Best Subwoofer Under 1000

10 Best Subwoofer Under 1000 – Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

In the audio market, finding the right products to enjoy can sometimes be a little daunting. You’ll see prices that go way over your budget, and that could eventually restrain you from getting an excellent product.

When it comes to subwoofers, this becomes even truer – to the point of total inaccessibility. Luckily, you can always go for the best subwoofer under 1000 and get a decent product without breaking your wallet.

Here, we want you to learn all there’s to know about subwoofers and a little more. If you’re eager to find out everything we have to say about them including all the factors to think about as well as some models that are worth having – then come further and learn!

Is $1000 Too Much for a Subwoofer?

For a subwoofer, $1000 is a costly price. While the models on this range tend to be way better than the most affordable alternatives at under $200 - $500, they’re sometimes just not ideal.

Let’s say you want a subwoofer to place in your living room where your children and other people pass through. Well, an accident can happen at any time. And you may end up with a subwoofer that doesn’t work anymore.

Now imagine that woofer costs you a lot of money, what then? You would have lost a lot of money in a product that doesn’t work anymore. And, you will regret it.

So, if you can’t or don’t want to afford a subwoofer on this price range –  for whatever reason – then you’ll want to find alternatives. Here’s where our reviews enter into action!

10 Best Subwoofer Under 1000

Every one of the next 10 subwoofers will be an excellent next buy. If you're short on budget or want a high-quality product without having to deplete all your savings, then these reviews will help you out. Take a look!

1. Polk Audio PSW10 Powered Subwoofer

Polk Audio PSW10 Powered Subwoofer

The first model we have is the Polk Audio PSW10. It looks like a single woofer, but it is an astonishing well-made option for low-budget users.

You will get a 10-inches driver that delivers perfect depth without leaving behind loudness. As this happens, thanks to an ideal power output of 50-watts RMS and 100-watts PEAK. You can achieve decent sound without having to waste even a fourth of your budget.

An exciting part of this model is how easy you can pair it up with audio systems. It boasts a crossover that goes from 80Hz to 160Hz and a frequency response that achieves between 40Hz and 160Hz so that you can reproduce a wide array of sounds.

The design is also another part to consider; you can set it up on any living room with any type of decoration. It boasts a detachable grille on the front, but the real advantage comes from a unique wooden surface on the sides and a shiny metallic look on the front.

As for connections, you can enjoy the line and speaker level inputs, as well as a Phase Toggle Switch which lets you use several subwoofers at the same time.

The best of all is the capacity to provide a totally distortion-free performance. You won’t have to worry about your home theatre sounding less than ideal. Instead, you will enjoy crystal-clear audio at all times.

If you are a modest user who doesn’t want the best of the best but something more-than-decent for the cost – then the PSW10 from Polk Audio will be a great choice.


  • Superb quality for the fantastic price
  • Extra clear & clean sound at all times
  • The good-looking design fits anywhere
  • Perfect set of features & tweaks


  • You won’t receive the loudest sound
  • The bass delivery could have more depth

2. Polk Audio PSW505 Powered Subwoofer

Polk Audio PSW505 Powered Subwoofer

Following the fantastic quality of Polk Audio, we now have the PSW505 – a powered subwoofer that will make your large living rooms vibrate.

If you consider its 12-inches size, you can easily find that the PSW505 is not a small or regular woofer. Instead, it is capable of delivering tons of audio power with its 460-watts of PEAK performance. Along with 300-watts of RMS – you’ll achieve top-notch loudness without any distortion.

But, that’s not all; you will also get a top-notch punch in every low note. Thanks to a full frequency response at 25Hz to 125Hz, you can shake your living room. If you are a deep bass lover, then this model will come like a gem on your finger.

The design doesn’t stay behind though. You will get a versatile woofer with a detachable front grille. It will not only help you achieve the desired look, but also increase the overall sound performance according to your needs.

For the connections, you will get an LFE input with a magnetic shield, as well as line & speaker-level inputs for extra compatibility. You can add the Phase Toggle Switch that Polk tends to include on its subwoofers, which is ideal for matching up several subs at the same time.

And, surely, this model still manages to look well on any configuration. It boasts a woody style on the sides that along with its grille, offers a modern touch that you will love.

For anyone who wants a decently-priced model that offers it all from depth to zero distortion – then this one won’t be a bad choice.


  • High power output for loudness
  • Delivers deep bass with little distortion
  • Highly compatible & practical design
  • Looks well with a woody finish


  • The large speaker won’t fit well in small rooms
  • Could be a little louder

3. SVS PB-2000 Ported Subwoofer

SVS PB-2000 Ported Subwoofer

As soon as you take a look at the SVS-PB2000 – you’ll know this is not a model to overlook. From its looks to its overall power output, and even including the clearness and depth it offers – this is the best home theater subwoofer under 1000.

Being one of the most expensive in the list, the SVS PB-2000 surpasses expectations without even trying. You will get an 1100-watts of PEAK power along with 500-watts RMS – so you can get loud & clear audio at all times.

For this, thanks to the STA-500 DSP amplifier that improves the sound delivery exponentially. And, it is not only the loudness and power it handles, but also the clearness you will enjoy.

At 12-inches of size, the high-quality construction of the driver makes sure that you feel no distortion or unwanted vibration.

You can add the well-sized design that allows you to place it almost anywhere. Despite having a considerable driver, the woofer will still manage to fit inside any living room without problems.

However, the real advantage comes from the frequency response, at only 17Hz in the low end, and 260Hz in the highs. This will deliver the depth and punchy bass that every audiophile loves. It doesn’t matter what you’re playing in your media system – this bass delivers it perfectly.

Apart from all that, the sub still looks stylish and makes any room way classier. Its premium black-grain finish with exquisite radius corners along with a metal grille will deliver an elegant and beautiful design overall. If you love a well-designed and performance-oriented model at home, this one would work wonders.


  • Exceptional output for extra sound quality
  • Super deep bass with its 17Hz of frequency reach
  • Gorgeous design with a black-grain finish
  • Decent size fits almost anywhere effortlessly


  • More expensive than others in this list
  • Not ideal for small rooms

4. BIC America F12 Subwoofer

BIC America F12 Subwoofer

BIC America is one of those brands that people don’t know much about, but which rarely disappoint its loyal users. For that, you can expect no less than exceptional reliability and performance.

One of the best things about this woofer is the superb amplifier. It offers the chance to achieve a power output up to 475-watts, along with 150-watts of RMS. You will have an opportunity to bring this sub to high volumes without losing any sound quality in the process.

This pairs up well enough with the 90dB of sensitivity. It allows getting even higher in the volume range, effectively. And with the astounding 25Hz to 200Hz of frequency response, you won’t find any downside to the sound it delivers.

But, all this also comes from the high-quality construction of the driver. At 12-inches, it comes with an injection-molded build, along with a heavy-duty surround. And with the magnetic shielding and a gold-plated set of terminals, you will get one of the most durable and reliable models out there.

On top of all, it delivers a decent tweaking system with its adjustable crossover and volume control. You can set it up to work exactly how you prefer without losing any quality in the process.

And finally, you will make it work on any living room; thanks to its seamless design. Its black color with plated driver will help you achieve compatibility with any of your house’s rooms – either the bed or the living room.

It also comes at a high price, which, alongside its exceptional quality, comes like a unique opportunity not to dismiss.


  • High-quality construction for proper sound
  • Extra loud and deep for its cost
  • Precise adjustability features
  • Superb power output for decent clarity


  • The colossal design could be awkward to install indoors
  • May produce a muddled bass at the lowest frequencies

5. BIC Acoustech PL-200 II Subwoofer

BIC Acoustech PL-200 II Subwoofer

Many people don’t know this, but BIC is among the most quality-oriented options in the whole market. And with the PL-200 II woofer – they make it clear that they’re here to stay.

This is a 12-inches model that delivers one of the most potent sound deliveries in the market. Its power comes directly from a BASH amplifier delivering 250-watts RMS and up to 1000-watts with a PEAK output. So, if you want to make your bass loud enough – this model makes it possible.

The outstanding power delivery goes really well with a frequency response all across the range – going from 20Hz up to 200Hz. The lowest lows and decent highs, so you can enjoy high-quality audio without losing any note – that’s what you’ll get from it.

But that's not enough; this subwoofer comes with an additional feature that makes it ideal for people who love loudness: it offers 110dB of sensitivity. This means that you can achieve extremely high volume without distortion.

All of that becomes possible only with the 12-inches poly-injected cone with a high-power magnet and a superb long-excursion surround. Together, they produce the outstanding sound that surpasses expectations.

If you want to enjoy superb quality audio and not fall behind in terms of loudness or clarity of sound, then this model is an ideal option. Still, you will get a decent-looking model that matches well anywhere in your home, which adds extra convenience.


  • Unbeatable power output for the cost
  • Good-looking & compatible design
  • Punchy & deep bass plus proper loudness
  • The excellent size provides stronger audio


  • The huge design could be tricky to fit in small rooms
  • Deep bass is not as deep as expected

6. Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer for Deep Bass

Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer for Deep Bass

As soon as you take a look at a Sonos subwoofer, you’ll know it is not a model to overlook. And the Sub – a wireless woofer for demanding users always takes the cake.

The first thing you’ll notice (if you’re an audiophile) is that you get a fantastic amplifier with the product. Offering about 500-watts of RMS, this wireless model makes sure you get a suitable product with a practical design.

This output goes well with the frequency response that goes as down as 25Hz. Even though it is wireless and that seems like enough, it is still able to provide the punchy bass everyone loves. You will surely appreciate it too.

All of that goes well with vibration, muddling, and buzz-free performance. You will enjoy an almost perfect Sub that matches all kinds of home audio systems. Moreover, with its ability to provide sound wirelessly, you can achieve exceptional convenience overall.

You will only need to download the AirPlay 2 app from the app store, and you will have almost immediate access to set-up the bass-producer machine. For its speed, overall reliability, and hugely fantastic performance – this is a model you won’t regret having.

For those who appreciate an extra practical model that takes performance to another level, this model will match their needs. It goes so high in volume that you won’t believe it is also a wireless speaker – so don’t dismiss it.


  • Top-notch sound delivery with loudness & clarity
  • Decent frequency response for a deep bass
  • Ultra-convenient wireless feature
  • Totally free of distortion & vibrations


  • Necessary extra equipment could be expensive
  • The smartphone app is not as easy to use as expected

7. Klipsch Sub-12HG Synergy Series

Klipsch Sub-12HG Synergy Series

Want a stylish and hugely reliable bass producer for your home theatre? You will probably find it on the Sub-12HG from Klipsch. Coming directly from the Synergy Series, this model stands out in sound clarity & smoothness.

At first sight, you’ll notice that this model comes with a unique design, especially for its feet. It is a cube-like design that looks almost like a robot – and it delivers exceptional sound nonetheless. But, the real advantage comes from the chance to make it work in modern-looking places without issues.

However, it is not how it looks that makes it such a great bass deliverer; it is the fantastic power output that really stands out. With a capacity to deliver up to 650-watts PEAK and 300-watts in RMS, you can achieve a decent sound quality that surpasses expectations.

The power output goes really well with a deep bass coming directly from a 25Hz frequency response that tops at 120Hz. If you love the punchy bass that instead of sounding well makes your body vibrate, then this model is your best bet.

There are many other features to consider as well, starting from its low-pass crossover that you can adjust from 40Hz to 120Hz if needed. Then, you get a phase control system so that you can make this sub work with an audio system as a whole effortlessly. And with its auto-power, it is a piece of cake to start.

It is hard to have enough space to talk about everything this decently-priced 12-inches subwoofer offers – so, you can be sure it is an excellent model to consider.


  • Unbeatable cost for the outstanding quality
  • Loud & deep bass from output and frequencies
  • Offers decent adjustability for custom sound
  • The good-looking design fits almost anywhere


  • The feet of the enclosure are somewhat fragile
  • Tends to vibrate at the highest volumes

8. Acoustic Audio PSW-6 Powered Subwoofer

Acoustic Audio PSW-6 Powered Subwoofer

You may haven’t heard of Acoustic Audio as a brand yet, and it is because it is a relatively new brand in the market. Coming from Goldwood, a prestigious brand in the music market, this woofer doesn’t stay behind.

To make it clear about how practical it can be, you will have the chance to pick 5 different sizes; from 6.5-inches up to the largest 15-inches model you can think of. If you like having several options, then this model won’t be a bad choice. It is not the size that stands out, but the overall quality it offers.

The smallest model peaks at 250-watts of powers, while the largest one peaks at 600-watts. This is enough to get your living room working with any type of media. With the digital amplifier – it delivers almost no distortion at peak noise.

Similarly, the smaller model has a frequency range as low as 30Hz while the enormous alternative goes down to 22Hz, so you can get an even deeper bass. Both options offer 96dB of sensitivity, which is ideal for loudness.

All of the models from this series are incredibly durable nonetheless. You will get a black-ash MDF enclosure with RFL bass reflex. This allows you to enjoy superb bass, not only from the technical, but also from the high-quality construction that it offers.

The build is not only durable and sound-oriented, but it also offers an attractive appearance with a wooden black-ash finish. You can easily make it work on your living room while adding some style.


  • The decent sound quality in all of its sizes
  • Elegant & well-made construction
  • Unique bass-boosting enclosure design
  • Amazingly affordable for the quality overall


  • Tends to get a little distorted at the highest volumes
  • The depth of bass in small models is not the best

9. Definitive Technology SuperCube 2000

Definitive Technology SuperCube 2000

A rugged yet modern design that looks amazing without leaving audio quality behind – the SuperCube 2000 from Definitive Technology is the best subwoofer under $1000 that you will find.

If you’re an audiophile who knows what quality is all about, then you’ll appreciate the superb sound capacity of this model. And, it all starts with the 650-watts of PEAK output – an almost perfect option for those who want decently loud & powerful sound.

However, this gigantic amplifier performance comes with an unusual quirk: you will also get a super small 7.5-inches box that you can place anywhere you want. Yes, you will get a decently loud product that surpasses expectations in almost every way.

It doesn't matter where you place it; this model will perform amazingly well without leaving anything behind. And with its unique high-gloss lacquer finish, you will enjoy a surprisingly stylish design overall.

Coming back to the sound, you’ll have the ability to enjoy a frequency response from 20Hz to 200Hz, which delivers an extraordinary range of sounds – going from the lows to the highs. You will listen to any media without losing a single note, and it will make the bass still feel fantastic.

As for installation, you can use the LFE input or the RCA. Pairing it up with two-channel or multi-channel speaker systems won’t be an issue.

To all this, you can add a superbly small design that you can place in the smallest or largest living rooms and still enjoy everything it offers. For the size, you’ll be surprised how well it performs.


  • The unmatched sound quality on this price range
  • Loud, deep, and extra clean audio performance
  • Looks impressive with its unique lacquer finish
  • Comes in the smallest size for the overall quality


  • May feel too expensive for the size
  • The softcover exterior may get dirty fast

10. Klipsch Reference R-112SW Subwoofer

Klipsch Reference R-112SW Subwoofer

This is not our first review for a Klipsch subwoofer, but it is probably the one where we want to dig deep into what this brand is capable of. And, we’ll do that putting the R-11SW as an example.

Why is Klipsch so fantastic? Well, you can start by saying that they’re power outputs tend to be decently high. This capacity allows you to achieve more volume and better quality even at the highest volumes. This model, for example, comes with 600-watts of PEAK performance.

The frequency response of Klipsch woofers tends to be more-than-decent as well. Most woofers from this brand do achieve extra low notes that you can enjoy. Especially if you’re a massive audiophile who likes to do things effectively, then this brand works wonders.

As for compatibility, they don’t stay behind either. You will get L and R lines with level and LFE inputs. This pairs up with the RCA alternatives, which adds the convenience you want. Most subs from Klipsch are also this way, so they ensure extra practicality.

For the controls, you will always get a low-pass crossover and a hugely convenient variable phase control. You can literally pair up this model with any kind of audio system and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Finally, you’ll see that Klipsch models always stand out in terms of looks. This model, for example, offers a spun-copper Cerametalllic woofer that looks fantastic. But, the real focus comes from a brushed black polymer veneer along with a satin plinth. 

Pair it all together, and this model goes the extra mile in terms of quality overall. And surely, it is all because of Klipsch.


  • Exceptional power output
  • Stylish exterior design
  • Ideal features for compatibility
  • Produces decently deep bass


  • May overheat a little
  • Not easy to adjust

What Makes a Perfect Subwoofer?

Now, we know you’re looking for perfection or at least anything as close to it as possible. Here’s where the process gets a little tricky. Luckily for you, we know exactly what a perfect subwoofer is all about. Take a look!

Offers Proper Wattage

The wattage of a subwoofer is one of the easiest things to consider, yet it is so tricky to pick correctly. It all starts with the fact that you will have to consider two types of watts here: RMS and PEAK. Both are the same; they are just limits of the same range.

For example, RMS refers to the continuous or regular wattage that the subwoofer will use, and PEAK refers to the maximum amount of watts that the sub can use.

In short, RMS is the standard, so you can know how much power the woofer will deliver most of the time. The PEAK is how much you can amp up or push the bass-maker to deliver.

A perfect subwoofer will offer a high amount of power; say 1000-watts or so, as it often means a louder, clearer at high volumes, and much more pleasant sound. But if you don't want something too punchy or noisy, then you can stick to something as low as 200 or 100-watts that can still match your demands.

Frequency Response

This is another huge factor, and it focuses on the tones or sounds that the woofer can meet. It is often measured in Hertz (Hz), but instead of going for high numbers, you should go for low ones.

Actually, you should go for the lowest low possible. Most models stop at 20Hz or so. Some models can go as low as 15Hz or even less (these are low notes barely perceptible by humans).

But then, you should go for high tones if possible, something of about 200Hz or more if you want. The higher the highs, the more sound you will perceive from the sub, which is an excellent way to know how well it sounds.

A perfect model will offer something like a 20Hz to 200Hz frequency response. Nevertheless, if it goes to 30Hz in the lows and 150Hz in the highs, that would still be decent enough.

Driver Size

The size of the driver refers to how large the cone of the subwoofer is. This cone is the part that creates all the sound. And of course, the size will change how much it can deliver.

Usually, we recommend 10-inches model for normal-sized living rooms and bedrooms. But, you can go as high as 12-inches or 15-inches if you want much more power, deeper bass, and higher volumes.

If you have a small house or living room, then you can stick to 8-inches or smaller ones if needed. They will still deliver decent bass, loudness, and volume – just almost half as the larger models.

The size also matters because it changes the whole design of the piece. So, the bigger the driver, the bigger the entire woofer as well – so the perfect model would be the one that matches well with your sound needs and overall living room availability.

How Good of a Subwoofer Can You Get for $1000?   

As you can see with many reviews above, you can find pretty good models without problems. But at this price range, sometimes the quality can go over the price – which is a huge advantage.

If you are a demanding user, for example, you will see that some models at this price top tend to focus more on design than anything else. It is common to find subwoofers that have unique exteriors, make any place they're installed in more stylish, and offer handy features like wireless performance.

Nevertheless, that doesn't mean the audio will stay behind. It's just that some models that have a unique look and features probably don't focus on the overall sound quality that much.

Overall,  subwoofers at this price range are excellent options. And, they’re undoubtedly better than models half this price. What’s important to know though, is that you’ll have to consider a few more things when buying – so be careful.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading our reviews and buying guide about subwoofers on this high price range, you may want to know a little more about them. To help you with that, here are a few questions & answers to learn about:

1. Are subwoofers under 1000 capable of distorting?

Yes, but it mostly happens with those models in the lower tier. For models at around $1000, you will rarely experience such problems like distortion or vibrations.

2. Where should I place a subwoofer in my living room?

It is always advisable to place the sub at least three feet away from the TV (from behind) or audio receiver/player. This will let the sound travel through more effectively and provide a cleaner sound. But overall, any place would be enough as long as there’s no object in front of the product.

3. Can I use two subwoofers at the same time?

Yes, you can use as many subwoofers as your media system allows. Whether it is a TV or home theatre, receiver, Blu-ray player, or even a simple radio or vinyl player - it’s always possible.

4. How useful are a crossover, volume, and phase toggle controls?

For those who like to tweak the sound and practicality of their woofers, these controls are hugely necessary. From changing their frequencies to tweaking their volume and making sure they can work with all audio systems – these controls are essential for all that.

5. Could I get distortion, buzz, or vibrations even with a high-quality model?

Yes, it is totally possible. Even if your woofer is super high-quality, you can experience sound issues, either by background connections, wrong location of the subwoofer, and more. We recommend taking all these factors into account when setting up your sub.

Final Words

This is the last lap of the article – and where you need to start thinking about what you want as a subwoofer.

Remember, the best subwoofer under 1000 won’t be the most expensive or the one with the most features. Instead, it is the model that matches all your needs, requirements, and demands precisely.

As long as it works for you, and probably even offers a few extra features – then you’re getting an excellent product. Don’t hesitate and get yours now!

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