the polypropylene cone that can withstand loud volumes consistently.

But it is not the cone that is the highlight, but the fantastic installation system with Selectable Smart Impedance system, that makes it work at either 2 or 4 Ohms. Along with a low-profile design, you can set up this woofer on almost any large car, thanks to its design.

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for; you may get it all with this model, and that too, for an unbeatable cost.


  • Exceptional price for the immense quality
  • Ideal design & compatibility features for easy setup
  • Fantastic audio delivery with depth & loudness
  • Simple yet stylish design


  • May be hard to install in small cars

What Makes the Right Shallow Mount Subwoofer?

If you genuinely want the best shallow mount subwoofer, then you should know what to look for. And for that, the following buying guide will help you out:

Power Output in Watts

The first thing that everyone should pay attention to when buying a subwoofer is power output. This factor matters because it tells you how well the subwoofer can handle energy and deliver it all through audio.

A woofer that delivers 200 watts of RMS and 400 watts of maximum power will probably produce no distortion. A model with fewer watts than that may not offer proper loudness, and anything with a higher wattage will probably sound louder but not as crisp.

Still, we always recommend high power output over low power outputs. If you get one at 500 watts of RMS and 1000 watts of peak power, then you’re getting a more-than-decent model.

You should be aware that to get the most out of this kind of model, you’ll need a proper audio player and amplifier, something you won’t need with models that offer less power output.


Another crucial aspect that can change how well the subwoofer sounds is sensitivity. Sensitivity is measured in decibels (dB).

For example, if you have 90 dB, you will probably get a decent loudness from your speaker. But if you get 87 or less, then the sound delivery won’t be as good, and you will probably end up wanting more. This article will enlighten you more.

So, if you can go for a higher decibel or sensitivity rating, that would be better. However, make sure that it matches your amplifier capacity as well.

For those subwoofers that go directly on to the receiver, high sensitivity would be better. But if you have an amplifier in-between, then something of about 90 will be enough to prevent distortion and unwanted vibrations at high volumes.

Frequency Range

When you read frequency range, you may think that it refers to the variety of sounds the subwoofer can tackle. And well, you wouldn’t be wrong in that case. This frequency range is measured in Hertz (Hz), and it refers to how well the woofer can receive lows and highs accordingly.

For example, models with a 20Hz to 100Hz will be ideal for low notes and deep bass. But due to the 100Hz range, you won’t get too much from the high notes. In contrast, a model with 50Hz and 500Hz will deliver flawless high notes, but the low ones won’t be too clear, which eventually reduces the depth.

Overall, most high notes don’t go over 200Hz, which is perfect because high notes are the work of speakers and tweeters. But when it comes to low notes, the lower you get, the better the subwoofer will perform. If you like deep bass, then you should stick to 20Hz or as close to that as possible.

Impedance or Voice Coils

Another essential factor to consider if you want the best shallow subwoofer is the impedance of voice coil capacity.

This refers to how well the wiring system of the subwoofer can handle different types of connections. As it is measured in Ohms, we recommend going for the lowest measurements possible.

If you get a 2-Ohm model, then you’re likely getting a woofer that works well with all kinds of audio systems. But an 8-Ohm subwoofer may not be as practical, especially if you want to hook it up to amplifiers, as it may eventually not work as expected.

Size of Subwoofer

As you browse for a woofer, you will also find that they come in a wide array of sizes. You may find them from 8 inches to 10 inches or even 12 inches and larger. Of course, the size will change many things about the model, so it is essential to know what to go for.

You will find that the smaller 8-inch models are often ideal for small cars and SUVs. They won’t have a super deep sound that will make the vehicle vibrate, but will probably make your body feel the bass.

A larger 10-inch model won’t be a bad choice either, especially if you have a decently sized car with lots of trunk space or under-seat space. It will provide a decent bass and sound quality while delivering proper depth – not the loudest but still pleasant to listen.

But if you want the true monster that will get the audio that breaks windows, you’ll need a 12-inch model. It is the ideal choice for truckers and users with giant SUVs. Still, it can work in sedans for those who have no problem with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

To pick the best shallow mount subwoofer, you may also need to know about specific things that are not easy to find out. We may help you with some of them through the following section:

1. Is a shallow-mount model easier to install than other options?

Yes, it won’t be easier to install than an enclosed powered model. But it will offer the chance to set it up in small cars and other vehicles where standard models won’t fit.

2. Can I install my shallow-mount subwoofer inside a box or enclosure?

Yes, they are perfect for setting-up your custom bass system if needed.

3. What do I need to install a shallow-mount woofer?

Usually, you will only need the wiring kit, a basic set of tools, an amplifier, and a box or enclosure if you need one. The installation shouldn’t take more than an hour in a normal-sized car.

4. Do I need a specific type of power or audio system for a subwoofer?

No, you will only need to make sure that you have a proper amplifier or built-in amp system in your car. Otherwise, you may not be able to enjoy everything a woofer has to offer.

5. How can I know which size I should go for?

It is mostly about the size of your vehicle. For small cars, we recommend small 8-inch or 10-inch models. For large vehicles like trucks and SUVs, a 12-inch model will be better.

Final Words

After reading all our options for the best shallow mount subwoofer, our comprehensive buying guide, and all the added info in this article, it is time you pick the right model for yourself.

This won’t be easy, as you will have to consider several factors as well as your own needs. But if you follow our advice and know what you’re looking for, then this will be a piece of cake.

With nothing else to add, it is time for you to pick a great subwoofer now!