Top 10 Best Ultimate Monolaurin Deals In 2022 [Expert Vetted]

Ultimate monolaurin, a novel plant-based antioxidant, has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and pro-vitamin C properties. The antioxidant activity of monolaurin is due to its ability to scavenge oxidative damage and protect cells from enzymes that can damage DNA. Monolaurin also scavenges free radicals, which can promote cell growth and apoptosis. In addition, monolaurin is a natural source of vitamin C and has been shown to boost the immune system.

Ultimate Monolaurin Price Comparison Table

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10 Best Ultimate Monolaurins Available For Purchase

Bestseller No. 1
UltraLaurin ® Supplement for Immune Support and Gut Health - Monolaurin Pellets - 21oz - 200 Servings, 3000 mg Each
858 Reviews
UltraLaurin ® Supplement for Immune Support and Gut Health - Monolaurin Pellets - 21oz - 200 Servings, 3000 mg Each
  • Supports Immune System - UltraLaurin is made from ingredients that are naturally derived from coconut. It contains antiviral monoglycerides, which support a strong and healthy immune system.
  • Gut-Friendly - The ingredients in UltraLaurin are very gut-friendly. It contains monomyristin, monolaurin, and monocaprin, which are beneficial for your gut health.
  • Made In The USA - Our product was made in the USA at a certified GMP facility. It has also been tested by an independent third party for safety and accuracy.
  • Non-GMO - UltraLaurin is 100% non-GMO, made only from the highest quality ingredients. In addition, it is also vegan and does not contain any animal products.
  • Easy To Take - The dosage is small pellets, which are easier to take than capsules. You can easily adjust the amount according to your needs. Our pellets dissolve quickly and are very easy to swallow.
Bestseller No. 2
UltraLaurin ® Supplement for Immune Support and Gut Health - Monolaurin Pellets - 7oz - 66 Servings, 3000 mg Each
  • Immune Defense - UltraLaurin contains a natural compound found in coconut oil that helps support the immune system. It contains essential monoglycerides, which are beneficial for gut & immune health.
  • Gut-Friendly - The UltraLaurin supplement is gut-friendly-- thanks to its blend of monolaurin, monomyristin, and monocaprin. It's an ideal choice for those looking for a gut-health supplement.
  • Non-GMO - We are proud to only use the highest quality ingredients, which is why we can confidently say that this product is 100% non-GMO. It is also vegan and doesn't contain any animal products.
  • 3rd-Party Tested - Our supplement has been third-party tested at a certified GMP facility for purity, so you can be sure that you're getting the best product possible.
  • Easy To Take - The small pellets are easier to take than capsules, so the amount can be more flexible if needed. If you have trouble swallowing pills, this is a great option for you.
Bestseller No. 3
Lauricidin®- The Original Monolaurin Supplement- 3000mg per Serving- 227g per Jar
  • Promote a Strong Immune Defense* – Lauricidin supports a healthy and hardy immune system*- a strong defense even when you feel that your immunity is challenged*
  • A Gut Instinct – Helps maintain a normal, healthy balance of intestinal flora* and yeast*.
  • Absorbs Cleanly by the Body – Pure lipid monolaurin is a naturally occurring monoglyceride metabolized directly by the liver unlike other saturated fats. It is not re-converted into inactive triglycerides.
  • Cost-Effective – Lauricidin is significantly more cost-effective than other competing brands. You may need to take 18-30 capsules a day, or 12 tablespoons or more of coconut oil per day to equal the amount of monolaurin found in the recommended use of Lauricidin.
  • Lauricidin is all-natural, free from potential drug interactions and coconut allergens.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Monolaurin 1,000mg per Serving, 210 Capsules (Vegan Safe, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Manufactured in The USA) Immune Health Support by Double Wood Supplements
  • Daily Immune Support; Research has shown monolaurin may help support immune system health
  • Derived from Coconut; Double Wood's Monolaurin supplement is derived from Coconut (do not consume if you have a coconut allergy)
  • 100+ Day Supply; Each bottle contains 210 capsules of Monolaurin (105 servings of 1,000mg)
  • Manufactured in the USA, Vegan Safe, Gluten Free, and Non Gmo; DoubleWood Supplement's Monolaurin capsules are Manufactured in the USA, Gluten Free and Non Gmo
SaleBestseller No. 5
Nature's Life Monolaurin Capsules, 990 mg | Vegetarian | Support for Healthy Immune Function & Digestion | Derived from Raw Coconuts | Optimal Wellness Benefits | 180 ct
  • Pure Strength: Derived from raw coconuts, our supplement provides 990 mg of Monolaurin per serving
  • Big Benefits: Supports healthy immune function, digestion and wellness
  • Mom Knows Best: Present in breast milk, Monolaurin is one of mother natures first immune boosters
  • Guaranteed Pure: Each fresh batch of production is tested for identity, purity and potency
SaleBestseller No. 6
Lauricare High Potency Monolaurin Capsules- 1000mg Per Serving- 100 Count
  • High Purity Monolaurin Capsules
  • From the Makers of Lauricidin
Bestseller No. 7
Monolaurin 1000mg Capsules — Made with Pure Glycerol and Lauric Acid from Raw Coconut — Natural Vegan Capsules That are Non-GMO and Soy Free — 240 Capsules
  • MONOLAURIN CAPSULES FOR EVERYDAY USE: Monolaurin is a powerful natural substance commonly found in coconut oil. Our unique concentrated capsules allow you to reap the benefits of this monoglyceride without having to consume large amounts of coconuts on a daily basis!
  • MORE MONOLAURIN PER BOTTLE: Eleva Nutrition believes in providing our customers with supplements at a great value. That is why we give you a 240 monolaurin capsules per bottle, which is a 4-month supply!
  • DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM ABSORPTION: Unlike other brands of monolaurin supplements, our capsules include a natural black pepper extract. This potent ingredient has been shown to aide the digestive system in absorbing vital nutrients.
  • ONLY THE BEST INGREDIENTS: Our superbly-made monolaurin supplement includes only the finest ingredients available. We never use GMOs, gluten or soy. In addition, our capsules are vegan friendly!
  • ELEVA NUTRITION: Our family-owned company provides natural, supplements to fuel your life. Our business was created to meet the demands of people who have a zest for living and want only the best.

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Ultimate Monolaurin New Releases

Ultrimune® - Ultimate Immune Support
  • 23 powerful nutrients designed for synergistic immune support.
  • Non GMO - Vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, antioxidants, adaptogens, and probiotics!
  • Pair with our UltraLaurin - The Ultimate Monolaurin for the ultimate in immune defense!
  • Lab-certified. Full Spectrum. Highly bioavailable. Proper amounts. For Optimum results.
  • Made in a GMP certified facility and 3rd party tested for potency.
Livingood Daily Oregano Oil + Monolaurin, 120 Capsules - Organic Oil of Oregano 300mg + Monolaurin 1000mg Capsules - Powerful Immune Support & Antioxidant Supplement - Oregano Capsules for Gut Health
  • POTENT Combination for Immunity – Livingood Daily organic oregano oil + monolaurin supplement is the perfect addition to your arsenal for immune defense. This powerful combo harnesses the power of high-dose, immune-boosting lauric acid paired with powerful oil oregano extract.
  • Supports Your DIET – Fortify your immune health with our organic oregano oil capsules! They’re keto-friendly, paleo-friendly, and FREE from GMO, gluten, soy, corn & fillers. Truly unique oil of oregano capsules that are up-to-date on the latest science to give the best possible results!
  • Organic ANTIOXIDANT Supplement – An antioxidant support that has anti-inflammatory properties, oregano oils are a powerful agent with an abundance of potential health benefits. These include supporting healthy cholesterol, improving gut health, and even relieving pain.
  • DEFENDS The Gut – Great support for the gut; our edible oregano oil capsules organic are made with glyceryl monolaurin, which is derived from natural coconut oil and is known to support the body during cleansing and help increase your defense against common ailments.
  • Join Our COMMUNITY – Every day we lead people to natural health supplements, trainings, challenges, and a lifestyle to Live Good. We encourage a healthy and wellness lifestyle! Programs and diets do not change your life - LIFESTYLE does! You are responsible for your own health - YOU are the solution!
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More information on the ultimate monolaurin

Ultimate monolaurin, or UM, is a possible new natural treatment for ALS and other sclerosis-related diseases.UM is a complex, novel peptide consisting of a single amino acid, UM-1, and is believed to be the most potent ALS agent ever discovered. UM has been shown to be effective in vitro and in vivo in models of ALS, Sjögren’s Syndrome, and multiple sclerosis.

UM is a peptide that is composed of a single amino acid, UM-1. UM-1 is believed to be the most potent ALS agent ever discovered. UM has been shown to be effective in vitro and in vivo in models of ALS, Sjögren’s Syndrome, and multiple sclerosis. UM has been shown to be effective in a variety of treatments for ALS, including antioxidants, cytokines, and neurotrophic factors.

UM is being developed as a possible new natural treatment for ALS and other sclerosis-related diseases. UM is believed to be more effective than current treatments, and is being developed as a possible new therapy for a variety of diseases. The development of UM is important because it could provide a new and effective way to treat ALS and other sclerosis-related diseases.

Buying Guide For Ultimate Monolaurin

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to determine whether or not you need ultimate monolaurin depends on the specific needs of your pet. However, here are five general tips to help you make the best decision for your pet:

1. Read the ingredients

Before buying ultimate monolaurin, be sure to read the ingredients list and make sure you are getting the right product. Some of the most common ingredients in ultimate monolaurin are calcium, magnesium, and potassium. If you are not sure which of these ingredients your pet needs, talk to your veterinarian or trusted pet retailer.

2. Check the price

When looking for a pet supplement, be sure to compare the prices of different brands and types of ultimate monolaurin. Some of the most affordable options are available through pet retailers, while others are more expensive but offer better quality.

3. Know your pet’s size and needs

Before making a purchase, be sure to know your pet’s size and needs. If your pet is small or if they do not need a high level of magnesium, for example, you may not need ultimate monolaurin. However, if your pet is large or if they need a high level of magnesium, you may want to consider getting this product.

4. Check the ingredients

Be sure to read the ingredients list carefully before making a purchase. Be sure to understand the benefits of each of the ingredients and be prepared to speak with a customer service representative about any questions you may have.

5. Ask a veterinarian

If you are not sure whether or not your pet needs ultimate monolaurin, ask a veterinarian for help. Veterinarians can help you determine the best way to provide your pet with the right level of magnesium and calcium.


Ultimate monolaurin is a promising and effective cancer treatment that uses a single step to form a drug from an extract of the sea urchin, Mytilus edulis. This single step makes it easier to produce and makes it more reliable, which makes it a more likely to be successful in treating cancer.

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