Best Touch Screen Car Stereo Reviews

10 Best Touch Screen Car Stereo Reviews 2022 – Newbie Guide

There’s nothing more useful in a car than a stereo that does it all. From playing audio and video to providing navigation system and probably a lot more – it will easily improve how your car feels.

That’s what we’re talking about today – the best touch screen car stereo that will let you enjoy all kinds of media. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for – with one of these head-units on your car, every travel will be much easier and enjoyable.

If you’re eager to learn more about them and find the ideal option for your car – then we invite you to read what we have for you. This guide comes with everything you need to know about them – so don’t shy out!

10 Best Touch Screen Car Stereo Reviews

Great, if you have an idea of what car stereos offer (or you’re straight up looking for the best one). Well, we want to save you all the time of having to go over several pages only to find uninteresting and useless info. Instead, with our reviews, you can keep all that time and find an excellent option.

1. BOSS Audio BV9358B Touchscreen Monitor

BOSS Audio BV9358B Touchscreen Monitor

If we’re talking about car stereo systems, the first brand that always comes to our minds is Boss audio, and it should be the one coming to your mind too.

We can’t say enough positive things about the BV9358B head-unit. As a 6.2-inches model for 2-DIN dashboards, it easily makes your car experience a lot better.

It boasts an excellent power delivery that you can hook up with speakers and other peripherals that can handle 80-watts of power. With its 4-channels design, you won’t have any issue hooking it up with an entire sound system.

This pairs up well with the several inputs you get, including a USB and SD card reader as well as an AUX input, and a rear-camera capacity. You won’t have any issue making this stereo a hugely practical product.

On top of that, you can connect the steering wheel interface, which lets you control the stereo more easily. And if you prefer doing so from your smartphone, then you can do it too. Via Bluetooth, you can easily set it up to play and control anything, while also enjoying unique features like Pandora and Spotify.

As for the outputs, you’ll have the pre-amp connections for all the space range from back to front and sides. And surely, you can still decide how your system will sound by using the equalizer – ideal for achieving a deep bass or a trebly sound overall.

If you’re a fan of practical models that don’t leave audio quality behind, then this one will be an excellent choice. It comes from Boss Audio Systems, which lets you know it is more than reliable.


  • Ideal size for double-din ports
  • Decently powered audio capacity
  • A handy set of controls with EQ
  • Convenient Bluetooth connectivity


  • Not the best sound quality in the market
  • Volume adjuster takes some time to work

2. BOSS Audio Systems BV9986BI Motorized Touchscreen

BOSS Audio Systems BV9986BI Motorized Touchscreen

When we repeat the same brand twice, it is a clear sign that we love it. And that wouldn’t be a lie – we adore Boss as a brand, even more so when it offers stereo receivers like the BV9986BI.

As soon as you power up the touchscreen, you’ll know it is a high-quality model. The multi-color illumination and resolution make it easy to enjoy whatever you’re playing – from movies to music videos – everything looks fantastic. In a large 7-inches display – this is something not to dismiss.

But, the real advantage comes from a DVD receiver on the bottom of the screen, which allows you to play a wide array of media without limits. And the controls it offers are extra useful, going from a volume dial to playback functions and more, even including an equalizer for maximum customization.

The superb features of this model don’t end there. You will also enjoy Bluetooth connectivity, which you can not only use to play all kinds of media, but also make hands-free calls. If you want, you can also set up AM and FM radio, or enjoy Pandora and Spotify if needed directly from your phone.

As for the inputs and connections, you will get the regular options like AUX and USB. You will also enjoy an SD card reader. Everything pairs up well to provide a robust and super handy opportunity overall. And, that’s without even mentioning that you can also hook up a camera if needed.

At 85-watts of power output in a 4-channels design, it will still manage to offer decent audio. For fans of entertainment in their vehicles, this model will come like a gem on their finger.


  • Huge size for more features & quality
  • Plays all kinds of media from all sources
  • Ultra-handy design & controls
  • Proper customization for ideal sound


  • Small buttons are a little hard to use
  • Produces a loud sound when turned on

3. ATOTO A6 Car Navigation Stereo

ATOTO A6 Car Navigation Stereo

Everyone wants quality, and ATOTO understands that. This brand comes with a superb touch screen car stereo with GPS and Bluetooth with its A6 model – a head-unit that will impress you.

You will know it is worth having as soon as you turn it on. You will have an Android Marshmallow OS that comes with full functionality that will make it easy to enjoy in your car. It is customized to provide easy access to AM and FM radio, AUX playback, a back-up and dash camera, and even Bluetooth hands-free.

To make it even better, it comes with a quick-booting system that you can enjoy in just 2 to 5 seconds after turning it on. If you’re on a trip or in traffic and need a quick product to help you out – then this one won’t disappoint you.

And it doesn’t end there; you will also get a fantastic WiFi connection so you can download maps and all kinds of data. This pairs up well with the BT hands-free which you can use to play all types of media when needed. And with the Steering Wheel Key Control, handling this product will be a piece of cake.

With a GPS and Google Maps for online navigation, you can quickly get to any place in your city without problems. It even comes with offline navigation using Waze, Tomtom, or WeGo.

This goes well with the fantastic micro USB input and a micro SD port. You’ll have the chance to play anything you want, enjoying its 4-channel 45-watts amplifier capacity.


  • Effortless handling with Android interface
  • Superb connectivity with WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Top-notch navigation system with offline availability
  • Dash & back-up camera for extra practicality


  • The android interface may bug from time to time
  • Does not offer audio customization features

4. Pioneer AVH-210EX In-Dash Car Stereo Receiver

Pioneer AVH-210EX In-Dash Car Stereo Receiver

When talking about audio systems for vehicles, it would be a huge mistake not to mention Pioneer. And sure enough, its AVH-210EX in-dash stereo player is one of the best options out there.

Starting from its sound quality, you won’t be disappointed. At 50-watts of PEAK capacity, you can enjoy decent audio output with 4-channels. This will help you play all kinds of media from CD to AM or FM radio and even DVDs, and a wide array of audio or video files.

But, if you don’t like the conventional ways, you can always hook it up with your Android or Apple smartphone using its Bluetooth system. This will help you reproduce all kinds of media without losing quality in the process and adding extra convenience.

As for the ports, you will get a front USB port, several outputs for the amplifiers (if needed), and a 3.5mm AUX input. You can easily pair it up with any device, so you can place audio directly in the easiest of ways.

A considerable advantage from this model over many others is the dedicated back-up camera. If you love being safe and prevent issues while driving, this input for rear-view will let you achieve that security.

As for the screen and controls, it is a 6.2-inches model with a WVGA display. You will get the chance to set it up quickly with its ultra-responsive screen. The real advantage comes from the right-side controls, super practicality, and ease of use.

Overall, it leaves nothing behind for a charming cost – which makes it an undoubtedly great option.


  • High-quality audio for the cost
  • Superb connectivity & compatibility
  • Plays all kinds of files from all sources
  • Responsive & good-looking display


  • Not remote handling which makes it inconvenient
  • Only plays DVDs when the vehicle is parked

5. TDYJWELL Touch Screen Car Stereo

TDYJWELL Touch Screen Car Stereo

The TDYJWELL is a simple yet hugely convenient touch screen car stereo with Bluetooth for budget users. For an unbeatable cost, you will get an unmatched quality overall.

Its display boasts a 7-inches design, which makes it huge. If you love putting a large enough head-unit on your double-DIN dashboard, then this model would fit your needs completely. The quality is still pretty decent and offers a responsive touchscreen that makes it easy to control.

You will get an 800x480 resolution which makes any of your favorite videos or media look fantastic. Sure enough, the TFT screen is straightforward to handle – especially with its top-notch sensitivity.

On top of that, you get the capacity to enjoy FM radio, audio from AUX input, a video player, a reversing camera, and even Bluetooth. You won’t have any issue making this system work for all your demands.

You can even get the Phonelink feature which allows you to hook up any Android smartphone and enjoy ultra-practical handling. Here, you can control the stereo, and also receive calls – which makes you save time, effort, and which makes driving safer.

Another smartphone-related feature is the mirror link, which helps you play whatever’s on your phone directly on the head-unit.

It also boasts simple controls, with a responsive volume dial on the side for fast loudness changes, and a straightforward playback set for stopping, pausing, playing, and forwarding or rewinding.

For the price tag, this is one of those models that you shouldn’t dismiss. Especially if you’re on a low budget, this is an excellent opportunity overall.


  • Decent display quality for the cost
  • A wide array of playback source options
  • Unique smartphone features via Bluetooth
  • Responsive touchscreen & effortless controls


  • Not the best audio output and capacity
  • Doesn’t connect with iPhones

6. HaoXuan DianZi Car Touchscreen MP5 Player

HaoXuan DianZi Car Touchscreen MP5 Player

There’s always a Chinese brand going the extra mile to deliver what the most expensive brands can’t. And, HaoXuan DianZi is precisely that.

This touchscreen comes from a super budget-friendly brand that makes sure you get decent performance without losing too much quality in the process. And of course, it all comes from an exceptional cost.

The first thing you’ll notice is a huge 7-inches display. It lets you watch any type of video, as well as playing audio and more. You will receive an outstanding 1080p quality video in a 1024x600 resolution, which could easily impress anyone – especially for the price.

This pairs up well with a practical set of controls on the right side, which allows you to handle the stereo unit without problems. And if you don’t like to do it directly, you can always hook up your phone via PhoneLink, or the steering wheel control; making it a better choice overall.

Apart from all this, you get a decent Bluetooth connection, as well as FM radio, a TF card entrance so that you can play your favorite audio, an AUX-in, and more. This all makes a tremendous addition to an already inexpensive model, making it ideal for quality seekers at a low cost.

You can also enjoy a back-up camera connection and a superb set of LED lights option so you can see the display more effectively at all times.

Everything it offers is just fantastic for the cost. It is still reliable and ultra-responsive – which will leave you with no complaints.


  • High-quality display at 1080p quality
  • Practical set of controls for easy handling
  • Extremely affordable for the features
  • A safe back-up camera and responsive touchscreen


  • Not the most practical user interface
  • Can’t customize audio quality in any way

7. JVC KW-V25BT Touchscreen In-Dash Digital Media Player

JVC KW-V25BT Touchscreen In-Dash Digital Media Player

If there’s a brand that will always deliver exceptional quality without setbacks, then that’s probably JVC. We couldn’t finish this list with one model from this brand, so we brought the KW-V25BT to show what it offers.

The primary feature of this stereo is a large 6.2-inches display, which lets you enjoy all kinds of media effectively. This touchscreen is totally responsive as well, which allows you to enjoy a straightforward interface without wasting any time.

Another critical factor is the handy interface which lets you use up to 17 different languages. It doesn’t matter where you’re from; this model makes it possible for you to understand. And surely, with its Bluetooth technology for hands-free handling – you won't have any issue using it.

As for what you can play, you’ll not only get media playback from a smartphone via Bluetooth, but also a CD and DVD player, as well as the USB port and even an SD card entrance if needed. Of course, you can also enjoy its AUX input so that you can enjoy favorite audio directly from any device.

It leaves nothing behind, especially when you consider its decent power output at 50-watts in 4 channels, which lets you hook up an entire audio system. From speakers to subwoofers, you’ll have the whole range – making it even better when you add the Volume EQ for audio customization.

You can control this head-unit from your Android or iPhone, but you can also hook up the steering wheel if needed.

Overall, this is a hugely reliable model for quality seekers. It offers everything you’ll need, and without costing a fortune.


  • Plays media from all kinds of sources
  • Delivers excellent audio quality with EQ function
  • A super practical interface in 17 languages
  • Control via Bluetooth, touchscreen, or steering wheel


  • The touchscreen may lag off from time to time
  • Bluetooth connectivity could be better

8. Konifo Car Stereo Touch Screen

Konifo Car Stereo Touch Screen

Coming back to the most affordable options in the market, we now have the Konifo – the best touch screen car stereo with navigation.

We think this is the best option you can go for if you want a navigation system because its cost is simply unbeatable. But, that doesn’t mean it is of low quality. Instead, it still manages to offer superb results without breaking your wallet.

The first thing you’ll notice is a 7-inches display that offers video playback at 1080p. You won’t find any video file that looks bad on this head-unit.

This pairs up with the chance to reproduce your favorite files from all kinds of sources, including Bluetooth for phones, USB and SD, as well as from the AUX input if needed. Everything makes it one of the most practical models out there.

Nevertheless, that’s not everything. You will still get a PhoneLink feature which you can use to sync with your phone and play anything, as well as hook up the navigation. You can also transfer the phone content directly, which adds even more convenience.

On top of all that, the stereo receiver is still one of the easiest to use. You can make it work efficiently via Bluetooth, but you can also use its practical buttons with a volume dial and playback options. And surely, you can even hook up a back-up camera for exceptional handiness.

Even if you are a demanding user who wants the best of the best, you may find this affordable model an attractive option. For that, we can say this is an opportunity not to dismiss.


  • Straightforward and practical controls
  • Exceptional quality for the price
  • Superb connectivity
  • Unmatched quality for the cost


  • Not the best audio quality
  • The interface is not as responsive as expected

9. Pyle Car Stereo Touch Screen Headunit Receiver

Pyle Car Stereo Touch Screen Headunit Receiver

It doesn’t matter the type of product you’re getting – if it is from Pyle, then you’re getting exceptional quality. This head-unit stereo is not an exception.

The exciting part of this system is that you don’t necessarily need a double-DIN space in your dashboard. That’s a massive advantage because it saves you a lot of space and may work with all kinds of vehicles without issues.

It is not the practical design that stands out, but the other whole array of functions starting from its Bluetooth connectivity up to its overall playback functions. You can hook it up with your mic or phone while enjoying all kinds of audio and video files, as well as radio or even images.

For the compatibility and inputs, you’ll get the chance to connect SD cards, USB devices, and even DVD, CDs if needed. You can play virtually anything. And surely, it does it amazingly well without leaving any pinch of quality behind.

All of this goes directly into the high-quality display of 7-inches in size, which allows high-quality image at 1080p, so you get superb results. With a resolution of 800x400, it shows everything clearly and helps you enjoy video and images effortlessly.

To make it even better, you get a pretty decent audio quality with its 80-watts of power output in its 4-channel design. You won’t have any problem making your car vibrate and blasting your favorite audio at any time.

Do you love quality and exceptional practicality? Then this model is a superb option to consider – don’t overlook it.


  • Ideal sound quality for a pleasant experience
  • Plays all types of files from any source
  • The high-definition display makes ultra-enjoyable
  • Works with a single-DIN dashboard


  • Lasts a long time to start
  • The GPS feature is a little problematic

10. Farenheit TI-895B in-Dash Motorized Flip-Out LCD Touchscreen

Farenheit TI-895B in-Dash Motorized Flip-Out LCD Touchscreen

Want a highly reliable stereo with touchscreen for your car without having to spend a fortune? Then look no further than the Fahrenheit TI-895B.

This is an in-dash model with a single-DIN design. You won’t need a considerable dashboard space to make it work. Instead, you can get it for your car without having to spend a fortune – and it fits in small spaces easily.

The motorized display offers a 6.2-inches size that fits 800x400 resolution, ideal for any LCD of the size. It is a backlight model which is always visible, even against strong sunlight.

But, it is not the design that makes it so fantastic, but the overall ability to play all kinds of files. You will get MP3 and video playback, with the ability to hook up your USB device or SD card if needed. It supports devices with up to 32GB of capacity.

The real advantage comes from the superb audio system, offering 300-watts of power in 4-channels. All thanks to a Mosfet set of speaker output which ensures high-quality audio in such a small design. Along with that, you get pre-amp outputs and a variable subwoofer with low-pass crossover.

All of this comes into the background when you add the fact that you can hook it up via Bluetooth 3.0 to any of your smart devices. This way, you can receive and make calls, play any of your files, and much more.

If you are a quality-seeker and would love to get superb results, this model is the one to go for.


  • Exceptional audio quality & features
  • Practical & reliable Bluetooth connectivity
  • Good-looking and responsive display
  • Ideal single-DIN design for small vehicles


  • The motorized display lasts a lot to open
  • Smartphone interface is not the best

What Makes the Right Touch Screen Car Stereo?

Now that you’ve gone through some of the highest-quality models in the market, you may want to know what you should indeed search for. Here, we want to explain what features make a touchscreen stereo a good option. Take a look!

Ideal Size

When looking for a car stereo with a screen, there's probably nothing more important than the size. If you don't go for the right size of stereo, you may end up with something too large or too small.

How do you know which one to go for? Easy – just try to know the size of your dashboard port. Here, you’ll find double-DIN models that may be of 6.2-inches or 7-inches accordingly. If you go for a 7-inches model, then you’ll need 7-inches entrance. The same happens with the smallest versions.

But, the size is not only about compatibility, but also above how much display you want; the different controls you would appreciate, and more.

The larger the product, the more touchscreen you will have, and the larger the display for videos and navigation systems (if any). So, be sure to pick a model with the right size if you want a decent experience.

Best Features Possible

Nothing helps more when you’re traveling in your car than a stereo head-unit that does it all. And when we say all, we mean navigation, audio and video playback, hands-free calling, Bluetooth, and a functional interface plus much more.

Many other features such as an equalizer, wide array of inputs and outputs, WiFi connection, USB and SD ports, a responsive touchscreen - all are useful as well.

We recommend going for something that matches your demands – but if you can get as many features as possible, that would still be great. It is far better to have something even if you don’t need it than eventually needing it and not having it.

Audio Quality & Compatibility

The best touch screen car stereo with navigation is not the one with the most features only, but also the one that makes the audio quality stand out.

For that, you’ll have to consider many different factors, starting from the power output it can work with.

Usually, these touchscreen systems offer between 40 to 100-watts of power. This is enough to make any media sound well enough inside. If it has 4-channels and pre-amp outputs, then you'll be set to enjoy audio & video effectively.

But, be sure to consider many other factors as well, including compatibility with your favorite type of files, different playback options like Bluetooth & USB/SD, and more. The quality of the audio should be the same always, doesn’t matter the source.

Lastly, make sure it has an equalizer and audio-related controls. While a volume dial can be enough, additional features, such as EQ, crossovers, and similar ones will add an extra touch of practicality.

Controls & Handling

One thing that many people tend to forget about head-units and stereo receivers is that they can also be extra convenient. This means that you won’t have to be handling the touchscreen directly if you can’t or just don’t want to.

What could help you to achieve this? Like we said before, an excellent Bluetooth connection that you can hook up with your phone always helps. It will let you tweak the sound, play media, and even receive phone calls. We recommend compatibility with both Android and iPhone, which adds a nice convenience.

But, this is not enough. You’ll also want control on the side or bottom of the display. This allows you and other people inside the car to tweak the player at any time. And to make it even better, you should try to get a model with Steering Wheel Controls compatibility. This makes handling even more comfortable.

Overall, make sure you won't have to use the stereo the same way every time. Go for as many control options as possible so that you can achieve a better experience overall.

Offers Nice Cost for the Quality

Lastly, you should strive to get a high-quality model that doesn’t drain out your bank account. This can be extremely hard, especially if you don’t want to lose any quality in the process – but it is necessary.

What this means is that you need to get what you need precisely. Yes, more features are always helpful like we said before – but some features that you can't take advantage of may not be so useful after all.

The installation also makes a huge factor. You’ll want to make sure that it doesn’t demand much work – which will be saving you time. And of course, if you don’t have to buy adapters, or customize your dashboard, that will also save you money.

On top of that, make sure it is a quality product always. You’ll find some of the most inexpensive models somewhat convincing, but they can end up being useless. So, be careful out there when buying.

How to Fix a Touch Screen Car Stereo

Let’s say you bought a new car stereo with the display, but after some time it starts failing. Well, you will have to bring it to a mechanic or electronics expert. This could be too costly and sometimes too time-consuming. To prevent the waste of money and time – fix it yourself.

Here’s how you can proceed according to the issue you’re experiencing:

Display Turns off Automatically

When a screen turns off without anyone touching the machine, it could be due to many reasons. The first is a loose connection internally. This often happens when a wire inside the head-unit breaks or wears off.

Another reason could be that the power source is not sending constant electricity. This ends up in the display turning off by itself because it doesn’t have enough power to function.

And finally, you may have a faulty display. This is probably the most common, and it could be due to either backlighting or the problems with the monitor parts.

To fix any of these can be a little hard, especially if you have little to no experience. But you can always try to solve at least the electrical problems by using a different power source or looking for issues with the wiring.

Touch Feature Doesn’t Work

When a display with touchscreen features doesn’t deliver a touch function anymore, it means you’re experiencing a colossal display problem. And, that often means you’ll have to place the display itself, or sometimes the whole unit.

However, if you’re lucky, it is only a matter of a loosen or burned fuse. But in any case, you will have to take it to a professional for fixing it.

Audio or Image Loss

If the audio or the image shuts off automatically while the other keeps going, you could say there’s a loose connection or faulty parts.

To fix this, you will have to search for a worn out, broken, split, or loose wire. Sometimes it just happens that inputs are not secured correctly, which could cause the problem as well. Only find the wiring or connection that needs tightening and fix it. For cables, you may need to solder to fix.

But again, we recommend taking the head-unit to an expert.

Doesn’t Turn On

Lastly, you may experience a problem when the stereo touchscreen doesn't even turn on. When this happens, there's a high chance that you will have to replace at least one part of the power source. In the worst scenario, you'll have to replace the unit altogether.

We recommend troubleshooting by looking at the wiring and power connections. This could be enough to find the problem. But, if you don't find it with that, then you’re probably seeing at a dead (or pretty tricky to fix) head-unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

At this point, you have probably already made up your mind about what model to pick and why. But if you haven’t, the next section may help you out. Here are a few common doubts to consider:

1. What’s the difference between a 2-DIN and 1-DIN stereo?

The size, mainly. A 2-DIN model is twice as high (4 inches) as a 1-DIN (2 inches).

2. Can I match/fit the factory features of my car with my new touchscreen system?

Yes, from the speakers to the satellite, antenna, and even power source and wiring. However, make sure that not all models offer the same features in the same way – many of them can be incompatible.

3. How hard is it to install a new touchscreen stereo system?

Usually, it takes the same amount of time as any other type of receiver or stereo device. You just need to have the right space, the wiring, and a proper power source. A speaker system is also necessary.

4. Should I replace my speaker system when replacing the stereo?

Not necessarily. As we said before, you could use the same audio system without problems. Just make sure they are compatible.

5. Do I need to do any type of maintenance to my touchscreen stereo?

The only upkeep you should do is keeping the display clean. That will be enough to ensure a neat and responsive system.

Final Words

After going through all our reviews and small buying guide, you should now be ready to pick the ideal option.

But, this won’t be easy, even with all the information we have here. To pick the best touch screen car stereo, you’ll have to match up the features & capabilities of each model and compare them to your demands.

Once you have the right models depending on what you’re looking for – then you can pick the right model. Start now!

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