Top 10 Best Tea Licorice Deals In 2022 [Expert Vetted]

Tea licorice is a type of sweetener that is derived from the licorice plant. It is used to sweeten tea and other drinks. The plant is also used to make a type of candy.

Tea Licorice Price Comparison Table

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10 Best Tea Licorices Available For Purchase

Bestseller No. 1
Yogi Tea - Egyptian Licorice Tea (4 Pack) - Warming and Naturally Spicy Sweet - Soothing and Caffeine Free - 64 Organic Herbal Tea Bags
  • Flavor: Yogi Egyptian Licorice tea combines rich Licorice Root with Cinnamon, Cardamom and Clove for a deliciously spiced and naturally sweet herbal blend.
  • Benefits: Licorice Root, traditionally used for its soothing properties, combines with warming Ayurvedic spices in this comforting blend.
  • Organic: USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.
  • Contents: Caffeine-free, Vegan, Kosher, Gluten free, No Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners and individually packaged with compostable bags.
  • Brewing Suggestions: To get the most out of every cup, bring water to boiling and steep 7 minutes. For a stronger tea, use 2 tea bags.
Bestseller No. 2
Yogi Tea - Digestion and Detox Tea Variety Pack Sampler (6 Pack) - Green Tea Super Antioxidant, Ginger, DeTox, Blackberry Apple Cider, Honey Chai Turmeric Vitality, and Egyptian Licorice - 96 Tea Bags
  • Variety Pack Sampler: Yogi Tea Digestion and Detox Variety Pack Sampler includes Yogi Ginger tea, Yogi Detox tea, Yogi Green Tea Super Antioxidant tea, Yogi Egyptian Licorice tea, Yogi Honey Chai Turmeric Vitality, and Yogi Blackberry Apple Cider Digestive Awakening Yogi tea.
  • Benefits: Variety Pack includes six delicious Yogi tea blends that are purposefully blended with traditional Ayurvedic ingredients to help support healthy digestion and healthy cleansing.
  • Organic: USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.
  • Contents: Caffeine-free (with the exception of Yogi Green Tea Super Antioxidant), Gluten free, Vegan and Kosher. No Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners. Individually packaged in compostable tea bags.
  • Brewing Suggestions: To get the most out of every cup, view the Brewing Suggestions located on the back of each individual Yogi Tea box.
Bestseller No. 3
Stash Tea Licorice Spice Herbal Tea, 20 Count Box of Tea Bags Individually Wrapped in Foil (packaging may vary), Naturally Sweet Herbal Tisane, Zero Caffeine, Drink Hot or Iced
  • NATURALLY SWEET: This indulgent herbal tea combines the natural sweetness of licorice with citrus-y orange peel, warming cinnamon, & star anise for a truly delightful tea that's as soothing as it is sweet. Enjoy hot or iced, with honey & milk or unadorned.
Bestseller No. 5
Buddha Teas Organic Licorice Root Tea - OU Kosher, USDA Organic, CCOF Organic, 18 Bleach-Free Tea Bag
  • Ingredients: Organic Licorice Root
  • Steeping Instructions - This tea best extracts in water with temperatures of 205°-212° F. Allow the tea to steep for 3-6 minutes for a full, flavorful cup.
  • High quality, fresh herbs and tea leaves are important for experiencing the true taste of tea. Buddha Teas crafts all teas from fresh, organic or wild harvested plants that have been gathered and packaged with conscious care.
  • The tea bags used are made from the cellulose fibers of the abaca plant and are 100% bleach-free.
  • Buddha Teas’ “Tea for Trees” campaign creates a sustainable model that restores one of our most precious resources while offsetting the paper used in our products. We’ve partnered with the National Forest Foundation to support their campaign to plant 50 million trees in our National Forests.
Bestseller No. 6
Organic Egyptian Licorice 16 tea bags by Yogi Tea
1,072 Reviews
Organic Egyptian Licorice 16 tea bags by Yogi Tea
  • Ancient Egyptians treasured licorice root for its natural sweetness, rich flavor and restorative properties
  • Organic licorice with sweet and spicy notes of savory cinnamon and zesty orange peel
  • Naturally warming, these herbs and spices are used to support the respiratory and digestive systems
SaleBestseller No. 7
Stash Tea - Licorice Spice - 6 Units / 20 bag
  • Made from a blend of licorice root and spices such as cinnamon, orange peel, and Chinese star anise
  • Sweet flavor, all-natural
  • Foil-wrapped tea bags in each box
  • Made from imported and domestic ingredients and packaged in Tigard, Oregon

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Tea Licorice New Releases

Organic Breathe Tea 4 oz. (113g), USDA Certified Organic Lung Tea, Bronchial Wellness Tea, Smokers Tea, Respiratory Tea, Gordo Lobo Herbs Tea, Mullein Detox Lungs Tea Organic
  • POTENT LUNG HEALTH TEA TO BREATHE FREELY: Our breathe tea may work as a mucus relief tea, a smokers tea, and a breathing balance tea to support a healthy respiratory system.
  • COMBINES 8 POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE ORGANIC HERBS for BRONCHIAL WELLNESS: Mullein, ginger, elecampane root, licorice root, lemon myrtle, elderflower, plantain leaf and lemon balm come together in this blend to help support easy respiration and breathing.
  • NO ARTIFICIAL or "NATURAL" FLAVORINGS & TASTES GREAT: We don't add any flavorings to our wellness teas. The taste of our BREATHE tea is directly due to the combination of the potent herbs inside. Lemon myrtle in particular gives this tea a wonderful lemon flavor, and it's also excellent for lung health!
  • CRAFTED BY A CLINICAL HERBALIST: More potent for lungs than mullein tea bags, loose leaf tea blends are less processed and more concentrated per cup. Gordolobo herbal breath tea works best synergistically with other herbs to help support open lungs and nasal passages.
  • USDA ORGANIC, GMP COMPLIANT & QUALITY CONTROLLED: Our organic lung health tea is packaged in our FDA registered, GMP & HACCP compliant facility in Ventura County, California.
200g 7.05 OZ 10g*20bag Red Bean Coix Seed Poria Tea, 红豆薏米茯苓茶, Chinese Herbal Tea Clearing Dampness, 祛湿茶, Barley / Cassia / Licorice Root / Gordon Fruit / Orange Peel Combination Floral Tea Bag
  • It’s a Chinese herbal tea without sugar. Pure nature ingredients, scientific match, high quality, low temperature process. It's a very good effect to clear dampness.
  • It's suitable for people eating too much, drinking too much wine, staying up late, staying in air conditioning room a long time, lack of exercise, always feel tired or suffer water retention.
  • It’s also strengthening the spleen and stomach.
  • Individually small bag packaging, food hygienic, lock the fragrance, moisture-proof, antioxidant, easier to carry. Inner triangle tea bag, simple and convenient, easy to brew.
Weight Loss Tea, 5g Per Count Individual Count Floral Tea Flower Fragrant for Gifts
  • Natural Ingredients: This is a floral tea made from a combination of flowering pl, pure natural ingredients, ground with care and brewed with ease!
  • Individual Count: This product has individual filter tea bags for easy and cleato brew. The net content of each tea bag is 5g, so you don't have to worry about putting too much or too little tea leave.
  • Brew Methods: Take a small tea bag and put it in a glass of water. Add 200‑250ml of boiling water. Wait 3 minutes and sip slowly. Then you can enjoy your tea.
  • Easy to Carry: Beacuse of the individual count the floral tea is easy to carry, anytime, anywhere, whenever you want, you can use it to make sweet and delicious tea.
  • 100% Natural Ingredients: Cassia seeds, barley, lotus leaves, kunbu, mulberry leaves, licorice, chrysanthemum, tartary buckwheat, double red rose, honeysuckle.

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More information on the tea licorice

Tea licorice is a sweet, hard candy made from the root of a shrub in the mint family. It is usually sold in capsules, which are opened with a knife, and the licorice is extracted by crushing the licorice with a mortar and pestle. The extract is then heated and used as a sweetener.

Tea licorice was first documented in the 16th century and is thought to have originated in China. It was used as a natural laxative and was also used as a treatment for toothache and other similar medical problems.

Today, tea licorice is widely available in many countries, and it is still used as a natural sweetener. It is usually bought in capsules, and it can be found in a variety of flavors, including peppermint, ginger, and licorice.

When you purchase tea licorice, be sure to check the ingredients to make sure that it is actually licorice. Many times, the ingredients list may be confused with other products that are similar in name but are not actually licorice.

If you are not sure what tea licorice is, it is best to consult a doctor or pharmacist.

Buying Guide For Tea Licorice

When it comes to tea, there are many things to consider. Some of these factors include: the type of tea, the price, the flavor, the quality, and the package. But one of the most important things to consider before buying tea is the quality of the tea.

Some of the most reputable producers of tea include Sencha, Puer, and Yixing. These teas are considered to be high-quality and often have a more complex flavor than lower-quality teas.

But it is important to be careful when choosing tea. If the quality of the tea is not worth the price, it can be difficult to find a quality tea that is affordable.

To make sure you are getting a high-quality tea, it is important to do some research. Try to find reviews from people who have tried the tea and found it to be good. also, look for tea packaging that is high-quality and careful to avoid any mistakes.

When it comes to tea, it is important to make the best decision for your own palate and wallet. high-quality teas cost more, but they can be very rewarding. Make sure to choose the right tea for your needs and enjoy a cup of tea every day!


Tea licorice is a natural sweetener and flavoring agent used to give tea its characteristic taste and smell.

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