Best Subwoofer Box Design for Deep Bass

10 Best Subwoofer Box Design for Deep Bass Reviews – 2022

So, you bought a new subwoofer but didn’t know where to install it? Don’t panic – all you need is the best subwoofer box design for deep bass.

With the proper enclosure, you can increase the quality of the woofer sound and at the same time, find the perfect place for the audio-making piece.

Whether it is for your car, truck, entertainment system at home, or for travelling around with – you will need the right model.

However, with so many options out there, choosing the right design can be a tough job. That’s what we want to help you solve. In this article, you’ll find every single piece of info to get rid of your box-choosing problems, so keep reading and learn!

What Makes a Good Design?

There are thousands, if not millions of designs for woofer boxes. But, only a few will genuinely be worth having. Those are the ones that eventually do these:

Improve Sound

If you pair a high-quality subwoofer with the right box design, then you can receive exceptional audio.

This happens when you match the frequency response, volume capacity, and size of the subwoofer with the box.

Some boxes are made for loud bass, others for deep bass, and few of them may focus on ventilation or even just to fix in specific places. To get the most of your subwoofer, you must pick the right model. If you do, then you will probably improve the sound quality exponentially.  

Extra Practicality

When you choose a custom design or something that matches your space needs, then you’re getting a practical model.

With the right box, you can increase the amount of space inside your car and probably even make the woofer portable.

If you want a convenient subwoofer, then you need to go for a design that matches your needs.

Well Looks

The design of a sub box can also make your vehicle look amazing. Especially with custom designs, a proper box can fit seamlessly inside a car or on any living room and increase the aesthetics.

Of course, custom designs are often hard to find and a little more expensive. But, they are worth it.

Best Subwoofer Box Design for Deep Bass

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of getting a subwoofer box – it is time to go over some of the best models to fit inside. Here are 10 quality options that you should consider:

1. Atrend Box E12S Single Sealed Subwoofer Enclosure

Atrend Box E12S Single Sealed Subwoofer Enclosure

The first one is the BBox E12S from Atrend. This small yet highly practical enclosure makes the installation of your sub a piece of cake.

It doesn't matter where you want your subwoofer; this excellent box makes it possible to place your sound-making machine anywhere you want. With the mounting depth of 8-inches and the massive opening for 12-inches woofers – this is a model you don’t want to dismiss.

While it is a reasonably small model, this design matches the largest subs out there. With a height of 13 inches, a width of 15.25 inches, and a depth of 12 inches – this is a lovely model for users who want a space-saving alternative for their large 12-inches woofers.

However, it is not the capacity that makes it so fantastic, but the unique construction with Miter & Dado. This is one of the sturdiest and most durable materials in the market, which ensures a long-lasting experience even at the highest volumes with the deepest bass.

You won’t ever experience the box disarming or losing strength. Instead, you will get a highly durable and well-made option with a carpeted surface. This will improve how well it looks while adding extra grip.

Moreover, you will have the chance to install any large subwoofer while still enjoying a good-looking & durable box in its entirety. And, for a meagre price tag, it is easily a box model you don’t want to overlook.


  • High-quality Miter & Dado construction
  • Well-made joints for extra strength
  • Matches 12-inches subwoofers easily
  • Relatively small design for single woofers


  • Has a strong chemical odour
  • Wire port is pretty small

2. Atrend Bbox E12DSV Dual Shared Vented Subwoofer Enclosure

Atrend Bbox E12DSV Dual Shared Vented Subwoofer Enclosure

For those who want to match two large subwoofers together, the BBox E12DSV from Atrend will be an excellent choice.

It comes with two cut out diameters of 11-inches that fit well with all kinds of 12-inches woofers. You won’t have any problem with installing your bass-producing machines. Especially with the decent mounting depth of 16.76 inches, it manages to match all kinds of woofers you can think of.

Being a dual box, it is undoubtedly large and big – offering 13.75 inches height with 30.25 inches width and 17.5 inches of depth. This will be large enough to fix most living rooms or massive open places without problems.

Nevertheless, it is not the size that stands out, but the high-quality Miter & Dado build. Again, you will get an Atrend box design that delivers a sturdy and very long-lasting construction. It will stand all kinds of subwoofer performances and will still manage to increase the sound quality without distortion.

Apart from all that, this box comes with a carpeted surface in charcoal color. This not only adds an ideal appearance for most vehicle interiors, but also makes it easy to match with living room decorations and other places. On top of that, it makes sure you get excellent sound delivery at all times.

With the largeness, it not only fits all kinds of 12-inches subwoofers but also 15 or even 10 inches if needed, and this a model that will make your woofing experience better. And, for that, we can say that it is an alternative that’s totally worth having.


  • Excellent design & size for 12-inches woofers
  • Resists decades of use without problems
  • Nice carpeted surface for good looks
  • Comes in various sizes for extra practicality


  • Inconvenient terminals may not work as expected
  • Gigantic design not ideal for vehicles

3. Q Power QBOMB12VL Single Speaker Box

Q Power QBOMB12VL Single Speaker Box

Durability and fantastic looks, that's what you get with the Q-Power QBOMB12VL Speaker Box. Coming from one of the best brands in the market, the design of this box is set to surpass your expectations.

Made of MDF like most boxes out there; it is designed with the whole purpose of improving the bass delivery exponentially. It boasts a top-notch construction that will stand even the deepest bass that you can think of – especially from 12-inches models.

The design also comes with a vented chamber and a side-ported design. You will have the chance to connect the woofer easily to your audio system by just hooking up the wires through the side.

Nevertheless, this falls short to the fantastic DELUXE spring-loaded terminals with screw-down design, which is ideal for easy setup.

Despite its excellent quality build & design, something that really stands out is the overall appearance. It comes with a bed liner spray in black that improves the durability of the box. You will get an even sturdier model that withstands high volumes and also all kinds of exterior factors, including humidity.

Still, this is a small box at only 13.5 inches in height, 22 inches in width, and 15 inches in depth. You won’t have any issue setting it up inside vehicles or any part of your house. And, it will still manage to deliver a decent bass at all times.

If you’re a hard bass lover and need a small box for your large 12-inches woofer – this one won’t let you down.


  • Exceptional MDF build for durability
  • Small & practical design for 12-inches woofers
  • Good-looking appearance in black liner
  • Resistant to all kinds of exterior factors


  • The terminal may feel flimsier than expected
  • Not ideal for small vehicles

4. American Sound Connection Transmission Series Single Subwoofer Box

American Sound Connection Transmission Series Single Subwoofer Box

American Sound Connection is a high-quality brand that stands out for its reliability. But, with this 8-inch enclose model, they delivered the best subwoofer box design for deep bass.

You won’t merely get a box that helps cover your woofer, and that’s it. Instead, you will get one of the most bass-oriented enclosures in the market.

 First thing you’ll notice is a 3/4-inches MDF construction that makes sure you can get several years of use out of this piece. However, that’s not enough, as it also comes with one of the strongest joint connections in the market.

The design not only offers the chance to fit any 8-inches subwoofer effortlessly, but it also comes with a vented side that prevents overheating. This vent may also help to deliver an even deeper bass, which you can enjoy to the max.

In the exterior, you will find a carpeted surface that is not only ideal for the looks but also for the grip, which it offers in vehicles and floors. It will make sure that the subwoofer is always stable and free of distortion.

Overall, it offers 11.25-inches of mounting depth, which makes it ideal for most woofer models. And, with the overall design of 12.5 inches in width by 10.5 inches in height and 16.5 inches in depth – you can enjoy a small and handy box.

Whether you want to set it up on your small car or large truck, this enclosure is an excellent option you should consider. And for a decent price tag, you won't find many models as good as this one.


  • Proper exterior surface for looks & grip
  • Excellent size for effortless installation
  • High-quality MDF construction
  • The vented design prevents overheating


  • Demands extra sealing for better sound quality
  • May muddle the sound a little

5. OnlyFactoryDirect Dual Car Black Subwoofer Box

OnlyFactoryDirect Dual Car Black Subwoofer Box

If you’re looking for a high-quality dual box for your car but can’t find anything for a decent cost – then you’ll find this model the perfect choice.

This is a black subwoofer box with a carpeted exterior and an MDF construction, which has the whole purpose of providing an ultra-durable enclosure. You will get the chance to enjoy superb protection for your woofer that prevents even the hardest of sounds to produce any distortion.

Boasting two 7-inches holes for the audio system, it is an excellent choice for 8-inches subwoofers. This pairs up well with the 6.5-inches of mounting depth. Also, you get gold screw ports in the built-in terminals, the wire leads, and adequately sized design for extra quality.

At 10-inches in height plus 20 inches in length and 9.75 inches in depth – it will still offer the chance to set up inside cars and trucks. In addition, this matches well with the unique design with a slanted back and a flat front where the woofers go.

The sound you will get will still be more than decent, which helps to enjoy your woofers to the max. Even if you are a highly demanding user who wants nothing less than the best quality – this box is the right choice.

Pairing everything together, including the high-quality build and practical design plus the superb cost – this is an enclosure you don’t want to dismiss.


  • Extra durable & well-made construction
  • Proper size for saving space
  • Ideal exterior surface for resilience
  • Excellent terminals & internal build


  • Sound delivery is not as clean as expected
  • Thin MDF may not be the most resilient

6. Q Power QBOMB15V Dual Vented Speaker Box

Q Power QBOMB15V Dual Vented Speaker Box

Q Power will never disappoint you in terms of quality or sound delivery. And, the QBOMB15V is a perfect example of that.

It is a 15-inches model where you can fit the giant subwoofers without any problem. On top of that, it offers a dual design, which increases its practicality. You will have the chance to set up a super deep bass on your car or living room while enjoying its overall convenience.

Nevertheless, it is not the considerable size that makes it so fantastic, but the high-grade MDF construction that will surpass all your durability expectations. Along with a well-made joint piecing up and a superb bed liner spray, you can expect no less than an amazingly sturdy build.

It doesn’t end there though. This liner spray in black along with unique carved graphics makes this model one of the most exciting options in the market. It delivers the chance to make your vehicle or any other place a lot better.

Coming back to its interior, you will get a screw-down set of DELUXE terminals, ideal for easy hook-up. This pairs up well with the slot-ported design so that you can get an exceptional bass at any time.

All that goes well with a massive design at 16.2-inches in height, 38-inches in width, and 18-inches in-depth; so you can get enough space for fitting both woofers and still install the box anywhere you want.

For those who want to improve their subwoofer performance and still get stylish & durable box – this is a super-convenient choice.


  • Convenient & reliable Deluxe terminals
  • Ideal large design for extra bass delivery
  • Super sturdy build with MDF
  • Good-looking appearance with black liner


  • Immense size may not fit in small cars
  • The middle vent may muddle sound a little

7. American Sound Connection Dual Labyrinth Sub Box

American Sound Connection Dual Labyrinth Sub Box

Coming back to American Sound Connection, we now get the Labyrinth subwoofer enclosure – an ultra-durable but sound-oriented design.

The Labyrinth coming from the transmission series of this brand delivers a dual model that fits two 8-inches subwoofers without problems. You can hook it up with all kinds of subs, going from high end to low ends without losing any quality in the process.

A huge advantage of this design is a set of two vents, one for each side. This allows each woofer to deliver the perfect sound and bass, offering powerful performance for all your favorite audio. Adding the extra airflow effectiveness, you won’t be disappointed by how well it will make your subs sound.

Apart from helping to add extra depth and loudness, it also helps to prevent overheating by letting the air go inside. Thanks to the MDF construction, you can also expect to get less temperature and improve how well the woofers resist over time.

As you can guess by its design, this enclosure is also a little larger than other models. With a 23.5 inches width and height of 10.75 inches along with 16 inches depth – you will have a massive model for trucks and living rooms.

Despite all that, you will still get proper installation thanks to its 8.5-inches mounting depth. This pairs up well with the high-quality terminal cups, so you can hook the woofers to your audio system seamlessly.

 Overall, this is a model for the quality-seeker – both for its design and overall sound delivery. If that’s what you want – then don’t hesitate about buying it.


  • Increases loudness and bass depth
  • Fits two woofers without issues
  • High-quality build lasts a long time
  • The practical design prevents overheating


  • Extremely large for cars or small vehicles
  • Demands a lot of power from the woofers

8. Q Power QBOMB10VL Single Subwoofer Enclosure

Q Power QBOMB10VL Single Subwoofer Enclosure

You may have guessed by now, we love Q-Power boxes. Sure enough, the QBOMB10VL is not an exception.

As soon as you take a look at this model, you will know that this is not a simple option. Boasting a Black Bed Rhino liner in the exterior, it offers a unique surface that stands years of use but also makes it look fantastic. You will not only get the durability this finish offers but also a more exciting appearance.

This liner goes over an MDF construction, which increases how well it can stand the weight of the years. Pairing them up will give you one of the most reliable & well-made alternatives.

It is important to note that this is an 8-inches model. You will fit any small subwoofer and get all of its exceptional quality – both in the exterior and overall sound delivery.

As a ported design, it encloses the audio well inside without letting any distortion happen. But, it still offers the chance to hook up your audio system without having to make much of an effort.

A huge benefit that you will get with this model that not many others offer is the vented interior. Without having any openings, it comes with a considerable design that makes sure the woofer has proper ventilation. This will help you amp up the system without having to worry about overheating.

The design is fain with carved graphics for a stylish touch, the size is exceptional for its practicality, and the sound delivery is superb. To make it short, this is a fantastic model for a pretty good price tag.


  • Excellent cost for the superb quality
  • Highly durable MDF build
  • Extra resilient & stylish design
  • Proper sound delivery and ventilation


  • May not offer the loudest sound
  • The light design may move around

9. Sound Ordnance Bass Bunker BB12-200V Single Vented Sub Box

Sound Ordnance Bass Bunker BB12-200V Single Vented Sub Box

If there’s a winner when it comes to the best subwoofer box for deep bass, then we couldn’t pick any other model apart from the Sound Ordnance Bass Bunker.

This single vented subwoofer box delivers the ideal design and overall construction to last a lifetime giving exceptional quality sound. If you want your subwoofers never to fall short in power and delivery – then this is your perfect enclosure.

It comes with low-frequency firepower that makes deep bass even deeper. But, it gets more real with the medium-density fireboard with MDF, a super thick and extra-durable build that withstands everything.

This build pairs up well with an elegant carpeted exterior. It looks fantastic with a grainy look, and it helps to prevent overheating while preventing grip issues on any vehicle.

Its design also boasts two vents on the bottom in a triangle shape. This helps to prevent overheating while increasing sound delivery. On top of that, the overall build makes sure you never get vibrations, which improves how well your woofers sound.

The internal design is not bad, either. With 1.83 of cubic feet, it comes with a unique shape that offers the chance to improve the bass exponentially.

Going back to the exterior, you get rounded corners. This ensures that you place this box anywhere without damaging your vehicle or scratching surfaces.

In short, this is a high-quality model for the demanding users that need 12-inches enclosure. If you are that kind of person, then look no further.


  • Surprisingly low cost for the fantastic quality
  • Unique carpeted exterior for extra grip & style
  • Exceptional design for outstanding bass delivery
  • Fantastic thick MDF fireboard build for durability


  • Huge size won’t fit in small cars easily
  • Not the easiest installation due to awkward shape

10. Ground Shaker Dual Ported Subwoofer Box

Ground Shaker Dual Ported Subwoofer Box

To finish these reviews, we want to talk about an often overlooked but super reliable model that will not let you down - the Ground Shaker.

It comes from a high-quality brand that matches what every demanding user and audio lover wants: reliability and practicality.

First off, it comes with a 7.80-inches diameter for 8-inches subwoofers. This makes it perfect for users who don’t want the biggest bass, but the clearest. With its two openings, you can enjoy decent sound delivery, especially with the vents on the sides that add more volume.

Each chamber offers a mounting depth of 12-inches, so you can install all kinds of woofers and still get a cool performance. Having to worry about the subwoofers overheating is outdated.

The whole box is sealed with durable silicone, which adds a sturdier experience. Along with a trunk-liner finish on the exterior, you can expect no less than exceptional resilience.

Going back to the inside, you can enjoy two spring-loaded terminals that ensure easy & reliable connectivity. But, this wouldn’t be possible with a super dense MDF construction at 11/16 inches. You won’t have to worry about any physical issue with this box at all.

Thanks to its super reliable build and extra practical design, this enclosure manages to work well for almost anyone. You can place it on any car as well, and still, get maximum power from two subs effortlessly. And for that, this is a box that you will not regret buying.


  • Long-lasting build with decently thick MDF
  • Adequately sized for two 8-inches woofers
  • Excellent vents for superb sound delivery
  • High-quality terminals for easy setup


  • Woofers are too close, which can hinder the sound
  • The super-wide design may not fit in small vehicles

What to Look for Before Buying?

The above reviews are probably helpful to help you pick the best subwoofer box for deep bass. But, they won’t be as useful as you think if you don’t know what to look for. In this section, you’ll learn which factors to consider before buying:

Types of Subwoofer Boxes 

First thing to consider is how the box is designed. Here, you’ll find three different options to think about:

Subwoofer Box Design


The first type of box is sealed. As its name says, this refers to a totally sealed box that doesn't let any air pass through – not even a terminal or port for the electricity.

These are often made to provide a space-saving design. They usually are pretty small to the point of leaving barely enough space for the subwoofer to fit inside.

Apart from that, sealed models tend to provide extra bass quality. The closed exterior will make sure that all the power of the bass goes directly outwards without distortions. Therefore, if you want a convenient but sound-oriented box design, then a sealed option is your best choice.


Secondly, you will find ported models. They are similar to sealed models in that they are often small and don’t damage the sound too much. However, the port or terminal usually located on the sides or back tends to muddle the bass quality a little.

These models also come with pre-set frequencies, so you can make the bass sound exactly how you want, depending on its capacity. Overall, they deliver deep and loud bass, as the sound goes out more effectively.


Then, you will find vented designs. These are perfect for those who want to keep their subwoofers cool, but also add an extra sound deliver to their woofers.

The vent usually located on the side of the subwoofer openings helps to improve airflow inside the box. This eventually reduces overheating but also makes sure that the sound goes out with the most efficiency possible.

While this may create a few distortions, it produces the loudest and deepest bass out there. Of course, it demands a powerful sub to work well.

Size & Dimensions

After you’ve decided the proper type of box, you want to make sure that it matches your space needs. Here, of course, you will have to think about several things.

The first factor is that how many subwoofers you want to fit inside the box. If you are going for two or three, then you will need a large box. But, if you are going for only one, then a small model will work.

Subwoofer Box Design

Still, the shape of the box also matters. Some enclosures come with flat fronts and slanted backs, or inclined tops and awkward bottoms, and so on. If the shape is too weird, it may add some size to the box and make it too large or too small eventually.

Finally, you have to think of the overall dimensions according to the size of the subwoofer you have. If you are using 15-inches woofers, then you’ll need a way higher and deeper box. But, if you’re going for small 8-inches subwoofers, then a tiny enclosure will do.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, you went through all the different models available and read our buying guide; but you’re still confused about what to go for? Well, don’t panic. This section may help you solve some of your doubts:

1. How can I match the subwoofer box for my car?

Before buying the enclosure, you should measure the place where you’re placing the box first. This will help you have a better idea of what size of box you need.

2. Is MDF resistant to moisture and other external factors?

According to the standard construction of woofer boxes, it is pretty durable and resilient. However, it is not resistant to external factors unless it has a proper sealing or moisture-resistant surface.

3. Will I need to do maintenance to the subwoofer enclosure?

As a non-mechanical or electrical component, you won’t have to do any upkeep. However, it is recommended to keep the exterior free of dust, dirt, and moisture, and the interior clean as well.

4. Is it necessary to switch speakers when installing a new subwoofer box?

No, it is not necessary. But, it is still advisable to place the woofer away from the speakers and other sound-making products. This way, you can receive a better audio delivery.

5. How much does it take to install a subwoofer box?

This process demands you to open fitting holes to hook up the woofers, connect the audio system, and place in a secure area inside your car or house. Overall, it shouldn’t take more than 5 hours.

Final Words

Now that you’ve learned everything you needed to know – it is time you picked the best subwoofer box design for deep bass according to your needs.

Don't forget that you need to think about your requirements first, and then you can choose a sub enclosure. After you've thought about it – you can easily pick a model that matches what you want. Eventually, you'll find a perfect model.

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