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Best Tanto Knife Reviews 2022- Expert Buying Guide For Beginners

Tanto is the Japanese word that stands for a short knife or a sword. These knives have been crafted from the unique wedge grind with sturdy construction with the best artisanship. So if you are trying to find a pocket-friendly and smart classic knife, then look no further as we`ve got you covered.

We have compiled a list of the ten best tanto knife sets that will surely lift your mood with their sturdiness. Along with that, they conspire with the ivory handles to offer you maximum control over the grip. Thus, it is an ideal and a wise choice to have it in your possession.

If you are looking for the best tanto knife or thinking about replacing the old rusty ones, this article is here to guide you through the steps. First, you must be aware of their types, construction, blade material, and what makes them unique from others.

Best Tanto Knives

1. CRKT M16-14SFG Tanto Pocket Clip Knife

CRKT M16-14SFG Tanto Pocket Clip Knife

CRKT possesses an M16 design that will suffice to say that it`s an ideal choice for a folding pocket knife. Take this along your long tours or as a travel partner. It fits perfectly into your pockets due to its compact size.

Moreover, it has an open frame that is perfect for cleaning purposes. You can easily open it, and with a drop of mineral oil, it is as clean as new. If not in use, you can fold it to avoid getting yourself injured wherever it has built-in lock systems that will maintain the balance and control over the blade.

That being said, it will help you whenever you apply pressure by stroking something. The razor-sharp blade will serve its purpose. The razor-sharp blade, the frame, and the knife`s hardware are non-reflective strategic black. Furthermore, the blade is geared with a black titanium nitride coating for extreme corrosion resistance.

Moreover, here comes an automated liner safety; it preset a pin among the locking lining alongside the frame. This pin offers an additional layer of safety to the Tanto knife that makes the locking linerless in the offing uncouple from the handle during use.

Along with that, this knife is known as the best military tanto knife that is equipped with a clasp that allows four-dimensional positions to carry on belts or webbing. Hence, being the most special knives, they are specifically designed for military use.


  • The built-in one-hand feature makes opening and closing pretty smooth and quick.
  • Pocket knife
  • Razor-sharp blade
  • Military use


  • The lock mechanism has ruined the quality of the blade.

2. Kershaw 1670BLKST Blur Tanto Knife

Ka-Bar KA1245 Black Tonto Knife

If you are looking for an exceptional quality tanto knife, this here is such an exquisitely designed knife for your regular use. Let it be a pocket knife or your kitchen essential, and it serves you with clean cuts and razor-sharp technology.

Moreover, it uses advanced materials for manufacturing and patent designing. That makes it the most durable and reliable knife. Besides, if you are going on a hunt and want something that will keep you safe in making a way or chopping the meat, Kershaw is the best option that you`ve got.

Therefore, it is the same powerful and useful blade that has been designed with fierce design in the upstanding. That being said, it offers its users consistency, reliability, and dependability. Moreover, with that being said, it keeps a low profile with exquisitely designed pocket clips to rests on the frame. That makes it easier to pull out smoothly from the pocket.

Therefore, it is rust-resistant and a corrosion-free knife. The high-performance steel material makes the blade hard with the perfect edge retention, and along with that comes stability.


  • Smooth opening and closing one-handed deployment
  • Secure lock mechanism
  • Long-lasting coating additional protection with anodized aluminum metal


  • The pocket clip isn`t snug as expected.

3. Ka-Bar KA1245 Black Tonto Knife

Ka-Bar KA1245 Black Tonto Knife

With 100 pure synthetic materials, this is the best Tanto folding knife. Moreover, it has a pointed blade with the perfect edge retention. That makes up for a nice and clean cut. Furthermore, the nylon sheath is designed to cut down the toughest stains off the surface.

The black hard plasticized sheath makes it one-of-a-kind and the best tanto fighting knife. Therefore, with the locking mechanism, the blade is stabilized whenever you try to make strokes or chop off the meat. Thus with the strong handle, you can have a nice controlled grip over the blade.

You might have been wondering what`s so special about this best tanto knife. Well, the answer is pretty simple. The deadly razor-sharp blade is lethal to everything that comes in contact with it.

Sometimes, with another high-end knife, you might have noticed that the bolsters are a bit weak. When the pressure is applied, you will find your knife in two pieces, which means that the blade gets apart from the handle. This dagger is a somewhat unique characteristic for a military upgrade. Thus, making it an ideal choice for the best Tanto Combat Knife.


  • Key tool
  • Combat knife
  • Upgraded lock mechanism
  • Powerful blade


  • The sheath is not effective at all.

4. Cold Steel Recon Knife

Cold Steel Recon Knife

Our most talented pioneers have embraced the high-quality material and orchestrated it into a classic combat knife. The black matte finishing is appealing to the eye as well as the most exquisitely designed knife.

With the superior sharp and deadly blade, you can cut through anything. Therefore, this military combat knife has a versatile use in fighting combat. Moreover, with the smooth epoxy coating comes the fine texture that enables the users to have a firm grip upon the handle.

The carbon steel material of the blade makes it efficient and rust-free for longer use. Besides, the blade has a somewhat thicker intensity that won`t bend or get flagged even if used vaguely. This can easily turn into your boot knife.

Meanwhile, the cold steel Tanto shape is a staple to be preferred, as a clip or drop socket with a curved blade. Moreover, the comfortable handle that has been manufactured from the high-quality texture also provides a sure grip. Furthermore, the ergonomic sheath holds the knife firm and secure to offer maximum control to the users.


  • The best solid combat knife
  • Must have cold steel knife
  • Sturdiness
  • It came sharp could be sharper


  • The sheath is weak as junk.

5. DALSTRONG Chef Knife


A Dalstrong culinary revolt combining exceptional craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology created an awe-inspiring design. Furthermore, the ruthless sharp scalpel edge is handmade with a mirror polish up to an astounding degree angle per side.

Moreover, with the traditional Honbazuke method, it has been equipped with an exceptionally robust technology slight belly for its appealing nature. So now you will be able to chop, mince, and form nice cuts to your favorite fruits and meat.

Within the wide range of selection amongst the best-fixed blade tanto knife, DALSTRONG has emerged as the most exquisitely designed Tanto Knife. Along with that, it is an aesthetically appealing blade that is perfectly aligned with the spine for a longer span of durability and absorption power. Hence, this fixed blade tanto knife has been modified with strong razor-sharp blades that will immensely add to the flavor of chopping and mincing meat.


  • Strong razor-sharp blade
  • Best tanto fixed blade knife
  • Military-grade handle
  • Long-lasting blade`s sharpness
  • Non-slip grip over the handle
  • Copper mosaic efficiently enhances the beauty


  • Inclusions in the blade get it corroded easily.

6. Folding Knife Smith & Wesson

Folding Knife Smith & Wesson

This is the best tanto knife for all the purposes due to its unique styling and functioning. According to the features, it is mainly used for hunting. During hunting, the knife used must have sharp blades, so you don't have to put much effort, and it saves your time. Furthermore, the blade is made up of black oxide high carbon steel, making it one of the most demanded knives.

The shape and size of the knife are just perfect for easy use. It is 10 cm long and very lightweight. The style of knife includes a partially serrated edge. The lightweight things are easy to handle and carry everywhere. Another good quality of this knife is a pocket knife, so now you can carry it within your pocket. For your comfort, the knife also has pocket clips.

It has a perfect grip handle. On the lower side of the handle, thumb knobs are present for an easy and tight grip of your hand. The multitasking property is the best thing about this knife because it can be used in all types of situations, either traveling or at home. So don't worry before buying this knife this one of the best addition to your tools.


  • High-quality material is used.
  • Easy to carry in the pocket while traveling.
  • It is multitasking.


  • The handle is a little large for small hands.

7. Survivor Outdoor Knife

Survivor Outdoor Knife

As the brand name indicated, survivor, this knife is a survival knife because it functions. It is specially designed for outdoor purposes. You can use this knife while hunting, traveling, or camping because it is easy to carry and handle. This knife is a mixture of two colors. The body is made up of black stainless steel, while the handle is covered with olive green rope. As the handle is covered with rope, so you can hold the handle easily.

This knife is easy to carry everywhere for your further ease at the end of the handle, and the rope is present so you can tie or hang the knife conveniently. A firestarter also comes along with a knife made up of magnesium alloy. This addition of a fire starter with the knife is very helpful while camping to start a fire in no time. This the complete package for those who love camping and hunting. Due to this fire starter now, you don't have to worry much during the night.

The size of the knife is impressive, which is 7 inches, and the thickness of the blade also matches perfectly with the size. You won't regret it after buying this pack of 2 things.


  • Size is good for shot hands.
  • Good for outdoor use.


  • It should come in a leather sheath.

8. Kershaw Lifter Tactical Tanto Pocket Knife

Kershaw Lifter Tactical Tanto Pocket Knife

We have introduced this Tanto pocket knife that will accompany you wherever you go for your safety and any other useful purpose. It comes with a 3.5-inch large blade which will now help you in your daily life. There are 2 inch pocket knives, but they won't be similar to Tanto knives for the lower amount of space.

The knife's blackwash finish gives it an appealing aesthetic while also giving it a weathered and robust image. This complementing blackwash coating further adds to its appearance. So invest in this amazing knife and add it to your collection of knives.

This knife is safe to use and comes with a durable handle made up of stainless steel. This handle is corrosion resistant and so remains with you for a long. You can open the knife by using the flipper and a built-in thumb stud, giving you ease in options to use it.

The slim frame of the knife's lock will keep the knife open while you're using it. It also comes with a stabilizer that will ensure that the lock stays in place and does not become a hurdle for you while using. This tanto pocket knife is very useful for you and is the best tanto folding knife. When needed, the deep-carry pocket clip fits low in the pocket to make it comfortable to carry.


  • Attractive blackwash appearance
  • Comes with flipper and thumb studs for opening
  • The slim frame of lock present


  • Comes with the option of single pocket clip mounting

9. Japanese Tanto Knife Fixed Blade 

Japanese Tanto Knife Fixed Blade

One of the main kitchen tools is a knife which helps in performing many functions. This is the best tanto knife that eases your life in the kitchen. Usually, you need a lot of effort while working with a knife, so before buying a knife, make sure that the knife's blade works properly. If you are an expert in cutting, chopping & slicing, the blade should be sharp like the blade of the best tanto knife.

If we talk about other knife features, then this is the best tanto folding knife easy to carry everywhere during traveling. It is a foldable knife and comes with a handle, and this handle is made up of three different materials wood, Nylon, and steel.

Make sure that the grip of your hand on the handle should be tight so you can work comfortably. The style of the handle is unique & different because the rope is present at the end, so you can easily hang a knife.

Tanto pocket knife also comes with a leather sheath; with the help of sheath, you can cover the knife and tie it with your waist. This is a good choice for multiple functions.


  • Made up of good material and lightweight.
  • The blade is sharp.
  • The best thing is that it is foldable.


  • The material of the sheath is just fine as it`s not reliable.

10. Gerber Gear Folding Tanto Knife

Gerber Gear Folding Tanto Knife

We have brought to you this pocket-friendly knife that will assist you in all your daily requirements. It comes with a new and fast-forwards action technology. This is a multipurpose knife which solves all your problems so you won't need any other knife.

The knife comes with a G-10 handle which makes it easy to hold the knife. This perfect grip handle also proves to be useful when the knife is wet. Also, the sharp blades of this knife won't disappoint you.

This tanto fighting knife is designed especially for thrusting but can be used for other purposes as well. This knife will be your go-to option every time once you use it. The pocket clip and a sharp blade of a length of 3.75 inches make it an ideal knife for cutting and sharpening.


  • Pocket-friendly knife
  • G-10 Handle for good grip
  • Sharp blade for fine cutting


  • Extra small thumb studs

Buying Guide for Newbies

Suppose you are looking for the best Tanto fixed blade knife and don`t know where to start. Then you`ve come just to the right place. We have compiled a list of the ten best Tanto Knife sets that will help you in making the right decision. These knives are built to withstand heavy usage whether you are a military person or a combat fighter. Moreover, you can take this along the hunt or when traveling to far-off places. Finally, these are the best pocket-friendly knives with a razor-sharp blade.

Following are some important factors that will help you make the right decision. You should look out for these before making a hasty decision:


Tanto knives are designed with a razor-sharp short blade. In addition, these blades have a locking mechanism. However, with all of these features compiled into a single item, the material should also withstand heavy usage. Otherwise, you will end up holding both the pieces apart from each other.

Tanto Knife

Locking Mechanism

In tactical situations, sometimes, you face uncertain material failure. For that to happen, doubt will always get the best out of you. To ensure that you have the long-lasting knife in your pocket, check the locking mechanism beforehand. It should have smooth folding back and forth with the tilt lock. This will enable maximum controlled grip over the blade so that you won`t get hurt that way.

Blade Shape and Edge

Look out for the shape and edge retention of the knife beforehand. Sometimes the knives are carved with a round blade that is shaped inwards. This will make such a hassle for you. At the same time, the partially serrated knife will make your life much easier with the fine chopping like a paper cut.

Tanto Knife


1. What are Tanto knives good for?

Tanto blade has a very strong blade having strong tip shape. The traditional use of tanto knives was to puncture armor. A sharp blade is a perfect tool for puncturing tough materials without breaking them.

2. Are Tanto knives good for self-defense?

During a fight, a long curvature blade will be a good slasher. Sharp tanto blades are good enough to be used during a fight for self-defense, but such a long blade is difficult to carry.

3. Is a tanto blade good for survival?

The tanto blades are quite versatile. They have a sharp blade that makes them a perfect choice for a hunting knife in survival scenarios and other tactical situations. You can even fillet a salmon with it.

4. What does tanto mean in Japanese?

A tanto is a medieval Japanese sword worn by the feudal Japanese samurai class. This may be traced back to the Heian period when it was primarily employed as a weapon, although its design evolved to become more ornamental.

5. Are tanto blades hard to sharpen?

Sharpening a tanto blade isn't as complex as it might look. The idea is similar to sharpening any other knife, which is to remove as much steel as possible from the knife's edge until it is fine and uniform.

6. What is a reverse tanto blade?

The reverse tanto blade has sharp angles going down to the blade. Most of these knives have more of a belly and so can be used on an everyday basis.

Final Verdict

There are multiple knives used for various purposes. Before buying a knife, it is important to look for a knife with sharp and edgy ends as it will be more effective when you intend to cut something. The most important thing about a knife is its blade, and a sharp blade is all that a good knife requires. If the blade is not sharp enough, it would be of no use.

A good handle with a comfortable grip should also be considered. Some knives have a curvature that makes them comfortable to hold, but it should be checked that the curvature is in the right place as it does not make your hand uncomfortable.

A good knife can be carried easily. Therefore, you must look for a pocket-size knife that can be carried along easily without any problem. The blade and the knife's material is important to consider as it will tell about how long the knife can be used.

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