Best Shower Caddy for College Students

10 Best Shower Caddy for Dorms 2022 – Perfect For College Students

Bathrooms are not exactly well-known for staying neat and organized. There always seems to be an endless amount of toiletries and accessories that constantly go out of place.

From that aspect, a shower caddy is a blessing in disguise for any human being. And if you are a college student (or a parent worried about one), a shower caddy is a must-have.

However, finding the best shower caddy for college students requires you to consider things like the materials, slip-resistance, spaciousness — the list goes on. And we understand that these things can get puzzling.

So, we have compiled some of our favorite shower caddies for you to choose from.

10 Best Shower Caddy for College Students

We all realize how shower caddies are one of the must-have accessories for a college student. However, everyone's preferences might differ. Below are our top picks.

1. Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy

Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy

Keeping your bathroom accessories in one place is tough, but what's more challenging is carrying them around. So, manufacturers have come up with various carrying and storage solutions, mesh designs being one of them.

The first college bathroom caddy that we have on our list is a long-lasting meshed one that maintains its compactness with dimensions measuring a decent 9.8" x 8.67" x 8.67".

And, of course, you would want your tote bag/caddy to ensure the highest versatility. This product comes with a firm and sturdy handle on top of it, meaning you can use that to hang it anywhere.

In terms of compartments, it has eight outer ones and one large one in the center. This design allows you to have a wide range of accessories in it — from large to tiny.  

And it uses a very durable, quality mesh. Some credit for this feature also goes to its quick-dry system, as it dries up fairly quickly even if you hang it under the shower.


  • Uses quality mesh
  • Eight outer and one center compartment
  • Dries up quickly
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Versatile enough for various accessories


  • Stitching needs to be better
  • Two straps instead of one would help stability

2. Hiverst Hanging Shower Caddy

Hiverst Hanging Shower Caddy

One issue that you might often face with caddies is that they cannot contain full-size bottles in them due to their smaller size. While a compact size is appreciated, too little is still a thing.

The next dorm shower caddy that we have for you is a stylish one with lots of space for larger accessories. That is thanks to their upgraded dimensions of 10" x 10" x 6" — making it more spacious than the usual suspects.

Now, let's talk about its materials. This bag uses 600D Oxford fabric along with an impressive mesh. Thanks to these, it boasts a quick-dry feature that dries out in no time.

There are two spacious front and top compartments in it, along with three elastic bands for bottles, three medium elastic bands and two elastic mesh outer pockets on both sides.

Lastly, it has a metal hook and a reinforced handle that will go with any shower hook. The former allows you to hang it anywhere, while the handle makes carrying safer and more straightforward.


  • Carrying is easy
  • 10" x 10" x 6" dimensions
  • Breathable mesh for faster drying
  • Sturdy metal hook for hanging
  • Large compartments


  • Hook is a bit small
  • Joint with the hook could be better

3. Haundry Mesh Shower Caddy

Haundry Mesh Shower Caddy

It is not just enough for dorm shower caddies to have a meshed design; the material is just as crucial to allow it to dry quickly and avoid mold from building up.

The next pick that we have for you does not just have a meshed design; it uses an elastic fabric that does not hold water. Moreover, it has two handles on the top made with double reinforced Oxford cloth.

These handles ensure a firm grip with improved stability on both sides. In terms of the dimensions, you get 8.86" (l) x 7.68" (w) x 8.07" (h). Therefore, you can contain most shower items in it with comparative ease. Apart from the large middle compartment you also have side storage compartments.

And in terms of the compartments and pockets, you get eight spacious different-sized pockets to carry all your bathroom and dorm room accessories — two of them are large, two medium, and three small.  

There is also the large main compartment to store larger items. Moreover, there is an attached key hook to hold keys, adding to the user experience.  


  • Sturdy polyester mesh
  • Looks sleek and stylish
  • Two durable Oxford handles
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Eight pockets in total


  • Some customers complained about a slight smell.
  • Full-sized bottles might not fit. 

4. Handy Laundry Store Shower Caddy

Handy Laundry Store Shower Caddy

A college shower caddy is used for various purposes and can contain various items, which necessitates a sturdy and durable handle that can withstand even heavier weights.

Our next pick ensures that with its strengthened handles that are well sewed to serve you for a long time without any hiccups. The usage of two handles instead of one also improves its stability.

For the size, you get a height of 9" and a width of 8", which is decent for most purposes without being too large. Furthermore, you can contain most of your products in the 6" interior middle.

This caddy comes with seven pockets in total to help you organize all your essential items in it effortlessly. They are of various sizes to make everything fit in nicely — from bottles of shampoo to brushes.

Lastly, let's talk about the quality mesh that it uses. The breathable mesh that this product uses allows it to drain water faster than most products and keep the interior dry.


  • Seven capacious pockets
  • Breathable mesh dries reasonably fast
  • Height and width of 9" x 8"
  • Durable dual handles
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • Bottom portion is somewhat small
  • Quality of the seams is average

5. mDesign Plastic caddy

mDesign Plastic caddy

A lot of us might not be looking for a sizeable polyester-made college bath caddy. In that case, a plastic caddy that is sturdy and takes little space might be what you need.

If that is, indeed, what you want — we have got a product that will suit your needs too. This college shower caddy is a plastic built product that gives you decent storage with its 6" x 9.75" x 6.75" size.

And do not frown upon the fact that it uses plastic. It boasts a durable BPA shatter-resistant plastic that also is chlorine-free, meaning you can easily clean and use it for a long time.

It also has drainage holes at the bottom to avoid water from building up in it. And in terms of the compartment count, this caddy has four compartments for you to effortlessly store items separately.

Furthermore, it does not lack in terms of portability either — a built-in handle ensures comfortable carrying. Although this design also means you cannot hang it from your shower.


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Drainage holes at the bottom
  • Best portable shower caddy for the money
  • Versatile enough for smaller toiletries
  • Shatter-proof plastic


  • Hard to get your hands in and clean it
  • Could have been slightly larger
  • A textured finish would have been better

6. iDesign Shower Caddy

iDesign Shower Caddy

For the next college caddy, we have got a rather sleek and stylish one. This time, it comes from iDesign. It is an affordable plastic shower caddy with handle that has a bunch of handy features.

First thing you will notice about it is the eye-catching design language. It uses durable plastic with a woven design that looks attractive while providing sufficient storage space.

The dimensions are 11.75" x 6" x 12", making it big enough for most of your purposes. Moreover, it has a relatively large handle to ensure that you can carry it without comfort.

And do not let its design let you think that it does not have enough compartments. You get a total of nine different pockets of various sizes to organize all your items in it neatly.

Moreover, the best shower caddy for dorms has to have a sound drainage system to prevent the build-up of mold and water. To ensure that, this product has holes at the bottom to leave you free of worries.


  • Stylish woven design
  • Durable and sturdy plastic build
  • Enough space for most toiletries
  • Bottom holes allow effective draining
  • Nine different compartments


  • Few more bottom holes were necessary
  • Somewhat difficult to clean

7. Kusoofa Shower Caddy

Kusoofa Shower Caddy

Regardless of which purpose you are buying a product for, versatility is always welcome. That way, you can use the product for various purposes and squeeze the most value out of it.

On our list for the best shower caddy for dorms, we have got a decently sized 7.87" (l) x 8.66" (h) x 5.11" product that can effortlessly contain all of your moderately-sized items.  

Moreover, it is made of high-quality Oxford fabric, making it extremely durable. This product uses an innovative combination of fabric and mesh throughout the body. The elastic mesh pockets and larger mesh compartments are made with mildew resistant synthetic materials.

Impressively, the fabric part is waterproof, while the mesh part keeps it dry and clean. You also get four fixed slots and three flexible belts for maximum versatility and convenience.

To make things simpler, it boasts a hook at the top, allowing you to use it as a hanging shower caddy. Furthermore, the pricing of this caddy is quite reasonable, too — making it a fantastic choice.  


  • Mesh-fabric combination
  • Well ventilated and waterproof
  • Hook at the top
  • A smooth and comfortable zippered pocket
  • Decently sized for most items


  • Cannot contain full-sized bottles

8. Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy 

Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy

When using a shower caddy, you will not only get it wet, but you might also put things like wet towels in it. Thus, it is paramount that your product has an excellent drainage system.

Here we have a mesh shower tote bag that excels at that. It is entirely made of nylon mesh, meaning it does not absorb any of the water. Moreover, the usage of durable nylon mesh makes it sturdy and flexible.

In terms of dimensions, this dorm shower caddy measures 9.8 inches in height and 8.67 inches in length and width. Thanks to the size, you can fit most of your usual necessities in it.

And of course, the pocket and compartment count is just as vital for a product like this. You get eight outer compartments of various sizes for easy organization and storage.

Moreover, there is a large compartment in the center to store the comparatively larger items. And thanks to the handle, you can use it as a hanging shower caddy too.


  • High-quality nylon
  • Drains water and dries fast
  • Its handles can be used for hanging
  • Nine pockets and compartments
  • Flexible and versatile


  • Handle joints are okay at best
  • A bit hard to clean

9. iDesign Stackable Basket

iDesign Stackable Basket

We have got another product for the people whose preferred dorm room shower caddy is a basket styled one. This here is a compact caddy with dimensions measuring 5.3" x 8.8" x 6.9".

In terms of the design, it follows an open-top style along with a sturdy carrying handle for comfortable carrying. This sturdy design also means that you can store stuff bigger than its actual dimensions. You can also put it on your shower floor with your shower essentials. So, it is preferable for a private bathroom rather than communal showers.

Moreover, it is modular and stackable, meaning you can stack it on top of other organizer baskets. This way, you get more space for a better organization without occupying extra space.

And if you are wondering about the build material, this caddy uses plastic. But do not let that fact fool you — it uses durable BPA-free plastic that is relatively easy to clean.

A problem with many compact caddies is that they are challenging to clean as the tiny compartments are hard to reach. That is not the case here — you can reach its bottom with ease.


  • Compact dimensions for simple storage
  • Handle doesn't get in the way
  • Modular capabilities
  • Quality BPA-free plastic
  • Budget-friendly price tag


  • Handle could use some improvement
  • Not enough air holes at the bottom

10. Shlocker Shower Caddy Locker 

Shlocker Shower Caddy Locker

As our final product on our search for the best shower caddy for dorms, we have got quite the unique one. For one, it has a locking mechanism to keep other people from accessing your stuff.

It uses a three-number combination lock, so this is not a gimmicky feature at all. You can customize and reset it simply, too, if need be. Another unique feature is the usage of suction cups.

This product uses two suction cups in the back that can hold up to 40 pounds of weight, which is rather impressive and more than what most of us require. You can store all kinds of beauty products and any bath accessory with the product.

But if you want to increase the weight-bearing capability, you can add more suction cups (bought separately). Moreover, it even has a mirror inside that will serve most of your purposes without any fogging.

To keep the insides dry and improve air circulation, it has tiny holes all around the body. Finally, its dimensions are 10.36" x 8.85" x 4.48", making it large enough to hold full-sized bottles.


  • Has a fog-resistant mirror
  • 3-number combination lock
  • Suction cups hold up to 40lb
  • Holes improve drainage and circulation
  • Enough space for full-sized products 


  • Suction cups don't perform well with tiles
  • Slightly more expensive than the other ones

Buying Guide for Newbies

Buying the right shower caddy can improve your experience by miles, while the wrong one can end up being a pain in the neck. Here are some things to look for before you buy one.

Shower Caddy for College Students

Types of Shower Caddies

First and foremost, you need to be sure of the kind of bag you want. There are various kinds of products out there, so let's talk about a few. You will not get the same service from toiletry bags that you get from a mesh tote.

Hanging Caddy

These are the most common ones that you will find in the market. As the name suggests, you can hang these products from your shower. This ability is their most significant benefit, as you can have all your necessary items close.

Shower Caddy for College Students

Generally, they are pretty good at water drainage, too, especially since they don't rest on the ground. Plus, the materials are usually water-resistant, making them an excellent choice as your dorm shower caddy.

Over-the-Door Caddy

Somewhat resembling the hanging ones, these caddies go over your bathroom's door. While this is convenient, it also means that you would need a proper door at your shower booth.

Thus, not all college bathrooms will be ideal for these products. For the ones that are, however, these offer fantastic convenience and durability. If you are using a communal bathroom or gym shower, you are in the right spot.

Shower Caddy for College Students

As you do not have to hang them from the shower, they are not exposed to water as much, making them long-lasting and less susceptible to molds. Moreover, they can carry a lot of weight.

Suction Cups 

These are not as popular, but they are still pretty common. A caddy with suction cups works as the name might get you to imagine — with suction cups attached to the wall/mirror.

However, these cups are not known to last as long as one might expect, meaning they might end up requiring replacements.  

Basket Styles

These might often resemble the aforementioned styles, but they do differ in some areas. For one, you will not be able to hang them on your shower or from the doors.

Shower Caddy for College Students

Moreover, they are usually smaller and made of stainless steel or plastic, making them resistant to any sort of corrosion.


The materials used in your college bath caddy can make or break the experience. We will talk about the popular ones below and the advantages that they offer.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel does a fantastic job for a product that is frequently near water. Products made with this material do not rust, look sleek, and offer excellent durability. However, the lack of flexibility might be an issue for portability.

Besides, these products might be slightly more expensive when compared to a dorm shower caddy that is made from something like plastic.


A dorm room shower caddy made of plastic is usually rather affordable. But it does not necessarily mean that the quality of the product will not be as remarkable.

Shower Caddy

If a product uses high-quality plastic, it does not look cheap or work any worse than a caddy made from something like stainless steel. Although, you should keep in mind that solid plastic does not bode well for hanging.


A polyester-made college caddy for bathroom is quite versatile and flexible due to the properties of the material. Thanks to their versatility, these are some of the most popular products out there.

Polyester is durable and resistant to any kind of rusting. Although, it is not as durable as something like, say, stainless steel. But if portability and flexibility are what you require, you cannot go wrong with polyester.


Given that we are talking about a product that is meant to store things, storage does sound vital. And as with everything else in life, the ideal number is relative.

First, you should have an idea of the items you are going to store in it and then see if the product you have chosen would be able to contain them without any hassle.

Ease of Maintenance

If you want the best shower caddy for dorms, you need to check whether it is easy to clean and maintain. Many caddies are harder to reach into, as their pockets are small.

Shower Caddy for College Students

Opting for products with easy-to-reach compartments would allow you to clean them without much inconvenience.

Mesh vs Plastic Shower Caddy

Shower caddies are a must-have for any bathroom. Not only do they help save space, but they also allow you to store all of your toiletries and other items in an organized manner.

There are many different types of shower caddies on the market. However, if you're looking for something that's environmentally friendly and will last longer, then you may want to consider a mesh shower caddy.

The benefit of this type of caddy is that it can be hung with most any type of hook or hanger, which means you can easily find one to fit your needs.

Mesh shower caddies are a popular option for those who prefer to have a more environmentally friendly and sturdy shower caddy. Plastic shower caddies are typically made from low-cost materials that break easily and do not last long. Mesh shower caddies can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors in order to meet the needs of different people.

Some may be able to get by with a plastic shower caddy, but many find them difficult to use and store. The reason for this is that they are hard to organize and can't easily accommodate items like shampoo, soap, and other products.

With a mesh shower caddy, however, you're all set! From the attractive design to the durability of mesh construction, you're sure to find it difficult to find anything negative about these wonderful products.

Plastic shower caddies come in many shapes and sizes and can be found at most hardware stores and big box retailers. These affordable pieces of equipment can be mounted on the wall or tucked away beneath the sink.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What kind of shower caddy is best for college?

It relies on your preference. If you want portability and flexibility, a hanging one does well, especially for college purposes. Over-the-door and basket styled ones can be suitable too.

2. What is the best shower caddy material?

Anything that doesn't rust, have a mold build-up and serves your purpose. Polyester is more flexible; stainless steel is costlier but durable, while plastic is inexpensive with impressive longevity.

3. Should I get a mesh or plastic shower caddy?

Mesh caddies are generally more portable and perform well if you need to hang them. Plastic ones are more sturdy but not fantastic for hanging or frequent transport.

4. How do I keep my shower caddy from falling down?

Creating a friction point or having something to hold it is the simplest solution. You could use a simple zip tie, rubber band, or tube to keep it in place.

5. Are hanging caddies harmful to my shower head?

Putting too much weight on your shower head can create leaks or gradually pull it down. However, if you are careful with the weight, it should not be an issue.

6. Do mesh shower caddies get mold?

Yes, mold can grow in a mesh shower caddy. Mold is a fungus that grows when it has water and food sources. If the mesh shower caddy is not cleaned regularly, mold can grow inside it.

7. How to get rid of mold in mesh shower caddies?

If you have a mold problem in your shower caddy, it is important to clean the mold off of the surface of the caddy. You can use a bleach solution to soak the areas that have been affected by mold. The bleach will kill any bacteria and prevent future growth. You should also thoroughly rinse all surfaces with water before reassembling your caddy.

Vinegar is a natural way to remove mold from shower caddies. Vinegar is acidic, so it will kill the mold quickly. The acidity level of vinegar is typically between 3 and 4 on the pH scale, which means that it will dissolve calcium carbonate (limestone) and other minerals in the water.

To clean the shower caddy, simply pour vinegar into a container or bowl.

8. Is it better to get a plastic or mesh shower caddy?

It depends on what you are looking for. Plastic shower caddies are usually cheaper, but they can get scratched up easily and look old quickly. Mesh shower caddies are more expensive, but they are better quality and last longer.

9. Are shower caddies bad for shower head?

Yes, shower caddies are bad for your shower head. The weight of the caddy can cause it to pull down on the shower head and cause clogs. If you choose to use a caddy, make sure that it is light or that there is a way to attach it to the wall, so that it does not put pressure on the shower head.

10. How do I make my shower caddy stay on my shower head?

There are a few different ways to keep your shower caddy from sliding down the shower head. One way is to use a rubber band, which can be secured around the head and the caddy. Another way is to use an adhesive hook that attaches to the shower head and then wraps around the caddy. You can also buy a suction cup hook that will attach directly to your shower head.

11. What can I use instead of a shower caddy?

A shower caddy is a great way to store your shampoo, conditioner, soap and other essentials in the shower. But if you don't have one, there are ways to manage your bathroom products without it. One way is to bring a plastic bag with you into the shower and place all of your products inside. This works especially well for people who use bar soap instead of liquid body wash.

12. How do I keep my shower caddy from rusting?

There are a few ways to keep your shower caddy from rusting. The first is to use a cleaner that is specifically designed for metal, such as WD-40. The second is to apply a coating of paint or enamel to the metal. The third is to use a sealant like wax or varnish.

13. How do you get hard water stains out of a shower caddy?

The best way to remove hard water stains from a shower caddy is to use a mixture of dish soap and vinegar. Apply the solution with a rag and allow it to sit for about 20 minutes before wiping it off.

14. What kind of shower caddy is best for college guys?

A shower caddy is a great idea for college guys. The kind of shower caddy you want to buy depends on the space in your dorm. If you have a lot of room, then a hanging shower caddy is best. If you don't have a lot of room, then a suction cup shower caddy is best. You can also get a folding shower caddy that will fit in tight spaces.

Final Words

We realize how handy shower caddies are and how your preferences may differ. Therefore, we have put our effort into making this list reflect that. With this review, you should now be able to choose the best shower caddy for college students.

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