Best Shrimp Deveiner and Peeler Reviews

10 Best Shrimp Deveiner and Peeler Reviews 2022

Every seafood lover deserves to have the best shrimp deveiner in their kitchen tools arsenal. But, not every utensil with a deveiner or peeler sticker on it can actually clean shrimps properly. So, how do you know what to look out for while getting one?

It's simple. We've centered the following 10 top-rated shrimp deveiner tools around functionality, design, easy cleaning, and of course, low budget but with high quality. We’ll walk you through all these great selections, so you won’t have to visit any store in search of the right tool ever again.

With all the help from our research team, we were able to bring you the following options after an extensive study of reviews from verified consumers worldwide.

10 Best Shrimp Deveiner Tool and Peeler 

A shrimp cleaner tool may look small, but the ones with good functionality always come with a big price tag. Keeping that in mind, we've made sure all the picks on our list are completely affordable without compensating for their quality.

1. Toadfish Shrimp Deveiner Tool

Toadfish Shrimp Deveiner Tool

Coming first place on our list is this multifunctional shrimp peeler by Toadfish. We've put this at the top of our list because of its unique point design, completely eco-friendly build, and of course, its effectiveness.

The special 3-in-1 feature includes the option to devein, peel, and butterfly all with one tool. By using this tool, you get to cut down the meticulous and long task of preparing shrimp into just one utensil. This reduces all the fuss it takes for cleaning your shrimp before cooking, easing your time in the kitchen.

If you’re an environmentalist, you’d be delighted to know that this peeler is one of the only shrimp deveiner tools that have a fully eco-friendly handle, made of recycled plastic material. Plus, the stainless steel blade, along with the sturdy handle, make this tool durable and easy to grip in your hand.


  • Multifunctional, can devein, peel, and butterfly cut all in one utensil
  • Reduces preparation time, makes cleaning shrimp before cooking easier
  • Eliminates the requirement for other utensils, such as different bladed knives
  • Eco-friendly handle made from recycled plastic material produces no waste
  • Durable stainless steel blade resists corrosion and water damage


  • Takes time to adjust to every feature
  • Slightly tears meat of frozen shrimp


With all the different kinds of peelers we’ve come across, this multifunctional shrimp deveiner tool piqued our interest the most. Its considerate 3-in-1 devein, peel, and butterfly option is bound to make preparing shrimp a breeze for any cook.

2. ELEDUCTMON Shrimp Deveiner Tool

ELEDUCTMON Shrimp Deveiner Tool

At number 2, we have this shrimp peeler from ELEDUCTMON. This versatile tool is in second place due to its impressive user-friendly functionality and simple build.

This peeler is completely made of highly durable stainless steel from point to handle. So, the tool is able to resist all kinds of damage, making it perfect to use in a busy kitchen with harsh conditions. These conditions include corrosion, abrasion, and water staining.

The curved point slips between the shrimp's outer layer and meat smoothly for a clean and effortless peel. With the single riveted and easy to grip handle, just push inwards once, and the shell comes off in moments.

Because of its simple build, this shrimp deveiner tool is able to be cleaned in the dishwasher along with your other kitchen utensils. This saves the effort of having to clean it by hand.


  • Great usability, only needs to be pushed inwards once to fully peel one shrimp
  • Simple build, curved point, and comfortable to hold handles for smooth peeling
  • Resists almost all kinds of damage, including corrosion, abrasion, and more
  • Dishwasher friendly, thus saves time of having to wash by hand
  • Made of highly durable stainless steel, so it ensures long-term performance
  • Quickly peels shrimps, no need for added steps, and saves preparation time


  • Works better with cooked shrimp than raw
  • Slightly larger than most shrimp deveiner tools


This tool deserves all the praise it has gotten for its user-friendly functionality. Although it might not be the best shrimp deveiner tool for raw shrimp, it still peels better than most store-bought tools.

3. OXO Good Grips Shrimp Cleaner

OXO Good Grips Shrimp Cleaner

Coming in third place on our top picks is this innovatively designed shrimp deveiner from OXO. This is another one of our options with the convenient 3-in-1 feature, which makes it an incredible tool in the kitchen.

If you’re a fussy cook or are always in a time crunch while preparing food, you’ll find this shrimp cleaner to be very handy. Being an all in one utensil, this can peel, devein, and perform a clean butterfly cut to reduce the time and effort it takes to do each step individually.

This shrimp deveiner tool comes with a handle made of a pressure absorbing rubber material which makes it fit comfortably in your hand for a sturdy grip. It's rounded to fill your palm, which makes it easier to move around and offers increased hand control.


  • 3-in-1 multi-functionality, peels, deveins, and butterfly cuts all with one tool
  • Reduces time and effort needed to do each step of preparing shrimp
  • Pressure absorbing rubber handle for comfortable and sturdy grip
  • Rounded hilt for easy hold and improved hand control
  • Does not slip out of grip, even when wet
  • Performs clean cuts in one quick motion, saves the effort of a second go


  • Not safe in the dishwasher
  • Might slightly tear meat
  • Needs practice to get used to


This is an incredible shrimp peeler and deveiner tool to have when you’re constantly running low on time. You will find its 3-in-1 feature to save you a lot of time when in a hurry.

4. CESFONJER 2pcs/Set Shrimp Prawn Peeler

CESFONJER 2pcs/Set Shrimp Prawn Peeler

If you want your shrimp peeled and cleaned in mere moments, without all the complicated practice tries, this shrimp peeler is for you. This tool is simple and easy to use and does not come with all the confusing technicalities of other peelers.

The tool is made of highly damage-resistant stainless steel from point to handle. Its use is simple; all you have to do is remove the head of the shrimp, push in the peeler point between the shell and the meat all the way to the tail, and push the handles together.

This way, you can expect clean and easy peels every time. Plus, it saves you from all the extra hassle of going through painstakingly long steps for a cleaner shrimp.

Another handy feature of this shrimp deveiner tool is that it can peel shells off both shrimp and prawns. This is great if you love seafood but aren’t able to have access to all the tools needed to deal with specific crustaceans.


  • Quickly peels off shrimp shell without tearing meat
  • Easy to use, simple three-step process that reduces prep time
  • Clean and easy peels with each use, does not require extra steps
  • Works on both shrimp and prawns, no need for other tools
  • Made of highly durable stainless steel, protection against damage


  • Works better on larger shrimp/prawns
  • Handle is difficult to grip onto


This shrimp cleaner tool is perfect for cooks aiming for a more professional peeler without spending a fortune. Because of its complete stainless steel build, it can get a bit slippery when oily, but other than that, it works wonders on prawns and shrimp.

5. Better Houseware Shrimp Deveiner and Sheller

Better Houseware Shrimp Deveiner and Sheller

This shrimp peeler is different in design from all the ones we’ve walked you through as of now, and it comes with unique features too.

Unlike most shrimp cleaner tools, this one just has a single 4-inch long blade. However, despite its unfamiliar structure, this blade can swiftly cut through shells of shrimp without deforming the meat. Plus, the blade allows you to work on any type of shrimp or prawn, no matter the size.

With this single-bladed tool, you get to have more control of the motion and maneuverability of the utensil. So, even if the previous tools are too hard to figure out, this one cooperates with the culinary habits of any cook. Also, the tool comes with a non-slip handle for added hand control.

Since there is only one blade to pay attention to, it makes cleaning a breeze. You can easily clean this shrimp deveiner tool without having to dig into difficult-to-reach crevices.


  • Unique design, single-bladed for extra accuracy and clean peeling
  • Quickly cuts through shell without damaging meat structure
  • More control of the motion and maneuverability of the blade
  • Comfortable handle with easy grip for added hand control
  • Simple cleaning process, can be washed by hand easily


  • May retain a slight “fishy” odor
  • Requires hand control and skill


This is the best shrimp deveiner tool for cooks that want more control of their shrimp cleaning utensils. However, it's not a great option for beginners.

6. U/D 4 PCS Shrimp Deveiner Tool and Peeler

U/D 4 PCS Shrimp Deveiner Tool and Peeler

Getting out the long thread of veins from the back of a shrimp can be difficult, which is why this tool is built to eliminate this problem by making it a one-step process.

U/D provides you with both a deveiner tool and peeler to reduce the need for other utensils. With the deveiner, you can easily cut a section of the spine and pull out the thick thread without breaking it. Then, you can move onto the peeler to shell your shrimp without tearing off the meat.

With these two tools working together, you get a significantly lower preparation time. Plus, you get to save on the cost it would take for more utensils for the same purpose.

Both the shrimp peeler and deveiner tools are made of completely durable stainless steel. This means that they can resist damage from rust, abrasives, water, and more, giving them long-term reliability. Also, it is much easier to clean than utensils made of rubber and plastic.


  • Both deveiner and peeler included, does not require more tools
  • Cuts down preparation time with the duality of peeler and deveiner
  • Does not break the vein during extraction or tear the meat
  • Limited number of steps, great for beginners and busy cooks
  • Highly durable stainless steel material, has long-term reliability


  • Requires a bit of practice before use
  • Gets slippery when oily


This is a great shrimp cleaning tool selection in terms of user-friendliness and affordability. Our favorite quality about this pick is that it eliminates the need for other utensils.

7. ChirRay Shrimp Peeler and Fish Scaler Set

ChirRay Shrimp Peeler and Fish Scaler Set

Adding to our options for multifunctional tools, this set from ChirRay comes with a peeler and scaler. With this duo, you can cut down the preparation time for both a fish and shrimp meal.

The peeler has the standard build of a proper shrimp peeler. It’s single riveted and is narrowly pointed to squeeze between the shell and meat of shrimp of almost all sizes. Also, it's very easy to use with only three steps, which are to remove the head, push in, and press the handles together. Each time, you can expect a clean peel.

As for the fish scaler, each tooth is sharp and angled so that it can easily pluck out every scale without the need to go over with the tool more than twice. It does not scrape off the meat and can work with almost any type of fish, no matter the size or scale pattern.


  • Duality of fish scaler and shrimp deveiner tool makes prep time quicker
  • Does not scrape or tear off the meat, so fast and clean peels with every use
  • Easy three-step process for the peeler reduces the need for added steps
  • Scaler works on almost all kinds of fish, regardless of size or pattern
  • Fully made of durable stainless steel, thus it provides protection against damage


  • Slippery when oily
  • Peeler is slightly more straight than other shrimp cleaners


With this shrimp cleaning tool set, you can expect blissful and hassle-free time in the kitchen. This is a great choice for seafood lovers that prefer multifunctional utensil duos instead of single tools.

8. Norpro Shrimp/Prawn Deveiner and Peeler

Norpro Shrimp/Prawn Deveiner and Peeler

If you want to quickly go over the preparation process without taking the time to figure out a complicated peeler, this simple structured deveiner and peeler combo is a perfect choice.

At first glance, this tool resembles an oddly shaped pair of scissors. However, it’s actually a shrimp deveiner and peeler in one, which helps you to both shell shrimps and extract the vein without the need for other utensils.

The steps are easy. All you have to do is cut a slit on the spine of the shrimp to remove the vein and then cut along the back to get rid of the shell. With this versatile shrimp deveiner tool, you can easily reduce prep time, making your tasks in the kitchen a breeze to get by.


  • Simple build, does not require practice to get used to
  • Doubles as a deveiner and peeler, eliminates the requirement for other tools
  • Easy to use, two steps for deveiner and three steps for peeler
  • Cuts through shell easily without catching on the meat or tearing it
  • Comfortable to hold, does not slip out of your grip


  • Not as sharp
  • Slightly heavy handle


We highly recommend this peeler and deveiner combo for beginners that prefer an easy-to-use shrimp cleaner tool.

9. Maine Man Shrimp Deveiner, Peeler, Deveiner, and Cleaner Tool

Maine Man Shrimp Deveiner, Peeler, Deveiner, and Cleaner Tool

Unlike most of the picks in our list, this one does not come with a complex structure or a sharp blade. In fact, it’s completely made of plastic, which makes this tool great in its own way. Here’s how.

The long pointed tip of the tool pierces between shell and meat perfectly, leaving no chances of tears or snags on the meat’s structure. Due to the thin and tapered point, the tool is easily able to detach meat from the shell as well as pluck out the vein in one clean motion.

Because of the streamlined build of this shrimp deveiner tool, handling it won’t bother you whatsoever. The handle also provides a firm and comfortable grip that enhances this feature.


  • Simple and uncomplicated build, does not require practice before use
  • Streamlined structure for maximum maneuverability and hand control
  • Comfortable to hold handle, firm grip and does not slip out of hand
  • Perfectly detaches meat from the shell without tearing or snagging
  • Easily plucks out the thread of veins without breaking
  • Dishwasher safe, does not require washing by hand


  • Takes longer than steel tools
  • May discolor
  • Can retain a slight smell from shrimp


This may not be the best shrimp cleaner tool for busy cooks who want quick results, but it definitely provides a clean peel with every use. Plus, it’s extremely inexpensive despite its expert accuracy.

10. ROEDEER Shrimp Deveiner Tool and Peeler Set

ROEDEER Shrimp Deveiner Tool and Peeler Set

Saving one of our favorites for last, this deveiner and peeler set is an excellent addition to a seafood lover’s kitchen. With just this set, you can whiz through multiple seafood meals without having to pay a fortune.

The set includes a standard peeler, a wooden-handled knife, cut-proof finger pockets, and a reusable storage bag. By using these tools only, you will be able to prep shrimp and other crustaceans from beginning to end in just minutes. This significantly reduces prep time and eliminates the need for other utensils.

Each item in the set carries out its function brilliantly. First, the peeler is streamlined and curved to give a clean peel with every use. The knife can cut through shells and devein shrimp in a breeze. With the finger cots, you can avoid accidental cuts, and the storage bag is always at your side to collect your shrimp.

Finally, everything in this innovative shrimp deveiner tool set is environmentally friendly, durable, and dishwasher safe – ensuring minimum waste.


  • Comes with peeler, knife, cut resistant finger pockets, and storage bag
  • Durable stainless steel peeler and knife plus provides long term performance
  • Preps shrimp and other crustaceans from start to end in minutes
  • Reduces need for other utensils, also cuts down prep time significantly
  • Eco-friendly and reliable long-term use, does not produce any waste
  • Durable and dishwasher safe, resists damage from kitchen conditions


  • Requires some practice before use
  • Peeler may slip out of hand when oily


Compared to most shrimp cleaner sets, this one provides the most accuracy, durability, long-term performance, and simple usability. Essentially, everything you would look for in the best shrimp deveiner.

How to Use a Shrimp Deveiner?

Now that we’ve gone through the best options for a shrimp deveiner, it’s time to find out the right way to use one. Most deveiners are pretty straightforward, but it's better to know the steps beforehand so that you don't need practice later.

How to Use a Shrimp Deveiner

Step 1 - Gather the Shrimp

Before you peel the shrimp, it’s vital that you first wash all the shrimp in a bowl and then remove the head from each one using a knife or the blade of your deveiner. This will make it easier for the tool to slide in.

Step 2 - Inserting the Tool

Taking a clean shrimp, insert the point of your deveiner between the shell and the meat of it at the place where its head used to be and push the tool along the spine of the shrimp until it reaches the tail.

Shrimp Deveiner and Peeler

Step 3 - Removing the Shell

This step depends on the type of deveiner you have. If it’s a triple featured deveiner with a butterfly blade, then push the tool all the way through the tail whilst keeping a closed fist over the top of the shrimp. If it’s the standard deveiner with handles, just press them together.

If it resembles a pair of scissors, you have to cut the shell along the spine and peel it off using your fingers. By now, you should have a clean and shell-less shrimp.

Shrimp Deveiner Tool Buying Guide for Newbies

Shrimp cleaner tools come in a variety of different designs and functionalities. They might all look similar and serve the same purpose, but it's very common to get stuck with a poor-quality deveiner. To avoid this, here are some points you should keep in mind while purchasing the right deveiner tool –


Most shrimp peelers get advertised to be the only tool you need for cleaning shrimp, but they don’t live up to the expectation when you buy them. This is why functionality is key and should be checked before making the final purchase.

Good deveiners have a sharp blade, thin and narrow points, easy to grip handles, and a simple way to use them. All the fancy peelers you might come across that have more than 5 functions may look tempting, but chances are they will not work as well.

Shrimp Deveiner

Opt for a standard shrimp deveiner or one with a maximum of 3 functions. The simpler the structure is, the easier it is to use.


Every cook has different and unique culinary habits. Just because you do things differently in the kitchen does not mean you’re doing anything wrong. Keeping this in mind, there is a multitude of shrimp peelers that are differently structured to suit the needs of every type of cook.

To get the best usability out of your peeler, ask yourself what you expect in a good utensil. Shaky hands? Go for a deveiner with a rubber grip. No time to clean? A plastic dishwasher-friendly peeler is great for you. Need something close to professional? Opt for a shrimp cleaning toolset.


Shrimp cleaners go through a lot in the kitchen. And kitchen conditions can be rough, as corrosion and other kinds of damage are bound to happen with all the heat and humidity. To prevent your shrimp peelers from wearing away too soon, you need to be cautious during the purchase.

Shrimp Deveiner

Make sure your shrimp deveiner tool is made of durable material, such as stainless steel. Not only is this material damage resistant, but it is much easier to clean by hand than other materials. Plus, stainless steel will increase the long-term performance of your deveiner tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best shrimp peeler?

The best shrimp peeler, according to all the reviews we've studied, is the Toadfish Shrimp Deveiner Tool.

2. Do you need to devein shrimp?

This “vein” is actually the digestive tract of the shrimp. It contains waste matter and a lot of sand which may set off the taste of the meal. However, it usually doesn’t cause any harm to consume it. Regardless, it’s better to devein the shrimp before eating it.

3. What can be used as a shrimp deveiner?

A paring knife is a good alternative for a deveiner. All you have to do is make a slit at the back of the shrimp and pull out the thread of veins. However, this has to be done carefully to avoid accidental cuts.

4. Which knife is best suited for deveining shrimp?

A paring knife will serve a similar function to a deveiner. Its small blade with a supporting handle gives the user a steady hand for a precise incision, which is great for deveining shrimp.

5. What is the best way to devein shrimp?

The best way to devein a shrimp is to slice down the spine of the shrimp with a sharp and small blade and simply pull out the thin thread of veins.

6. Is there a machine to devein shrimp?

Jonsson machines are built to adapt to each shrimp automatically. It works by gently peeling and deveining every shrimp in a uniform manner. In a plastic tray, shrimps are arranged. The rest happens on its own.

7. How do shrimp peelers work?

It's simple. All you have to do is place the point of the peeler between the shell and meat of the shrimp and push it all the way through to the tail. Then, given that the peeler you're using is the standard build, you have to push the handles together, and the shell should come right off.

8. How do you use a red shrimp deveiner?

First, cut off the head of the shrimp, then place the tip of the red deveiner between the meat and the shell at the place the head used to be. Then, push the tool along the spine all the way to the tail and push again but quicker. This removes the shell.


Now that we’ve gone through all that you need to know about the best shrimp deveiner, all that’s left to do is make the final choice. We hope we were able to bring you enough options to choose between; remember to keep our advice in mind while making your pick for the most satisfying results.

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