Best Storm Door Closer

Best Storm Door Closer

Security is no joke, and with rising crime rates in urban areas, it should always be your number one priority, if anything.

Over the years, several key devices have tried to upgrade security, but many worked to no avail. Despite paying several hundred dollars for the devices, there has been little improvement in overall safety.

The storm door closer is another issue altogether. In a market full of knockoffs, the storm door closer provides much-needed closure.

For that reason, we bring the best storm door closer money can buy. So if you are thinking of fortifying your house, this article is for you!

10 Best Storm Door Closer Reviews

Time to check out our top picks of door closers. Hopefully, you will find the ideal product for you.

1. Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock

Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock

To kick off our top storm door closer reviews, we bring one of the finest money has to offer, the UL3 from Ultraloq. With advanced fingerprint protection, it is one of the best going around.

This satin colored lock ticks all the right buttons when it comes to safety. With 5 in 1 protection features, it includes a smart lock, keycode, fingerprint, smartphone lock, and the usual key system.

Coming with advanced fingerprint protection, this product is as high tech as they possibly come. The anti peep touchpad makes it impossible for intruders to try and manipulate it to their advantage.

With a strong handle, which is also weatherproof, be amazed at its durability. Also, the long battery life and LED display make life easier for homeowners.

Also, coming with a single latch operation, it is very easy to replace should the need ever arise. This makes it a prime choice just for convenience.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Has an OLED display
  • 5 advanced features
  • Can withstand high-temperature variations.


  • A bit tough to operate a keypad in the winter, when the skin is very dry.

2. Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock, Keypad Door Lock, Keyless Door Lock

Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock, Keypad Door Lock, Keyless Door Lock

When it comes to the best storm door closer, mentioning a product from the Sifely store is an absolute must. This particular product of theirs features easy and smooth installation and even WiFi compatibility.

The product is ideal for rental hosts and thus presents a very good choice for Airbnb owners and renters. It can create passcodes, which you can then share with the tenant when needed.

Featuring a 5 in 1 safety outlook, this product offers safety and security, unlike any other. Being easy to install is also one of its key aspects.

Since no drilling is needed, you can simply follow the installation video instructions and do it all by yourself.

For better access and control, there is more on offer. The product can pair with WIFI, making it possible to be operated remotely. This means that you can set up codes, even when you are away.


  • Allows codes to be shared
  • Can be coded remotely
  • Features fingerprint scanning
  • Easy to install.


  • Needs a gateway to work with Alexa.

3. Newst Fingerprint and Touchscreen with OLED Display

Newst Fingerprint and Touchscreen with OLED Display

Newst has been making some really good products when it comes to home security for a number of years now. Their new door lock combines advanced tech with old fashioned security.

This product is ideal for doors with thickness ranging from 35mm-55mm thick, which actually falls within the span of most doors.

With an amazing OLED display, there is no doubt you will be able to view every little detail when this product is installed. Furthermore, high-quality voice control will even guide you during setup. We would suggest you to install a door bottom sweep and a durable door stopper with it.

Coming with a maximum code length of 12 digits, it is up to you to decide the optimum length. This leaves more room to simply experiment and try out numbers.

Capable of registering 300 users, this product comes with quite a large memory. This makes it useful for residential buildings in particular.

The latest 3D fingerprint sensor takes no chances with safety. It is fast, reliable, and most importantly, highly accurate. Also, it works an amazing 99 % of the time, meaning there is virtually no room for error at all.

For even better security, the deadbolt button allows full admin control, and this increases privacy tenfold.


  • Suitable for a wide range of doors
  • Can create a 12 digit pin
  • 3D fingerprint sensor available
  • Allows total admin control.


  • Not fully waterproof.

4. Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock (PGD728F SN)

Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock

A very high tech product from PIN Genie, the PGD is one of the best storm doors closer the currently has to offer, and it will not disappoint

With an advanced 3D fingerprint detector, it uses the most advanced tech to ensure safety at all costs.

The sensors are really state of the art, and what is truly amazing is that they can store up to 99 prints in their memory.

It is practically impossible to guess any code combination this product offers. The reason is thanks to the patented technology; the number shuffling algorithm is enabled.

Lock and unlock your property from anywhere using just your smartphone. This smartphone compatibility allows remote access when you are unable to be there in person.

With some very installation, there is no reason to call in the pros to get it fixed and installed. All you need is basic tools and 15 minutes of your time.


  • Can be accessed via smartphone
  • Can be installed fast
  • Allows guest privileges
  • Special anti guess algorithm.


  • Requires some drilling.

5. eufy Security Smart Lock Touch, Fingerprint Scanner, Keyless Entry Door Lock

eufy Security Smart Lock Touch, Fingerprint Scanner

Eufy does not joke around when it comes to home security, and more importantly, they make sure to back up the talk with the walk. Their latest electronic deadbolt is as stable and safe as they come.

Capable of recognizing fingerprints in less than a second, it beats searching frantically for keys on any day.

You can unlock it in as many as four ways. This includes Bluetooth and also a special app from Eufy. If you want more control, you can also use the keys or keypad. You can also use it as a garage door keypad.

An auto-lock is a very nice aspect of this product. Once it detects that the door is closed, locking is activated, and this allows you to leave in a rush.

With an IP65 rating, be sure it will withstand all tests from the weather. This means it can survive harsh temperature ranges from -30 to 70 Celcius.

All data is stored locally, and this keeps everything safe inside the system itself. No risk of compromising data by uploading it to the cloud.


  • Endorsed for weather protection
  • Auto closing sensors enabled
  • Unlock in 4 ways
  • Fast fingerprint recognition.


  • Does not work remotely.

6. Fingerprint Electric Smart Door Lock, Biometric Keyless Entry Door Handle

Fingerprint Electric Smart Door Lock, Biometric Keyless Entry Door Handle

Enjoy the very best from Rulart with their advanced biometric keyless door handle. With dual security modes, it offers some top-level protection.

Coming with advanced fingerprint recognition, it takes only 0.25s to detect the fingerprint and recognize it. At such speed, it can also read at 360 degrees.

For easy mode switching, see which option suits you the best. There is the locking mode and channel mode. Both modes are good enough when it comes to high safety.

There is also a USB charging port for even more safety. This method can provide emergency locking if the need arises.

Suitable for doors with thickness ranging from 35-55mm, this product is a must-have in any household setting. It is also well adapted for both right and left-handed doors equally well.

With some very easy installation, there is no reason to worry about having problems fitting it, as there is a detailed set of instructions included to guide you step by step as well.


  • Provides detailed instructions for installation
  • Applicable for a wide range of door sizes
  • Dual modes for locking
  • One-touch lock


  • Does not feature remote access

7. Samsung SHS-P718-LMK Push Pull Biometric Touchscreen Digital Door Lock

Samsung SHS-P718-LMK Push Pull Biometric Touchscreen Digital Door Lock

You may be misled into thinking Samsung only makes phones, but this product will prove you wrong, and in a good way. Made of plastic and metal, this is one of the best storm door closers Samsung has to offer.

With the ability to register 31 user codes, this product does not fall short when it comes to memory. Also, capable of auto-locking, leave your house assured that safety would be maintained.

A sleek modern design is not only eye-catching but adds a certain appeal to the front door. While it is mainly for exterior locks, you can install it both inside and outside if needed.

Furthermore, it is also great for a wide range of doors in different settings, be it offices, residential places, or private flats.

With a nifty touchscreen, it is very easy to use. All you have to do is enter the code and let it do the rest of the work.

This is a sturdy and durable lock. It fortifies the door, and with an added latch, it ensures that safety is never compromised.

It was further tested by different standards before sale. Hence it came out as pick proof, bump proof, and intrusion proof. Furthermore, with fire tested properties, this product can survive through the fire with ease.


  • Compact design
  • Can be used in any type of door
  • Tested for picking, bumps, and more
  • Stores 31 user codes


  • The door needs to be modified

8. DATO Smart Door Lock,Touchscreen Digital Door Lock

DATO Smart Door Lock,Touchscreen Digital Door Lock

Smart technology seems to be the name of the game nowadays, and Dato has truly mastered the art of making the most secure locks there are.

This product can be remotely controlled with your phone using a passcode, BlueTooth, or RFID card. It allows you to control your security even while you are away.

With some very easy installation, you can get rid of the old lock in a matter of minutes. What is even better is that this product comes free of wires and cables, which would otherwise make installation tough. We also have a review on wireless garage keypads. You can check that out after this.

When paired with the WiFi gateway, security goes fully online. You can access logs, records, change codes, and pins from away, such as the office. Also, you can assign codes for a short time and change them again.

With the help of AI, optimization is now at its max. This product can mold itself to suit the needs of those in the house, like the elderly or children. It involves fingerprint recognition and easy access.


  • Incorporates advanced AI for better use
  • Can be installed without wires
  • Operate logs remotely
  • Can be controlled via smartphone


  • WiFi gateway is sold separately

9. WeJupit V8 Smart Keyless Entry Door Lock with Left Handle

WeJupit V8 Smart Keyless Entry Door Lock with Left Handle

As we near the end of this section, it is fitting to bring the steel made biometric lock from WeJupit. This lock has amazing inbuilt features, and more importantly, it works for a range of people.

The 3 in 1 keyless entry means you can stop relying on keys entirely from now on. With the auto relock, two people combo, passcode with fingerprint combo, and many such features, this product takes ease of use to a new level.

Its sensors are made of semiconductors. These recognize prints a lot better than your standard sensor. Moreover, it stores more info as well, as many as 2000 prints!

The sensors are very responsive and can work well with even old people above 80 or children as young as 4. Its passcode feature is there to add an extra layer of safety to your place. With a maximum of 17 digits, you will not even need that much to make a code.

For guests, you can utilize the guest code function. This allows you to set a code for a designated time and then destroy it once you think it is no longer needed.

Made of 304 steel, this product is as sturdy as they possibly come. It is waterproof, collision-proof, and highly resistant to rust.

It takes only a few minutes to install, and once done, you can revel in its performance. The installation guide will make sure you can set things up without any hassle.


  • Allows part-time passcodes to be set
  • Long battery life
  • Installation guide included
  • Can store 2000 prints in its database


  • Only for left handle doors

10. NGTeco Smart Lock, Keyless Entry Door Lock with Bluetooth

NGTeco Smart Lock, Keyless Entry Door Lock with Bluetooth

To cap off our reviews section, we will end on a high note and present the smart lock from NGTeco. This remote controlled lock is the one to have if you are always in a rush.

With 24/7 log monitoring, there is never a second you have to spend without knowing the security status of your house. Every entry and exit is well recorded and can be reviewed.

To allow guest access, you can create a spare time code to share around. Once you think you want full control back, you can get rid of it.

This product works with Alexa and is therefore capable of voice control. You can connect it with Alexa via a Bridge and then unlock and lock using voice commands.

Simple installation is the key here, and this product does not get any simpler when it comes to installation. Just use 3M tape to fit it where needed.


  • Voice control possible
  • Includes mechanical lock as well
  • Allows code sharing
  • Robust log to store info


  • Bluetooth bridge must be bought separately

Frequently Asked Questions

a) Where should a storm door closer be installed?

Storm door closers can be installed on the top part of the door. However, if you desire a different orientation, they can be installed on the sides too.

Storm Door Closer

Some storm door closures can also be installed on standard-sized doors, for instance, in hotels, houses, hospitals, and so on. This depends on personal choice more than anything.

Just be sure to install it on the inside.

b) How do you lubricate a storm door closer?

The part to lubricate is between the pin and housing, as that is the region that can get jammed.

To do so, use a dropper to drop a few millimeters of oil from the top and let it slide to the bottom. That is all you need to do. Make sure the oil is lubricating oil for doors.

c) How do I make my storm door closer harder?

This is all just about tension adjustments. Remove the door closer to the door and find the screw adjustment.

Using a screwdriver, just tighten the screw to the desired degree. This will ensure the storm door closer is harder.

d) Does a storm door need two closers?

It depends on you. Most storm doors have one closer, although two closed doors are not rare.

If you do have two closers, remember to adjust the speeds and tightness for both separately. This may require some work on your part, but it will boost the overall safety of the door.

Final Words

So, that is the end of storm door closer reviews. We hope you understand the importance of high-quality storm door closers now, and thereby invest in a suitable brand. Till then, stay safe and take care!

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