Best Shaved Door Handle Kit

Best Shaved Door Handle Kit – Reviews & Guide 2022

As science and technology develop, our lives change along with them.

This includes our vehicles. Our cars and trucks are becoming not only sleeker-looking but also more convenient to use. Improved functionality and efficiency make this possible.

One of the things contributing to this happens to be shaved door handles. Nowadays, most people are opting more towards automated door handles as opposed to the traditional ones.

A great way to install these into your vehicle without having to run to various stores is by getting a kit for the job.

Hence, we have written shaved door handle kit reviews to make it easy for you to find the finest shaved door handle kit for yourself.

6 Best Shaved Door Handle Kit Reviews

The following shaved door handle kits each contain a good collection of parts, so read on to find out more!

1. CARMOCAR New Shaved Handle Door Popper Kit

CARMOCAR New Shaved Handle Door Popper Kit

What's more convenient than an all-in-one shaved door handle kit? Well, that is exactly what this kit is!

Remember those days you had to go buy individual parts? You do not have to go through that trouble anymore.

Two heavy-duty solenoids are included in this unit, which makes it easy to open even the toughest of doors. These are 50-80 lbs in weight and adjustable.

As it contains four remote functions, opening your doors automatically is an easy matter. This saves time and makes the experience smooth.

Both the driver's as well as the passenger's doors can function with this product. This can be achieved as easily as by pressing buttons on the remote.

Not only that, if you are worried about emergency situations, then this kit has you covered on that front as well! A button for emergencies is provided, which will open your doors even when they might be stuck.

As a bonus, the components of this kit have metallic finishes and are of pretty high quality. So, they are durable as well as good-looking.

One downside, though, is that the instructions provided might not be detailed enough for those who have little to no wiring knowledge.


  • Heavy-duty solenoids that can open any doors
  • Remote control with 4 functions
  • Emergency button for safety
  • High quality and durable
  • Contains all the necessary components


  • Instructions are not very detailed

2. JDMSPEED New Street Rat Hot Rod Car Truck 85LB Shaved Door Handle Kit

JDMSPEED New Street Rat Hot Rod Car Truck 85LB Shaved Door Handle Kit

Those on the hunt for the best shaved door handle kit will certainly be glad to know about this product. Yes, this is another one-stop kit for your convenience.

Having said that, it is to be noted that the only things missing from this unit are relays. All else is provided, including detailed instructions for set-up so that even beginners face no problem.

Just like the CARMOCAR kit, this one includes two strong solenoids. These are 85 lbs each.

As for the door poppers, they are also two in number. Their coil springs are heavy-duty, and they contain circinal bottom parts, which are a good new addition.

A remote makes it easy to open the doors as well as switch doors between the driver and the passenger. This system also contains four functions.

So, is there an emergency button in this kit as well? Of course, there is! There’s no need to worry about getting stuck in your car or truck!


  • Strong 85 lb solenoids for opening doors
  • A good set of door poppers
  • Remote for easy automation
  • Button for emergencies
  • Clear instructions even for beginners


  • Relays not provided

3. Spal SHAVED-40 Shaved Door Kit

Spal SHAVED-40 Shaved Door Kit

Just like the two kits above, this is another well-assembled one, containing all the components you might need for the job.

A couple of big 40 lb solenoids are provided for decent power to open your vehicle's doors. And a bonus here is that the design allows you to add another solenoid if needed.

Not only that, another relay can also be added in addition to the ones already built-in. These are onboard relays, and they are contained in the first two channels.

On that note, it should be mentioned that there are seven channels in total in this unit's receiver, which is very convenient. This is due to the fact that the other five channels are free to be used as needed.

As for the transmitters, there are two of them. Each transmitter contains four buttons.

Since this product has been designed to work with all types of doors, you do not need to worry about finding the right fit.

The only flip-side is with use, that the main controller may fail after a while.


  • Two powerful solenoids
  • An extra solenoid and relay can be added
  • Seven channels for convenience
  • Can work with all door types


  • The main controller may fail after a while

4. BUSIDN New 2 Door Shaved Handle Popper Solenoid Street Rat Hot Rod Kit

BUSIDN New 2 Door Shaved Handle Popper Solenoid Street Rat Hot Rod Kit

This door shaved handle kit from BUSIDN contains a good assortment of parts that will be adequate for easily opening your vehicle's doors.

Automation is provided by the remote. This remote is a universal one, meaning it works with all models, which is an advantage.

The solenoids in this product are two in number, and they each weigh about 85 pounds. These are quite strong. You should have no problem opening doors with their help.

As the steel cables, crimps, nuts, and bolts are all of decent quality, this unit is quite durable.

Additionally, two door poppers are provided, which contain tips that prevent scratching.

A keyless entry system is used by this unit, that works long range. This system is used for popping the two doors at the front.

The channels total five in number.

Other than that, installation is quite easy and takes little time, so that's a great convenience.


  • Universal remote that works with all models
  • Solenoids are strong enough for any doors
  • Poppers contain anti-scratch tips
  • Keyless entry system
  • Easy and quick installation


  • No significant drawbacks found

5. MPC 2-Door 80b Shaved Handle Door Popper with Remote Starter Combo Kit

MPC 2-Door 80b Shaved Handle Door Popper with Remote Starter Combo Kit

MPC has certainly brought a wonderful kit to the table.

What sets them apart is a remote system known as Crimestopper RS4, which contains five buttons. Each button has its particular use. This saves a lot of time and makes operation easy.

Additionally, there are interior push-button switches available in this product. These can be used optionally in case of removed interior door handles.

Safety is absolutely no issue with this product. A relay is present that stops the opening of the car doors during driving.

Not only that, as a button for emergencies is also present, you don't need to worry about the doors getting jammed.

There are two solenoids in this kit that weigh 80 lb each. This makes it easy to open most doors, apart from the extremely heavy ones.

As for installation, it requires very little time. Even if you are a complete newbie, it will be a very easy process as the instructions are detailed enough, with clear diagrams.


  • Crimestopper RS4 remote system for easy operation
  • Emergency button and relay for safety
  • Interior push-button switches present
  • Installation is easy and takes little time


  • Solenoids not strong enough for big doors

6. AutoLoc Power Accessories 9660 Shaved Door Solenoid Pop Handle/Latch Popper Kit

AutoLoc Power Accessories 9660 Shaved Door Solenoid Pop Handle/Latch Popper Kit

AutoLoc provides powerful solenoids to open shaved doors and latches, no matter how strong they are.

As the door pops are of military-grade, anyone can smoothly open doors with them. This is possible due to the high torque present, which also means that the solenoids won't be damaged easily.

The solenoids weigh 35 to 50 pounds, which is sufficiently powerful for almost any door or latch.

A remote-control system can be used in order to either perform shave door operation or remote door pop.

Something to note, however, is that door poppers are not included in this kit.

However, an adjustable mounting bracket, adapter, and fuse are provided. Other than that, a cable is also provided, making this a mostly all-in-one kit.

Overall, this product is very well-made and long-lasting.


  • Very powerful solenoids for opening doors
  • Military-grade door pops
  • Remote control for automation
  • Well-made and long-lasting


  • Does not contain door poppers

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the benefit of an automated door popper kit?

It is very convenient, as you do not need to buy parts separately. Hence, less time and effort are needed.

2. Are expensive solenoids required for good functioning?

Cheaper solenoids tend to burn out quickly. They also lead to rusty latches and may fail to open doors after a while.

It is better to invest in more expensive ones than risk all that.

3. Can I install a door popper kit by myself?

Most kits come with detailed instructions so that the user can install them by themselves.

However, if the instructions are insufficient, you might need help from someone with a basic understanding of electrical wiring.

4. Is it important to get a kit with an emergency button?

Yes, it is. If your door gets jammed for some reason, or your remote's batteries die, then you will be stuck inside your vehicle.

An emergency button can help you out of such sticky situations.

5. What is the advantage of a shaved door handle over normal ones?

Shaved door handles are much more aesthetically pleasing than normal ones. They also save time and energy due to automation.

Final Words

Kits can make life a whole lot easier by saving time and effort, and shaved door handle kits are no different.

If you have taken the time to read the shaved door handle kit reviews above, then hopefully you have found the best shaved door handle kit for your needs!

Lastly, we want to mention our review on car door edge guards. Hopefully, you will like them as much as we do.

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